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Demographics (or, who's looking)[]

  • ABD= 9
  • PhD (lecturer, adjunct, etc)= 22
  • MFA= 2
  • Assistant= 7
  • Associate= 2
  • Full=
  • Just Looking= 2
  • Total= 43

Jobs Accepted by People Using the Wiki[]

(I created this section not to promote statistical overkill or added obsession but in hopes of sharing a little good news. With all of the positions currently listed, if it can't be me, I at least hope others using the wiki are landing positions.)

  • Lecturer = 0
  • Assistant Professor = 14

[WOOT! Nice one. Congrats.] [Please pardon my ignorance, but what's "WOOT"?] [Would the person who got the asst. prof. gig feel comfortable saying where? Congrats.][WOOT is a modern HUZZAH, so I say, HUZZAH! I, too, would love to know more information to help those of us still on the search!]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor = 1
  • Associate Professor or Above = 0
  • Post-Doc Position= 2

Theatre College / University Jobs:[]

Albany State University - Instructor (Management)[]

  • (Deadline: Oct 15 or Until Filled)

Albany State University, Georgia - Assistant/Associate Professor (Speech and Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Nov 15)

  • Looks like this starts Jan 1, 2010

Amherst - Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (Directing)[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Oct 5th)

  • Does anyone know if this is the same search from last year?
  • I have no insider knowledge. However, gleaned from the courses for 09-10, there is an emeritus who may want to actually retire but is teaching courses. Deduction: the search failed because they are looking for a director who wants to teach intro to theatre type courses, or a theatre scholar who can also direct, and the SC can't agree on which one. Again, I don't know this, just intuiting.
  • I applied and was rejected last year. I thought of reapplying but can't decide if its a total waste of time. Anybody else in this boat on this one?
  • Look at last year's wiki for more info. It's the same job. I say reapply! The market pool is different every year, and you just never know.
  • Letter stating receipt of materials 10/10.
  • Letter stating that they've selected finalists (not me - boo) 11/5
  • Me neither, boo hoo!
  • Job filled; accepted by applicant in late December.

Arizona State - Clinical Assistant Professor (Production Management/Stage Management)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

Arizona State University - Assistant Professor (Performance Studies)[]

(Deadline: Jan 8)

  • Can anyone remind me where this ad was posted? Thanks!
  • I think it was in the Chronicle but I searched the ASU department's homepage to find it.
  • It's supposed to be a mess there these days. Bad leadership. No money. Hostile environment. I used to hear horror stories from that place in the 80s and I hear it's gotten worst.
  • Yes. I heard the same. Some tech person is the chair and she is supposed to be a difficult woman.
  • I think you are wrong. The position posted is at ASU-West I believe. This is a Phoenix campus and from what I hear a pretty interesting group of practicing artists and scholars. The 1980s stories must be from the campus in Tempe which is the oldest. They also have two different programs there: Theatre under fine arts and Performance under communications. Not sure which one has the most drama or which one is still standing as a graduate program.
  • Any news yet?
  • I haven't heard anything from them since my materials were received... 1/11. ???
  • It hasn't even been a month past the deadline. Based on the wiki it seems like a lot of committees need a month or more before they make short lists.
  • Still quiet here.
  • Crickets.
  • "Screening call" scheduled for early next week. (3/5)
  • Same here. "Screening call" scheduled for week of March 8th.
  • Had screening call today. (3/8)
  • Did anyone get a sense for how many people were being screened? (3/9)
  • No, but they don't seem to be in a rush. (3/10)
  • Have folks been contacted for on-campus interviews?
  • No news here (3/31)
  • Contacted to schedule interview (4/2)
  • Invited to campus (4/1)
  • any new updates on this one? I still havent heard anything; not even the "thank you but you didnt make our short list..." email (5/3)
  • there were campus interviews but no word on job offers made, etc. (5/11)
  • I did a campus visit on 5/14 and was told I was the last one scheduled and that they were trying to reach a decision very quickly (5/23)
  • Decision made (5/28)

Ball State University - Assistant Professor (History)[]

(Deadline: Begins Nov 9)

  • Letter stating they received materials, can't remember if I sent one or two writing samples, but oh well. 9/25
  • heard from a friend who works there that they do have an internal candidate (like so many jobs it seems) and have already received A LOT of applications (and he overheard there were "many heavy hitters" whatever that means). They are looking for someone who really want to live in Muncie IN - and who wants to stay for the long haul 10/9
  • phone interview scheduled 12/8
  • offer made (not to me)
  • extremely short rejection letter 2/25

Baldwin Wallace College, OH - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

  • They've got an inside candidate and I'll eat my hat if he's going anywhere.
  • Hmmmm, not that he's not terrific, but, by the looks of their faculty, there's no tenure-track/tenured female director.  Interesting.
  • Can you elaborate on the "inside" candidate remark? Because from the job description it seems as if they are looking for a PhD with some practice training/skill (they list "MFA/PhD in theatre" as a qualification, which is a bit ambiguous ... does the slash mean either or both? Their list of adjunct faculty have MFA degrees only (at least from their bios).
  • It reads the opposite to me. Looks like they want an actor/director type who can teach the basic theatre history. Looking at their academic catalogue and knowing the department a little bit, they're much more of a actor training program. I'm really not trying to discourage anyone from applying, just sayin' that if I were a betting person (and I am), my money would be on them converting one of their adjuncts.
  • Reject letter received 3/25. Said I didn't make the short list.

Barnard College - Assistant/Associate Professor (Directing/Professional Practice)[]

(Deadline: Oct 15th)

  • 1/8: received email rejection letter
  • 1/8: me too

Barnard College - Assistant Professor (World Theatre)[]

(Deadline: 15 October 2009)

  • Details on National HERC website [1], not on Barnard academic job postings page yet.
  • Barnard's new chair (after a five-year search) is not easy to work with (he's been at several postings in the last 10 years) and has his fourth(?) wife in a TT(?) position. The karma is not healthy.
  • This is all, of course, one side of a story.  Barnard's new chair is a leader in the field and a brilliant scholar. I know many people who have enjoyed working with him. I know many who agree that he is very professional, always generous and often inspiring. This looks like an amazing job.
  • You're him, aren't you?
  • No. My name is Todd Barnes. What's yours?
  • Why delete the "Landon?" The three name thing made for easier googling and was much more dramatic.
  • Coming from another person who is not Bill Worthen but knows him pretty well, I think Todd is right in balancing the scales a little. Yes, there are some reasons to be cautious in looking at a department that seems inclined towards purges and wholesale regime change, and Bill himself has jumped institutions more than most. However, he is a dynamic figure in the profession and, what may be even more important in the current corporate academy, pretty shrewd about institutional politics. I've also heard that Hana Worthen is a lovely person and a good colleague.
  • Worthen is indeed a giant in the field, and certainly has many many pluses on his side, but I wouldn't say his track record of institutional politics is really one to follow, if you get my drift...
  • Yeah. I've heard the previous regime had a lot of nepotism too. And some attendant dirty politics against outsiders. Heads up. This place seems to have some basic, recurring issues with professional ethics.
  • email confirming receipt of materials 10/9 (x2)
  • A poisonous department, is what I've heard from many sources and experienced in my own interview in a previous search.
  • Has anyone heard anything yet after the initial acks?
  • Um, really? Its 2 months past the deadline and nobody has heard *anything* beyond initial acks?
  • Not a word!
  • Rejection via email (1/8)X4
  • I'm one of those who was rejected...but for the record, the assessments of Professor Worthen--with whom I have worked--are way off the mark. He is a wonderful person and his work is inspired. I am sorely disappointed not to be called for an interview, and whoever gets this job will surely be very happy.
  • Wonder if these stalwart defenders of Barnard's new chair are women.
  • I've received neither a rejection email nor a request for an interview... Does anyone know if campus visits have been scheduled (or have any other information on this position for that matter)?
  • I've heard from a friend on the inside that they have a short list. If you haven't heard either way, my guess is that you're on their longer list, and you won't hear from them until they hire or go further down the list. That's how I've seen it work elsewhere. I'm in the same boat, so good luck.

Beloit College - VAP (Artist/Scholar)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

  • Contacted today (11/24) and set up phone interview for December 8. Seems strange that they're doing a round before the deadline . . .
  • Campus visit scheduled for 1st week of February. (12/16)
  • Hire made

Bethel College, IN - Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: )

Bloomsberg University of Penn - 1 year VAP (Performance/Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Feb 24)

Bradley University -Assistant Professor (History)[]

(Deadline: Nov 23)

  • Confirmation of materials (Nov. 30)
  • Has anyone heard anything else on this?
  • Nope. (2/5)
  • They have not yet selected candidates for interviews (4/8) per conversation with department today.
  • I've tried to contact the department a couple times to see if a hire's been made so I can take the school off my list - but haven't had any luck getting through. Does anyone have info on whether Bradley has conducted interviews or made a hire? Thanks :)
  • Still no word on this job - if materials were confirmed back in November and they still haven't made a move - is it safe to assume the search is cancelled or hopelessly stalled?

Brown University- Assistant Professor (World Theatre or Medieval)[]

(Deadline: Oct 20)

  • Anybody get any acknowledgement of materials?
  • A: Nope. Still waiting.
  • Request for additional materials- Nov 4
  • Q: what additional materials?
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything substantial (not the AA card!) from Brown?
  • A: I still haven't even gotten the AA card -- me either!
  • I'm the original Q about getting something substantial. I haven't heard a peep.
  • A colleague was notified of shortlist selection several weeks ago
  • Oh dear. Good for your colleague, not so good for those of us who have not heard anything. But that's the point of the Wiki, right?!
  • Kindly worded rejection letter 1.12 (x2)
  • Campus visits scheduled. Finalists announced.
  • Q: publicly announced? (with the corresponding question of where?)
  • Looks like someone was offered the job. All candidates turned out to work on Asian theatre.
  • Yes, someone has been offered (and has accepted) the job.

Butler University - Chair(Directing or History)[]

(Deadline: Review begins immediately)

  • The ad says one should have materials in by Sept. 15th. I'm assuming they won't make a hire until/for the 2010 school year? Anyone else read that?
  • Based on the last time they hired a chair, interviews were done in the late fall and the chair started the next school year. They have a temporary chair for the year in place.
  • Thanks for responding. I reviewed the university's website, and indeed, they want someone to start summer 2010. I see they have a temporary chair. Anyone know what happened with the previous chair?
  • He worked there for quite some time (a decade, I think), built the program up a great deal, and has moved to Columbia College in Chicago.
  • Campus visits scheduled and underway.
  • Hire made.

Case Western Reserve - Assistant Professor (History/Crit)[]

(Deadline: Jan 1)

  • I hear that there is an inside candidate for this job.
  • Current faculty member that meets this position quite intimidating...significant publications. 
  • they are interested in an asst. prof at a more advanced level, with substantial teaching & publication experience
  • Where did you hear that?
  • personal communication to one of my references
  • 3 visitors brought in (alas not me). Last one on 3/15 (3/16)
  • How do you know?
  • Chair of Search sometimes says things in public forums where he shouldn't.
  • Hire made.

Christopher Newport University - Assistant Professor (History/Lit)[]

(Deadline: Dec 14)

  • This job was up last year...does anyone know why it's reposted...insider candidate...cancelled search?
  • Cancelled search last year.
  • received the EOAA thingy via mail (12/21) (x4)
  • phone call and email from search chair requesting phone interview (1/05)
  • phone interview request (1/5 - weird, though much later than above person!)
  • not weird...just can't remember what month we're in
  • reject letter received (4/2). Said hire made.

