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What's your employment status?[]

  • ABD: 38
  • Postdoc: 16
  • VAP: 15
  • Adjuncting PhD: 14
  • TT but looking for a new job: 12
  • Tenured but looking for a new job: 5
  • Lecturer: 6
  • Employed in academia (Tenured or TT) but reading out of curiosity: 5
  • Fully employed outside of academia: 5
  • Partly employed outside of academia: 1
  • Unemployed PhD: 8
  • Search Committee Member:
  • Just looking: 2
  • Hopelessly screwed: 1
  • Derelict and reduced to burning PhD diploma for warmth: 1
  • Employed, embittered spouse of a new PhD: 1

TOTAL: 130 <----Remember to update Total!! (As of 5/24/2012)

Mixed or Open Speciality[]

Antioch College (OH) - US and/or World History[]

  • Tenure-track position in U.S. and/or world history to begin in the Fall of 2012; ability to teach public/social history particularly welcome. A PhD in history is required by the time of appointment.
  • Applicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, three letters of recommendation, and unofficial transcripts electronically as PDF attachments to Official transcripts will be required of finalists. Electronic submission of all materials is strongly preferred. If necessary, hard copies may be mailed to History Search c/o Nancy Wilburn, Antioch College, One Morgan Place, Yellow Springs, OH 45387. Materials must be received by January 17, 2012.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12 
  • Ok so a 5 minute google search will tell you about some of the recent history of Antioch College being closed & reopened and the controversies. It seems like working there could either be a good opportunity, a nasty slog, or both, depending on how things workout for Antioch in the next 4-8 years. Anyone have an idea of their current financial status? Like, is this position going to exist in a few years?
  • I'd love to know the same thing; it looks like a nice job, but I'm also very, very leery. Did you see this? (12/8)
  • I did not see that article, but there is plenty of other info about this online. Check out the AAUP investigation/articles. I doubt the candidate will really be able to figure out how leery they should have been until they actually have the job. (12/9)
  • And then that person will be stuck out in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio! Gulp! :( (12/9)
  • Antioch is located in a beautiful part of the state of Ohio. There are a lot worse places to live and work. As for the college, one should be wary but it might be a great first job.
  • The location is not an issue to me, nor the inter-office type politics & organizational work involved in a situation like this. Maybe you above would like to comment on the central question....How much time can they actually guarantee you will have a job for, financially speaking? It doesn't matter how great of an opportunity it is or how nice the area is, if you settle in, find housing, move your stuff & family and then they run out of money.
  • I'll put a vote for that question (above) too --- what does the near future hold for this school? What is the likelihood it will stay open at least in the next, say, three years or so?
  • These are good questions and something that you can ascertain, in a diplomatic way, at an interview. I suspect it is still worth applying, especially in this economic climate.
  • By my calculation, their operating funds are less than 2 million a year for the whole institution. They have 34 students and 6 faculty currently, and are bringing in lots of guest lecturers. A job at Antioch is for the young and adventurous who are not particularly worried if the position is there in a few years.
  • I'm not sure there are any people who are unconcerned about whether they will have a job in a few years. Thanks for the info though.
  • Interesting article on this school:
  • Received what looks like a diversity survey on a stamped postcard in an othrwise empty envelope. No explanation or note, just a card with "Name (optional)" and gender, race, ethnicity questions. I'm taking this as acknowledgment that they received my application materials ;) (2/11) , x2
  • A friend had an interview (skype) last week. (2/13) x2
  • Diane Chiddister, "Antioch College's 'Happy Crisis' Continues," Yellow Springs News, 16 Feb. 2012. Article quotes Hassan Rahmanian, VP for Academics: "The application process for these positions, which ended Jan. 31, attracted a robust response, according to Rahmanian. There were 167 applicants for the history position, 55 for psychology, 64 for media arts, 55 for biomedical science, 46 for environmental science and 21 for co-op education. Committees of faculty, former faculty, outside experts and students will continue to work on the search process, and will bring finalists to campus in March, he said. "
  • Candidates have been invited to campus 3/7
  • I worked in the Antioch University system - which disbanded the college in 2008. The university and its culture is more than a little strange, but the college has considerable backing from former alumni and well wishers who want to see the college regain some of its former glory. I wouldn't worry too much about the longevity of this position. I suspect that it will continue to prosper in the years to come. I wish I could have been employed by the college and not the university (which has very little in the way of a solid reputation) 4/4.
  • Snail mail rejection letter; position has been filled. (4/23)

Avila University US History[]

  • tenure-track position in United States history at the rank of Assistant Professor, to begin August 15, 2012
  • deadline 3/15
  • Rec'd email requesting phone interview (3/20) x2
  • phone interview; said they hoped to bring candidates to campus the week of April 7 (3/28)
  • Invited for oncampus interview week of April 16 (3/30), x2
  • Offer made and accepted.

Ball State University - Digital/US history[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Digital History
  • Ability to teach American History survey courses essential; subspecialty in US women's or military history preferred
  • Review begins immediately [posted 6 Jan. 2012]

Birkbeck College, University of London (UK) [Non-TT] Cultural/Intellectual[]

Bridgewater College - US History (pref 20thC)/World[]

  • Assistant Professor of US History
  • 3/1/3 teaching load
  • "The position is open to all subfields except religious history and U.S. South, but preference will be given to scholars of 20th century American history and to candidates able to help start a new public history concentration."
  • Deadline: 23 Mar. 2012 (not stated in ad, but is on College's own website)
  • scheduling a phone interview (03/27)
  • scheduling campus interviews (04/04)
  • Whom did Bridgewater hire?

Bucknell University [Non-TT][]

  • 1-year VAP position in "U.S. political history from the late nineteenth through the twentieth centuries"
  • "Specialization in labor and/or immigration history is desirable"
  • Deadline February 25, 2012
  • Any word here?
    • Bah, jinxed myself. Generic email rejection rec'd (4/30)

Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured) in American Studies
  • "You will be primarily responsible for teaching American history since 1607, with a focus on US politics and society, across a range of undergraduate courses"
  • Deadline: 1 Sept 2011.
  • The link is broken on this? Anyone else having trouble seeing it?

Centre College (Kentucky) - 1865-1945[]

  • tenure track assistant professor in US History, specialising in the period 1865-1945
  • Deadline: 10 Oct. 2011
  • Check it out! One of the history faculty members lists his Wikipedia articles under his publications on his cv!
  • Is this really open specialization or is it just here if bc it doesn't fit the categories below?
    • It's not open, it's 'Mixed' (I'm running with last year's categories & obviously this won't sit in either 19th or 20th C; if you can think of a better category then go ahead and add it!).
    • oh...i get it. In my mind, mixed and open were more similar. I totally get it. my mistake!
  • Very prompt acknowledgment (via email) when materials were received
  • Anybody interviewing?
    • Haven't heard anything here, other than an acknowledgement of receipt (11/8).
    • They will be interviewing at AHA, according to the Academic Affairs coordinator (11/8)
    • Interviewing with them at the AHA. Received an email. (11/08) X4
    • Do those who are interviewing mind sharing what they work on, or att least if they do 19th or 20th century?
    • I will bite, but please reciprocate! I teach mostly 20th but research in late 19th. (11/25)
    • My research and the upper-level courses I teach are both squarely in this time period; the courses are mostly 1865-1919, while the research is mostly early 20th-century cultural history. (11/26)
    • I've taught survey and upper-level courses that has covered all of American history, but my dissertation covers 1876-1960 (women, medicine, consumerism, cultural history) and one of my fields was in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. (11/27)
    • It sounds like most of you who have posted here that you've been invited to the AHA already have a PhD in hand? Is this true? Any ABD invited to the AHA?
    • I have the Ph.D. (X3)
    • Did anyone catch how many people they interviewed at AHA?
    • I know they were conducting three searches, so I have a feeling they interviewed several candidates. I know it is going to take some time for them to sort everything out.
    • Based on my calculations (how many days they told me they were interviewing at the AHA, combined with how much time they devoted to my interview and how much time in between candidates, and taking away an hour or so for lunch on Friday and Saturday), I guess that they conducted 25-30 interviews. Since this is for 3 positions, I would guess that they interviewed 8-10 for each position, possibly more for the U.S. position than for the others. Of course, this is all conjecture. I, for one, haven't heard anything yet. (1/31)
    • I have not heard anything yet. They were very forthcoming in the interview as to a basic timeline and I hope we will hear soon. (01/31)
    • In my interview they were forthcoming about the timeline, but also a bit rushed in presenting it. I remember something about mid-February, but I can't recall if that is when candidates will be notified, or when they will visit campus. (2/2)
    • I think mid Feb was when they planned to do the interviews. I'll be honest, I am starting to get a sinking feeling about this one. (02/02)
    • Contacted the chair, on-campus interviews have been scheduled. (02/06)
  • Received a very courteous e-mail from their dean saying that an offer has been made and accepted. Congrats to some lucky person! (2/28)

Centro de investigacion y Docencia Economicas (Mex.) - Comparative/Transnational History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in comparative history, with comparative or transnational approaches to post-Civil War US History.
  • Deadline: 30 Apr. 2012
  • Did anyone else apply for this?

Chadron State University[]

  • Tenure-track History Faculty vacancy to begin January 2012.
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Doctorate in History with a concentration on process-based understandings of United States History in the context of a global world required. Ability to teach upper division courses in US History, US West, Native American Studies, Great Plains History, and Environmental History preferred. Experience with online and hybrid courses, proven teaching ability, knowledge of appropriate technology for face-to-face and online courses, and ability to develop and teach interdisciplinary courses and First Year Inquiry preferred.
  • Apply for this job online at, click on Faculty, and then click on the green checkmark below "Apply for Vacancy." Required application materials include the Chadron State College Employment Application form, cover letter, resume, and transcripts.
  • Anybody apply and hear something? Any thoughts on a January start date? A colleague who wants to go back to Nebraska has been watching CS and says this is the fourth year it has run an ad and hasn't hired anyone. Anybody able to confirm this? Just curious.
  • Applied with an availability of 1 July, haven't heard anything back.
  • I was also surprised to see this job posted again, as it seems to appear often. Wonder what the skinny is. . .
  • Offer and acceptance 11/17
  • That's odd. They said they would be bringing folks to campus and making a decision in mid-December! I guess that is the way it all goes. 11/20
  • Offer has been made and accepted.
  • Actually, acceptance 11/22. Offer was made on 11/17.

Coastal Carolina University - History of American South[]

  • tenured Associate Professor specializing in the History of the American South.
  • The ideal candidate will teach a combination of US History survey and seminar courses in the area of his/her expertise. The teaching load will be 2/3 in the first year; in subsequent years it will be determined by the dean and chair based upon the productivity of the hire.
  • Applicants must apply online at A complete set of application materials must include an online application, letter outlining teaching experience, teaching philosophy, and scholarship; recent teaching evaluations; sample syllabi; a full curriculum vitae listing at least three (3) references with contact information.
  • The deadline for completed applications is January 15, 2012. Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The committee will conduct preliminary telephone interviews just after mid-January.
  • Any inside information on this? Is it a replacement hire or a new line?
  • In an indirect sense, this is a replacement for the post held by Charles Joyner for years and by Vernon Burton for a brief time. Joyner is now emeritus and Burton is at Clemson.
  • Interesting. I am sure some good applicants will apply but it is good to have some inside information. A 2/3 load makes it hard to maintain a strong publication record. The two previous holders were (are) excellent historians.
  • Narrowed pool of applicants to 6 for phone interviews January 24-26. [January 17] Will invite "several" to campus soon after. Phone interviews will consist of a series of set questions that all candidates will be expected to address.
  • Misinformation (“inside” or otherwise) abounds about this job.
  • Depends on who you ask.
  • Phone interviews of 1/25 quite straight-forward. The university has several research centers and an active and improving Faculty Welfare/Development program, including regular opportunities for sabbatical.
  • Any updates on this search?
  • Position offered and accepted.

Coastal Carolina University - SUSPENDED[]

  • tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of American Military History. Preferred is an experienced teacher whose training and demonstrated scholarship is centered on the American Civil War.
  • Screening of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled, with a preferred appointment date of 15 August 2011 although an appointment may be made for as late as January 2012.
  • Also posted at U.S. History, 2010-2011
  • 7/14. Curious verbiage in their email announcing suspension of the search: "After further review it has been determined not to fill this position as advertised"
  • Not really that curious. Obviously something changed there.
  • I suspect the issue is that they just don't have enough dogs. They need more dogs.
  • That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. I can't get enough of that! Be more like a dog! Kudos to the person who found and posted that!
  • How about more cowbell?

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University - US History (Open) - POSTPONED[]

  • Specialty is open but we especially encourage applicants with fields in immigration history; science, technology and medical history; urban history; and/or sports history
  • Full time three year term position
  • Review of applications will begin November 28
  • Skype interview scheduled (12/30/2011)
  • Has anyone else gotten an interview invite? This seems like a quick turn around time for the number of applications that an open U.S. search must have attracted.
    • Agreed. In this market, I would assume they're swimming in applications (x2)
  • Those who had interviews--what is your time period and/or field of research?
  • Received email that search has been postponed. (12/20/2011) (x2)

Columbia University - US History before 1900 (Full or Associate)[]

  • The Department of History at Columbia University in the City of New York seeks a distinguished scholar and professor of American history concentrating on any aspect of U.S. history before 1900. Candidates must have a distinguished record of publications, teaching and research. The successful candidate will be appointed to the rank of tenured professor or associate professor in the Department of History, to begin July 1, 2013.
  • Review of applications begins December 15 and will continue until the position is filled. To apply please visit our online site:
  • Does anyone know if they really mean beginning 2013, or if that's a typo? -- For senior searches, the long lead time is typical.
  • Candidates scheduled to visit campus

Emerson College (History generalist)[]

Emmanuel College[]

  • The History Department at Emmanuel College invites applications for a full-time position at the Assistant Professor level in US History, beginning in the Fall of 2012. Candidates are expeted to be able to teach courses related to their specialty, as well as courses in the department, including US survey courses and Historical Methods and Research. We are particularly interested in candidates who will strengthen the overall program and develop courses in at least two of the following areas: Atlantic History, US Foreign Policy, and New England History. The teaching load for faculty at this rank is three courses per semester.
  • Open until filled [posted 10/28/11]
  • Phone interview scheduled. (12/7); + phone interview scheduled (12/12)
  • AHA interview scheduled [posted 12/18]
  • Any word on this? (2/14/12)
  • Campus visits wrapping up this week (2/21)

Fairmont State University - US survey & World[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, to teach US survey & World History
  • "Preference will be given to those who can offer courses in Women's History, Gender Studies, and specialized courses in non-Western History. Ability to teach upper level European, World and American courses are highly desirable."
  • 4/4 load
  • Deadline: Open Until Filled

Finlandia University - History (open field)[]

Florida Gulf Coast University - U.S. History Instructor [Non TT][]

  • Instructor

Fort Hays State University - Public History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Public History
  • "Area of expertise in U.S. History and ability to teach U.S. History surveys preferred...Additional consideration will be given to faculty who can teach surveys in World history and applicants willing to participate in the department’s online courses. "
  • Review begins: 17 Jan. 2012

Harvard University - United States migration and ethnicity[]

  • The Harvard University Department of History and the Committee on Degrees in History and Literature announce a joint search for a tenure-track assistant professor in the field of United States migration and ethnicity, with a preference for the 20th century.
  • The appointment is expected to begin in fall 2012. A strong doctoral record is required, and demonstrated excellence in teaching is desired. Teaching duties will include courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Applicants should submit a letter of application, including a teaching statement, a research statement, a curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to:
  • Posting no longer available on HU website. Is search still active?
  • This ad was posted just yesterday at CHE (July 25, 2011), so it may be the case that the app site has not yet been activated. Maybe someone should contact their HR about the issue?
  • 7/27/11: Application link is now active.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is October 31, 2011.
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Am I right that interviewees have already been selected?
  • Yeah, anyone know the deal with this one?
  • Haven't hear a word
  • Rejection letter received within an email (1/23)
  • 4 campus interviews scheduled (Feb-early March)

Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government[]

  • The Harvard Kennedy School is conducting a search for one (or more) Assistant Professor(s) of Public Policy with an emphasis on politics, to be filled by the Fall semester 2012. We invite applications from political scientists, sociologists, historians and other social scientists with research interests in: Urban politics and policy, in the US and/or other countries; and/or Ethnic and race relations in the US. In both cases, we look for strong public policy components or implications in the applicant’s work.
  • We welcome applications from persons with newly granted or expected doctorates and from persons who received their doctorates within the past three to four years. Qualifications for appointment include a distinguished Ph.D. record, strong evidence of a commitment to research, strong teaching skills, and a demonstrated interest in public policy issues.
  • Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, list of references, teaching evaluations, and one research paper online at:
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is November 23, 2011.
  • Also posted at Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12 & Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
  • Calls have gone out for campus visits late January (12/20)

Hastings College[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professor of American History
  • "The successful candidate will be able to teach both introductory surveys and upper-level courses in American history."
  • "Preference will be given to those who share the interdisciplinary ethos of the department and are able to teach in related fields, such as art history, geography, foreign languages, or gender studies."
  • Will consider ABDs but prefer PhD in-hand
  • Candidates should send "vita, personal statement addressing why they want to become a member of the Hastings College faculty, and either (1) an official credential file or (2) unofficial transcripts of all college and university work, as well as three letters of reference to Dr. Clark Hendley, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hastings College, 710 N. Turner Ave., Hastings, NE 68901. Phone: (402) 461-7346. Fax: (402) 461-7778. Experienced teachers are also encouraged to submit copies of course syllabi and results of teaching evaluations."
  • Deadline: February 20, 2012
  • So, its in the middle of Nebraska. Anyone want to comment on Hastings, NE if you have lived/been there? Or even Nebraska? I am especially wondering about the racial situation. My frame of reference is a medium size rustbelt city.
  • Received snail-mail ack & diversity survey (dated 2-20).(x2 but dated 2/21; rec'd 2/25)
    • Fun with verb tenses: In a letter dated 21 February: "We will begin review of applications on 20 Febraury 2012."
  • Rec'd email stating I was among their "top choices." They hope to schedule phone interviews soon. (3/12)
  • Received phone call stating the same. (3/12)
  • phone interview (03/27) (x3)
  • Phone interview. They stated that all phone interviews had been completed. They will bring candidates to campus as early as next week, but possibly shortly thereafter. (3/28)
  • Any idea what campus interviews would entail, if one got one?
    • Meetings with faculty, admin., and students. Teach a lesson.
  • Campus interview scheduled. (3/30)
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Who got it?