College of Charleston - Visiting Assistant Professor (History/Lit)[]

(Deadline May 1)

  • Has anyone heard from CofC regarding this VAP? (5/12)
  • Buehler? Buehler?
  • Nothing here.
  • Week before Memorial Day, the search chair said a long list would be compiled before the end of the following week, which was now last week. (6/7)
  • Phone interview week of June 14th (x3).
  • Kind rejection letter. (6/20) (x3)
  • Very kind rejection letter said they had decided to "move in another direction." (7/6)

Colorado College- Assistant Professor (Performance Studies)[]

(Deadline: Nov 30)

  • Dec 1, acknowledgement of materials card stating they hope to complete a short list by Dec 7.
  • email requesting phone interview (12/7) x3
  • I'm curious - do those of you with phone interviews have PhDs or is anyone still ABD?
  • I got degree in hand and I've worked as a lit manager/dramaturg at a LORT house.
  • I am ABD and will finish this spring.
  • I'm curious, too. Do all of you have a research emphasis in digital technology?
  • I'm ABD and will finish this spring, too. No digital tech emphasis.
  • No, no emphasis on digital tech.
  • argh -- that is all I have to say...
  • Best of luck to all!
  • There's a pirate on the wiki! "Argh" indeed.
  • Yeah, argh indeed for those of us with completed Phd, fulltime teaching exp, good refs, pubs, dance background in addition to theatre and digital media work (which the ad specified). Don't get me wrong, good for those who got the call, best wishes to you all. Its just frustrating when you seem to be exactly what the ad specifies, very specific in this case, and not even a call. Its very frustrating sometimes wondering what the heck the SC is thinking. I've never fit an ad so well and nada, yet I get calls on jobs that I thought I barely qualified to apply for. I wish SCs would actually say what they want or leave it open.
  • Very frustrating. But good for you for getting calls for the other jobs. And if the SC is so confused, better stay away, right?
  • I don't think it's always the case that, in this kind of instance, the search committee is being misleading. There's so much to these searches besides one's c.v. It's not just about qualifications and experiences, but about writing style, publications (sometimes), whether you're relatively new (and thus cheaper) or more experienced, international experiences, specific teaching interests.... There's just so much beyond one's c.v. fitting their search ad--the committees cannot and will never list everything.
  • True, and they probably weren't being misleading. Still, they very clearly advertised that they wanted someone to make practical contributions between dance and drama and to take a practical approach to digital media. This does not come close to describing the (very talented and bright and great and deserving) people that have posted above about having phone interviews. Misleading, no. Unclear, definitely.
  • When a SC is digging through a thick stack of apps, we may miss a detail on a CV. Make sure your qualifications for a particular job are clearly stated on your cover letter. Everybody probably already does this, but I thought I would just share as a previous SC member (though NOT at this school).
  • Got the impression people could learn about campus visits as early as tomorrow (12/18). Anyone else get the same impression?
  • Campus visit scheduled for the end of the month (1/11).
  • Very nice rejection letter following campus visit.
  • Received a rejection post card in the mail today (4/15). Really? A rejection postcard? With my rejection right out there for everyone's viewing? Seriously?
  • Received the same rejection card in the mail today (4/16). My favorite part of this card is the fact that my "candidacy was not included on the semi-finalist list." I had a phone interview with them in December. I'm fine with the rejection, but I sure expected more from the SC than a "Dear Candidate" rejection post card after a phone interview. Not impressed, Colorado College.
  • I understand that. I had an on-campus interview with a university this year and my rejection letter was a "Dear Candidate" e-mail from the HR department.

CUNY, Graduate Center - Assoc/Professor(Historical Performance in Music)[]

(Deadline: Jan 21)

CUNY, Baruch College- Assistant Professor (New Media/Interdisciplinary)[]

(Deadline: ?)

CUNY- Lecturer (Theatre Education)[]

(Deadline: Feb 15)

  • Phone interview (2/19)
  • Campus visits took place this past week (3/13)
  • Going with an inside candidate

Colgate University - VAP (Lit/Crit/Dramaturgy)[]

(Deadline: Feb 15)

  • EEOC letter received 2/20
  • Anyone hear anything? 3/22
  • scheduling campus visits 3/31
  • rejection letter (4/6) x2
  • offer made and accepted (4/12)

Columbia College, Chicago - Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Immediately)

  • I know the new chair and he's great.
  • Anyone heard anything about this one?
  • Just tried to apply - received the following email: "Thank you for your interest in Columbia College Chicago. We regret to inform you that the search has been closed."
  • I wonder if that means they found someone or if the funding for the position did not materialize?
  • Or if they've just stopped accepting applications . . .
  • (1/6) Just got a request for a phone interview.
  • (1/31) I've heard that they are scheduling campus visits.

Columbia College, Chicago - Assistant Professor (Musical Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Immediately)

Columbus State University, GA - Dept Chair (tenurable as Assoc or Full)[]

(deadline: Until Filled)

Concordia College, MN - Two Year Renewable (Performance)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • Semi-finalist notification via e-mail (2/18)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/21)

University of Connecticut - Dept Head/Artistic Director[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • I can't find this gig anywhere - not on ArtSearch, nor Chronicle, nor Academic Keys, nor UConn's HR website. Where are the details?
  • I posted this but I'm sorry that I can't remember where I saw it, the only other place I usually check is HigherEdJobs. However, if I remember correctly it may have been sent by a colleague from UConn to one of the listserves I belong too. If that is the case then they were probably ahead of the Chronicle etc and the HR page at UConn, if so it will probably pop up pretty soon in one of the usual places. Unfortunately, I deleted the email since it wasn't a good fit for me.
  • This finally appeared in Artsearch, Dec 7
  • Campus visit scheduled, last week February

Cornish College of the Arts, WA - Assist/Assoc Professeor (Voice)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

Depaul University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Movement)[]

(Deadline: Jan 8)

  • Rejection letter (via snail mail) (2/4) (x2)

Depaul Univeristy - Visiting Faculty (Multicultural Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Jan 12)

  • Rejection via snail mail 2/17 (x2)
  • They have scheduled campus visits.

Depaul University - Head of BFA in Management[]

(Deadline: Jan 8)

Drexel University - Assistant Professor (Directing)[]

(Deadline: 10/30)

  • I submitted online but couldn't figure out where to mail references. I emailed HR with the question but haven't heard back. Anyone else apply? Where did you send your refs?
  • I applied - but could not figure out the references. I decided that I wasn't going to spend any more time on it and figured if they liked my CV they could then ask for references.
  • First week of Dec, contacted to set up time to talk regarding job description, answer questions etc. I was specifically told this is 'not an interview', merely a chance to touch base on the job (granted the job ad was a bit unusual). BTW, I am the first person who posted above about not being able to attach references so I guess it didn't hurt me too badly after all. Anybody else get this email?
  • Same as above.Spoke with search committee member last week. Supposedly they are planning the "real" phone interview soon. This conversation with her was the MOST helpful and i feel so prepared for the interview.
  • Interview scheduled week of Dec 14th
  • on campus visited scheduled for January (12/16). Guess they are moving fast!

Duke University - Assistant Professor (Historian)[]

(Deadline: Nov 2)

  • Received EEO email 10-22 x2
  • Received EEO email 10/30
  • Request for a writing sample 11/24 (x7)
  • Were requests for writing samples sent via email or mail? [A. By email from a Cynthia Bunn]
  • I hadn't heard anything since the EEO, but earlier today received an email with a 'gentle reminder' that my writing sample was due at 5pm this evening. It seems the initial request had never made it my way. Impressed upon me once again that one should never give up on a search until the rejection notice is in hand, and even then...
  • Received letter (to clarify, an email) notifying I am not on the short list (x6) [rec'd mine by email 12/11  x3]
  • Email notification of inclusion on short list (x3). Committee will decide on campus visits soon. (12/11)
  • Those who are getting these emails, were you all asked for a writing sample?
  • I received an email that I was not on the short list and yes, I was asked for a writing sample.
  • Has anyone who received an email notifying them that they were on the short list been contacted about a campus visit?  I had the impression that 'soon' meant before now, but I have not yet heard anything...
  • No word for me. Looking at Duke's academic calendar, it seems that the term doesn't start until next week, so maybe then?
  • I haven't heard anything yet either, but knowing they start next next week makes me less anxious.
  • nicely-worded email rejection (1/11) x3
  • offer made and accepted (3/4)

Earlham College, Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

  • They have a VAP that fits the bill. Anyone know if this is a legit search?
  • I have no idea. They don't have any PhDs currently. Don't know if they care though. Basically I'm completely randomly speculating. But then, that is the nature of the wiki.
  • Where'd you see that they had a fitting VAP currently on faculty? I checked (maybe not well) and only saw 3 folks teaching theater (MFAs and an MA) and 1 teaching Dance.
    • Umm ... either it was the drugs or they've changed the page. I swear I saw a VAP with an MFA, but she's no longer listed as faculty. If I were you, I'd go with "the drugs" and just forget about my post . . .
    • You may well be on drugs, but after your post I went hunting again and they have TWO pages with faculty listed. I don't know how sometimes you get one and sometimes the other. I also don't know which is the current one. The VAP in question, when googled, also seems to have recently been on the faculty at Marian College but I can't make heads nor tails of their website. I guess the best course is to not worry about it.
  • I checked again after these follow-up posts and ran into the 2nd webpage with the VAP listed. It's frustrating because it's hard to tell how long that individual has been a VAP (from one article it looked like it could be as far back as 2003 but not sure) but that person seems *well* connected as a performer/director in the area, so I'm no closer to trying to figure out whether to bother with applying. Just wanted to chime in since I was the one who missed this page and person and came to the Wiki for help.
  • If you can carve out 2 hours to apply, apply. In most cases you never know . . . (and in some, like the Kenyon jobs, you pretty much know)
  • I just got a super nice and thorough receipt of materials email, with info on their process, etc. Considering how many apps I send off into a void, I really appreciate them taking the time.
  • When did you send in your materials? Mine arrived late last week and I haven't heard anything . . .
  • I emailed them in on Friday. Did you use snail mail? Might be different.
  • Received snail mail letter of acknowledgment (2/9).
  • Heard from a recommender that they are calling references (2/22)
  • invitation to for campus visit (2/25)
  • Congrats. Sad though, cause I spent forever writing what I thought was the most kickbutt cover letter ever. I just feel doomed.
  • Congrats, person invited. Might I ask: what is your status (ABD, Asst, Lecturer, etc.)? Thanks. (And hang in there, poster just above . . .)
  • I've got PhD in hand. Currently I work for a LORT theatre.
    • Brava/o. I take it you are also the one getting lucky with CC, etc. Lucky for us you can only take one job. Here's to a great season for you!
  • Offer made and accepted

East Carolina University - Assistant Professor (History/Lit)[]

(Deadline: Dec 5)

  • Sent application.Anyone know anything about this school or this program?
  • Contacted via email for phone interview (12/12) (x2)
  • just had phone interview. teaching load is 4/4 - yikes! is new position, currently theater ed people teach theater history
  • on campus interview scheduled for MLK week (12/22)

East Carolina University - Instructor (Musical Theatre Voice)[]

(Deadline: Feb 15)

Eastern Illinois University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • E-mail request for EEO statement (8/1)
  • They had oncampus interviews sometime around March 10 (a friend had one)
  • My friend got the job.

Eastern Michigan University - Assistant Professor/Instructor (Musical Director)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

Emerson College - Assistant Professor (Education)[]

(Deadline: Feb 15)

  • Receipt of materials (2/18) x 3
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Offer made/accepted

Emory and Henry College - Assistant Prof (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Sept 15 for "best consideration")

  • Will be interviewing at ATHE
  • Materials acknowledged by dept chair and Dean. They will be notifying "select" folks for ATHE interview at the close of the month. So far they seem great at communication with applicants and friendly. (7/14 ish)
  • Anyone heard from them about ATHE interviews?
  • Yes, request for interview (8/3)
  • Just notice this job post with 9/15 dealine so surprised to know interviews were scheduled @ ATHE. Could anyone who had an interview give a sense of the search timeline? In other words would it be even worth it to apply now?
  • Search is moving very quickly, but chair gave every indication applications sent until the deadline would be reviewed.
  • Has anyone heard about an on campus interview? (10/5)
  • No, haven't heard anything yet! Anyone else? (10/9)
  • Had an interview at ATHE but have heard nothing since (10/15).
  • On campus interview scheduled (10/26)
  • Does anybody know if an offer has been made??
  • Offer made and accepted (not by me, alas). Rejection letter received. 12/12

University of Findlay, Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1 )

  • Confirmation email from nice administrator.
  • Any new info here?
  • Rejection letter received (3/29). Reported 150 applications. Stated that a hire had been made.
  • This letter made me laugh. The jist of it was, as much as we'd like to think you really want to work here, we know it's mostly the economy. I think they underestimate the number of people who'd be happy at small school. I bet there are at least 150 of us.
  • Inside candidate got the job.