Hobart & William Smith Colleges - US Cultural / Intellectual History[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in US Cultural and Intellectual History with focus on Constitutional/legal development
  • Preference for Colonial or post-1945 specialist
  • Deadline for full consideration: 19 Dec. 2011
  • Spoke to someone in the department who mentioned that despite the late deadline, it would be a good idea to get an application in before December 10th or so, if possible, as they are trying to come up with most of their short list before winter break (this person emphasized that later submissions will definitely receive consideration, but seemed to think that earlier would be better). This person also mentioned that the Colonial or post-1945 preference is quite strong (they already have two 19th century specialists and it is not a huge department) but that the Constitutional/legal focus might be flexible. I do 19th century, so I am putting this info out there for luckier candidates.
    • Thanks for this. x2
    • is this going to be an internal hire?
    • No, there is no internal candidate (the position is to replace someone who is retiring).
      • thanks.
    • I assume you mean that "the Colonial or post-1945 preference is quite strong"? x2 - Yes, fixed it.
    • AHA Interview scheduled by email (12/21)
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/19)
  • Any word on this one? (3/5)
  • Offer made and accepted

Husson University (non-TT)[]

  • World history, US history
  • Due date March 26, 2012
  • Campus in Bangor, Maine
  • This "quiz" for prospective students gives the impression that Husson is not only anti-intellectual but also recruiting like-minded students. After reading question #5, I decided not to apply. If this is the place for you, take heart that there's one less person in the applicant pool. Good luck. X2 . . . Geeez . . . .. . :(
  • Excellent! I suppose that only Ivory Tower Institutions would satisfy the above applicant. Well, it's April, and s/he aparently doesn't have a job yet so...good luck with being judgemental and picky about where one even applies to. With your ample free time as you wait idly by the phone I suggest you read Louis Menand's Marketplace of Ideas, in which he deplores the surfeit of PhDs in an environment in which the market is totally glutted guessed it, PhDs! At any rate, just a satisfying rant!
    • [10 Apr.] The comment about the quiz was posted many weeks ago, so extrapolations about the original poster's job success is rather pointless. A rant about elitism or anti-intellectualism would probably work better, and get more attention if it was posted on the right page, e.g. the Venting Page. Alternatively, if your enthusiasm won you an interview or job at Husson, you can defend their ethos on the sadly under-used Universities to love page. AFII 08:25, April 10, 2012 (UTC)
    • I'll not sacrifice my dignity just to get a job in academe or even quasi-academe. I have worked too hard for too long to cling to idealistic, childish notions of what it means to have a job at a college or a university. Ivory Tower? Husson is clearly offering a dead-end job in which faculty will not be respected or valued, especially faculty in the humanities. If you don't get that, you are in for a world of hurt if you take a job like this because you think that you need to accept the bottom of the barrel due to the state of the job market in academia. You clearly don't know the physical, mental, and emotional toll that a job like this can take on someone. Do not make assumptions about me. We are among the best educated people in the entire world. Don't be so weak; assert your worth. We need not lower ourselves just because some college, with a branch campus by the Maine Mall, mocks our values to attract customers. There are plenty of other ways to get a paycheck. They pay a hell of lot better than Husson too. 04/10/12
      • Yes, yes and yes! Thank you so much for this. You reinforced so many thoughtsthat have been in my mind for a long, long time. Hearing someone else say it is a true comfort.. (4-20)

Indiana University and the Journal of American History [Non TT][]

  • The History Department of Indiana University and the Journal of American History seek a VAP/Assitant Editor for a 2-year, non-tenure-track appointment beginning 8/1/12. Specialization Open. The position includes halftime teaching in the department and halftime work as an Assistant Editor at the JAH whose main responsibilities wil be managing the book reviews. Review of applications will begin 11/15/11.
  • Anyone heard anything on this job? My confirmation said they'd contact finalists for OAH (not AHA) interviews in December.
  • Rejection received (very nice email, I might add), 12/21.
  • anyone still not heard either way?
  • Yes, I'm still waiting to hear either way (12/30)
  • Haven't heard a peep either way (1/4)
  • Just to expand a little (I received the rejection referenced above), the rejection letter referenced more than 80 applications for the position).
  • Kind rejection stating I had been on short list but didn't get OAH interview (2/2). x2
  • Email notification saying that I was still in the running and they would be in touch soon (2/2) x2
  • OAH interview invite via email (2/2)
  • What's the logic of telling candidates they are still "in the running" if the search committee doesn't intend to interview them at the OAH? Seems like something a committee might do at the campus interview stage after they've already done conference interviews.
  • My guess at the logic: There is a chance that, between now and the OAH, candidates who have been invited for OAH interviews will have TT jobs and won't want to interveiw for this position. Then, they move on to the "still in the running" list.

Kings College London (UK) - post-1865[]

  • Lectureship (tenured, Assistant/Assoc. Prof. level) in US History since 1865
  • "The successful candidate can be in any area of specialism, but must be able to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students across a broad range of twentieth-century US history."
  • "S/he will be expected to conduct and publish high-quality, original research in her/his own field, and will make a full contribution to the Research Excellence Framework" <- this means you must have at least 4 peer-reviewed publications, of which one should be a monograph, by october 2013.
  • This REF covers the period from January 1, 2008 to October 2013.
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2011
    • Interviews: 17 Jan. 2012

Lakeland College (Japan)[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, particularly US History
  • "(may also teach World / Asian History if qualifications allow). Ph.D., college teaching experience required. Position begins May 2012"
  • Deadline: not stated.
  • Has anyone heard anything about this? (12/15)

Lewis & Clark College - 19th & 20th c.[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in U.S. History beginning Fall 2012. The department seeks a candidate who can teach introductory nineteenth and twentieth century survey courses as well as topical or thematic courses such as Civil War/Reconstruction, U.S. West, African-American History or African Diaspora, American Indian/Native American History, and Built Environment/Landscape. Ability to contribute to Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies and/or Environmental Studies programs is desirable.
  • The teaching load is five courses per academic year and includes regular participation in the College’s first-year general education course.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Send by email a letter of application, curriculum vitae, a statement of teaching philosophy, evidence of effective teaching, graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation (sent directly by recommenders/under separate cover) to Andrew Bernstein, Chair, Department of History ( If necessary, some or all materials may be sent by post to MSC 41, Lewis & Clark College, 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road, Portland, OR 97219.
    • Does anyone have any inside info on this one? There are two visiting professors in this department who teach some of these classes so I'm wondering if it will be an inside hire. I know that being a visting prof isn't always a good thing, but still...
    • I'm guessing that nobody from LC is going to come on here and say "oh yes, don't bother applying, it's going to be an inside hire." The lesson this wiki has taught those of us dogged enough to keep coming back over the years is: JUST APPLY. And I mean that in the nicest way; it's a waste of energy to stew about whether or not a VAP or some other potential candidate is going to get any given job. If you think you want the job, go for it, and good luck to all! X3
    • I hate this stock sarcastic response to this question. If there are indications that it might be an inside hire, it is nice to know the indications. No one here is stupid enough to base their decision entirely on rumours, but for those of us who are on the fence about whether to put the time into applying it's good to have as much information as possible, which is what this website is for. Personally, I don't have unlimited time to put into applications.
    • The point is that based on previous years of experience on this wiki, the "inside information" that is provided doesn't usually pan out. Nobody has unlimited time, but if you want a decent chance at a job in this climate, it's worth putting good effort into making all of your applications as strong as they can be, whether or not an anonymous commenter on a public wiki says that it might be an inside hire.
    • First: I think it is worth applying if you are interested, VAP or not. That said: there appears to be a VAP in place (of relatively long duration), whose teaching and research interests are closely aligned with the specified areas of expertise in the advertisement, who won a faculty-wide teaching award, and who entered the department under the auspices of a diversity initiative. Whether said VAP is interested in staying is another question entirely.
    • Meanwhile, a second VAP who just completed a PhD seems to teach/research several of the other specific areas of expertise noted in the ad. Two inside candidates? Either way, I still applied.
    • That longtime VAP is also the partner of a tenured member of the department. I think they are now married and also have a kid. Nonetheless I still applied, but I assume she will get it.
    • If that's the case, I hope they find some ethical backbone and don't subject the other "candidates" to the expense of the AHA.
    • Agreed, it will be interesting to see how this is handled. Let's not rush to judgement yet.
    • According to the note below, they're interviewing at the AHA. This is one of the few times that I've actually been glad that I didn't get an interview.
    • An alternate interpretation is that the AHA interview indicates that this isn't the open-and-shut inside hire that it appears to be. If any of the interviewees want to turn down their AHA interview, I'm happy to take the invitation.
      • I wish I shared your optimism.
    • I don't think that this is an inside hire. I read the L&C hiring procedures manual (freely available on their website) and they have a procedure to hire a "targeted candidate" and forego a national search. If this were truly an inside hire, I think they would have gone that route. Perhaps, I'm a "glass half-full" person, but I think its a legit search.
    • To the poster above: would you mind sharing where you found that document on the LC site? The faculty recruiting and hiring information I found makes no mention of hiring inside candidates. Thanks!
    • I apologize, the "strategic hiring" procedures for the College of Arts and Sciences is located in Appendix 6 of the Faculty Handbook located here. Its called the Strategic Hiring Policy. Once again, my apologies. As a historian, I should have footnoted. : )
    • Ha, thanks! That appendix is a study in ambiguity: "If it is concluded that the normal search procedure will jeopardize the College’s ability to recruit the candidate, then the advertisement and national search components of the hiring process may be disregarded." That doesn't say to me that there is NOT an inside candidate, just that the normal search procedure will not jeapordize the College's ability to hire that candidate.
  • Does anyone know whether "sent directly by recommenders/under separate cover" means AND under separate cover or OR under separate cover? In other words, are dossier service-sent letters ok?
  • "Separate cover" just means not included with the applicant's other material (i.e. not sent by the applicant him/herself). I would assume that letters sent by a dossier service would therefore be acceptable.
  • I sent my letter via a dossier service and received a confirmation email that my application is complete. (10/16)
  • Rec'd notice by email that application was received (but not that it was complete, I'm assuming because some letters have not arrived yet) and link to human resources diversity survey. (10/19) (11/15)
  • Has anybody else NOT been notified for receipt of application? (11/28) x3, assume bc it was closer to deadline than poster above.
    • I'm sure they had a large number of applications, but since we're at the two-week mark, it would probably be appropriate to follow up if you don't get an acknowledgement this week. x2
    • FWIW, I applied on 11/14; received email confirmation and request to fill out the diversity survey on 11/15
    • Rec'd confirmation email 11/30
    • confirmed rec'd after I inquired; took a couple of days to respond (12/1)
    • Email Request for Interview (12/5) (x2)
    • Phone interview? - AHA
    • Anyone w/ an interview mind stating their field? This was a pretty broad search and as someone who didn't make the cut, I'm curious what they're actually looking for...thx. x3 (apparently only us rejects keep coming back to the wiki!)
    • See above. They are interested in a qualified person who already works there. Who they are interviewing is moot. This is as inside as an inside hire can be. I should add as frustrating as this is for applicants the amount of work that this search committee has had to do (based on applicant numbers) is crazy but it sometimes you have to search to hire someone you know well.
      • Pity a search committee? I don't think so. They are in a position to hire and that is always a good position to be in.
      • A look at last year's wiki suggests the endless speculation about "inside hires" was wrong in almost all cases. (x2 see Boston College and UT Tyler searches)
    • For those who are more sanguine about this search (to quote above poster): "Anyone w/ an interview mind stating their field? This was a pretty broad search and as someone who didn't make the cut, I'm curious what they're actually looking for." (12/27)
    • So I'm interested...any campus inteviews? Do we still think it's an inside job, or open?
  • Anything?
  • Inside Hire - they offered to the VAP already there
  • Is this confirmed? When was the offer made?
  • You people don't know what you are talking about! Neither of the VAPs were offered the job and I've heard the search failed (x2)
  • I have been hestitant to post anything on this forum, but I think my perspective may help clarify all of the speculation surrounding this job. I was one of the three finalists invited to campus. The campus visits took place between January 30 and February 14. Each visit consisted of 2 full days of interviews (including a job talk and teaching demonstration). The three candidates were (in order of visit): the VAP (works on Civil War memory/monuments), recent University of Arkansas PhD (Civil War home front), and ABD from University of Minnesota (Native American history). During my visit, I was told that more than 520 people applied for the position. I do believe that the search was legitimate, but the VAP was probably the favorite (her partner, who is on sabbatical, will be the department chair next year). The college has a new dean, who has high research expectations for faculty. So I suspect that the dean required the department to run a national search because the VAP has no significant publications since completing the PhD. As far as I know, no official offer has been made nor has the search failed. I was told that it would take several weeks before an offer was extended because the background check had to be completed first. Also, its possible that the dean did not agree with the search committee recommendation. I am pretty sure, however, that the offer will eventually go to the VAP.
  • Great information--thanks to above poster, and good luck!
  • Nothing about this situation sounds "legitimate" to me, all due respect to the finalist who posted above.
  • Any movement? (4/4)
  • 4/25: So what's the deal: and insider job? or something that really was open?
  • Not sure whether anybody is still checking this, but LC is now posting a one-semester leave replacement position for spring 2013 in this field. Anybody know how that position relates to this earlier search? (5/22)
  • Just guessing, but since it seems likely that the inside candidate got the job, but didn't have many publications, she is taking a leave to finish a book ms.
    • They offer a pre-tenure sabbatical, so I'm sure it is as the above poster posited. BTW I never received any communication from the department after my campus visit. (x2)
    • That's disgraceful. Did anyone ever even receive a rejection letter? Everyone who applied for this job should be insulted at the way LC handled this mess. And now to post the one semester replacement job hot on the heels of (probably) hiring their inside candidate... I don't know, it seems pretty sleazy.

Perhaps all of you should do a little investigation? See, there is this search engine called "Google," where you can find out all kinds of information! If you typed in the name of the VAP who you believe to have been hired, along with "tenure track position" you would find links to the story that outlines the situation of the hiring for this position. For example, the bottom story on this website , this link , or this story . Hope this helps squash all of your incredibly cynical and and arrogant views about this job. 6/15

  • Thanks for posting the above info. It sheds tremendous light on the search. I'm very grateful that I didn't get the position. It seems like anyone that they eventually hire will be walking into a very difficult situation. Although its rare for a SC and department to have their recomendation rejected, the dean made it very clear, during my interview, that she had very high research expectations. I'm sure the VAP's lack of research productivity (5 years post-doc and job talk came from dissertation) prompted the rejection.
  • NOTE: Search for Spring 2013 VAP now posted at US History 2012-13.
  • The new info is much appreciated, but it doesn't make me less cynical about how *this* search was conducted. The VAP was still unanimously approved, it was only the intervention of the dean that kept her from being hired (for better or for worse). Also, I've still never received a rejection letter or any communication at all from my initial application, and if the finalists who went to campus have also not received any contact since their interviews (as indicated above), this is highly unprofessional and really a shameful way to treat colleagues. And also, if this is the way the college treats a long-term VAP with close ties to the department, the college, and the students, what's to encourage anyone to apply for the Spring 2013 VAP replacement position?
  • The article seems to be quite clear that she was always a shoo-in as far as the department was concerned and they didn't seriously consider the other candidates. I think L&C owes us all back the money for the recs we sent, and a big damn apology for wasting our time with all the "extras" they requested. But since they can't cough up a rejection letter, I'm not holding my breath for anything else. Spring VAP: produce lots of research AND sleep with someone soon to be chair! It sounds like it's the only way to go...
  • I'm sure no one is even reading this page anymore, but please--don't attack the poor VAP who didn't even get the job.

Louisiana Tech University - American Military History[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in History; to teach world history, US history and US military history
  • "Secondary area(s) must be compatible with needs of department. Ph.D. required"
  • Review begins immediately [27 Apr.] & continues until position filled
  • I had a phone interview two days ago (5/8), they said interviews should be finished by the end of today (5/10), and they hope to bring finalists to campus by late next week (by 5/17 or so).x2
  • Campus invite by phone (5/11)
  • They moved at light speed--afraid the state will pull the funding. Higher ed. in La. is pretty messed up--Gov. Jindal just fired the President of the LSU system this month.
  • Received email that the search has been suspended, due to uncertainty regarding next year’s budget. (5/23)

Loyola Marymount University (Atlantic World with North American focus)[]

Lynchburg College - American History (Open)[]

  • Tenure-track appointment, Assistant Professor in American History, to begin August 2012.
  • Fields of specialization are open, but the department is interested in candidates who have a focus in such areas as slavery and race prior to the twentieth century or in the era of the Civil War and Reconstruction. The department is especially interested in candidates whose work situates America in a transnational (particularly Atlantic World) context.
  • Interested applicants should send a letter of application, a resume, three letters of recommendation, and graduate transcripts to Nikki Sanders, Chair, United States History Search Committee, History Department, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Lynchburg College, 1501 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501 by January 23, 2012. Phone interviews will be held in early February.
  • Anything here? (2/21)
  • Campus invite scheduled for March (2/17)

Mary Baldwin College - American or Public History[]

  • Assistant Professor of History: American or Public History
  • "Primary appointment in the Adult Degree Program. Ph.D., teaching experience required. Experience with adult learners, willingness to travel important. Teaching includes American and public history."
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2011
  • Also posted at Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12
  • Email: search closed, offer made.
  • Who was hired?

Midwestern State University (TX) - post-Civil War[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Fall 2012. Required: Ph.D. by August, 2012, United States History, post-Civil War, specialization open, but preference is for areas that will complement existing expertise. Must teach lower-division US survey courses; ability to teach an upper-division survey of Texas history a plus.
  • Send letter, CV, and contact information for three references to Dr. Harry P. Hewitt, Chairman History Department, Midwestern State University, 3410 Taft Blvd. Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099;;
    • Request for Letters of Recommendation 12/09
  • Any action on this search?
  • Telephone interview scheduled 3/1

Mississippi State University - 19th or 20th C[]

  • Tenure track appointment in nineteenth or twentieth century US History
  • "Successful applicant must be able to participate decisively in one or more of the department’s three Nodes of Excellence: Agriculture, Rural and Environmental History; International Security/Internal Safety; and History of Science and Technology."
  • Deadline: 28 Oct. 2011
    • Request for materials (11/16) x4 <--email/snail mail? email
    • what materials did they request? writing samples & teaching documents
    • AHA interview scheduled (12/5) x2
    • Interviewed at AHA, but haven't heard anything about campus visit. Has anyone? (2/5)
  • Do not go into this interview unprepared. Be ready to demonstrate how your research is going to get you accolades! See Universities to Fear page.

Mississippi Valley State University - US/World/Everything else (!)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in History
  • Teaching responsibility US and World History Surveys
  • "Asian, European, Latin American and public history fields are particularly desired."
  • Deadline: Opened until filled [posted 14 Feb.]
    • Crossposted to World/Global History 2011-12
    • This job is mis-posted here. This is a job at Mississippi VALLEY State University (in Itta Bena), NOT at Mississippi State University (in Starkville). [Corrected; you can make edits to links by clicking on the link icon and changing the text - do make sure to preview to check that the link still works! AFII 20:18, February 20, 2012 (UTC)]

New Mexico State University - US West/Public History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US West and Public History
  • "Responsibilities include developing and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the history of the US West and Public History and administering the department’s public history program. In addition to courses in fields of specialization, teaching both halves of the survey courses in United States history is desired. Applicants must have PhD in hand by August 2012"
  • Screening begins: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Anybody hear anything yet? Seems like a long time to wait to look at apps. Anybody know anything? 11/20 x2
  • Ack & diversity survey; 12/7 x2
  • AHA interview scehduled 12/8 x2
  • Anyone from AHA get notification yet for interview or rejection? 2/7
  • Campus interviews began last week. 2/8
  • Received polite rejection letter (dated 2/15) stating that they "have selected another individual." 2/22
  • Offer made and accepted by an ABD with no PH experience 3/6
  • It will be comforting to students at NMSU to know that the person offered this job has no experience in the fundamentals of running a PH progam. Also, considering where NMSU is, why wouldn't you hire someone who works on borderlands, or at the very least the American Southwest?
  • an ABD in this market? must be an impressive cv!
  • It will be comforting for students at NMSU to know that the university will not be employing the bitter poster above. Try a little magnanimity and class. I have no idea to whom you are referring, but such comments are in extremely poor taste. You forget yourself!
  • US West is a small world folks; we probably all know of each other's work, if we don't actually know each other personally...that said, congrats to whomever accepted this position, and good luck to those still awaiting offers!

North Dakota State University - Public History/20th Century[]

  • tenure track assistant professor Public History/ 20th Century US
  • deadline: until filled

Oxford Brookes University (UK) - Three Tenured Posts[]

  • Three Lectureships/Senior Lectureships (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof.) in History since 1500
  • "Applicants whose research or teaching interests are in Early Modern British or Early Modern European History or Nineteenth/Twentieth Century American History would be particularly welcomed, but applications from all areas of historical study will be considered"
  • "International applicants from outside the EU will need to demonstrate their eligibility to work in the UK"
  • Deadline: 6 Jun. 2012

Penn State Erie - American history (before 1877)[]

  • Tenure-track position, assistant professorof American history (before 1877) starting August 2012.
  • Responsibilities include teaching survey courses in U.S. military history and the first half of U.S. history, plus advanced courses on Colonial/Revolutionary America and the Civil War and Reconstruction. Scholars with the ability to also teach African-American, Latin American, or gender history are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Please send letter of application, curriculum vitae, unofficial graduate transcripts, evidence of teaching effectiveness, a writing example, and three letters of recommendation to:
  • Review of applications will begin January 15, 2012 and continue until the position is filled.
  • It seems like they already have a Civil War historian - is he leaving?
  • Not sure, but check his doctoral date (1980s), he is likely retiring.
  • Someone who got a PhD in the 1980s is probably not retiring -- jeez, faculty in my dept have PhDs dating from the 1960s and they're still not going quietly. Unless this faculty member was significantly older upon receipt of the PhD.
  • Dr. Eckert is probably not 60, but since the main teaching fields read like his course offerings, it stands to reason he is leaving (externally or moving up internally). Now what that means for the search none of us here can tell.
  • It seems to me that the discussion is heading in the wrong direction; more importantly as a job-seeker is the Ph.D. granting institutions of nearly all of the faculty members. That is a telling insight about not just their expectations, but their ability to fulfill those expectations.
  • Has anyone been contacted or have any additional information on this one? (1/24)
  • Received invitation for phone interview (2/3) (x2)
  • Any word on campus visits? (2/28)
  • According to the chair of the search committee, they are starting to bring some candidates onto campus. The process will continue through mid-March, due to their spring break. None of the candidates who received phone interviews have been eliminated as yet. (3/1)
  • Any news? (3/31)
  • Position filled.

Portland State University - North American Public & Environmental History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in North American History, with expertise in both Public and Environmental History
  • Review begins: 23 Jan. 2012
  • Ack received 1-23. Email states that the committee will "communicate decisions regarding candidate progress beginning the week of Feb. 6."
  • Interviews begun week of Feb 6. - they are looking for a global comparitive environmental scholar.
  • 2/27: Received polite, nicely-worded rejection letter. (I was not among those interviewed.)

Presbyterian College - VAP [Non TT][]

  • Non-tenure track position in American History beginning fall 2012. The term of this position is one-year with the possibility for renewal. Responsibilities include teaching American History I and American History II as well as a course on Southern History.
  • Ph.D. and teaching experience preferred.
  • Presbyterian College is a very selective national liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA and has an enrollment of 1,200 students. Send letter of application, three letters of recommendation, c.v., and transcripts (copies acceptable) to Dr. Michael A. Nelson, Dept. of History, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC 29325. (864) 833-8189. E-mail: (Electronic submissions accepted) Web page: Screening of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. For more information visit:
  • Posted on H-NET 11/22
  • Received materials email (12/3).
  • Committee is scheduled to determine semi-finalists at end of Jan. Phone interviews to be scheduled early Feb. Campus visits in late Feb and early March. ~ Dr. Michael Nelson
  • Contacted for phone interview (1/31).
  • Contacted by email, position filled (3/19)
  • Position filled by a Michigan PhD (2012)

Princeton University - Latino History in the United States[]

  • Assistant Professor, Tenure Track. Anticipated start date, September 1, 2012. The Department of History of Princeton University invites applications from scholars who specialize in the history of the Latinos and Latinas in North America. Teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate lecture course providing a survey of Latina/Latino history from the eighteenth century to the present and upper level undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on specialized aspects of this history. The successful candidate will be expected to play an active contributory role to the Program in Latino Studies.
  • Review of files will begin October 15, 2011, but applications will be considered until the department chooses to close the search. You may apply online at
    • Does anyone know what the expectations for the "dissertation chapter outline" are?
    • Any news?
    • Are campus invites arranged?
    • Have finalists already been contacted?
    • Yes, campus visits arranged for January.
    • Received rejection letter 3/5. Does anyone know who got the position?
    • Rosina Lozano, who has accepted a tenure-track job at Princeton, has just been named a 2012 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellow. This prestigious fellowship will allow Rosina to continue her research and writing on the politics and culture of bilingual language acquisition and use in the 19th and 20th century American Southwest.

Queen Mary, University of London (UK)[]

  • Early Career Lectureship (tenured ~Assnt. Prof) in American History
  • " Applicants can specialize in any aspect of American history from the colonial period to the present."
  • Deadline: 22 Feb. 2012
    • Interviews: 1 Mar. 2012

Reed College - VAP in late 19th & 20th c. American History (2 positions) [Non TT][]

  • Two one-year visiting appointments in Late Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American History.
  • For one of the positions, we are interested in candidates who can contribute at least two environmental history courses to the interdisciplinary program in Environmental Studies and possibly advise yearlong senior theses in environmental studies ...
  • For the second position, we seek someone who can, in addition to upper-division courses in their field of specialization, teach in Humanities 110, a team-taught yearlong interdisciplinary course that focuses on cross-cultural interaction in the ancient Mediterranean world.
  • Electronic applications are required and must be sent as PDF (preferred) or Word attachments. Send cover letter, CV, and three letters of reference to If letters of reference must be sent in hard copy, please submit to Prof. Jacqueline Dirks, Chair, Visiting Search in American History, c/o Karin Purdy, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland OR 97202.
  • To guarantee consideration, applications must be received by November 15, 2011. The Search Committee will conduct preliminary interviews at the AHA Convention in Chicago in January.
  • Rec'd email confirmation of receipt of materials a few weeks ago (11/29).
  • Had an AHA interview back in January, but haven't heard about a campus interview. Anyone else? (2/4 x2).

Roger Williams University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History
  • "Preferred areas of expertise are colonial history, maritime history, and slavery. Additional experience in early American and maritime culture is highly desirable."
  • For full consideration: 30 Nov. 2011
    • If you do get shortlisted here, do your research: this U has been censured by a whole set of academic orgs for good reason. Also see: Universities to fear.
  • Any word? 12/14, 1/1? 1/10? Nope. Nothing here.
  • Geez. Anything? 1/18
  • Any word?1/24
  • Alright, that's it. I'm emailing them.
  • And . . . I give up.
  • Three candidates invited to campus for February.
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Who? Who?? Who???
  • Charlotte Carrington, Cambridge PhD

Saint Martin's University[]

  • Lacey, WA; Catholic Benedictine University
  • Assistant Professor of History, open specialization
  • "applicants must be able to teach survey sections in Western Civilization and United States Civilization."
  • "PhD is required by time of appointment, as is a willingness to support the Catholic, Benedictine tradition of Saint Martin's University."
  • Review begins: 19 Nov. 2011
  • Also posted at: Open Field or Mixed Hire
  • anybody apply for this? any word? we're past the two week point
  • Haven't heard anything. 12/10 (x4)--their finals week ends today (12/15)
  • anything? Still nothing. (12/21) (x2)
  • And still nothing (1/9)
  • Has anyone contacted them?
  • rejection letter received via snail mail--indicates on-campus candidates have already been selected (1/11) (x3)
    • The letter contained grammatical errors. Sigh.
    • This enticing tidbit leaves me--a few states away from Washington--pretty excited about receiving my rejection letter tomorrow! Something seemed off about this search from the outset. Job opening posted on very few sites; wiki updates only coming from rejection letters; no communication then straight to on-campus interviews; longtime VAP in place; etc. Seems like an inside hire (and, of course, there is nothing wrong with hiring inside)--I'll be curious to see if that ends up being the case.
  • Well at least some of you received rejection letters. I have not received anything. This is why I love Academic Jobs Wiki! (x3)
  • Any word? (4/4)

Sam Houston State University - Open Field[]

  • Tenure track, open field search for a US Historian
  • "Particular interests of the department for this position include Native American, ethnic, immigration, military, Texas, religious, and digital history, but strong candidates from all fields will be considered"
  • Unstable and disorganized department that had to search twice for a chair last year (two Chronicle ads and three different search chairs) and then, unable to decide, just appointed an unqualified internal candidate who was already there as an assistant professor. You should probably skip this one folks. There's no telling what these folks will do.
  • This sounds terrible. Is it really that bad?
  • Don't know if it's THAT bad, but this is a rehash/amalgamation of a cancelled faculty search (in addition to the chair search problems) from two years ago
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Email invite to AHA interview (12/5)
  • They are listed as "collecting c.v.’s" in the AHA's Job Center Handout.
  • They also reposted the position on the AHA website indicating an application deadline of February 1
  • Campus visit scheduled.
  • Any news here?
  • Received a rejection letter on April 6. Position has been filled. (4/30)

Sheffield Hallam University (UK) - Cultural/International History[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc. Prof) in the Cultural History of the USA
  • This post "requires expertise in the cultural history of the USA since the late eighteenth century with a preference for candidates with an interest in imperialism or America's international impact."
  • "The University has a legal responsibility to ensure that all employees are entitled to live and work in the UK. Due to the current restrictions on the number of Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship available, it is unlikely that we would be able to obtain a Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship for this job. Therefore it is unlikely that we will be able to consider applications from candidates who require Tier 2 immigration status to work in the UK."
  • Deadline: Noon, 6 Jan. 2012

Smith College - American Studies + Early American History[]

  • The American Studies Program at Smith College invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor. This position will be housed in the American Studies Program; its occupant will contribute two of four yearly courses to the Department of History.
  • Candidates must be well prepared to teach the range of theoretical and methodological questions, both established and emerging, central to American Studies scholarship, and they should be prepared to teach an Early American survey in the History department. We seek a candidate who will not replicate our current strengths in 19th and early 20th century history; we are particularly interested in candidates who work with Native American materials and/or cross-cultural encounters in early America.
  • Submit application at with letter of application and curriculum vitae. Questions regarding the search should be directed to Professor Michael Thurston, Director of the American Studies Program (
  • Review of applications will begin August 20, 2011. Interviews with semifinalists will be held at the American Studies Association meeting in Baltimore, MD (October 20-23), or, if necessary, by telephone. Smith College is an equal opportunity employer encouraging excellence through diversity.
  • Also posted at American Studies 2012
  • Request for writing sample, 9/13
  • Does anyone have a sense of whether or not this is an inside hire? There's a lecturer who seems pretty well suited for the position. I applied anyway, but I'm still curious.
  • Did they ever arrange to interview candidates at the ASA?
    • I haven't heard anything yet and the ASA is quickly approaching. (Obviously, I could be out of the running and that's why I haven't heard). x2 (10/12)
  • NOTE from American Studies 2012: "ASA interview scheduled: 10/12"
    • Good luck to the interviewees! I won't deny being slightly heartbroken that I was not among them.
  • I was interviewed during ASA, but have not (11/15) heard back. They wanted to conduct on-campus interviews by Thanksgiving, I believe.
    • According to American Studies 2012, campus visit was scheduled "(phone, 11/1)."
    • From American Studies page: "received email notification 1/3/12 that a candidate has accepted Smith's offer."
    • So, who is the lucky duck that got this job?