Florida State University - Program Head (Marketing/Comm and Theatre Management MFA)[]

(Deadline: Nov 18)

University of Florida - Director School of Theatre and Dance[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

Fort Hays State University - Assistant Professor/Director of Theatre[]

(Deadline: April 10)

  • Letter stating search cancelled due to funding.

Fort Lewis College, CO - VAP (Design/Tech/Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Has anyone heard about the hiring freeze and what this means for Colorado?

Furman University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Nov 1st)

  • Received email acknowledging materials (10/19)
  • Anybody hear boo on this one? The deadline was some time ago.
  • No boo here. Just boo-hoo.
  • Wondering if this is a dead search.
  • Rejection email received (3/10). Letter identified another applicant hired. With 163 applicants, highly competitive.

University of Hartford- Fellowship/VAP[]

(Deadline: Jan 8)

Hunter College - Assistant Professor (second round, beginning Fall 09)[]

  • Does anyone know (or are you) the person who got the Hunter position? I'm curious as to the area(s) of expertise.
  • So is this job open again this year? Or are you just wondering about last year's search?
  • At the time I posted, I hadn't received any info about interviews, so assume the search was completed. Since then, I have received the "search completed, thank you very much" letter.
  • Reposted Nov 17 for Acting/Directing, Deadline: Jan 30
  • confirmation of application
  • Received rejection letter via snail mail. Letter states, "At this time, we have selected a candidate for the position." 4/26

Illinois Central College - Assistant Professor (Design/Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Feb 22)

Illinois State University - Associate/Full (Director School of Theatre/IL Shakespeare Producer)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

Illinois State University - Assistant/Associate (Directing)[]

(Deadline: Jan 4)

  • Has anyone heard anything?

Illinois State University - Assist/Assoc Professor (Arts Technology)[]

(Deadline: Jan 18)

Indiana University, Purdue University Fort Wayne - Assistant Professor (Acting)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • Phone interview scheduled (1/29)

University of Iowa - Assistant/Associate (Voice)[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

  • It looks like this position has been pulled, anyone know?
  • 11/24: Just spoke with HR, position has been cancelled

Ithaca College- Dramatic Literature and Dramaturgy[]

(Application Review Begins Immediately)

  • Bueller? Bueller?
  • Rec'd email (responding to my request for information) on 3/2 stating that they would be contacting short-list candidates in a "couple of weeks."
  • Phone interviews this week (3/22-3/26)
  • Very professional email rejection from the chair of the search committee. Also mentioned new jobs coming up in the next two years and encouraged applying for those.

Ithaca College - Assistant Professor (Directing)[]

(Deadline: Begins Immediately)

  • Has anyone heard from this position?
  • Anyone? Anything?
  • Nothing?
  • Received saying position has been filled.

Jacksonville State University, AL - Assist/Assoc/Full (History/Theory/Crit)[]

(Deadline: Dec 31)

  • got really nice email ack materials with more info about job and a brochure for the program. Really nice! 11-28
  • Also received nice package acknowledging receipt of materials
  • contacted by email to schedule a phone interview (1/13)
  • email request for phone interview (1/15) (x2)... Got the impression that it would just be a member of the search committee, and a student... wonder how many interviews they are doing.
  • Invitation to campus for early March visit (2/5)
  • Congratulations on campus visit. It's nice to know that people are getting somewhere. Any idea what you did that got you that far? Helpful hints always appreciated!
  • That's hard to answer... I feel like the interview (which was over 40 minutes long) centered around two questions 1). Why a scholar from a R1 school who has spent most of his life in cities would want to come to a town of 8,000 in Alabama 2). Whether I was simply a Ph.D. student with some directing experience, or a director who could really communicate ideas effectively with the numerous designers on faculty.
  • Guess that Jacksonville didn't like any of their first three visitors. After announcing a 3rd final visitor on 3/9. They brought in a 4th on 3/23.
  • This is an odd search. The candidate brought in last is a tenured Associate Professor and Department Chair. At least 2 of the 3 earlier candidates are fairly new Ph.D.s who have never held a tenure track position. Might be that they got some extra cash at the last minute. Or something else? Hard to tell.
  • received rejection email with notice that hire was made 4/14
  • Just got a SECOND rejection email (because apparently being rejected once isn't enough). Really?
  • That search was a little bit of a clusterfuck. As mentioned above, they made an offer to the tenured associate brought in at the last minute after they initially invited three folks just out of PhD Programs. They thought he was going to accept and sent out the first rejection notice, but he declined. The dean said they had to make a hire from the people invited, so they offered to their second choice, and then told their third that they might need a decision from him/her imminently. It seems like a nice enough school and I'm glad they made their hire, but they sort of botched this process.
  • Wow. How do you know all this? Just curious.

Kennesaw State, Assistant/Associate Professor (Performance Studies)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • Anything from anyone?
  • Nope!
  • Heard they have a short list and have been contacting references.
  • I can confirm the above - had a phone interview with them last week. (2/26)
  • A friend has had a campus visit scheduled. (3/6)

Kent State, Non-Tenure Faculty (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Jan 4)

University of Kentucky- Assistant Professor (Arts Administration)[]

(Deadline: Jan 4)

  • Received rejection email saying two invited for campus interviews. (3/9)

University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor (History/Lit)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • phone interview scheduled (1/27) (x2)
  • position offered and accepted!
  • Congratulations! Any information about how that went would be greatly appreciated!
  • Kind rejection letter received by mail. 3/6

Kenyon College, Assistant Professor (2 positions)[]

(Deadline Dec 1)

  • You have to have a website to apply for this job.
  • Does this seem like a ridiculous and unnecessary application item to anyone else? From the job posting on their website: "a link to a website displaying examples of creative or scholarly work." I mean, isn't that what a C.V. and/or Portfolio and Writing Sample are for?
  • See below. I'm applying, but;I don't plan to spend much time on it.
  • They're hiring two Asst Profs and they have two Visiting Asst Profs on staff currently, one of whom is a Kenyon alum. I doubt this is a real search.
  • Rejection letter (1/26) "We received unprecedented response to this job posting: well over two hundred fifty candidates from throughout the United States, and indeed, from around the world, applied for these two positions. There were a preponderance of PhD recipients and PhD candidates among the applicant pool, to say nothing of the great many applicants who offered significant experience in nationally or internationally recognized professional theatres. Many of the very strongest candidates also offered experience teaching theatre in the context of a small liberal arts college. It was, in sum, the most impressive pool of applications I have seen in twenty-five years teaching and working in higher education." Truly depressing.
  • Although I haven't yet received my rejection letter, this makes me feel better about losing patience and not finishing my stupid website.
  • I second that "Truly Depressing." I regret spending all that time on my stupid website and paying for it!!!
  • Oh I got mine! Got mine! It was an email, but personally addressed. This one kills me though, because they not only demanded a website, but for my recommendation letters to be uploaded by the people writing them, so I couldn't use the credentials service and had to bug them. So much time and energy wasted. Gah.
  • 2 out of 3 of my referees had problems with reference uploader
  • This letter may also indicate why positions long past their deadline are taking so long to get to any kind of short list. It takes a while to weed through 250 apps.
  • Holy hell.
  • I haven't recieved an email or snail mail (and I'm only two states away). Did the letter say they had made a hire or a short list? I'm quite confident I need not spend another moment wondering about this search, but it would help to know! Thanks.
  • It didn't, just that they weren't pursuing *me* as a candidate. I hope that you hear good news.
  • Folks...this is embarrasing.
  • Complaining about making a website or investing in one in a competitive market?
  • Over 90% of the applications I have reviewed for our current position this year and in searches within the last three years have contained some digital component in their application that helps contextualize their work. This school did you a favor if you didn’t already have one. As a member of a search committee I've learned to check this page out to monitor what is going on at both at our school and schools around the country in hopes of improving our process.
  • I am deeply and empathetically disappointed, in the process of juggling the search committee in addition to all our production, scholarship and teaching responsibilities, when we fail to provide every person involved with a positive application experience—be it initial phone call to a campus interview. It is a process we continue try to refine and perfect, but without fail is seems somebody will take our best effort and turn it on its ear as some act of insensitive sabotage. Time and time again I have deleted one of my frustrated comments on some of the bewildering laments on this page, many times reading a comment, clearly from somebody I had recently had contact with whose story on the phone or email did not match up what they were immediately and angrily relaying in print here. I am thankful for those instances, as they made our decisions much easier, but I struggle to find any adequate rationalization of so many of the complaints I read here--much of it counter-productive and un-professional. Many of you write helpful and thoughtful posts that foster an encouraging community through a difficult process. Thank you. Some of you come off petty, self-important, entitled and ultimately amateurish. Many of my colleagues from across the country share a similar opinion to mine--this type of complaining provides a helpful litmus test when making a hire. Folks who have pursued their career at a high level are weaned from such nonsense early. It is easy to point to the folks who have worked professionally, auditioned and applied for a breadth of theatres and universities and have long since learned the lesson that in the theatre, knowing is doing and often failing. The complaints often point to folks who come across less interested in the inherent risk of the theatre and lacking the humbling experience that comes with the privilege of making and teaching theatre. I’m sorry for such a combative tone, but I couldn’t bring myself to delete this post this time. Things are bad everywhere. We’ve made a commitment to teach theatre—whose major currency is not always the most obvious of assets in a trying time. We have a big enough job to do—those hiring and those applying—to waste much time or effort in any indulgent complaining.
  • Thank you super much for this thoughtful response. As both a member of a SC *and* as someone who is on the market, I agree that it is vital to conduct ourselves professionally, even on an "anonymous" forum like this. Building a website is a valuable tool. Applying to Kenyon was a choice, as was building the website. If you are lucky enough to be on a faculty someday and have to wade through 250 apps (and websites), you will apprciate those who enthusastically submit materials. Those who complain tend to get weeded out -- we can see genine effort versus a relectant submission. This forum is great. I've been reading it for several years now in several forms. I think it is okay to vent. I just think it's important that we remember to do our best to plan for the future, even when we post here.
  • Here's my question though- out of all of those applications did they still hire the two current VAPs? I guess we may not know until fall, but I am interested to see if those two happened to be the most qualified out of the impressive pool.
  • Kind email rejection--as above. (2/3) X2
  • Also received a rejection email today (2/3), so I guess they have a more articulated process than normal. I, too, would like to share my appreciation for the lengthy responses from frustrated SC members. I want to assure the author of the longer post that your tone was not combative at all, but generous, thoughtful, and insightful. It turns out that Kenyon has been, in my experience, unusually mindful about keeping candidates up to date regarding their status, and their communications have been very kindly worded. It would be dishonest of me if I didn't admit that I have also felt that it was poor form for places that are conducting national searches for candidates already employed as VAPs to ask all the other candidates to spend any time and effort applying beyond a cover letter. My feeling *had* been: don't ask me to do anything if you're just running the search to please the dean when you say you want to hire your VAP. What those of us looking for jobs need to remember is that while we're jumping through hoops for no reason with these schools, we are actually training to apply for jobs the next time around. As a poster above noted: so you spent money and time on a website for a SC that wasn't really going to pay attention to it. Are you upset that you now have a professional-looking tool to sell your talents in the future? How is that a loss? As we finish up this hiring season and all but a very, very few of us fail to secure employment on a tenure line, it is more important than ever to draw what positive experiences we can from this round.
  • I'm just entering the friendly fray at the moment to inquire of the last poster whether, in your last sentence, you really meant to say "as...all but a very, very few of us secure employment," did you really mean," not secure employment"? It sounds, from the tone/content of most posters here, like most are not meeting with much success in their searches. Just wondering... [Good catch. Fixed . . .]
  • Has anyone actually been interviewed or received an offer? The rejection letter, while kind, does not indicate that they have actually hired anyone, based on my reading of it.
  • /start rant. I'm sorry, but half the point of this wiki is to gripe and commiserate about the job market. Its all well and good that you SC members expect more from people here, but the reality is that for many of us, we've worked our butts off for the past however many years, have plenty of publications, tons of teaching experience, tons of professional theatre experience, and still don't even get the time of day. When a SC can't even be bothered to be personal or even resopond (not this job, which I didn't even apply to), well thats just plan rude and dispiriting. And then to have the gall to come here and scold people for being "too negative' or "whining" or "complaining" and expect us to care that you're so busy on a SC too? Boohoo. Yeah, times are tough, but a lot more so for us than you. We're the ones trying to piece together a living, stay relevant in the field, AND constantly impvrove our position. So yes, paying for a website and putting a lot of time into actually is rather of an issue. If you think its good for you and helps you get a job, good for you. Personally I don't feel that having a website should be what gets you a job, but then again, this whole process has already shown itself to be utterly dependant on everything BUT who is the most qualified... /end rant
  • Rejection email notification 2/6: I was getting excited since a lot of others received them earlier than me. I was REALLY glad to have the opportunity for a deadline to create a website I've been talking about making for 2 years. So thank you Kenyon and I wish you luck on your search!
  • Dear SC member: Why, oh why, would you come on an anonymous wiki to scold strangers? That doesn't seem much above the kind of "complaining" you accuse those of us on the job market of doing. We're frustrated. We're in extreme debt, don't have health insurance, and are encountering what our advisors are describing as one of the worst job markets ever. It's not a great life we're leading. Please don't make an effort to make it worse.
  • I could not agree more with the person who posted directly above me. Even as someone who does now have a job for next year and who did not apply for this one, I find much of the search committee member's comments above to be--at best--very ungenerous. Those who have jobs and (at least many of) those who do not are often actually in completely different social classes. Many of those who do not have jobs cannot even go to the doctor (like so many people unemployed in so many fields). To come on here--one of the few web opportunities for struggling folks in a very specialized field to have a national and/or international community--and scold people for not handling (what is for many of them) economic hardship with sufficient grace is really, well, gross. It is one thing to come on and give some helpful advice, but to condescend so much to people for expressing their frustrations is another. Is complaining the most productive part of this Wiki? No, of course not. Is it smart to be a little careful what you say after contact with a school in case a search committee could narrow it down to you? Sure, and that advice, offered in that tone, would have been generous. But this venue is not really for search committees, and personally I'm now realizing that I think search committees with serious integrity should consider avoiding it out of respect or should at least use it for info only about how their job has been portrayed in a more general sense (as a learning experience, rather than in the interest of pinning individual comments on individual people).
  • So . . . has Kenyon confirmed yet that they are hiring their inside candidates?
  • I dont know about both positions, but I know that an outside candidate was definitely hired for actor/director out of Chicago.
  • No kidding. I'm from Chicago and look forward to finding out who this person is.
  • Well, good for them. Gambier will be a big change from Chicago, but it seems like a great school.
  • According to the course schedule Kevin Rich is the Chicago-based new hire and in fact one of the VAPs, who also happens to be an alum, Ben Viccellio, was hired for the 2nd position.

Knox College VAP (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: March 1)

  • Letter (3/8) stating materials received but emphatically reiterating the status of this search for a VAP as tentative: "we do not yet know whether we will be appointing someone to this position for 2010-11". Clairfication on that point should come "by early March or so." ::sigh:: (The sigh is mine; it wasn't included in the letter.)
  • UPDATE: Received email late April (after sending a gentle prod of inquiry about search status) notifying me that the VAP search was on but only for one trimester not the entire year. I was asked if I wanted to keep my application active for consideration or put on hold to reopen again when (and if, I'd guess) a full search for a tenure-track position was opened to start in 2011-2012.
  • Offer made and accepted (6/18). Position is for Fall term only.

Lamar University, TX - Assistant Professor of Theatre (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Outstanding new Chair, I'd jump at the chance to work for her (I just can't handle Beaumont Texas). Although sometimes I wonder if the chance to work with great people would make the location more appealing. After all, its so hard to find a good boss these days.
  • Just curious - I have just submitted for this job but am wondering about what makes Beaumont so difficult to handle..
  • Nothing particularly awful just not my scene, not a lot on the cultural front. In all fairness Texas, in general, is not a place that appeals to me. Specifically what comes to mind is the huge oil refinary just outside of Beaumont; the sort of poverty that some Northerners don't realize still exists in some of the surrounding areas; the iron rule of Texas judges (not that I personally spent any time in the pokey). Sadly it just seemed depressing, strip mall storefronts, mostly fast food chains- although there was one killer local seafood place. I'm sure it could be a place that appeals to other people. On the up side the big city and Galveston aren't terribly far. I'm just tired of living an hour away from where I actually want to be, it always seems doable but then the commute gets old.
  • Received confirmation letter (26/1) (x2): "We are currently reviewing applications and will be contacting candidates for interviews shortly."
  • Received email (3/15) "we are experiencing a hiring freeze and thus will be unable to fill our position at the present time"

Lamar University, TX - Instructor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Offer made and accepted

Le Moyne College - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Nov 4)

  • There's a Visiting Professor listed among the current faculty of this website. Is this a real search or are they just trying to hire him? Anybody got a scoop on this?
  • They ran this search last year including interviews at ATHE so I'm a bit suprised to see it again.
  • Scheduled phone interview for week of 12/14. Wondering if this is a real search.
  • Any verdict here? Real search? How did the interview go?
  • The interview was fine and over 2 months ago and haven't heard anything since. That's fine by me.
  • Rejection email 3/16 stating they have hired another candidate
  • Me, too!

Lee University, TN - Assistant/Associate Professor (Acting/Directing/History/Crit)[]

  • No due date listed
  • Very nice phone interview 3/8.
  • On Campus interview scheduled for 4/1.
  • Position offered and accepted. (4/12)

Lincoln University, MO - Assistant Professor (Speech and Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Feb 15)

Lon Morris College, TX - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Was contacted requesting a phone interview, then...nothing? 2 weeks and not a word. I'm told by my grad school professors this is highly unusual. Any chance of hearing from them, or did they hire someone and not tell me they no longer needed to interview me
  • if they contacted you first then by all means call them to follow up!
  • I did call and leave a message, then emailed again a week after that. Not a word. I'm really confused. I would think that they sent the original email to the wrong person but it was addressed to me.
  • has anyone else been contacted about this position?
  • Received rejection email saying they had hired someone (4/16)
  • Position re-opened (or another one created) after head of department quit this summer. It is listed on ArtSearch...Any news? They have contacted me again for another phone interview, but I'm leery of the recent unexplained and rather abrupt vacancies.

Loyola New Orleans - Director (Opera)[]

(Deadline: )

Marietta College, OH- Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Dec 11)

  • Phone interview scheduled (week of 1/19)
  • Rejection email received 3/8. Reported offer had been accepted.

Marshall University,WV -Assistant Professor (Performance/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Any word on this one? (3/29)
  • Still nothing? (4/11)

Marywood University, PA -Assistant/Associate Professor (Theatre Program Director)[]

(Deadline: Begins Immedaitely)

Any one hear anything?

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts - Assistant Professor (Theatre Generalist)[]

(Deadline: rolling )

  • confirmation letter (x3)
  • Anything? Anyone?
  • Nope. Note the phrase "pending budgetary approval" in the job description.
  • they conducted phone interviews last friday 2/26
  • Arrgh, not with me. Where's the chocolate?!
  • Amusingly, or not, I got a rejection letter from them today. Thank goodness for the Wiki. I had them crossed off my list several months ago. (x2)

University of Mass, Amherst - Lecturer (Dramaturgy/History)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

  • confirmation letter, EEOC, and rec release form (mid-Jan)
  • rejection letter rec'd (4.27)

Mary Baldwin College - Assistant Professor (Renn/Shakes Lit)[]

(Deadline: Best Consideration Sept 15)

  • Confirmation of materials 29/9
  • Listing on JIL says deadline is October 15, but that may not change the Best Consideration deadline.
  • Phone interview scheduled 30/9
  • Campus visit scheduled 3/11
  • Who got this job?
  • Hopefully I did. I just got back from Virginia and the campus visit; a decision is expected in ten days.
  • Best wishes to you!!!
  • Update (12/21):No official word yet on my end, but it seems an offer has been made to one of the other finalists. They're still negotiating, but it looks like I'm still on the market. Damn it. WhenI was down there they told me they're making a second hire this time next year for a dramaturg (my speciality), so it looks like they went with a director first.
  • I feel your pain; Hang in there.
  • Finally got word six weeks into the 'no more than 10 days' that I was promised. Job has been offered and accepted. 14/1

University of Maryland, College Park (Voice/Acting)[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

  • 11/30: confirmation email

Marymount Manhattan College, Artist in Residence- 1 Year (Musical Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Feb 15)

Mesa State College, Dept Head[]

(Deadline: Mar 26th or until filled)

Middle Tennessee State - Open Rank (Head of Acting)[]

(Deadline: Oct 23)

  • offer made

MIT- Senior Lecturer[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

  • Scheduling campus visits. (2/19)
  • Offer made.

University of Miami - Chair/Producing Artistic Director[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Immediately)

University of Memphis- Assistant Professor (Musical Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Mar 1)

University of Memphis - Assistant Profesor (African American Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Oct 26)

  • Heard from a friend who is leaving they are not very responsive to people of color (seems odd since the school is in Memphis of all places) and seem to have in their head what they want, but cannot articulate. 10/9
  • Can you elaborate on this?
  • basically, not interested in helping the faculty member feel part of the staff, figure out the environment, help with being a part of the faculty. at a review, told faculty member bunch of things that needed work (that were all easily correctable) but never had mentioned AT ALL during years there. Felt like the things that they said "needed work" were just excuses to say we don't want you here. said that "they are not responsible to professors of color." that's all i know. 10/26
  • Have heard interviews are being scheduled. 12/10
  • Hire made, informed via rejection email received 1/26.

University of Mississippi - Assistant Professor (Theatre and Film)[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Immediately)

University of Missouri, Columbia - Assistant Professor (Scholar/Artist)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • Phone call from committee asking if I were still interested and that I was on a "short list." Still have not selected people for phone interviews and campus visits (2/3)
  • When did you get that call from the committee? Thanx. I didn't see the date earlier. Just tired I guess.
  • Phone Interview scheduled (2/9) (x2)
  • Phone call invititation to visit campus (2/19)
  • Received official rejection by snail mail today. The best worded, most thoughtful, and most sincere-seeming letter I've gotten. SC folks, if you're reading this, drop a line to the good folks at Mizzou and ask them to show you how it's done.
  • offer made and accepted

University of Missouri, St Louis - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Nov 4)

  • Rejection letter
  • me too

Missouri State University, Springfield - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: )

  • Online App
  • 11/18, received request for additional materials
  • Offer made and accepted by new MFA. (Not me)

Monmouth University - Non-tenure Special Temporary Professor (Music and Theatre)[]

(Deadline: April 15)

  • 1 Year, renewable up to 5yrs

Morehead State University - Assistant Prof[]

(Deadline: Review begins July 16th)

  • This is a 2009 post. A super short search.
  • It's one week since the ad stated the SC would be reviewing files. The anticipated arrival date is Aug. 6th. Has anyone heard anything from Morehead? I haven't even gotten a, "we've received your materials" note. I hope, with the online process, that everything went through. Anyone heard anything at all????
  • The status on my app online went from "new" to "in progress." I think that's your confirmation of materials. I haven't heard anything. I am assuming, given the length of the search, this means I'm out. (7/24)
  • Rigged search for an internal candidate.
  • They always seem to be at this school. Some guy wasted about an hour and a 1/2 of my life a few years back. They've been WASTE-listed in my book!
  • What. The. Hell. The job has been posted again. My application still says "in progress." Do I need to apply again? Should I apply again?
  • Phone interview 3/31. Only interviewing 5, would invite 3 to campus.
  • On site interview 4/27.
  • Shockingly, they once again hired an internal candidate.