Southeast Missouri State University - US History and Historic Preservation[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship
  • " Demonstrated ability to teach archives, US surveys and women's history; additional teaching field(s) to complement departmental strengths"
  • Deadline (for full consideration): 30 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
  • Interview scheduled for the AHA (12/08) (x3)
  • rejection letter received (12/24 - Merry Christmas!)
  • On-campus interview scheduled (1/25)
  • Any word? (3/31)
  • Received email from chair 3/8 that offer had been made and accepted. Official letter from HR to follow. (4/2)

Tarleton State University (Texas)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship (9 month)
  • To teach 19th C US History as well as both parts of the US History survey course
  • PhD must be in hand by time of appointment [1 Sept. 2012]
  • Deadline: Open until filled [posted 5 May]
    • Any developments? (5/23)

Snail mail letter stating position will start in January and finalists will be chosen in October.(6/11) (x2)

  • Phone Interview Scheduled (9/5)
  • Campus Interview (9/14)

Texas State University - Public History + US History[]

  • Tenure track assistant/associate professor in Public History, with expertise in US History
  • Soft Deadline: 30 Oct. 2011
  • Also posted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
  • Received application confirmation email 10-2011
  • Phone interview 12/6
  • Has anyone heard anything? (2/24)
  • Per the Non-Geographic part of the wiki, position filled on 3/5.

University of Alabama - American Environmental History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in American Environmental History
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2011, open until filled.
  • req for materials and AHA interview (12/12) x2
  • interviewed at AHA, but haven't heard about campus visit. Anyone else? (2/4) x4.
  • They did say that they would be moving quickly.

University of Bristol - US since 1700[]

  • Lectureship (tenured, ~Asst/assoc prof) in American History
  • "Candidates who can demonstrate excellence in research in any area of the history of North America since 1700, and who are capable of teaching it in that period, are invited to apply."
  • Deadline: 9am (GMT) 27 Jan 2012
    • Interviews: 21 Mar. 2012
    • [15 March] Update: this post appears to have been Readvertised as a lectureship in 'Modern History', although the details of the job specification state that candidates must be able to teach US History since 1700. Any idea what's going on? Ad's been corrected; it is a new job.
    • Reliable sources state that too many candidates who had been invited to interview pulled out on receiving jobs elsewhere, and that whilst the search has been widened for this second attempt, there is still a sense that they want a US historian more than any other kind.
      • [9 Apr. 'New' job is posted at Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12, and looks more like a readvertisement of a ?failed earlier search. An informal enquiry to the named contact made no mention of a geographical preference. (we'll see!)]

University of Central Arkansas - Arkansas / US history[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Arkansas/US History
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011

University College London - Open[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in United States History
  • Requirements: Applicants must have a doctorate in US History; at least two outstanding research publications; an imaginative post-doctoral research project; and experience of teaching in a university History department, preferably at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • This is technically open, but I have it on good authority that the ad means what it says about "complementing" current strengths - namely, not doubling up with Adam Smith, the Civil War era or possibly C19 history in general.
  • Application Deadline: 1 February 2012
  • Interview Date: Friday 2 March 2012
  • received rejection via email 2/14
  • Offer made and accepted. (03/05)
  • Inside hire?
  • Not at all. (03/18)

University of Colorado Denver - US West[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the history of the American West. We are particularly interested in scholars focusing on the period from 1860 to 1924. Teaching load is four courses per year.
  • Review of applications will begin December 1, 2011 and will continue until position is filled.
  • I sent an e-mail asking about the request for transcripts and got the nicest note back from the committee chair; she said that unofficial transcripts are ok but that finalists will be asked to provide official transcripts. I thought posting it here might help save some of us some $ (and her from fielding lots more requests).
  • Just got an acknowledgement of the receipt of my application (11/29) AND a timeline. They say that they'll start reviewing applications 12/1 and schedule phone inteviews by 12/12. I VERY much appreciate the fact that this department seems to have their act together, and treats us applicants like we are real people, with real anxieties, who deserve real consideration.
  • I completely second the sentiment above. Thank you search committee! (x3!)
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/9) x2
  • Anyone who did a phone interview know the timeline? Or hear anything?
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/19)
  • Gracious e-mail rejection received. Though of course I'd be more excited to have gotten an interview, I have to hand it to Denver: they're a model for how search committees ought to treat us candidates. I'm STILL waiting for my official rejection from a place that I know has already made a hire. We need more committees like Denver's.
  • Any announcement yet? Who got it?

University of East Anglia (UK) - Open[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in American History and Culture
  • Specialism/Period open, but "The ability to place U.S. history in a hemispheric or trans-Pacific context may be an advantage. Possible specialisms include: comparative and transnational history; business history; migration; the slave trade; and U.S. imperialism. Candidates with research interests related to the Caribbean, Latin America or the Asia-Pacific region are encouraged to apply"
  • SHORT Deadline: noon GMT 31 August 2011

University of Haifa (Isr.)[]

  • Tenured & tenure track positions in Contemporary American History
  • "Candidates holding a Ph.D., with a good record of publications and teaching experience, who are also able to teach in Hebrew, should submit a CV and list of publications, including names of three referees, as well as a short past and future research profile"
  • Deadline: 1 Jul. 2012

University of Illinois - Chicago[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Chicago/Urban History
  • "Specific areas of interest are open, but candidates are expected to contribute to the core themes of the department's PhD Concentration in Work, Race, and Gender in the Urban World (WRGUW) as well as prepare an undergraduate course in Chicago history. In addition, the department particularly welcomes scholarship on the transregional or transnational movement of people, goods, and/or ideas."
  • Deadline (for full consideration): 10 Nov. 2011
  • Any news? (12/9/11)
  • crossposted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented
  • Called today (12/20) to ask for an update and was told the position was closed. The person on the phone was not sure whether this meant that they had just stopped requesting interviews or that a candidate was already offered the position.
  • [Posted on Non-Geogographic/Methodologically Oriented entry] Was informed by search committee member that they have their shortlist for AHA interviews and have informed those on it about their interview. I had to write and ask for this information (also just want to note that I find it funny that a "Chicago" job is listed under Non-Geographic.) (20 December)
  • Got an email (1/11/12) saying that the committee has selected a smaller category of people to fit their needs, and I am not among those who can fill them

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign[]

  • ass't/assoc/full TT professor in the Graduate School of Library & Information Science (the iSchool)
  • Any area related to the visualization/circulation of information & production of knowledge, including archives, "diverse communities" --political economy, public history/policy; management of cultural heritage, information in society, digital humanities, social justice, ethics
  • Any period; any geographical region
  • Candidates across the disciplines encouraged to apply
  • Deadline: 1 December 2011 (for first consideration; review begins early/mid-December; open until filled).

University of Leicester (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured, ~asst./assoc. prof.) in History
  • Either/Or
    • American History: "We welcome applications in any field of the modern history of North America that would complement the work of the Centre for American Studies (CAS) and are particularly interested in attracting candidates with a specialism in the fields of Economic, Hispanic or Native American History."
    • Modern European History: "We welcome applications in the field of modern European history that would complement the work of the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (SBC) and are particularly interested in attracting candidates with a specialism in Central or East European History who work on the history of war, violence and the Holocaust in comparative European perspective. "
  • Deadline: 9 March

University of Louisville[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US Public History with a research specialization in either US Women’s or Latino History
  • "The department is particularly interested in candidates with training/expertise in museum studies or museum education."
  • Deadline: 1 Mar. 2012
    • Crossposted to Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
    • Is this a new line or a replacement?
    • Received snail-mail ack dated 1-23.
    • FYI jobs website now says: "UofL has enacted a hiring freeze on January 10th, 2012. Positions determined to be mission-critical or which must be staffed to remain in compliance with external regulatory requirements will be filled with appropriate approval."
    • 2/29: Received email update from dept. chair. Search is frozen, but dept. is arguing for the line. Dept. will not know if hiring line can be unfrozen until after state legislative session ends in early April.

University of Massachusetts-Lowell -- (NTT Modern Europe/US Lecturer)[]

[since this is a non-TT job, with no link to an advert, and not posted until after interviews had already taken place, I suggest the original poster move the content & praise the department on the Universities to love page AFII 16:56, April 3, 2012 (UTC)] --- Oops, sorry about that. Still learning. :) Have posted the link; interviews still going on; short list will be announced probably next week for campus invites, with hiring decision to be made by the end of April. Job is OAF so there is still time to get your hat in the ring, I would think. (4/3)

  • Combination online/oncampus position; possibly a newly created job.
  • Skype Interviews scheduled (3/27)
  • Just had one of the most pleasant, relaxed interviews ever. All SC members were extraordinarily polite, prompt, prepared, knew exactly what they sought in new hire ---- looks like a dream job! (4/3)

University of Miami (VAP, 19th/20th c. US)[]

  • One-year VAP in late nineteenth- and/or twentieth-century US history
  • Open until filled; review began: 21 Feb. 2012
  • Videoconference interview held 4/5
  • Rejection letter received; position filled (5/18)

University of Minnesota - Duluth - 18th & 19th C[]

  • Tenure track position in 18th & 19th C US History
  • "Essential qualifications include ABD in U.S. History or related field (requirements for Ph.D. must be completed before September 30, 2012), demonstrated ability in a language other than English, demonstrated potential for research and publication, demonstrated ability to teach both lower division surveys (one in U.S. history through the Civil War, and one in modern U.S. history, reconstruction through the present), and an ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences."
  • Review begins: 12 Dec. 2011
  • I assume that, given the later review date, they are not intending to conduct AHA interviews? Am I correct?
    • It appears so. Anyone receive an acknowledgment or other contact? Nothing here. (1/8) x 3
    • Nope.
  • It's a month, today (1/12). News?
  • I've heard nothing, not even an acknowledgment that my materials were received (which I sent in early December). (1/12) Ditto. (1/17)
  • Still nothing. For what it's worth: I checked their online system, and my application is still listed as "Under review by department." This sugggests they haven't yet hired anyone, unless HR is slow to update the online system. (1/23)(x2)
    • Thanks for this. I'm hoping that one of us will have good news, any day now....
      • Me, too :)
  • Maybe this week?
    • At this late date, I'm beginning to think -- well, that it's getting pretty late. It might be worth contacting them if you would feel better with a defintive answer.
    • It's so late, makes me wonder if this is going to get cancelled / postponed.
    • They've still got the call posted on the dept. website. At this point, even if I don't get consideration, I just want SOME lucky ABD to get a job, and I want to believe that Duluth is still hiring. Ah, self-delusion....
  • Req for phone interview (X2) 2/8
  • Anyone know if they have a VAP they want to hire? I ask because the interviews were very last minute and only 20 mins long. Like they were just going through the motions of a real search.
  • No, I don't think this is an inside hire just disorganized. The department does not have the best reputation for being well run...
  • So...any on campus visits yet?

University of Mississippi - American South[]

  • tenure track assistant or tenured associate professor in the History of the American South
  • "Applicants from all specializations will be considered if they can contribute to the interdisciplinary mission of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, which has BA and MA programs in Southern Studies. The teaching load will be two courses per semester. For a tenured appointment, evidence of excellence in teaching, a record of significant peer-reviewed publication (including a monograph), and an ongoing research program are required. For a tenure-track appointment, Ph.D. by the time of appointment and evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarship are required"
  • Open Until FIlled
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Does anyone know if this is a replacement hire? If so, who are they replacing?
  • Nancy Bercaw.
  • Received an email stating I did not get an AHA interview but my "application will remain active" until the search closes. 12/9 (x5)
  • AHA Interview - contacted by email (12/9)
  • Campus Visit - contacted by phone (1/13)
  • Offer extended and accepted
  • To whom?

University of Missouri-Kansas City - VAP[]

  • Nine-month Visiting Assistant Professor position for the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • The successful candidate will teach both parts of the U.S. History survey as well as upper-level courses in area of expertise. A Ph.D. in History or related field is preferred. This is a one-year appointment with the possibility of renewal.
  • Review of applications will begin upon receipt and continue until the position is filled.
  • Applications will only be accepted online. To apply, please go to: Please combine all application materials, with the exception of the three letters of recommendation, as one .PDF or Microsoft Word document and upload as the "Resume" attachment.
  • Please submit the three letters of recommendation to: Diane Mutti Burke, UMKC Department of History, 203 Cockefair Hall, 5100 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110, or, e-mail
  • Offer made and accepted. (07/20)

University of Nebraska - Lincoln - North American West[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of the North American West
  • "We seek scholars working in any sub-field and any period, from early borderlands to the twentieth-century West. Scholars who can contribute to the History Department’s comparative and transnational focus are particularly encouraged to submit an application"
  • Reviews begin: 15 Nov. 2011
  • Confused as to where documents are suppose to go. Listing notes to mail all to search chair, but HR web site (which comes dangerously close to violating federal law) has you submit through the HR department. I did both, but any thoughts?
  • I e-mailed the chair and he said it was confusing wording; if you submitted everything on the HR site then you don't also need to mail docs to the search chair.
    • Did I miss the potentially violating part? Or was I violated without knowing it? Which part of the application walked the dangerous line? It seemed like the standard webform that many schools are using these days....
    • Are you older than 40?
      • Oh. I forgot about that question, and I see your point: it does seem like a violation of federal law. If anyone from the Nebraska search committee reads this wiki, I would think you'd want to contact your HR department right away: such questions can only hurt the department/university.
      • Employers can ask anything they want. Federal law just prohibits hiring decisions being based on certain legally-proscribed characteristics. In this case, asking if an applicant is over 40 is the same as asking about the applicant's race or sex (which the vast majorirty of HR departments do). It's demographic data that HR gathers to see how many individuals within protected categories are applying to its job ads.
  • Heard they were doing some big time recruiting for this position. Anyone know anything else about it?
    • That would make sense since the dept. has had both Gary Moulton and John Wunder retire as well as losing Andy Graybill to an endowed borderlands chair at SMU.
  • Just received e-mail saying they will be doing interviews by Skype in mid-Dec instead of going to the AHA (no, not an interview offer, just a general statement). And that over-40 thing was optional.
  • Any news (12/8)?
  • Skype Interview request via e-mail (12/8)x3
  • Any news? (1/11)
  • On-campus interview via phone (1/18)
  • Offer made and accepted

University of North Alabama - Public History[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professorship in Public History
  • " Teaching responsibilities will include U.S. history surveys, advanced undergraduate courses in the candidate's area(s) of specialty, as well as graduate courses. Additional consideration will be given to faculty who have teaching/research interests in the Civil War, Reconstruction, African-American history, and/or Native American history, as well as applicants willing to participate in the department's online course offerings."
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2012

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill- US Intellectual & Religious History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in in US intellectual and/or religious history
  • Review begins: 23 Nov. 2011
  • Why do universities do pointlessly eccentric things such as (in this case) asking for four letters of recommendation? I have to go scrounging around for an extra letter just for this one job?
  • I don't know if the requirement can be properly characterized as "pointless." I'm currently at UNC in a related department and the request for four letters, in my case, meant they only needed two additional external letters to facilitate my tenure and promotion upon arrival. As far as I know, it is a long-standing college-wide policy and not some idiosyncratic departmental thing.
  • But these things should be more standardized across all universities. Every other school to which I have ever applied required at most three. This isn't equivalent to just throwing in a request for a statement of teaching philosophy or sample syllabus that the applicant can create himself - it requires finding a fourth person who can write a good recommendation for me and convincing him or her to spend several hours of time to write a recommendation that will only be used once. Why not ask for the same number that everyone else asks for? (And I don't understand your claim that four really means only two.)
  • Universities can ask for as many references as they like. It can be rather frustrating as a candidate but that is how it goes sometimes. It is also a good idea to have more than three references lined up, with different colleagues writing to different jobs.
  • I didn't say that they were doing anything morally wrong, but I do think schools that are out of step with standard requirements for no discernible reason do deserve criticism. And not everyone is drowning in "colleagues."
  • Four does not mean two and that is not what I wrote (see the qualifier "additional" in my original post above). They needed six total external letters for promotion and tenure upon hire (and, yes, that is a fairly standard requirement). The four required letters for the job application meant the department only needed to hunt down two additional external letters to complete the p&t dossier. Maybe if people have so many problems securing a fourth letter, they should apply at all the other universities that only require three. Complaining about a "long-standing college-wide policy" won't change a thing nor will it resolve the issues some of you apparently have with finding a fourth person who can write a recommendation.
  • "Complaining... won't change a thing." But then what is this wiki for? :) (Also, I am genuinely curious, not snarky - what motivates a tenured professor to come here and get into battles with desperate adjuncts?)
    • Exactly . . . makes me wonder if this could be the same type of prof who might also enjoy abusing graduate students . . .I'm just sayin' . . .
  • I'll give credit where credit is due - they have the easiest and most user-friendly online application system I have seen yet. So I guess they come out even in the end.
  • Interesting that applying generates an automatic response from the vice chancellor/provost's office, a letter trying to sell the applicant further on UNC. That's the first time I've seen such a thing. It was a nice enough letter, but it seems funny to me (1) that the administration thinks applicants need to be further sold on a top-tier institution, and (2) that anyone would think applicants in the first round on this market are in a position to be choosy! What's the fear? That a few people might have second thoughts and withdraw their applications prematurely? Leaving only several hundred in the pile?
  • I gather they plan on AHA interviews, any idea what the schedule for this search is? (12/6)
  • has no one heard anything? (12/15) guess not :'( (12/16)
  • AHA Interview (12/19) - Contacted by email (x3)
  • Invitation by phone for campus visit (1/20)
  • They made an offer last month, and are now in negotiations with the candidate. (3/10)

University of North Texas - US West / Environmental[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship of US West/Environmental History
  • " Teaching responsibilities also include U.S. survey courses."
  • Review begins: 21 Nov. 2011
  • Request for phone interview (11/28)
  • I've heard they won't contact finalists for campus visits until after the 1st.
  • on campus interviews (1/24)
  • Any news?
  • I haven't heard anything yet (2/18) The final candidate visited campus Feb 7.