Mount Allison University (Canada) - Assistant/Associate Professor (Director of Drama Studies)[]

(Deadline: Jan 19)

  • see university's job listings at
  • does anyone know anything about the position/did anyone apply for this?
  • i applied and just received the rejection letter. after shortlisting position just went to a Chair of English from another university. must have wanted more dept. administrative experience than the posting let on....

Mount Allison University (Canada) - J.E.A. Crake Fellowship (1 year Artist/Scholar fellowship)[]

(Deadline: Mar 1)

  • via

Muhlenberg University - Visiting Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Apr 23rd until filled)

  • Has anyone heard from Muhlenberg regarding this VAP? (5/12)
  • Received form rejection letter stating position was filled. (6/11)

University of Nebraska - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

University of Nebraska - Assistant Profesor, non-tenured (Practice)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

  • was shortlisted in early February, but haven't heard anything since.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Assistant/Associate (Acting )[]

(Deadline: Jan 25 )

  • "University of Nevada, Las Vegas has canceled the Department of Theater's search for an Acting Professor. We had an exceptionally strong pool of applicants." (email 4/12)

University of Nevada, Reno - Assistant Professor (Acting)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

  • (November 16 is the actual deadline for application, I think.)
  • Phone interview scheduled for second week in December.
  • 3 candidates to campus late Jan./early Feb.
  • 12/21 received rejection over email
  • 12/21 also got rejection email.
  • Position frozen.

NYU, Tisch - Open Rank (Five Positions in Acting, Voice and Speech, Movement, Dance, Vocal Music)[]

(Deadline: Dec 11)

  • For newly founded New Studio on Broadway

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Assistant Professor (with specialization in African or Asian)[]

(Deadline: Nov 30)

  • confirmation of materials 10/27
  • confirmation of materials 11/20 with note from search cmte chair and EOE form.
  • email rejection 1/25 (x2)
  • huh - I haven't heard anything... wonder what that means???
  • email rejection letter said that they had made their first maybe that means you're in the first cut?
  • Still no word here? (for those who didn't recieve rejection letters)
  • Have they made campus invites? phone interviews? Have they cancelled the search?
  • Finally received rejection letter - it said a hire was made.
  • When did you get it?

University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Assistant Professor (Voice/Opera Workshop)[]


University of North Carolina, Charlotte -Assistant Professor (Directing)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

University of North Carolina, Greensboro -Assistant Professor (Performance)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

University of North Carolina, Greensboro - Assistant Professor (Performance/Playwriting)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

  • Received a nice, informative — and relatively prompt — acknowledgment letter on 2/11.

University of North Carolina School of the Arts - Director of Stage Management[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

North Central College -- Assistant Professor of Theatre (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Review begins November 16th)

  • Has anybody gotten a confirmation of materials from them? Just crickets here.
  • Phone interview 12/11
  • Phone interview 12/14 (x2)
  • Finalists selected for campus visit
  • Is the above poster one of those asked for a campus visit? How did the request come? Through email or phone call?
  • Yes. I received a call from the Search Chair on 12/17.
  • Has anyone heard anything? Campus visits are over and they sent an email saying they'd have a decision in two weeks? That has now past and no word...
  • I've also heard nothing.
  • Offer made; offer accepted.

North Dakota State - Assistant Professor (Acting)[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled)

  • Rejected!!

Northampton Community College, Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: )

Northeastern State University (OK) - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Open until filled)

  • Starts Aug 2009 - very short search (I wasn't sure if I should post this here or on last years)
  • I applied for an earlier version of this posting and never heard anything from them: no confirmation of materials, no nothing. Now the job specifies they want somebody to supervise their production shop. So it's a little less general than it was, since you now need to be as handy with the table saw as you are with directing and intro to theatre.
  • Be careful...heard rumors there's a lot of hiring of former students without any professional or teaching experience, and a lot of suspicious firing for no cause. (OK has no due process laws) Toxic environment.

University of Northern Colorado - Assistant Professor (Musical Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled)

  • The background check on this one should be a doozy, anyone applying should make sure to do their research on the previous person in this position. I believe he was charged but I'm not sure if he has gone to trial yet. The poster boy for the negative side of tenure.
  • He pled guilty. Horrifying (google for tons of article on the subject).
  • I have an acquaintance there (haven't spoken in a while) who is great, but the department itself has always been a bit dysfunctional, from her account. Strong, though, and fairly diverse, with lots of good scholarship money last I heard, guaranteeing they stay competitive against other, larger state school programs.
  • What to Google? I tried but don't come up with any news articles.
  • Here are a couple of links if you want to depress yourself with the grim (and extremely cautionary) tale:

  • This is a well-established program within a larger performing arts school, and with new leadership and considerable turnover in the music and theatre departments (due to retirements), the time is ripe for someone with great energy and good connections to help them rebuild. The leadership that allowed the "poster boy for the negative side of tenure" to carry on as long as he did has retired, and his colleagues are relieved that they finally had the proof to revoke poster boy's tenure and get him out of their department.

Northwestern - Assistant Professor (Playwriting/Screenwriting)[]

(Deadline: Nov 1)

  • 3 candidates selected for campus visit
  • Any more information on this? Have they already scheduled these three candidates for campus visits?
  • One has already visited. The other two will come soon, I imagine.

Oakland University, MI - Assistant Professor (Acting/Voice)[]

(Deadline: )

Oglethorpe University - Director of Theatre[]

(Deadline: Dec 4)

  • 12/10: Notification by email that I'm on the short list and should hear something from them some time in January. Meanwhile they ask that I contact them if I get a job in the meantime.
  • Anybody else? How short is this list?
  • contacted with same email (12/10) guess that's two of us so far? should I tell them that I have 3 other phone interviews? but I guess that still doesn't mean anything. (sigh)
  • I got one, too. That's 3 of us.
  • 1/17: contacted for phone interview for next week (x2)
  • 1/21: phone interview
  • on-campus interview

Ohio State University - Assistant Professor (Historian)[]

(Deadline: Nov 1)

  • Where is this ad posted? I've been looking for it - but it is not on OSU's website even. Thanks!
  • Never mind... I found it hidden on the theatre department's website. I am sure they will post it around soon.
  • Post is here: [[2]]
  • Receipt of materials letter 10/26/09
  • Receipt of materials letter 11/28/09 (Really late!) X2
  • Contacted via email to schedule phone interview 12/2 X3
  • Any updates?
  • I was told during the interview that they would submit the names of the finalists to the dean on Wednesday (16th). Given that the semester has ended (and assuming they haven't already notified the finalists), I am assuming we won't hear anything until the week of January 4th.
  • Contacted by phone to schedule on-campus interview, in Feb. 1/11/10
  • Offer made 3/4/10

University of Oklahoma - Assistant Professor (Musical Theatre Voice)[]

(Deadline: Jan 2010)

Point Park University -Assistant Professor (Musical Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Jan 31)

  • Had a phone interview late March. Have heard nothing since.

Penn State- Berk - Assistant Professor of Theatre History[]

(Deadline: January 20)

  • Anyone hear anything? 3/22
  • Seriously doubt that this is an actual search. They have a Lecturer there who was ABD but just recently obtained her PhD. I would be surprised if she does not end up getting the position.
  • Rejection letter 4/20

Pepperdine University - Assistant Professor (Voice/Movement)[]

(Deadline: Nov 15)

  • Received HR form and a letter from the department saying they'd be starting the review process soon. Not REAL news, but someone's at least opening the mail over there.
  • 11/18: I got one, too
  • 11/28: very nice rejection letter.
  • 12/1:Also received rejection letter.
  • If rejection letters are going out, does that mean there has been a hire??
  • Probably not yet. Most likely, they have it whittled down for the phone interviews and perhaps the campus interviews are now scheduled. Some schools don't send out rejection notices until someone has signed on the dotted line. Others realize that they won't reopen the stack of apps after campus interviews, so if no one takes the job (or if the committee can't recommend anyone after the campus visit), then they'll declare it a failed search. That's just MHO.
  • 12/16: Rejection letter

Pine Manor College, MA - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled)

  • received confirmation email (11/20)
  • received confirmation email (12/2)
  • received confirmation email (12/23)
  • email request for additional materials (12/30) (x2)
  • Anyone heard anything from anyone there? I sent add'tl materials and not a peep...
  • Campus visits are in progress
  • Anything?
  • Email rejection - hire made.

University of Pittsburgh - Assistant Professor (Global Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Dec 4)

  • This search happened last year too.
  • Yes, but last year it was for a VAP. 5 years of full time experience??? That would only be for people going up for tenure and then who would want to start all over again??!!? There is a current VAP there now (with lots of experience...) I wonder if they aren't just trying to hire him. Anyone know anything?
  • Know the VAP mentioned above, and this is in fact a LEGIT search.
  • Received confirmation letter (12/14)
  • Any new news here? The VAP in question, by the way, earned a PhD at Pitt -- so this would indeed seem to be a legit search.
  • Notified on "a" short list. Contacted for time for a conference call (1/11)
  • campus visits scheduled. want all interviewing done by feb 15
  • How did the interviews on campus go?
  • Offer made

Queens College -Assistant Professor (History/Theory/Lit)[]

(Deadline: Dec 28)

  • Q: Does anyone have knowledge of this department? I am more familiar with theatre at Hunter and Brooklyn in the CUNY system.
  • On another wiki page (Drama in English maybe) stated this job might have been pulled. Did anyone apply? I did not, but did notice same dept. is now posting an AP in Dance position (
  • I did apply, for the first posting, but heard nothing, not even a confirmation of materials. Maybe it did get pulled.
  • I also applied and have heard absolutely nothing, since I sent my materials in mid- December. (x2)
  • Maybe it did get cut. Not a word for two months now! Anybody with inside info?
  • Got called for an interview (3/3), but am taking another position, so declined
    • Wow! Congratulations
    • Also just got called for interview (3/3) and want to fly there directly. weird. no phone interviews, i guess.
  • Campus visit scheduled in two weeks (3/8)
  • offer made and accepted (4/15)
  • Rejection letter (5/4)

University of Queensland, Australia (Generalist/Creative Arts)[]

(Deadline: March 12)

  • Just found this, apologies if anyone who hasn't seen it finds it too late to apply. In Australia, "Lecturer" is approximately equivalent to Assistant Professor over here.
  • Rejection email (4/2)
  • Telephone interview (4/6) x2
  • Email rejection after phone interview 4/12 :(
  • Position offered, position accepted.

Randolph College, Assistant/Associate (Directing/Performance)[]

(Deadline: Jan 31)

  • This place hasn't been coed very long, not sure how coed it really is now. They do however draw the line at field trips to brothals (you can google it for a laugh, of course this happened when it was a women's college).
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Does anyone know what is going on with this search?
  • Just called (June 15th) and they said a hire was made a couple weeks ago.

Rider University, NJ - Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: ?)

  • Campus interviews in progress.
  • Offer made.

Roosevelt University- Assistant Professor (Physical Theatre/Movement)[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Oct 30th)

Rutgers University - Master Teacher of Acting, Grad Program[]

(Deadline: Jan 20)

Ryerson University, Toronto - Chair[]

(Deadline: Rev Begins Jan 25)

Saint Louis University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Voice)[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

  • 1/19: Called to schedule phone interview
  • 2/7: scheduled campus visit
  • offer made and accepted.

Santa Barbara City College (Acting Instructor/Director)[]

(Deadline: Feb 5)

  • Rejection by email :(

Savannah College of Art and Design - Faculty/Professor (Performing Arts)[]


  • I don't believe they have a tenure system.
  • And every year they're looking for tons of people, which scares me!
  • Rejection via email 12/1
  • Rejection via email 12/10
  • Question for those of you that applied: the ad asked for a professor, but described someone much younger. Are you professors? And also: looked at their online system and they wanted my SS#. So I stopped right there. Did you bypass this or are you simply less uptight about sharing your SS# with people that have ZEro reason for it?
  • Email request for a phone interview 1/12 - teaching load is 4/quarter!!!!
  • SCAD does not have tenure. All faculty are hired on 1-year renewable contracts, as long as they chose to stay. SCAD tends to prefer professional experience over academic training; that might explain the "someone much younger" qualifications. They're looking for tons of people not because of high turnover, but because of rapid expansion; there are campuses in Savannah, Atlanta and Hong Kong, right now. It's a pretty nice place to live, and the benefits are great.

Shorter College, GA - Instructor/Assistant Professor (Musical Theatre/Voice)[]

(Deadline: Unitl Filled)

South Arkansas Unviversity - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Jan 4)

University of South Carolina, Columbia - Assistant Professor (Head of Undergrad Acting)[]

(Deadline: Jan 3)

  • rejection letter (4/12/10), stated a hire was made.

University of South Carolina, Upstate -Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Review begins: Dec 1)

  • They have a lot of adjuncts on staff and almost no tenure track professors. Wondering if they're just going to convert a part timer to full.
  • Confirmation of materials, note, they will not accept recommendation letters that are not dated 2009.
  • Email request for undergraduate transcripts(?) 12/30.
  • Acknowledgement of materials, along with a notice that the search began in January (1/27)
  • what does that mean, "the search began in January"? Does that mean the review of applicants began in Jan?
  • The direct quote was "the process began in January."
  • Just spoke with the school (June 15 2010) and she said that some people had been brought out for interviews, but no decisions had been made and they were waiting to hear from administration about possible budget concerns.

University of South Dakota - Assistant Professor (Voice, Music/Stage Direction)[]

(Deadline: Begins Nov 16)

University of South Dakota - Asssistant Professor (History/Lit)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • setting up phone interviews (2/12)
  • Phone interview mid-February. (x2)
  • Campus interviews sceduled, late March/early April
  • Offer made and accepted (4/17)

University of South Dakota - Assistant Professor (Movement)[]

University of South Florida, Tampa - Assistant Professor (Performance)[]

(Deadline: Jan 8)

  • Email request for phone interview (2/6)
  • Same here - email request for a phoner (2/6)
  • Campus visits being scheduled (2/15). They are moving *super* fast.
  • Same. Why do you think this search is moving so fast.??
  • Not sure . . .
  • Offer made.

South Texas College- Instructor (Drama)[]

(Deadline: ?)

Southern Arkansas University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Jan 4)

  • Position has been filled letter received 5/1/2010

Southern Illinois Universty, Edwardsville- Lecturer/Instructor[]

(Deadline: ?)

Southern Oregon University - Assistant/Associate Professor (Directing/Theatre History)[]

(Deadline: Jan 22)

  • Two positions
  • Why didn't these get posted earlier? R:These have been on Artsearch/The Chronicle/Higheredjobs for a while, I've posted a lot but I've been busy lately.
  • I was wondering the same thing. For some reason, I was unable to add an entry when a week or so back. Applied for the Directing/Theatre History position. Anyone know anything about the program?
  • To be fair, nobody's paid to update this thing.
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Nada here, although my SO got an interview on another position- I hope they don't wait too long :(
  • Just returned from on-campus interview. Very nice people and they were extremely welcoming. I was told a decision can be expected by the end of the month (5/5)
  • rejection email (was in my spam filter, so not sure of date)

Southern Oregon University - Assistant/Associate Professor (Acting)[]

(Deadline: Jan 22)

  • Hope there is no objection to separating these.
  • Rejection e-mail (3/16)
  • On 2/28, I was notified that I was a part of the pre-phone interview short-list and was told that decisions would be made by 3/5. It appears that they moved on without me, though I haven't received the rejection email yet. (3/16)

Southwest Missouri State - Assistant Professor (Acting/Musical Director)[]

(Deadline: Jan 22)

  • This is the same position listed at Missouri State University. University name change.

Spellman - Assistant Professor (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Begins Immediately)

  • Anyone heard anything on this one?
  • just an eeoc card, confirmation of materials.
  • Desperate to hear on this one either way--anyone heard anything at all???
  • I think their process is very slow. I sent my materials on 11/28 and only received an acknowledgement/eeoc card last week! So, I think we're all still waiting...
  • This was advertised last year in September 08. I put in my materials and received a rejection letter in August stating a hire had been made. Wonder if this is a legit search or if that was a form letter...
  • 3/15: request for campus interview

Stanford - Assistant Professor (Performance Creator/Director)[]

(Deadline: Oct 14th)

  • This looks like the search that got cancelled last year, anyone know anything on this one?
  • It is the search that was canceled last year. I;talked with a prof there and my sense is they'd love to hire someone with an international rep.
  • Should any of the rest of us bother? I do everything they want including the international expertise but don't have an Ivy pedigre or large list of professional work. I have lots of university and other directing/performance creating exp. but when you work in the middle of nowhere in experimental theatre its near impossible to get professional theatre opportunities (or even regular prof theatre directing credits for that matter). The bibliography requirement is a bit daunting for someone whose work is primarily creative.
  • Go for it. They could always decide to invest in a younger teacher.
  • AA email and survey. 10/19

Stephen F. Austin State University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Voice)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

  • Check out the Chronicle thread on this school, some scary stuff.
  • Can you please post the link to this thread???
  • Are you referring to the scare about the supposed gun violence being planned on campus back in April of 2009? I can't find anything else.
  • 3/22 had a very odd phone interview.

SUNY, Brockport - Presidential Fellows[]

(Deadline: Begins Dec 1 until filled)

SUNY, Plattsburg - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Phone Interview (4/15)

Susquehanna University - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled)

  • Confirmation of materials. 9/25 (x1 on 10/6, 10/14)
  • Colleague had a phone interview last week (10/29)
  • Can you share what rank or level of experience your colleague is?
  • Has PhD, but very recent.
  • I've resigned myself to not having made the short list for this one but can anyone else say whether they've had or scheduled on-campus interviews yet?
  • Received email stating they have hired a candidate for the position. (1/8) (x2)

Syracuse University - Assistant Professor (Acting/Voice)[]

(Deadline: Feb 1)

Syracuse University - Associate/Full (Dept of Drama Chair)[]

(Review Begins Mar 1 - continues until filled)

Tainan University in Taiwan - Open Rank (Applied Theatre, Theatre Education, Young Audiences)[]

  • This was just posted to a list. They want two people, and prefer that the candidate speaks Chinese. (9/29)

University of Texas Austin - Chair[]

(Deadline: Review Begins Oct 15th)

  • Candidates are doing their visits. Four in all.
  • Hire made.

University of Texas Austin - Open Rank (Theatre Education)[]

(Deadline: Sept 15th)

  • Is this the Dept. Chair position or a different one? Where was it posted? (8/18/)
  • Different position - but its for an internal person they are converting from a long-term lecturer position to tenure-track.
  • I'm surprised by the prior statement, because that's not the buzz I've heard at all.
  • Where is this position posted?
  • This was either HigherEdJobs, Artsearch or The Chronicle, I posted it here but can't remember which.
  • Both finalists have visited.
  • Pretty positive a hire was made.

Texas A & M , Texarkana -Assistant Professor (Design Emphasis)[]

(Deadline: May 2)

University of Toronto Mississauga - Assistant Professor (Twentieth-Century/Contemporary Drama)[]

(Deadline: Nov 2)

  • Contacted via email to schedule videoconferencing interview (12/3)
  • any one else apply/hear back from them yet?
  • Does anyone else have an interview with them?
  • I have heard nothing since I submitted my application in mid-October (x3)
  • Two candidates have campus interviews scheduled for mid-January.
  • To the previous poster...would you mind sharing when and how they contacted you regarding? Much appreciated.
  • Contact via email for rejection. "short list selected"

Troy University - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Had phone interview 4/7

TUFTS - Associate/Full Professor (Pre-modern Drama)[]

(Deadline: Jan. 20)

  • acknowledgment of receipt of application via e-mail
  • campus interviews currently taking place

Utah Valley University - Assistant Professor/Director (Youth Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Campus visits schedlued

Virginia Commonwealth University - Assistant/Associate Professor (Acting)[]

(Deadline: Jan 15)

  • Wrote for details. Response was quick and polite. Required: MFA-Theatre, 3 years professional LORT acting exp, current membership in Equity, membership in SAG preferred, 3 years full time teaching acting
  • Search Canceled.

Viterbo University - Assistant/Associate Professor (Music Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled)

Wagner College, NY Assistant/Associate (Acting/Directing)[]

(Deadline: Feb 10)

  • Where is this posted?

Warner Pacific College, OR - Assistant Professor of Drama and Speech[]

(Review Begins January 6th)

  • Mid-March Phone Interview
  • on-campus interviews late April to early May

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC[]

(Deadline: Feb. 25)

  • Email from dept. co-chair confirming partial receipt of materials sent via HR email address. Anyone else apply? Get a response from the dept or HR? This seemed like the exact same position that was posted last year. Anyone know the scoop?
  • I applied but didn't get an email confirmation...Hmmm...does this mean my materials did not go through?
  • Applied, and did get the same email confirmation as above.
  • SC has determined short list of candidates. 3/10
  • Just curious to above poster, do you know this information because you are on that short list? If so, congrats! I'm just wondering about their notfication process.
  • I'm not the above poster, but I got an email saying the college was on spring break, but they were still considering my application (and those of others). They said they would make final recommendations by mid-April. Is this the same email the person who posted about the short list got? Am I on the short list, or did everyone get this email?
  • No way to know for sure, but as to the person with the above question, I sent an application and did NOT get the email about "still considering" so perhaps that means you are on the short list. It's tenuous evidence at best but ... just wanted to report.
  • Email received 5/13 stating that the search has been cancelled due to "unanswered questions about the curriculum" that made the position "too difficult to fill" as "originally conceived". The email states that the search "may" be reopened and asked if I wanted to keep my materials on file.

Wayne State University / Hilberry Repertory Theatre, MI - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Stage Management)[]

(Deadline: Until Suitable Candidate is Found - Review begins on January 15th)

  • On campus interviews late Feb / early March

West Chester University -- Assistant Professor of Theater and Women's/Gender Studies[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled -- review starts Dec. 1)

  • Does anyone know about the legit status of this search since they have an adjunct on staff who basically fills this position exactly as advertised?
  • I just came to post the same thing. I usually ignore worrying about insider candidates, but seriously, the job looks written for this person's CV.
  • Received very nice receipt of materials letter. Promises to be in touch soon. Still betting on inside candidate. x2 12/14
  • FYI, I noticed that their job listing on the Chronicle webpage seemed to list two positions: 'College of Visual and Performing Arts Department: Theatre/Dance Specialty: 1. Split assignment between Women's Studies and Theatre and Dance 2. Performance.   Contact: rbytnar [at]".  So I emailed to ask, and Bob Bytnar kindly responded on 11/25: "Yes there are two positions.  The split with women’s studies and one in performance.  The performance position job description should be on the WCU employment website shortly.  In the meantime, here is the e-mail address of the chair of the search committee,  His name is Tom Haughey.  I’d encourage you to contact him as soon as you can."
  • "Note: As of 12/21, haven't seen the second listing on the webpage. Haven't followed up b/c decided not to apply to either. Good luck!
  • I applied for the Performance position and today received in the mail the EEO survey and a letter acknowledging receipt of my materials. The letter said, "the department will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis until the position is filled." This somewhat contradicts their job posting, which had a 1/15 deadline. (1/11)
  • Email request for phone interview (1/21/10). This was a surprise, as I agree with the above posters that the adjunct was a perfect fit. This interview may be "for show" or maybe not. Too early to tell. (request for phone interview x2)
  • Those with the phone interviews: which position are you applying for? Thanks.
  • My interview is for the joint appointment in Theatre/Women's Studies position.
    • Thanks. And good luck!
  • Update for those of us waiting on the Theatre position: West Chester cancelled classes most of last week (2/9-12). That should push back their response time.
  • invited for a campus visit (2/8) - for the theatre/women's studies position
  • Looks like both positions have inside candidates.