University of Oklahoma - Norman - post-1865 US History[]

  • Associate/Full Professor (Paul H. and Doris Eaton Travis Chair in Modern American History.)
  • "Candidates’ research may be in any area of U. S. History since 1865, but special consideration will be given to those scholars with research interests in environmental history and Western American history. "
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011

University of Pittsburgh - History of US Sport[]

  • Link to main listing on non-geographic/methodological history job page.
  • Deadline 15. Oct. 2011.
  • Straight to campus interviews (Nov. 17)
  • Probably an inside job. They have a lecturer with a PhD from their own dept. who just published his second book. Likely this is to make him TT.
  • As expected, this was an inside hire.

University of South Carolina Aiken - American History to 1865[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in American History to 1865
  • "The department seeks broadly trained candidates prepared to teach the first half of the American history survey as well as upper level courses in U.S. History, and upper-division courses in constitutional history. Candidate should not duplicate existing departmental strengths (Atlantic World, African Diaspora, Southern, PanIndian cultures), and may also offer upper-division courses in Colonial America, Early National History, or American Religious History (as appropriate to the successful candidate’s specialization)."
  • 4/4 teaching load
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Telephone interviews will be scheduled in December; campus interviews in January or later.
  • Request for telephone interview next week via email (12/5).
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of South Carolina Beaufort - Southeastern US History[]

  • assistant or associate professor in US history beginning in August 2012. Preference will be given to specialists of the southeast in general and the South Carolina/Georgia lowcountry in particular.
  • Teaching load: 4 courses per semester, including a two-semester survey course.
  • Applicants must complete the Academic Personal Information form online at and submit a letter of application, CV, sample syllabus, research abstract and three letters of recommendation.
  • any news?
    • No (12/21)
    • Email invite to AHA (12/29) x3
    • conducting phone interviews for those not at AHA this week. After narrowing field, will conduct on campus interviews late January/early February (1/11)
  • News since phone/AHA interviews? Have on-campus been scheduled? Put me out of my misery and let me know one way or the other.
  • On-campus interviews already scheduled. (2/3)
  • Anybody know who got this job? (2/8)
  • Heard that offer was made and candidate turned down (unconfirmed, but from reliable source).
  • source above incorrect; offer made and accepted (Cornell PhD)

University of South Dakota - South Dakota / Great Plains History (Assoc./Full)[]

  • Applications and nominations for tenured associate or full professorhip in South Dakota and Great Plains History (the Ronald R. Nelson Professorship)
  • "The successful candidate will be a scholar with a robust record of inquiry and publication in the areas of South Dakota/Great Plains History, and will be expected to enhance course offerings in those areas within the department."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011

University of Texas at Arlington - Mexican American history[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Mexican American history. Applicants with varied secondary fields are encouraged.
  • Applications can include writing samples of no more than 50 pages. A vita and three letters of recommendation are also required. Please apply to Professor Douglas W. Richmond at
  • Review of applications will begin after our deadline of November 15, 2011. We will interview short-listed candidates at the American Historical Association meeting in Chicago on January 5-8, 2012.

University of Winnipeg - 19th/20thC[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History
  • "Applications are encouraged from all research specialties. Preference will be shown for candidates whose research area includes the 19th and 20th century."
  • Deadline: 30 Apr. 2012
  • Evidently 30 April is their hiring deadline. Materials are now due by 15 January.
  • This would seem to narrow their pool considerably: "In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, this advertisement is initially directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada."
  • They are obligated by Canadian law to include that statement; US citizens are still eligible for the job, and may be quite competitive, particularly if they appear more qualified for the position than Canadian citizens (given that this is a US History position, chances seem better than usual). If you are qualified for the position and a US citizen, I wouldn't be put off from applying by that boilerplate language.
  • Any word on this one? Any movement?
  • Got a letter of acknowledgment saying that they'll begin reviewing applications mid-January and hope to have a decision by March. (1/19) (1/25 in US)
    • Letter or Email? What was the date on the letter?
    • Are you in CA or the US?
    • Any news with this search? (2/9)
    • Anything...anybody?...(2/13)
    • Shortlisted--Via Phone Interview (2/16)
    • I'm confused. Are they conducting phone interviews to finalize short-list?
    • Sorry for the confusion--My understanding was that they were only conducting phone interviews with those on the short list (3-4 individuals) and that I would be hearing back from them in the next 7-10 days for possible on campus interview (2/19)
    • Job has been downgraded to a one year appt!!!!!!!!-----recieved letter inquiring if i was still interested (3/9)
    • email in reference to the same (3/13) I was not originally shortlisted.
    • Request for on campus interview (3/15)
    • Email re: one year appt. (4/1). What's the story with this position? Teaching load? Location? Department? Why is it so hard for them to fill this slot when other VAPs are getting hundreds of applications?
    • Position has been filled (4/16) posting is merely a union requirement and a formality
    • Really??? That's odd; last week, it was officially re-posted on University Affairs; deadline: 25 APRIL. Who got this job?
    • Strange. I received an email on 4/10 asking if I still had interest in the job even though it had been downgraded to a one-year appt.
    • I was shortlisted and interviewed for the job when it was initially posted as a tenure track position-and then downgraded to a one year appt--officially recommended for the position -one year posting -by the dept , accepted , and am now awaiting formal offer from the dean post April 25---the reposting is a requirement of the collective barginning agreement (4/21)
    • Congrats!!! Sub-field? PhD or ABD? Canadian univ. or U.S.?
    • Cheers, Thank you--it was a strange process- Ph.D 2011- Canadian and Canadian University-SubFields --Modern American, African American-

Virginia State University - World Survey/Atlantic World/US History[]

  • tenure track assistant professor in History
  • "Teaching experience in comparative slavery and the Atlantic World societies and related courses is preferred; the ability to teach General Education World History surveys; and familiarity with U.S. Policy and strategic interests in area of specialization. "
  • Deadline: 5pm 2 Mar. 2012
  • Official offer made and accepted.

Washington State University - Colonial North America[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Colonial North American history beginning August 2012. The department welcomes applications from historians with a strong potential for excellence in research relevant to any specialization in Colonial North American history, but is especially interested in a scholar whose work focuses on trans-Atlantic colonial or North American borderlands history.
  • Application deadline is January 20, 2012, with the review process beginning on January 21, 2012. Applications should include a letter of application, resume, writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. Applicants should be prepared to submit material online at
  • Emailed request for phone interview (1/30) x 3
  • Campus visits scheduled (2/15)
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Sir Larry got the job
    • I don't know what that means. Larry who?

West Texas A&M University - 19th / 20th C.[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor of US History
  • "Candidates must have a Ph.D. in hand by August 15, 2012, with fields in late 19th and 20th Century Border Studies and/or the American Southwest. Experience teaching the U.S. surveys and evidence of teaching excellence is required. The ability to offer courses in Mexican-American history is highly desirable. Secondary field(s) are open. The successful candidate will be expected to maintain an active research agenda that yields peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations while carrying a 4/4 teaching load"
  • Deadline for full consideration (postmark): 15 Dec 2011
  • Any word on this one? Any movement?

William Jewell College - colonial or 19th-century + US in global context[]

  • Tenure-track, full-time position in American history at the Assistant Professor level. Preference will be given to candidates with expertise in colonial or nineteenth-century fields, who can teach U.S. history in a global context, and to those who can offer teaching fields in non-Western history, such as Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and/or East Asia.
  • Review of applicants will begin Nov. 1, 2011 and continue until position is filled. More information about the position and application procedures can be found on the College's website, under Employment.
  • Skype Interview scheduled (12/2)x2
  • I've heard they are planning on getting the search wrapped up pretty quickly, maybe even before Spring Break. Looks like a great school.
  • Campus visit scheduled

York University - US History (before 1900)[]

  • Tenure stream assistant professorship in US History "Preference will be given to candidates whose research and teaching specialization lies in the period prior to 1900."
  • SHORT Deadline: 31 Oct. 2011
  • Rec'd letter confirming receipt of application, plus a HR diversity survey. Not too hopeful as I am a US citizen and they say they prefer a Canadian citizen.
  • They are legally obliged to make that statement. Not sure how much that comes into play. I know 5 US citizens who got jobs in Canada in recent years and they would all say that things are a lot more flexible than they used to be.
  • Do Canadian schools interview at the AHA?
  • Usually not. My experience is they usually go directly to campus invites, and may or may not have phone interviews before that.
  • contacted by phone for AHA interview (12/7) x4
  • 3 campus interviews scheduled (Jan 16).
  • Offer made and accepted (Feb. 21).
  • Who got this job?
  • Boyd Cothran, U. Minn. PhD

African-American History[]

Augusta State University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship of African American history to begin in fall 2012. All periods and specializations are welcome. The teaching load is 4-4, 3 courses of which each term will most likely be US Survey courses.
  • Application deadline: January 30, 2012.
  • Email received 4/24, position filled.
  • Congratulations to the candidate!

Bowling Green State University - African-American and African Diaspora[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 20th C African-American and African Diaspora History
  • "Secondary field is open; ability to engage slavery is desirable. Successful candidate is expected to play a vital part in a strong graduate program with a concentration in Policy History..."
  • SHORT Deadline: 17 Oct. 2011
  • Any updates on this?
  • received rejection letter via snailmail (12/23)
  • campus interviews completed, no selection yet.
  • Offer has been made and accepted.
  • had an on-campus interview and never received word that the search had closed (Thanks but no thanks letter). Is that rude or standard? (4-2)
  • Unfortunately, it's all too common.
  • Also, keep in mind that it often takes a really long time to get those letters as schools will wait to send them until a contract has been signed (not when the initial offer is made)
  • Conditional offer made to ABD. (4/2)
  • Standard rudeness...

College of William and Mary - African-American History (Emancipation-20th c.)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in African American History
  • "with preference for a research specialization in the period from Emancipation through the twentieth century."
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2011
  • Also posted at African American Studies 2012 & American Studies 2012
  • Request for Skype interview

DePaul University[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professor in African-American History
  • "Ph.D. preferred, advanced A.B.D. considered. Ability to teach general education courses and participate in the university’s interdisciplinary programs is required"
  • Review begins immediately [2 Feb] until filled.
  • Received email acknowledgement: "The committee is currently reviewing applications and will be in touch if any additional materials are required."
  • Ditto (2/27)
  • Is this the same job DePaul listed in the Chronicle on 2/27? I'm not sure why they would issue a second call if they're already reviewing apps, but it sounds like the same position:
  • I applied after they posted the Feb 27 Chronicle ad. Received today the same email acknowledgment as above: "The committee is currently reviewing applications and will be in touch if any additional materials are required." (3/13)
  • Email request for additional materials 4/12, nothing further yet,
  • Do you already have your PhD?
  • Email rejection from the search committee chair announcing that Tera E. Agyepong has accepted the position. (7/26)

Gonzaga University - African American History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History
  • requires "evidence of scholarly expertise and teaching effectiveness in the history of African-Americans or other minority groups in the United States, with a preference for candidates who can also teach Atlantic World, African Diaspora, and World Civilizations."
  • Deadline: Dec. 1 2011
  • very likely inside hire--but always worth an application
  • not necessarily always worth an application--unless you just send out a form letter and don't put any time into it. Not much point in that anyway.
  • Does anyone know what they mean by"evidence of their commitment to teaching and scholarship" in the list of materials to include. Do they want more materials on that or just information in the cover letter?
  • So I realize the department has someone who is a visiting professor who does exactly what the job description lists, but I'm still wondering if anyone has heard anything on this position?
  • will not interview at AHA
  • Although noted for some questionable searches in recent years, they do not always hire the visiting person. Naturally, being a Jesuit institution, those with Ph.Ds. from similar schools have an advantage, which is only logical given the shared mission.
  • Visiting professor in this case seems to have accepted a VAP position elsewhere for spring 2012.
  • Anyone heard anything? (1/18/12)
  • nothing here--though my understanding is that they will go straight to on-campus interviews
  • I understood they would be scheduling phone interviews by the end of Jan. and THEN moving to campus interviews.
  • request for phone interview received by email (1/20)
    • Has anyone else scheduled phone interviews, or just this one? I wonder how many people they will interview
    • They did phone interviews over the last week, will do campus invites in the next few weeks.
  • Rejection letter recieved (1/31)
  • Rejection email received after phone interview (2/13)
  • Does anybody know about the candidates invited to campus? Did they end up being specialists in Af-Am history? "Other minorities"? Any particular era?
  • They considered specialists on "other minorities." They moved on to campus visits.
  • Hire made. Not Af-Am specialist. (3/20)

Gordon College - African American History[]

  • Tenure track position in African-American and/or World History
  • PhD in history with appropriate specialization desired, ABD considered
  • Review begins: 1 Apr. 2012 (open until filled)

[Originally posted 6 March; I've reformatted to put the deadline in clearly AFII 09:30, March 7, 2012 (UTC)]

  • 3-6:---What is going on with all these college reposting searches. Gordon interviewed at AHA. They had pre-arranged interviews and they collected CV's on sight. They interviewed many many people. Also, I was told informally that they already had on campus interviews from the first search and that a candidate has been selected. I was told this two weeks ago. Now I hear that they have advertised for this position again. I don't think that it is another position. This sounds like the same position. This seems very weird to me. Perhaps their number one declined.
  • Also, anyone who interviewed with them at AHA--did you get a thanks but no thanks letter? It has been two months since AHA and the committee has been quiet.
  • All in all those are some things to consider but I dont know why they would advertise this position again. Why not revisit the pool of candidates? Then again it could be another position altogether but I doubt that. Let's just say I will not apply again.
  • Depaul university also reposited search--very weird.
  • 3/6: I was invited on campus in Feb, but no offer was extended.

Harvard University - African American history[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor or untenured associate in departments of history and African and African American studies
  • Applications due October 31, 2011
  • Also posted at African American Studies 2012
  • 1 Feb 2012 - Rejection via email.
  • Four job talks starting Friday,February 8.
  • Was anyone hired?

Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge[]

  • Assistant Professor, African-American History (Tenure-Track)
  • Teaching load of two courses per semester.
  • Quick link to posting:
  • Application deadline is December 15, 2011 or until a candidate is selected.
  • received confirmation of application via email (11/14)
  • They appear to have scheduled a fly-out (11/23)
  • Has anyone heard anything else either way on this job search?
  • Anyone was called for an interview ?
  • Still wating to hear back to confirmation of application recieved. (01/10)
  • phone call to set up skype interview (01/19)
  • 2 more on campus interviews have been scheduled (2/4)

Loyola University New Orleans[]

  • Loyola University New Orleans invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in African American History beginning in August 2012. Areas of specialization and secondary fields are open. Candidate must be able to teach World History.
  • Please send a letter of application that includes a description of secondary fields, teaching experience, and possible course offerings, a current C.V., and three letters of recommendation to Chair, African American History Search Committee, Dept. of History, Loyola University New Orleans, 6363 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118.
  • Applications should be postmarked no later than Monday, November 28, 2011. The committee will contact finalists to schedule an interview at the AHA annual meeting Jan 5-8, 2012 in Chicago.
  • AHA Interview Scheduled (12/8)
  • Any news on campus visit? (1/17)
  • Have they extended campus interview offers after the AHA?
  • People going for campus visits soon?
  • Did people get called for campus interviews?
  • No invitations to visit campus at all yet? [1/29]
  • I believe that campus interviews will be conducted after Mardi Gras, which falls on Feb 21
  • Any news here?
  • had an AHA interview, but never received further news. [2/29]
  • So is this search over? Or is the committee planning to contact finalists after it completes the Asian History search?
  • The search is over. Had an AHA interview and finally received word that they invited other people to campus. (4-2)

Michigan State University - Slavery and African-American History before 1865[]

  • Tenure track associate professorship in Slavery and African American History before 1865
  • "Preference will be given to social, cultural, and/or gender historians who can contribute to the strengthening of areas of graduate student training, including Comparative Black history and Atlantic World history."
  • 2/2 load.
  • Deadline: 23 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA.
  • Any news on this search?
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/11). I have my PhD.
  • Candidate scheduled for on campus interview late Jan. I know this because I am ABD at this school, I'm not a candidate or anything.
  • Job offer accepted March 1

Morgan State University[]

  • Tenure Track assistant/associate professorship in African Diaspora history.
  • Subspecialty open
  • Deadline Dec. 1. Will interview at AHA.

Spelman College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in African American/American History with an emphasis on Women's History
  • Review begins immediately [4th Nov] and continues to 1 Dec. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Has anyone who applied for this position heard back either way about an AHA interview?
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/27)
  • Have campus visits/interviews been scheduled yet? (1/20)
  • Any updates? (1/30)
  • Had an interview at AHA and never heard back. Emailed them in March after I rec'd stuff from Spelman asking about my race and gender -- never heard back. Don't know who they hired.
  • I interviewed as well. The way in which they handled the search process is a discrace to the important history and legacy of this great college. Who would want to work for an institution that is not run logistically well. Best wishes to the candidate chosen but my experience with this college has soured my desire to ever work for that college.

State University of West Georgia - African American History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in African American History
  • "Responsibilities include teaching courses in African American history and United States history surveys as well as participation in the Africana Studies Minor."
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Had phone interview on 12/15
  • also had phone interview; any call-backs?
  • campus visits scheduled for February

University of Liverpool (UK)[]

University of Missouri - Columbia - African American History (Open Rank)[]

  • Open rank, tenure track professorship in African American History
  • "All periods and specializations are welcome."
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
  • received confirmation of application via mail (11/11)
  • Received confirmation of application via mail (11/22)
  • They will do skype interviews perhaps mid-december
  • Offered Skype interview for mid-January; copies of publications requested x2
  • Campus Visits early spring (UPDATE: on-campus anticipated early February)
  • Received couteous rejection letter via mail (12/10)
  • Have campus visits been scheduled yet? (1/27)
  • Has anyone heard anything other than crickets from Columbia? Can we assume that they have narrowed their pool and are keeping everyone else on the line until they make their final choice?
  • Campus Visits Completed

University of Southern Indiana - 19th c. African-American History[]

  • The University of Southern Indiana invites applications for a nine-month, tenure-track position in nineteenth-century African-American History beginning August 2012.
  • The successful candidate should have a PhD in History or a closely related field; advanced ABDs will be considered. The successful candidate should be prepared to offer introductory surveys in U.S. and World History and advanced classes in Historical Methods, Early Republic, Civil War and Reconstruction, and Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Additional field in public history is desirable. Teaching load is four courses per semester.
  • To apply, please follow the directions on our page to log in or set up an account.
  • Materials should be provided electronically within this web-based applicant system and to the attention of Dr. Tamara Hunt, Search Committee Chair, by November 18, 2011 for full consideration.
  • AHA interview scheduled 11/29 x2
  • Campus visit scheduled for Feb.

University of Southern Maine - African-American History and Politics[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in African-American History and Politics
  • Review will begin August 31, 2011
  • Start date fall 2012
  • Also posted at African American Studies 2012
    • Is this the same position as the one a few years ago that was canceled?
    • Request for Skype interview, 11/13
    • Was your request from Libby B? Was it by email or by phone? Thx.
    • Yes. Email request. Skype interviews are November-- campus visits in January
  • Has anyone heard about the campus visit yet?
  • Finalists have been selected for the campus visit, 12/07
  • Was someone hired?

Xavier University of Louisiana - African American History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in African American History
  • Deadline: 2 Jan. 2012
  • Rejection letter received via snail mail (2/7)

Native American History[]

Oregon State University - TT Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Native American Studies[]

  • The School of Language, Culture, and Society and Ethnic Studies at Oregon State University invite applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 9-month, tenure-track Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Native American Studies beginning in the Fall of 2012.
  • We are especially interested in applicants whose research and teaching interests include indigeneity and empire, Native Americans and the law/public policy, Native Americans and gender, and/or Native Americans, cultural production, and the media. Minimum qualifications include: Ph.D. confirmed by date of appointment, discipline open, but with significant background or concentration in Native American Studies and comparative Ethnic Studies.
  • To review posting and apply, go to Apply to posting #0008264. Closing date is November 30, 2011.
  • Also posted at Other Ethnic American 2012
    • From Ethnic American page: "Preliminary/phone interview scheduled: 12/16"

University of Maine - Assistant Professor, Native American Studies[]

  • Tenure-track, assistant professor position in Native American Studies with a primary focus on research and outreach with Wabanaki Tribal Nations in Maine – Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Houlton Band of Maliseets and Aroostook Band of Micmacs. While the field of study is open, preference will be given to applicants from the fields of history, anthropology, and education.
  • Review of applications will begin January 20th, 2012 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

University of Mississippi - Native American History[]

  • tenure track assistant professor in Native American History
  • Open Until Filled
  • Intend to interview at AHA
  • AHA invite, request for extant manuscript (12/9)
  • Campus invites scheduled (1/17)
  • Offer Made (2/15)

University of North Dakota - Native American history or ethnohistory[]

  • TT Assistant Professor in American Indian Studies
  • PhD in history or related field, specialization in Native American history or ethnohistory
  • Deadline for full consideration: 1 Sept. 2011
  • Start date: January 2012 ( -- ideally)
  • early applications recommended - they want to move quickly
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012 & Other Ethnic American 2012
    • Contacted to schedule phone interview, Sept. 2
    • Had phone interview, Sept. 12
    • Final decision expected by late October
    • Offer made and accepted.

Virginia Commonwealth University - [Non-TT][]

  • Non-TT eligible Associate Professorship in US History with a focus in 'American Indian' history with a comparative and/or transnational perspective.
  • 3/3 load including US survey courses
  • Review Begins: 'in April' [posted to H-net on 25 Apr.] & position is open until filled

US Women's & Gender History[]

Emory University - pre-1900 US, specialty in Women, Gender & Sexuality[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in US History (pre-1900) with specialism in women, gender and sexuality
  • "The department is particularly interested in candidates whose work intersects with the department’s strengths in the history of race, slavery, the American South, and religion"
  • Review begins: 15 Oct 2011.
  • Also posted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
  • Anybody heard anything (11/2)? --Not a word. (11/9)
  • Dossier request (11/15) x 3 (completed diss., teaching portfolio, and articles)
  • AHA interview request, via email (12/2)
  • Assume campus interviews are already taking place?
  • Rejection letter received (01/31) *were you interviewed at the AHA?
  • Anyone else have an AHA interview and still not hear anything? Can someone confirm that they've been invited for an on-campus interview? My congrats if you have, and my thanks for helping me to figure out what stage the search is in...(2/3)
  • AHA interview--haven't heard anything, either rejection or on-campus invite (2/3).
  • campus visits in progress
  • no letter and no call...glad we have this wiki to hang our hats on...these posts give us dignity when committees don't have the time. sincerely wish you all the best of luck!
  • Offer made 2/17

Florida Gulf Coast University - US Women's History (17th-19th c.)[]

  • Assistant Professor in US Women's History
  • "Specialization in 17th-19th centuries" preferred
  • Online applications only
  • Deadline: 24 Oct. 2011
  • [Crossposted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12]
  • phone interview x3 (11/15)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/23)

Grinnell College - 20th-Century U.S. Women's & Gender History - [CANCELLED][]

  • Tenure-track position in the Department of History (20th-Century U.S. Women's & Gender History), starting Fall 2012. Assistant Professor (Ph.D.) preferred; Instructor (ABD) or Associate Professor possible.

  • The teaching schedule of five courses over two semesters will include a section of the department's introductory course, an advanced seminar on a topic of the instructor's choice, and intermediate-level courses that include U.S. Women's History and other courses in the candidate's areas of expertise.
  • To be assured of full consideration, all application materials should be received by November 4, 2011.
  • Please submit applications online by visiting our application website at
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
  • AHA interview request via phone (11/30).
  • Rejection letter received- interviewing 14 at the AHA (12/2) x5
  • Any news on campus interviews?
  • Campus interview scheduled.
  • Received e-mail stating the search was unsuccessful. They will try again in the fall. (5/2)

State University of New York at New Paltz - History of Native American Women[]

  • The Department of History and the Women’s Studies Program at the State University of New York at New Paltz invite applications for a joint appointment as a full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor specializing in the history of Native American/Indigenous American women. The position, which also supports the Native American Studies Program, will begin in Fall 2012.
  • The ideal candidate will have a strong background in women’s and gender studies and commensurate strengths in history. The ability to teach courses in feminist theory, feminist activism, and/or New York State history is a plus.
  • Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; however, priority will be given to applications received by November 18, 2011.
  • See position announcement at
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
  • ack and diversity survey 12/13
  • Anyone hear anything yet? (1/18)
  • Invite for campus interview (2/7)
  • Any word?

University of Iowa - Assistant Professor of U.S. Women's & Gender History[]

  • Departments of History and Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) at The University of Iowa invite applications for a historian of U.S. Women. Teaching duties for this joint position will include graduate/undergraduate courses in the successful candidate’s area of expertise, as well as core courses in both departments--such as Intro to GWSS, Feminist Theories, and the U.S. history survey. The search is open at the rank of tenure-track Assistant Professor.
  • Applications must be submitted online at (refer to requisition #59791). Electronic attachments to online applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three letters of recommendation. We require a hard copy of the entire dissertation or book, if available, or completed dissertation chapters (and other publications, if desired). Evaluation of written work plays a major role in hiring decisions. Send directly to the U.S. Women’s and Gender Search Committee, Department of History, 280 Schaeffer Hall, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1409. Direct letters of reference to the same address.
    • A hard copy? geesh.
  • Screening of applications begins October 15, 2011, and will be considered until the appointment is made.
  • Does anyone know anything about the senior women's history position that Iowa has just advertised? A: that postion is posted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
  • I was thinking the same thing about the hard copy of the entire diss. Fine have us send a whole copy, but why not a PDF?
    • Especially given that the rest of the application was online.
    • Exactly! x2 ( i really think its just intended to make ppl think twice. bc seriously...why else would it not be in PDF.
    • I'd bet it's so the cost of the printing is on the job candidates rather than the dept. if they are planning to pass it around to non-tech-inclined faculty-- no such thing as thinking twice on this job market, if it fits even a little everyone's applying...
    • There's no hidden strategies here. Departmental expense funds don't cover the cost of printing 100-150 dissertations. And many people find that reading book-length history manuscripts on a computer shortchanges their ability to assess scholarly work. Word is: Iowa READS applicants' work.
    • I can confirm the above comment. Once the finalists are chosen (if previous patterns hold, they will bypass a preliminary round of interviews and bring two finalists to campus), everyone will read your work. They definitely take it seriously.
  • Received email stating all my materials had been received and containing link to diversity/affirmative action form (11/17)
  • Any updates, 11/30?
  • Come on! I'm impatient! 12/13
  • anything? (I am assuming we can forget AHA interviews. 12/22)
  • on-campus interview scheduled by phone 12/22
  • Has an offer been made?
  • Got a boiler plate rejection letter with a personalized handwritten note on the bottom - that was a first.
    • When?
  • Offer made and accepted; Congratulations to whomever got the job!

West Virginia University - US Women's / Gender History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US Women's and Gender History
  • "The successful candidate will be expected to teach undergraduate courses in U.S. Women’s history from colonial through the recent eras, the U.S. survey, and graduate courses in U.S. Women’s and Gender history. Other areas of special interest to the Department include a research focus in one of the following: U.S. South, Appalachian, or environmental history."
  • Deadline: 28 Nov. 2011
  • Crossposted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
    • Diversity form emailed (10/21) and (11/18) and (11/16)
    • AHA interview invitation (email, 12/6) x2
    • On-campus visit scheduled (email, 01/16)
    • Three finalists scheduled for on-campus visits late-Jan/early-Feb
    • Does anyone know if an offer's been made yet on this one?
    • Offer made and accepted.
    • Who's the lucky person?
    • A University of Maryland ABD.

Colonial/Antebellum America[]

American University (DC)[]

  • tenure-line Assistant/Associate Professor in Early Republic/Nineteenth Century American History before 1840
  • "Particular areas of interest include legal history, political history, and borderlands/frontier history"
  • PhD must be in hand by September 2012
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2011
  • Looks like a great position. Excellent department too.
    • email request for writing sample (10/16)
  • Any word on this one? Heard nothing since mid-October (12/5)
  • Skype interviews were conducted in early December, presumably with semi-finalists
  • Anyone know what happened here? (1/14)
  • Offer made. Accepted. (1/27)

Central Washington University[]

  • Tenure track appointment in Colonial American History
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Request for telephone interview. (30 Nov)
    • On-campus scheduled for January.
    • 1st two candidates presented job talks on Jan. 4 and Jan. 10, last to go on Jan. 12
    • Offered to inside candidate, accepted.

College of New Jersey[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in Early American history (colonial to early 19th century)
  • PhD in hand by August 2012
  • "One or more of the following subfields of research specialization is encouraged: archaeology, the Atlantic world, the Pacific world, the slave trade, the Spanish frontier, native-colonist encounters. Preference will be given to applicants who also demonstrate interest in the teaching of spatial history/spatial humanities or digital humanities, in particular GIS and other mapping analytical tools."
  • Deadline Nov. 15, 2011
  • Any news on this one? Nope. (12/9) 2x (12/16) x3 Nothing (12/17)
  • Telephone invite to AHA (12/19)
  • Campus interviews have been scheduled (1/15)

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in colonial/early republic
  • Teaching assignments will include introductory and upper division courses in Colonial/Early Republic, Atlantic world and/or race/ethnic history as well as the first-year seminar of the common curriculum.
  • Review of applications will begin November 28
  • Any interviews scheduled yet?
  • Had skype interview 12/6
  • Anyone hear about the on-campus interviews?
  • Received a form email saying a hire has been made. (3/6)
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Nash, a SUNY Albany Ph.D.

Drury University[]

  • Open rank TT Professorship in American history to 1865
  • Preference for "candidates who can also teach in a secondary field such as the Atlantic World, Borderlands, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, or Latino/Latina Studies"
  • 3/3 teaching load; post to start August 2012
  • Deadline: 11 Nov. 2011
    • Scheduled phone interview, 11/29.
    • Will be interviewing via Skype rather than AHA (x2)
    • Rejection Letter (x1) --after phone interview.
    • Campus invitation, 1/24
    • Offer made 2/15 (Michigan Ph.D.)