College of William and Mary - Assistant Professor of Theatre (African American Theatre)[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

  • Request for campus interview via phone 2/2.
  • Hmmm... request for PHONE interview- guess I'm not in the same league as the above poster ;)- said they were moving slow and will call within the month to schedule - 2/2
  • Hire made

Winona State University - Teacher/Director- Probationary Tenure Track[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

  • Crickets...has anyone heard anything on this job?
  • Nope. I think they had a posting last year that got cancelled due to funding. Could be the same thing happened again?
  • Nothing here.
  • Rejection email received "another candidate has been selected." (3/12) (x4)

Winthrop University, SC - Assistant Professor (Acting/Voice/Movement)[]

(Deadline: Jan 4)

  • received letter of confirmation 1/9. they will be doing phone interviews in march and hope to bring 2 candidates to campus in early april
  • oddly worded rejection letter rec'd 3/1
  • odd how, do tell!
  • was this after you did a phone interview?
  • no phone interview for me. just received a super short letter. maybe not odd, but certainly not clear. said that they identified a short candidate list, and planned interviews with these folks. They never said that I was not included. The only clue to the rejection, was the closing - "Best Wishes to you in your career." Gosh, just say no, thanks. This lack of clear communication drives me crazy.

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Assistant Professor (Generalist)[]

(Deadline: Dec 16)

  • Can you tell me where this job is listed? Thanks so much!
  • Artsearch, posted Nov 9th.
  • 12/21: received email confirmation of my materials
  • Contacted via email for phone interview (1/20)

Wooster College - Assistant Professor (Acting)[]

(Deadline: )

  • Current VAP but not a rigged search
  • just got ack email -- I sent my materials in over a month ago... so glad to finally hear something! 12/2
  • call to set up a phone interview 12/3 (x2)
  • had phone interview today (12/8), will decide top 3 by next week, said they are looking to bring 3 people to campus week of Jan 11
  • asked for on-campus interview in early Feb. (12/17)
  • Is VAP one of the top three? I was wondering how that might work, or if not, why VAP would not apply?
  • There are two VAPs this year and for personal reasons I very seriously doubt one of the VAPs would apply. I believe the other did but I don't know if she is a finalist.
  • Let me just say that having been a VAP at a position when there was a full search (not this one), I know that these are not always rigged. Being a VAP isn't a guarantee of getting the job, especially if you have ever disagreed with the head of the search committee during a faculty meeting, for example.
  • Email signed by chair stating "Our search did not result in an appointment for the tenure track position and will be renewed next year. The job description will remain the same and we encourage those of you whose credentials match up well with our needs to reapply." (3/31) (2x)
  • But were there not on campus interviews in early Feb? (see above post.) The large, LARGE numbers of applicants still resulted in a failed search??? Any ideas why?
  • I think what they implied was that they did not get approval to fill the position this year.

Worcester State College, MA - Assistant Professor (Theatre/Interdisciplinary)[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Anyone know about this one? It just showed up on ArtSEARCH as of 12/23 but on WSC's HR site the posting date was listed as Nov. 5. I certainly didn't notice it before and with the note on the front page of the HR site about a hiring freeze, I was curious if anyone had some scoop about whether the search might be in some kind of trouble from the start.
  • Called to schedule a phone interview 2/17.
  • Told during phone interview that campus visits would be scheduled within the next two weeks. (3.1)
  • Received email notifying that after the forces that be "completed a review of your background in consideration for the position of Asst Professor of Theatre/Interdisciplinary Arts in the Theatre Department" I was "not selected for further consideration." (4.20)
  • Slightly differently worded, but the same result -- rejection (4.20)
  • The WSC HR website notes a hiring freeze due to the Mass state budget crisis. If only that made the rejection easier to accept.(4/21)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/29).

York College of PA - Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: Mid-Oct)

  • They are interviewing at MLA in December.
  • got an invite to interview at MLA - 11/23
  • Was unable to attend MLA for financial reasons, and was subsequently eliminated from consideration. Search committee would not consider phone interview in lieu of live interview at MLA. 12/3
  • That really sucks! Shame on them, and clearly not the right fit!
  • The MLA gives travel grants to low income folks. I got one this year and will not be using it. I told them and they gave it to someone else next on the list (it's a lottery). If you've got an interview and would consider the job, maybe you can plead your case with Annie Reiser at, the coordinator of the MLA Travel Grant Program. Good luck!
  • Do you have to register for MLA to interview? I was going to just stop in for the interview (I don't live too far away and will be traveling through there...) They don't have anyone checking do that? (that is harsh about not being able to get a phone interview... I wonder how many people they are interviewing?)
  • 14. Was 15.
  • No you do not have to register. Interviews are sometimes conducted at weird places. Mine last year was in a hotel suite (in the conference hotel?) so we saw nothing of the conference. Just walk in and walk out.
  • Will be curious to hear from interviewees about their impressions from in-person contacts after MLA, to see if they feel that the in-person interview was necessary, or if the same information could have been gleaned from a phone interview. Did it feel like you were given full consideration, or was it more of a cattle call?
  • I'll be happy to post once it happens... I sure wish there was a theatre conference that could be used for interviews...
  • Other candidates and I were waiting in the hall together. Definitely a Broadway audition. Sing the song of your dissertation in three minutes and then you're out of there. And I remember thinking I was glad I wore a pantsuit, being that the woman after me wore a skirt that ended at mid-thigh (when sitting, she must have been distracted/distracting).
  • Doesn't have to be like a broadway audition. In another MLA interview I had, other candidates were not waiting in the halls. The committee could be nice and very interested in your work, and you can enjoy answering questions about your work/teaching! Its kind of unpleasant to have to travel many miles for a 30 minute interview, but you can still learn a lot from it.
  • Any news/impressions from the MLA interviews?
  • campus interviews scheduled for early March
  • Any news/impressions from the campus interviews?
  • Friend offered position, I am pretty sure she is accepting it.
  • Rejection letter saying I didn't make it to the short list. Um, duh?

Young Harris College - Assistant Professor (Generalist/Director)[]

(Deadline: Immediately Until Filled)

  • Note:I sent an email with the things they requested (minus my recommendation letters) and their server rejected my email or being too large. Send two emails.
  • Phone interview 12/01.


  • Hi All - I've gotten this started here. I didn't include the job-offer-counter, but if someone feels particularly strongly, go ahead.
  • My wiki hero, good karma coming your way.
  • Gah. For some reason I find these wikis very difficult to figure out. I've somehow added a line and category under the last school and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Sorry.
  • Hello, just found this wiki via Google. I am on the market this year for theatre history/lit positions. Can anyone join this discussion? Thanks.
  • Yeah, Absolutely anyone can participate. The more we can communicate about the job search process, the better.
  • I agree. The secrecy drives me crazy. One more question: who posts the listings above? Do we all take responsibility to do so?
  • Yep. You see a new job, feel free to post it. :) The wiki is both good and bad, it seems to accumulate the stress of the job search and have a fairly grumpy tone. It's best used sparingly.
  • I added a section on demographics at the top - I've seen it on other pages and it seems more cheery. We can delete if it seems too extraneous.
  • I'm down with that, but last year's attempts to collect data got excessive (in my opinion).
  • I do think it would be nice to have some kind of "results" section -- i.e., how many people are getting interviews, campus visits, etc.  It's nice to see people making their way forward.  I don't know how to do it myself (lame) but I don't think one more section would be excessive.
  • Yeah, not to be a stick in the mud, but this was the kind of statistical survey I thought got excessive. I didn't even fill it out last year. It just seemed to me like trying to make sense out of something that is ultimately an unknowable process. Still, I can just not fill it out like last year. :
  • OK folks, it seems we are off to the races finally with postings. Please don't forget to update search progress as you have info.
  • How many people here are heavily applying to post-docs/fellowships? I'm just interested in the relative percentage of theatre people (I assume very small) and whether we have any chance against the hordes of Literature applicants. Anyone know of theatre people who got specific post-docs?
  • I am applying selectively for post-docs. But then my degree is unique and crosses over into general humanities more than a traditional theatre degree might. (I think it is sad that a lot of post-docs seem more interested in taking people from other arts disciplines and not theatre and performance!)

    • That's where I am too. Figure its worth a shot, as long as its not one of the ones with unreasonable application demands!
    • Theater postdocs can and do happen. I know someone who recently had a two year one, specifically in theater.
  • Is it just me, or are there more openings this year than in several years past? I wonder if apps are up / down with the economy? Are folks less likely to retire? Are universities less spooked and willing to move forward to hires? Or am I mistaken?
  • Openings seem up in my opinion, I just hope they stay open. Last year there was a lot of panic on the hiring end but now that things seem to be smoothing out a little hires seem to be moving forward again. I also get the sense that people who have jobs aren't as likely to walk away from the safety of a known commodity in this economy.
  • Well, I'm very happy, finally, to be rid of the strange system over here for hiring.  I've been at it for two years, but despite great degree, much experience, published book, etc., these committees seem to be looking for something I just can't imagine.  I do wonder that the academics here put up with it.  I've given up - applied for a post in the UK (where I've been since getting degree from Oxford).  Was contacted one week after closing date, interviewed two weeks later and offered the job the next morning.  Now that's the way it SHOULD be!  But best of luck to all - I tried to find work here, but just can't abide the year or more process it takes.
  • Does anyone know anything about Evergreen State in WA? They are running a TD search but have an interim who has been on staff for several years. It looks like a rigged search from the outside but I also know things aren't always as they may appear.
  • I think you can't worry too much about "rigged" searches. If you're interested in the job, apply. Sometimes things seem rigged that aren't. In the current economy, I'd give anything you're a good fit for a go.