Florida International University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in pre-1720 US History
  • "Candidates whose work engages the history of the Atlantic, transnational or comparative perspectives, and/or the southern borderlands are especially encouraged to apply"
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Scheduled AHA interview via email (12/21)
  • Campus interview invitation (1/12)
  • Anyone know what happened with this?
  • Polite (but long overdue!) rejection recieved, 5/9

George Washington University[]

  • The Department of History at George Washington University seeks an assistant professor of the American Revolution and Early Republic to begin in the Fall of 2012. Subfields open. The holder of this position will be expected to teach an undergraduate seminar entitled "George Washington and His World."
  • Application Procedure: Applicants should send a c.v., personal statement, brief writing sample , and three confidential letters of recommendation to George Washington and His World Search, 335 Phillips Hall, 801 22nd Street NW, Washington, DC 20052. Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2011 and continue until the position is filled. Preliminary interviews will be held at the AHA convention in Chicago.
    • Received letter confirming receipt of application (10/29)
    • Polite rejection letter (12/1/2011) (x3)
    • Conference interview scheduled (x1) [posted 12/4]
    • Offer made mid-February
    • Who?
    • Fabio Capello

Georgia Gwinnett University - History of Early America[]

  • Open rank hire in the History of Early America (prior to 1700)
  • "The successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties"
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
    • Request for phone interview, 11/28 (x2)
  • Have any of the phone interviewees heard anything since then? 1/23

Kings College London (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured, ~Assoc./Assnt. Prof) in Early North American History 1500-1865
  • "The successful candidate's area of research expertise must fall within the date range 1500-1865. The college seeks principally a historian of the colonial, revolutionary, and/or early national periods of the territories which became the United States of America, although scholars with interests focussed on the history of the Native American, Spanish, French, and Dutch presences, or in 'Atlantic history' centred on North America, are also encouraged to apply."
  • Deadline: 3 Apr. 2012
    • Intend to interview in May
  • Anyone hear back on this? (x2 04/27)
  • Shortlist made, May 2.

Millersville University (PA)[]

  • Full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor in Colonial American History beginning August 2012. Candidate must able to teach American history, the American history survey as well as upper class electives in seventeenth and eighteenth century America including Seventeenth Century Anglo-American and Provincial and Revolutionary American history. The candidate will also be expected to teach a graduate readings course in America History from the Sixteenth Century to 1815.
    • Qulifications: ABD or PhD in Colonial American History (the job listing is specific on the degree/concentration). "Must have: expertise in Seventeenth Century Anglo-American and Provincial and Revolutionary American history."
  • Full consideration given to applications received by January 15, 2012. To apply, go to and create a faculty application. A cover letter, curriculum vitae, undergraduate and graduate transcripts and three letters of reference will be required.
  • AHA interview request (12/8)
    • I'm surprised by this, since the apps are due in January and the ad made no mention of AHA. Are they closing this job search early? (x2)
    • No, the search has not been closed early. And I don't think it's accurate to call this an interview request. As I understand it, these are completely informal chats - billed as an opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions about the school. I'm certain they will still hold prelimary interviews after the search closes. I'll be honest; I don't understand it.
  • Rest assured: "All applications will be reviewed and given full consideration until the deadline."
  • The AHA sessions are not interviews; rather, opportunities for the chair of the search committee to meet with some of the candidates and discuss the position, expectations, etc. Applications will continue to be accepted and given full consideration until January 15. This hiring procedure is dictated by the PASSHE Collective Bargaining Agreement. It is a little complicated and probably this forum is not the best place to discuss it.
    • Why wouldn't this forum be a place to discuss a university's hiring practices?
  • Phone Interview (1/30)
  • Any updates?
  • Offer made and accepted (4/2)

Mount Holyoke (AHA Login Required)[]

  • tenure-track, entry-level position in early American history, precontact to 1815. We seek candidates who will bring teaching and research strengths in one or more subfields including (but not limited to) Native American history, comparative slavery, social and cultural history of North American colonies, the Atlantic world, American Revolution, and Early Republic. The teaching load is 2-2.
  • Please submit a letter of application, c.v., and references, plus the syllabus of one introductory and one advanced level course you might offer, online at Application deadline is November 1, 2011.
    • Scheduled AHA interview, 11/16 (x2) and request for writing sample.
  • Received polite letter of rejection, 12/7 (x2)
    • e-mail or regular mail? I'm curious because I haven't heard anything one way or another.
    • I received a polite rejection via US mail, 12/8
    • Ditto 1/20
  • Brief but polite letter of rejection, stating that campus visits have been scheduled. Too bad. They were a class act. 2/2

Norfolk State University[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor who can teach survey & upper level courses in Colonial/Antebellum History
  • Deadline: 15 Jul. 2011 f(or full consideration)

Northern Illinois University[]

  • Early American, with a specialty in Native American history desirable. Tenure-track assistant professorship beginning August 16, 2012, subject to budgetary approval.
  • Send the following materials in paper copy AND electronically to the addresses below by November 1, 2011: application letter, transcript, c.v., article or chapter length writing sample, and three current letters of recommendation. Prof. Aaron Fogleman, Early American Search Chair, Department of History, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115, and
    • AHA interview scheduled, 11/19 (x3)
    • Did AHA interview: one of the nicest bunch I've met so far in my interviews (two trips to AHA in '10 and '12.
    • Campus interviews scheduled.
    • Position offered.
    • Offer accepted.
    • Very cordial rejection letter, can't speak highly enough of the committee.

Oberlin College[]

  • Assistant professorship in Early America through Early Republic: Native American
  • Initial appointment will be for four years
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
  • Has anyone heard news on this search? Writing samples? AHA interviews? Baseless rumors?
    • Nope, nothing here. Although I'd be happy to make up a few baseless rumors!
    • Email request for writing sample. [posted 11/30] (x3)
    • Have they invited candidates for AHA interviews?
    • AHA invite 12/14
    • Just curious, does anyone know if Gary Kornblith is retiring? Or is this hire to complement preexisting departmental strengths?
    • Put me out of my misery: did anyone get an invitation for an on-campus interview yet?
    • Any news on this search?
    • Campus interview scheduled.
    • Article in The Oberlin Review:
    • offer made and accepted

Salisbury University (Maryland)[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, Colonial America [ABD may be hired at Instructor level]
  • "Field of specialization is open, but ideal candidates will complement existing strengths of the department. A subfield in Native American history is desired; the ability to teach African American history is a plus. Teaching responsibilities include World Civilizations, U.S surveys, the Proseminar (methodology), and upper division courses in the candidate's field of specialization"
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Anything?
  • Telephone invite for AHA interview, 12/8 (x2)
    • ditto, 12/9
  • AHA interview in the Job Center. Very concerned about "fit" with existing department interests in early America
    • I had an interview with them at AHA as well and I didn't get asked many "fit" questions. They seemed more concerned with general collegiality from my perspective.
  • Campus Interview invite 1/16 (ditto, 1/15)
    • 2 or 3 people invited to campus? Anyone know?
  • Has an offer been made?
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Who got the job?

San Francisco State University - Early US/Atlantic World[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early American history (pre-contact to c.1800); funding not confirmed
  • "We seek a scholar and teacher who will place the history of early North America into the broader Atlantic context in compelling, significant, and innovative ways. We expect the successful applicant to contribute to our undergraduate and graduate U.S. and World history programs. Teach upper division courses on Early America and the history of the Atlantic World, undergraduate and graduate seminars in specialization, and introductory U.S. survey or World History survey"
  • FYI: This is a 4-4 teaching load

Seattle University[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track in Early American History beginning September 2012.
  • "The successful applicant will be expected to engage in research and in program and university service activities, and to teach a United States survey, courses in the university core, and upper-division courses in areas of specialization including a research seminar in American Revolution and/or early Republic."
  • Applicants should submit materials online at , including a statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, unofficial graduate transcript(s), and the names and contact information of three references. Application deadline is November 30, 2011.
    • They contacted my references and asked for letters (n.b., this may be pro forma for all applications). (11/23)
    • FYI: the request for reference letters is computer generated upon completion of application (11/27).
    • AHA interview req rec'd (12/9)
    • Post conference rejection email 1/17
    • Any idea what happened with this?

Slippery Rock University[]

  • Full-time, tenure track Assistant Professor in the History Department beginning August 2012. Teach introductory history surveys and specialized courses in Colonial, Revolution, Early National, Civil War and Pennsylvania history
  • ABD in American History with with concentration in the areas from late Colonial era to the Civil War; candidates will teach Pennsylvania History, Ph.D. must be completed by June 2012.
  • For complete position descriptions and application procedures, please visit our Web site at
  • Three letters of reference and graduate and undergraduate transcripts are required for this position. Please submit them to: Margaret Denning, Search Chair, History Department, 212 Spotts World Culture, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.
  • Full consideration will be given to applications received by November 1, 2011.
  • Phone Interview on 12/2.
  • Any updates?
  • 1/5/12 How did the phone interviews go? Any word about on campus invites?
  • 3/29: I assume someone has been offered this position; has anyone gotten a rejection letter?
  • 4/1: I haven't heard a thing from these guys since I submitted my app in Oct. I don't recall even getting an auto email ack. They did this same search 3 years ago, but at least I have letters of ack and rejection to show for that one. No love this time 'round, I guess.
  • This position came up in a conversation at a conference I spoke at in late March because of the repeat nature of the search. One of the persons in the conversation is friends with a department faculty member and two points that may be of interest here: first, the person who got the job last time was not a Civil War historian, but someone they really wanted on the faculty so that search was a good way to get them on the faculty. That person migrates to their primary teaching field this fall. Second, whether or not an offer has been made this time no one had heard (not even the individual with the friend at Slippery, but their understanding was that the interviews had produced a clear leading candidate). All of this is what I was told by a person who knows someone there, so take it for what it is worth (although I had heard the same thing about the original hire previously). 4/9
  • Rejection email received (4/12) X3
  • Personally know members of the SRU history department so I can shed some light on this job. The job was advertised three years ago after a popular faculty member passed away unexpectedly. He taught all of the courses in the job advertisement. They did hire an ABD from Temple who was not specifically trained in any of the listed teaching fields, but rather was 20th century/public history, so the issue of wanting him on the faculty is very plausible. Likely had an inside connection to a newer member of the department. However, he will not migrate anywhere at Slippery Rock because he was terminated after one year (contract not renewed). Took a year to get funding approval to redo the search after that fiasco. (4/12)
  • Huh?

St. Edward's University[]

  • Assistant Professor to teach four courses per semester, pursue faculty development efforts and participate in the wider life of the university and the community. Ability to teach Early American History (colonial period to early nineteenth century), additional fields might include: History of the Atlantic World, another area of World History, or History Pedagogy. The successful candidate will be expected to teach American Experience or History/Evolution of Global Processes, cultural foundations courses in the university's General Education program.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately. Send letter of application, vitae, evidence of teaching excellence and names, addresses, and phone numbers of three references regarding professional performance to: Dr. Brenda Vallance, Dean; School of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Campus Mail Box 1018; St. Edward's University; 3001 S. Congress Avenue; Austin, TX 78704-6489.
  • acknowledgement recieved 11/9
    • Request for phone interview, 11/28
  • Campus interview invite, 12/13.
    • anyone else?
  • Any updates?
  • Received email that an offer was made and accepted 3/20.
  • Who got the job?

Stephen F. Austin State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early US Republic (1789-1848)
  • "The search committee will consider all subfields, but the successful applicant should specialize in areas that complement those of the department's current faculty. The successful candidate should also be able to teach upper-level and graduate courses in his or her specialties, as well as both halves of U.S. history surveys. Secondary teacher certification in history, or a background in the training of secondary-level history teachers, is a plus."
  • Review begins: 2 Dec. 2011
  • See "universities to fear " - Current Issues
  • Is this a replacement for Jeff Bremer? I think he was there or is it a new line?
  • Replacement.
  • Bremer is now at Iowa State. He could probably describe the position well.
  • Received a very nice rejection letter in the mail. (Feb 2)

SUNY Oswego[]

  • Assistant Professor, Colonial America.
  • Desired areas of teaching expertise may include the history of Native Americans and/or Atlantic America. The position will start August 28, 2012.
  • Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2011. Complete information about the position and application procedures will be posted at: .
  • Will conduct phone interviews in December and will invite candidates to campus in Jan/early Feb
  • phone interviews yet? (12/14) nothing here 12/15: phone interview last week (posted 12/19)
  • Phone interview last week (posted 12/21), candidates will be notified of campus visits early in January.
  • Oswego in January = winning!
  • Anyone invited to campus?
  • Rec'd snail mail official rejection (2/13) (x3)
  • In negotiations, no idea if an offer was accepted.

Trinity College []

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor in the field of U.S. colonial history. Preference will be given to candidates whose teaching incorporates Native American history and/or gender studies and the Atlantic world. Teaching responsibilities range from a survey of U.S. colonial history and courses on the American Revolution to seminars in the candidate's fields of specialization. Teaching load is five courses per year.
  • Please send letter of application, c.v., writing samples (chapter or article), transcripts, and three letters of recommendation by November 1, 2011, to the Search Committee Chair, U.S. Colonial History Search, Dept. of History, Trinity College, 300 Summit St., Hartford, CT 06106.
  • Interviews will be scheduled during the AHA annual meeting in January 2012.
  • I'm wondering if there is an inside candidate here. The Visiting Asst. Prof with the teaching accolades looks like a pretty good fit.
    • I don't really see any evidence that he does Native American history or gender studies. And his work seems to focus much more on the Revolutionary era than the colonial. But, who knows? X3
    • No way of knowing. Always apply, always. And, do not worry about things out of your control.
  • E-mail acknowledgement of application, 10/31
  • Any updates?
  • AHA interview scheduled, 12/8 (x3)
  • Email rejection, 1/19
    • Was yours ambiguously worded: "Our committee will be in touch"?
    • No, it was unambiguously a rejection. (x2)
  • Any campus interviews? (1/27)
  • Interviews scheduled.
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Arkansas - Little Rock[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Colonial US History
  • " Must demonstrate (1) the ability to provide instructional excellence in undergraduate/graduate courses in areas of specialization; (2) a planned research agenda; (3) a commitment to department, university and community service."
  • Review begins: 30 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Has anyone heard from UALR yet?
  • Phone interview scheduled for early January (12/16)
  • Just got the EEO form via e-mail, 1/24. Probably best to send that kind of thing before people have phone interviews.
  • Offer made (2/14)

University at Buffalo (SUNY) []

  • tenure-track assistant professorship in the history of the era of the American Revolution and/or Early Republic, to begin August 16, 2012.
  • Submit letter of application, a C.V., and three letters of recommendation via and submit copies of transcripts by October 15, 2011 to Professor Tamara Thornton, Chair, American History Search Committee, History Department, 546 Park Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260.
  • Note: this seems to be a repeat of the search advertised but cancelled last year.
    • Received email request for additional materials (10/19)
    • Interview scheduled (12/1)

University of Cambridge (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~asst./assoc. prof) in the History of Early America & the Atlantic World
  • "The appointee's prime teaching responsibility will be to contribute lectures, classes, and supervisions in, and to examine and administer, Paper 22 in Part I, North American History from 1607 to 1865. In due course, the appointee will wish to create Special and Specified Papers in Part II of the course, building upon their own areas of expertise"
  • Deadline: 16 Mar. 2012

University of Colorado - Denver[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US history pre-1860
  • "We are particularly interested in scholars who have a completed book manuscript under contract and whose work addresses political culture, race, or the US in global context. Teaching load is four courses per year. In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in his or her area of expertise, the successful applicant will teach the American Revolution, as well as US Survey and US Cultural Diversity courses in the College core."
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Worth applying if you're not "advanced"?
    • In this market, I would probably say no. They will likely get plenty of applications from advanced Assistant Profs. But, then again, I'm cynical.
    • You can't know the hiring committee's mind and how your work might fit in the department--apply. (x2)
    • In my opinion, unless you at least have a book manuscript under consideration at a press, I wouldn't waste your time.
  • E-mail acknowledgment of completed application (11/30). The e-mail mentions that they will offer phone interviews by December 12.(x2)
  • phone interview scheduled by phone (12/09)
  • Any word on campus invites? (1/3)
  • Rejection received by email. (1/14)

University of Evansville[]

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor in Early American history (up to 1850) beginning August 2012
  • The department requires a second field in African, Asian or Latin American history
  • Applicants should provide a letter of application, a current c.v., a letter of teaching philosophy, evidence of teaching excellence, evidence of scholarly potential, and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Annette Parks, Search Committee Chair, Department of History, University of Evansville, or 1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN 47722.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 1
  • Any news? (12/6) None here (12/8)
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/9)
  • Had phone interview last week (12/22). Department sounds very collegial.
    • Same here. The interview was very pleasent. Sounds like a great department.
  • Invited for a campus visit (1/3)
    • Congrats!