    • Thanks, the app is in to Evergreen. Its a dream job/location and I'm just a bit hope fatigued at this point. So even though I try not to think about it, its hard not too. I guess I'm just looking for little bits of info to help my sanity while waiting for the phone to ring.
  • Hey, is it just me or does it seem like hardly anyone is contributing here?
  • Doesn't seem inactive to me. Just not much going on. I don't post when I get EEOC cards...just doesn't feel like big enough news.
  • Yep, no news here. Just twiddling my thumbs, waiting and wishing.
  • Post-Thanksgiving, most theatre depts., in my experience, are trying to put up end of the semester student productions and at least one departmental production. Plus finish classes, render grades, etc. When I've been on SCs, we usually didn't send out invites for campus interviews until mid to late December.
  • I also think there's just not a lot happening yet. Not a huge number of deadlines have passed yet and those that have are starting to get a little action. I'm guessing things will pick up a bit as final fall productions close and committees start to get motivated to get things moving as the semester comes to an end. Theatre SCs are notorious for sporatic activity during production lulls (in past years I've even had late Sunday night phone calls, stuff you don't usually hear about in other fields). I'm just curious but it seems there are large number of jobs this year but only a small number I personally feel are good fits, do you find yourself applying for a lot of positions (anything remotely possible) or are you being more selective?
  • I have applied based on geography, rather than the perfect fit, since I am not relocating (again). That being said, geography means a driving circle of 3 hours one way, which basically means I might be commuting. That sucks (two kids, academic partner) but I don't feel there is enough for me to choose not to apply to the long-shots and be reasonably sure I'd get something. I also can't imagine I'd ever feel that way!
  • I've applied for a lot -- there are a lot that seem to be good matches in some way. But I am also ABD and am worried that it is killing my app in a lot of places I would love to work. Agh! But geography does not constrain me... I am anxious knowing that there should be a lot more action in the next couple of weeks. I do wish people would post for just EEOC cards... it lets me know if I should worry about them getting my materials or not.
  • I'm applying for a fair bit, but not getting the response I want. I think I need to work on my materials some more.Or, you know, recognize that there are several hundred of us that are applying.
  • Are others that are on the wiki and ABD having any luck or nibbles on applications? There are jobs I am a very good fit for, but I'm afraid my ABD status (though I WILL finish this spring) may be hindering my success. I'd appreciate any response.
  • I am ABD and have gotten a couple of phone interviews (waiting to hear on those...) But I do think that a lot of position that I would be a great fit for aren't nibbling. I have a couple of small publications but need to really work on getting something more substantial out as well. Others ABDers - do you have many publications? I never know how theatre compares to other humanities fields for needing good publications out at this stage. Of course it would be good, but how common is it?
  • I'm ABD with some reviews in major journals but no articles to my name. I do have over 15 years of international performance and directing experience, but not sure how much that means without marquee names attached. My sense is that articles are very helpful if not necessary for lit/crit/history posts but not necessary for positions that want you to teach acting and/or directing and/or playwriting. And I've got bupkis in terms of response.
  • To the question above, I think it is becoming increasingly more common for people on the market to have at least one article out. I know that most of the ABD people from my grad program have at least one article out, and that this holds true for friends in other programs as well. I know people who got jobs without it, but I know an awful lot of people ABD on the market with articles.
  • Anybody know anything about the Ithaca Not the area, but the dept.? Thanks.
  • Several years ago I heard that Ithaca is very hard place to be awarded tenure. Not sure of the verity of this comment; but I'm reporting what I heard.
  • Ithaca = don't expect tenure without Broadway credits
  • Just wondering how many years people have been on the market. Does anyone think about how many years you are willing to give the academic job search before deciding to call it quits and come up with an alternative plan? I am seriously struggling with this.
  • It's a really valid question, given the economy and the latest statistics about how 20% of us will ever get a TT job. So, 1 in 5. This is my second year on the market, first post PhD. I constantly wonder about just getting a job, and have pursued some non-academic jobs (with success!) and then turned them down because I wasn't ready to give up just yet. I think after three years post-PhD or so that we are supposedly unattractive because our degree is so old? But what the hell do I know. I continue to look for a non-academic job that interests me as much as being a professor, and if I find one, I'll take it. I just want to use my skills, be productive, etc.
  • The difference between being ABD and degree-in-hand was like night and day for me (so don't give up just yet mid- first year). In more specialized areas (not acting, directing, historian or generalist)we have gotten as little as 30 apps for positions in our dept (and out of those only a fraction were qualified for the job). You also have to be willing to apply for jobs at small colleges, for VAPs and be willing to relocate to the middle of nowhere. I did this and landed a job my first year out and I'm no rock star. I had lots of colleagues in my cohort at Public State U who were not willing to do this and wanted to stay in the great region where we went to school, couldn't understand why after 7+ years ABD they weren't getting bites or they wanted only what they viewed as a 'good' job meaning teaching only in their area, not serving as a jack-of-all trades, etc. As a result some grew bitter, however as many of them got less picky, applying to remote locations, CCs and faith based institutions most have now landed jobs. My present issue is that from the outside my job appears really great and for those who have nothing I'm sure they'd be happy to have it. But the truth is the environemnt is so incredibly toxic thats its making mine and my families life a living hell. So I have to get out, and my great anguish comes from the prospect of walking away from a coveted tt job to save our health and sanity and face the prospect of never landing another if I don't find something this year. Goodness knows a SC will always assign blame to an applicant in this position, I've already had one SC ask point blank why I would want to leave my job if its a tt (even though I gushed in my cover letter about how great their U was). You can't dare tell the truth or you're the crazy and difficult colleague, and yet when I tell colleagues in the field what is happening they ask how Professor X is still teaching and why X hasn't been arrested (yes its that bad). So back to what I was responding to- yes, it is possible to land a tt but once you do it isn't always what you hoped it would be. If you have a viable job outside of academia that is fulfilling and makes you happy- take it(industry experience can actually make you more attractive if its relevant). Don't get hung up on a romanticized idea, make sure its what you really want. Jobs will still be posted for some time to come, with a wave of late postings to fill resignations. Hopefully mine will be among them even if I have to leave academia to do it. Not bitter at all, just embracing the idea that life is way too short to miss out on what really matters or to continue to embrace misery for the sake of being a professor. (sorry for the long post)
  • When you say you only have 30 applicants for for specialized areas, does that include voice and speech? A: I may be paranoid but I don't want to give away the specific searches to further chance being identified. But I can say that my experience on SCs and via colleagues on SCs suggests that voice positions do attach smaller pools than the larger supply areas I mentioned above. I know one RI in very good area during lean years that couldn't attract a decent V&M candidate to save their life (one failed search, after 2nd search the following year the offer was finally accepted by the third choice applicant who then left after only a short period of time).
  • My first VAP came 4 years after I earned my terminal degree and then I got a TT 2 years after that. There are a lot of theatre folks out there, so just keep on plugging if the academy is where you want to be. I do agree that sometimes the TT is not all it's cracked up to be. What I would suggest is that once you get your TT, don't by a house until you earn tenure and know you really want to stay, especially now since houses are difficult to turn over these days.
  • This is my first year on the market with degree in hand. If I don't land a job this year, I'll give it a go next year. If I don't land a job the year after that (2011/2012) I'll give up and go do something where I can work without the stress of the academic job search.
  • In AY 2009-2010, there are over 400 stundents enrolled in PhD programs in theatre and performance studies in the United States, along with several thousand MFA students (granted, not all of the MFAs will go into academia). This does NOT include the (literally) hundreds of recently graduated PhDs from the past several years. Obviously, there are nowhere near that many academic jobs. And yet every year universities accept another 100 or so new PhD students. Its not just the economy -- there are just too many of us.
  • Question for those who are getting phone and campus interviews: Could you pass on a little advice to the rest of us about what you think made you a good candidate for that position? I think that I began by casting WAY too wide a net, and that perhaps if I narrow my search, I would be better served. But maybe not...thoughts???
  • I applied to 44 positions, and have had phone interviews and been notified for shortlists for five posts with one campus visit. While I have professional directing experience, I think the three things that make me stand out are 1). my undergrad degree at a small liberal arts school (which I think sends the hint that I know the culture) 2). I've been a dramaturg at a LORT theatre for a year, and 3). I write about non-western theatre. So basically if I see any of those things on a job app I apply, unless there is a strong emphasis on teaching voice, acting or performance classes, which I feel ill-equipped to do. So I would say look at the ad and ask if you REALLY fit. And once you do, tailor your ad specifically to the school, reference teaching specific courses or talk about how new courses you'd teach fit into an already established curriculum. This may well be redundant, and I don't have a tt gig yet, so take it w a grain of salt. Good luck to you and every one else now. We all need it.
  • This is Evan Winet. Seeing as I gave up anonymity regarding my thoughts on these issues at ASTR last November, I see little reason to maintain it here. There's much good advice in this thread and some well-founded fears. According to surveys circulated by Esther Kim Lee last year, there are over 600 people currently enrolled in theatre/PS PhD programs. As TT jobs, in general, are diminishing, there will be many people with PhDs who do not get TT jobs. Take into consideration the fact that many people competing are making lateral moves between jobs, as I did for many years, and the prospects for fresh PhDs are rough indeed. We all have to define our own limits; personal and financial. Like one of the previous writers on this thread, I stuck with it for many years because there was nothing I wanted to do more than be a professor. For what it's worth, my PhD did not apparently "get too old." I had the same number of interviews going out on the market in 2008 as I did in 2001. I strung together 4 good jobs over 8 years of teaching, none of which became permanent. Search committees do begin to make arch assumptions about one's "checkered history," but that's just one factor among many, predictable and unpredictable, apposite and petty, that influence what goes within SC meetings. If you are willing and capable to be a jack-of-all-trades in the department, that will help. If you are willing to work at lower tier schools and in less popular geographies, that will help. Regardless, we need to think more like actors and be honest with ourselves about our "types" in the market. It was clear from a survey I conducted last year that some of the less prestigious PhD programs are having more success placing graduates in jobs because they focus on the vast market of lower tier schools. Obviously, it takes a different balance of skills to be desirable for those jobs. On the other hand, be honest about who you are and what you really want to do. Little point in outfoxing the market to get a job where success depends on doing something other than what you got into the business to do.
  • My $.02 about the request for info from those getting interviews. This year I have made 4 short lists and will have 3 campus visits. I applied for 32 jobs (including a few outside the USA). The 4 that contacted me were *all* schools where, when I applied, I knew I was a good fit in terms of experience and credentials. But I don't regret casting a wide net. As some have noted above, often SCs don't know what they're looking for until they start getting applications. The one job of the 32 I applied for where I was a comically good fit didn't let me pass go. So I wouldn't dare speculate on what made me a desirable candidate. Combination of academic and practical chops? Sure, but not necessarily: I have friends who were told they were not being considered because the SC wanted someone who did one or the other. New York experience? Not really any to speak of. Writing about non-Western theatre or under represented groups? Nope. I think the advice above about really tailoring your cover letter and your C.V. to fit the position is well taken. Sing your accomplishments that relate to the job early in the letter. Order your teaching fields to match their needs. And one last thing that's just occurring to me now: all 4 schools that called me had been sent extra material from me; whether a teaching portfolio or a teaching philosophy, they all got something extra. Not all schools want that - for sure some where I sent extra materials didn't call me in so it's not a guarantee or anything. But I would say, read their announcement closely and judge if and what extra materials you can send. This advice would be more credible if I had a job right now, but hopefully in a few weeks I'll have news. Good luck everyone.
  • There was a lot of silence on this wiki. There was a lot of information (and still lots of information) people did not post. A lot of these searches have progressed way way more than was noted. I think it didn't help that there was so much negativity/slamming of people/gossip on this site early in the process that deterred some (me) from posting. The other understandable reasons are concerns of SCs being on the wiki, and people revealing themselves (the smaller the group of finalists get, the easier it is to be identified, especially by SCs who know who the finalists are). It would be interesting to think about more effective ways of getting people to post. Maybe the inevitable result of wikis getting widely known is that people stop posting.

    • I think you're absolutely right. I know that I have made campus visits without posting because I didn't want to be identified until after it was all over. Now that we know SCs are patrolling the area, I'm even more concerned to keep low in those cases where posting would make it clear who I was. Pity.
    • Ya'll, don't let fear rule you. Due to the anonymity built into the internet, it may or may not have been someone from a SC. In any case, you must be who you are and say what you think. We are surrounded these days by fear and panic and bad news, on TV, in every periodical... Our students are cynical, everyone is depressed and scared; many of us are medicated to get through the day. Theatre has always been a place for dissension, free speech, and authenticity. Don't stop now.
    • I agree that we shouldn't stop now. This is a "safe place" to post. Then again, it is possible that SC might read this wiki. It is important that we conduct ourself with some professionalism here. You never know who's going to be reading what we post. I say go for it. Post away!
    • I think the wise way to use this wiki is to simply post facts. I'm more interested in the fact that you got a rejection letter, tahn by how miffed you are that it took a long time, or that they asked you to make an online portfolio. If you are posting facts about the search processes as you're experiencing it, then no SC can think ill of you for sharing the facts with the field. You of course, are welcome to vent, but you're also welcome to shoot yourself in the foot.
    • Why should you be scared of what you write here and whether there is a SC member looking too? Nothing you say here should play any role in whether you get hired, period. And you know what, if its the type of job that is going to make a decision to hire you based on posting something to an anonymous wiki designed to help people search for jobs, then its probably not going to be the best most happy job anyway. Honestly, grow up people. "Shoot yourself in the foot?" Please. Talk about self-importance and the ivory tower! Nothing like putting a whole lot more importance and pressure on a job and wiki than there ever is or could be. SC's deciding not to hire somebody because they think that maybe they complained a little on this wiki about a slow process, or whatever it is, is exactly the type of thing that leads people to complain in the first place...
  • Its a shame that some folks on here worry about what SCs would "do" if they knew you posted something. I have used this site both as a job candidate and now I let my own grad school candidates know about it. And yes, I have been on a SC that was posted here, but never cared what people wrote about us. Most SCs are far too busy (in my experience) looking through materials as well as interacting with our day to day work to research who has written what on this website. So I would encourage people to continue to post information. I also see it as a good place to vent, but just like any public declaration, use common sense! I hope this encourages people to not be afraid to post material and continue to contribute to the field of knowledge about the job market.
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