University of Illinois, Springfield[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in the history of Colonial and Revolutionary America, beginning in August 2012. Area of research specialization within Colonial and Revolutionary America is open, although candidates must be able to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in area of expertise, historical methods, and contribute to general education.
  • Teaching load is three courses each term.
  • Review of applications will begin on December 16, 2011, and will continue until position is filled.
    • received letter in mail confirming receipt of application, and detailing documents still needed. Letter specifically says that they will begin considering COMPLETE files on December 16, have telephone interviews in January, and on-campus interviews in February. (12/16)
  • Request for phone interview (1/12)
  • rejection letter (3/30)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette - pre-Revolutionary American History[]

  • Tenure track appointment teaching pre-Revolutionary American History courses and U.S. History survey courses.
  • For initial consideration applications should be received by January 15, 2012.
  • Req. for phone interview (1/31)
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Mary Washington[]

  • Tenure-track position in American history from 1783 to 1860 (Early Republic through Antebellum) with an interest in the Atlantic World and/or transnational movements.
  • Applicants must submit a letter of interest and curriculum vitae electronically at . Three letters of recommendations are also required. The three letters of recommendation must be mailed to Dr. Jeffrey McClurken, Search Chair, Department of History and American Studies, University of Mary Washington, 1301 College Ave., Fredericksburg, VA 22401.
  • Application materials will be accepted until November 1, 2011. Interviews of candidates will take place at the AHA conference in Chicago in January.
    • Potentially an inside hire of current VAP.
    • Perhaps but apply anyway. x3
    • No way of knowing, always apply, always
      • AHA invite [posted 12/1] x2
        • Congrats!
      • Polite snail mail rejection letter (12/12), stating 160 applicants (same, 12/15 x2)
      • Really well-written rejection letter; thanks to the committee for not sending something perfunctory.

University of Mississippi - Colonial American History[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Colonial American History
  • Open Until Filled
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Received email saying they have chosen candidates to interview at AHA, and that although I am not one of the candidates, my application will remain active until the search is concluced (12/9), x2

The University of Texas at San Antonio [Non-TT][]

[posted elsewhere without link to original ad - please edit it in if you find it! AFII 09:52, March 6, 2012 (UTC)]

  • One two-year post-doctoral teaching fellow in Colonial, Early National or pre-Civil War era American History
  • 3/3 load "including interductory undergraduate surveys and upper-divison and graduate courses in the candidate's specialty; preference for candidates who have teaching experience" & PhD must be in-hand by Aug. 2012
  • Applicants should submit a letter addressing their teaching interest and goals, a curriculum vitae, three letter of recommendation, and sample syllabi to
  • Applicants who are selected for interviews must be able to show proof that they will be eligible and qualified to work in the United States by the time of hire
  • For more informations about the UTSA Department of History, see
  • Deadline: 2 Apr. 2012
  • Invited to campus (4/23)

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

  • TT Assistant Professor in Early American History (to 1815), with a specialism in Public History
  • "Preference will be given to candidates with experience as practicing public historians."
  • Deadline: 10 Nov. 2011
  • Note that they are actually looking for a public historian. The Early America to 1815 emphasis is simply a plus, not a requirement.
  • Phone interview in December (x2)
  • Also posted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
    • 10-22-2011 received application confirmation letter

Wesleyan University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship "in the field of colonial North America and the United States to 1815"
  • "Research and teaching fields should include the history of indigenous North Americans and their encounters and negotiations with Europeans and Euro-American empires."
  • For full consideration: 15 Nov. 2011
  • 12/8 Any news? None (12/8) None (12/9) Nothing here, 12/13
  • I heard second-hand that AHA interviews have been scheduled already 12/14
  • 12/12: phone request for additional materials and notification of AHA interview; 12/15, confirmation e-mail
  • 12/16 or so: Rejection letter.x3
  • rejection letter, 12/19. By mail or e-mail? Regular mail.
  • Has anyone heard anything post-AHA? I thought the committee had said that they planned to make their decisions for campus visits the week after the AHA interviews. (1/20)
  • received considerate rejection email from chair of search committee (1/22)- said they have established their list of on campus interviewees and are in the process of notifying everyone.
  • Offered and accepted.

Nineteenth Century[]

Angelo State University - 19th & 20th c.[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, tenure-track, 19th and 20th century United States policy and political history (excluding environmental), subfield in economic history and political theories.
  • Ph.D in hand at time of appointment.
  • Deadline: 12-30-2012 extended deadline
  • The online application form vanished by the 30th. Did anyone else find this to be a problem?
  • Email about being under further consideration.
  • phone interview scheduled (1/27) x2
  • on campus invitation via email (2-18) x3

Lake Forest College (19th c. U.S.)[]

  • Due date November 1, 2011
  • Anyone hear anything on this one? Had an acknowledgement of receipt of materials in second week of November, nothing since.(x4)
  • rec'd email request for AHA interview, 12/8 (x4)
  • Any news on whether or not candidates have been invited for on campus interviews? 1/23 (nothing here) x2 (1/27)
  • Still nothing? (2/1)
  • Nothing here (2/3) - I'm wondering if something has gone awry with the search, or maybe the committee is just taking its time?
  • I don't think anything has gone awry; maybe we're all such good candidates they're having trouble deciding who to invite? (2/2)
  • I hope you're right!
  • Campus visits scheduled.
  • Offer accepted (2/29).

New York University - 19th c. US History incl. transnational approaches - CANCELLED[]

  • The Department of History at New York University invites applications for a position in 19th-century US history, including transnational approaches. This is a full-time, tenure-track position at the level of assistant professor.
  • The department especially encourages applications from candidates working on slavery, foreign policy, gender, or, political economy.
  • Please apply online at, via the “Employment Opportunities” link to submit a letter of application, cv, and three referees. We will begin reviewing applications on December 12, 2011.
  • Does anybody know what happened to last year's search for the same position (minus the transational approach)? -- I hear offer was made but that she got tenure at her home institution instead.
  • Has anybody found the application link yet?
  • The listing is now showing up at the appropriate link (, but that page's link to the application page is broken. (11/21/11)
  • 11/22: link to "Apply for this Posting" now appears to be working.
  • 12/9 - Told by an NYU fac member that she has accepted the nyu job (so I believe this search will be cancelled soon).[I moved this from above section on last year's search, just to improve clarity & timeline]
  • 12/9: received a form email from the department chair - "Thank you for your interest in NYU's position in 19th-century US history. I regret to inform you that as of December 8, 2011 the search has been canceled." (x2)
  • Seems to me they should send a more appologetic email that acknowledges that people spent time on applying.
    • You should probably call and let them know you're upset. If only the search committees realized how much time we spend applying I'm sure it would make ALL the difference...

Princeton University - US Civil War Era[]

  • US Civil War Era. Assistant Professor, Tenure Track. Anticipated start date, September 1, 2012. The Department of History of Princeton University invites applications from scholars who specialize in the era of the United States Civil War. Teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate lecture course on the Civil War, its causes, course, and effects and upper level undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on specialized aspects of the period from the Abolitionist Movement through Reconstruction.
  • Review of files will begin October 15, 2011, but applications will be considered until the department chooses to close the search. You may apply online at
    • For folks just coming on the market this year, this would seem to be the re-opened search from '09-'10, which resulted in 3 finalists, but no consensus on a hire. Don't know how relevant this is, but perhaps good to know.
    • actually, I think this is now the third - and maybe fourth - search for this position.
  • Request for additional material (11/8)
  • Has this search failed again? Or have they scheduled on campus interviews? (12/20)
  • Job Talks scheduled (1/13)
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Who's the hire?
  • Penn Ph.D. (2011)
  • Just received a rejection letter (3/16!!) Bizarre timing, but appreciate the gesture. If only more places would be that courteous.

Sacred Heart University (CT)[]

  • Tenure-track position in 19th-century American history at the rank of assistant professor, beginning in September, 2012. The position carries a 4-course per semester teaching requirement.
  • Send cover letter, CV, three letters of recommendation, and official transcripts to Dr. John B. Roney, Chair, Department of History, Sacred Heart University, 5151 Park Ave., Fairfield, CT 06825. Email submissions will be accepted at Deadline: December 20, 2011.
  • Received email confirmation; the note indicated they will begin reviewing applications mid-Dec. (11/29)
  • Jan 6th: Email from search chair (form letter): they decided not to send faculty to AHA but "we want to consider your your candidacy further." Faculty are meeting this month to choose candidates for interviews and will make contact by Jan 20. (x2)
    • Did anyone that applied for this, not get the email?
    • I did not- so I assume they have picked a short list
    • Agreed. I received an acknowledgement of materials on 1/5, but no mention of the above (though I also had never gotten an email confirmation when I first sent the application in December).
    • They have a visiting asst. prof. there that teaches the advertised fields. Is this another "internal hire"? Anyone have any new info on this position? (1/14)
    • Did anyone get the interview invitation by Jan 20? (1/22)
      • Nope, as of 1/22 (x3)
    • Email request for skype interview (1/23)
      • Not I, alas, so I guess that means I'm out. Good luck to my anonymous compatriot. (1/24)
  • I just received a hilarious rejection letter from SHU. It said that my interests did not meet the job requirements. Reject me for not being the best, but don't advertise for someone who studies 19th c. immigration or African-American history (one of those is my speciality and the other is one of my teaching fields) and tell me that my interests don't meet the desired requirements. I couldn't help but laugh at the sad little form letter. But then I came to this page and saw that the advertisement on higheredjobs (the link above) only vaguely resembles the ad for the SHU job listed on the AHA website, which was the ad to which I responded. Both ads were for 19th c. US history, but only the AHA ad specified that the department wanted someone who studies immigration or African-American history. I guess with this position you had to be lucky enough to pick the job ad that actually described what the department sought in candidates. I love wasting my precious time. 2/10 x2
  • Email rejection from the chair; no longer actively considering my candidacy. It doesn't sound like the letter referenced above (I was short listed -- and FWIW, I study African American history), so I'm posting separately. (2/9)
  • offer made and accepted (3/16)

Shepherd University[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in 19th C US History
  • "Teaching duties will include courses in the history of West Virginia and Appalachia"
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Any word on this yet?
  • phone interview scheduled by email (1/9)

University of Georgia - Civil War Era, 1840-80[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of the US in the Civil War Era, 1840-80
  • "Special consideration will be given to candidates whose work focuses on the African American experience, gender, capitalism, and/or the environment."
  • Review begins: 1 Mar. 2012
  • Has anyone gotten an acknowledgement from the HR dept? I applied last week, but haven't even gotten an auto-generated response, and now my paranoia has taken hold.--please disregard this (I'm the poster). I got the instant response, but misplaced it.
  • Any news here?
    • I've heard nothing (3/26), though I did hear that they were hoping to conduct skype interview in March. Since this is the last week in March, I'm starting to get that ol' familiar sinking feeling....
  • Email request for writing sample (3/26) and notification that skype interviews will be conducted in the "coming weeks." x2
  • skype interview scheduled, 4/6
  • Received a nice rejection email from the search committee chair, I wish all schools would be so kind. I am very interested though in who made the short list. I have three books and am currently working on "gender, capitalism, and the environment" so it makes me wonder what they are really looking for or who made the final cut. My inside info from two reputable sources say it's a money issue and they didn't want to hire someone with experience, that recent PhD grads can be hired for much less. I really hope that's not true. This job aside, has anyone experienced such feedback? (4/16)
  • That's often the case. If the dean gave approval for an assistant prof hire, getting the money for someone more senior is often impossible. If they had the money for a more senior person - or even the strong possibility of it - they likely would have run an open-rank search. It's not that they don't want to hire someone more senior - they just don't have the money to do so.
  • My impression was that their preference is now a focus on the African American experience.
  • Campus visits under way, offer to be made within next week or two (5/1).
  • Offer extended and accepted (5/10).

University of Houston-Victoria - U. S. History 1820-1865[]

  • Tenure-track, assistant professor of history. Required qualifications: A Ph.D. in U. S. History, at least two years of experience in teaching freshman U. S. history courses, and a specialization in U. S. History 1820-1865.
  • Submit application at
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. (posted in Chronicle 11/15/11)
  • I happened to notice that this (pretty specific) job description applies very well to the work of a professor who's been working as an adjunct there. Anybody know if this was created specifically for her? (No disrespect if so; I like her work, but it would be nice to know if I should be getting my hopes up about a job that fits my research interests very well.)
  • I heard someone is leaving, so perhaps she's leaving and they're trying to replace her and decided to make it full time.
  • Anyone have any new information on this position? I applied, but have received no word. (1/14) (x2)
  • Still nada. (2/10)
  • Phone interview scheduled by email on 2/10. Phone interviews to be held the week of 2/20.
  • Email rejection (3/29)

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Civil War / Reconstruction[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in United States Civil War and Reconstruction History
  • The department will conduct interviews at the AHA annual meeting. Applicants must submit a letter of application stating research interests and qualifications, CV, three letters of reference, a sample syllabi, and a recent research paper by November 1, 2011 at Letters of reference and complete applications can also be submitted by postal mail to Prof. Joel Wolfe, Chair Transnational Spanish-Speaking Search Committee, Department of History, Herter Hall 616, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 161 Presidents Drive, Amherst, MA 01003-9312.
    • 9/2 -- Does anyone know where this job ad went? When I got ready to print it out this morning and start my application, it seemed to have disappeared from I also couldn't see any reference to it on the UMassAmherst website.
    • Has anybody tried inquiring about the status of this job at the email address given above?
    • Cancelled or not, seeing as how it won't cost me anything in postage or printer ink, I'll be sending in my app regardless.
  • The call for applications for this and UMass History's other job openings is now on the department's website. (9/17)
  • I assume this is to replace Heather Cox Richardson. Since they already have at least two faculty who specialise in 19th c. South and Civil War era, it is probably fair to say this is a specific niche.
  • Request for AHA interview (12/15) (Did you hear by phone or email? Thanks!)
  • After AHA interview, email request for full manuscript (1/11)
  • has anyone heard if they decided who to invite to campus? (2/17)
  • Nothing here since I sent in the manuscript (2/17) + 1 (2/19)
  • Campus Interviews Scheduled.
    • Are the interviews already taking place, or have they just been scheduled? Congrats to the above poster, if you are one of the chosen few. It seems like a sweet gig. (2/21)

University of North Florida[]

  • The UNF History Department seeks to hire a tenure-track assistant professor in 19th-century U.S. history with a pre-1877 research emphasis and primary responsibility for upper-division courses on the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Old South, and the New South.
  • Preferred Qualifications: The department will give preference to candidates who can offer courses in African American history, public history, and/or gender history and who have published, or who are about to publish, dissertation-based research.
  • To ensure full consideration all materials must be received by November 01, 2011.
  • Online App. Form
  • Received email that file is complete and the search committee is in the process of reviewing files (11/3)
    • AHA Interview scheduled (11/28)
  • Campus invites arranged (01/23).
  • Offer made and accepted (3/02).
  • Hired James Broomall - U of Florida PhD and current VAP at UNF

University of St. Thomas (MN)[]

  • Full-time, tenure-track position in 19th century American history with subspecialties in Civil War and military and/or diplomatic history.
  • The teaching load of three courses per semester involves some combination of the following: first-level course(s) for undergraduates who are completing their core area (general) requirement in historical studies; upper-level course(s) for undergraduate history majors and minors.
  • Online App. Form:
  • To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received by November 11, 2011.
    • Request for first-round Skype interview (11/22)
    • Anyone heard anything on this? (12/21)
      • Nothing since skype interview. I'm assuming they have already chosen finalists for on-campus. (12/21)
      • Can anyone confirm this?
      • My comment was based on the information I received during the skype interview. The chair said they plan to conduct on-campus interviews for three candidates in mid-January, but they would send out invitations before Christmas. I have no evidence that they have followed through with this timeline.
      • Campus visits scheduled for the second week of Jan 2012.
      • Can anyone with a campus invite confirm that the visits have taken place?
      • Offer made and accepted.

University of Tennessee- Civil War.[]

  • Job will likely be advertised in October on H-Net
  • Criticisms of the department (see edit history for details) should probably be posted on the Universities To Fear wiki page. AFII 19:07, August 14, 2011 (UTC)
    • Indeed, UT-K already has an entry there (see "Chronic Issues" section) - perhaps the OP should update it?
    • Does this mean someone deleted someone else's comment? As a general user of the page, I'd like to be able to see if someone has something negative to say, actually. And I don't know what "see edit history" means...
    • Top of page, next to the bold 'US History' title is a button marked 'edit' with a drop down menu; an option in the menu is 'history' which lets you see all the edits made to this page, including deleted material. I made a judgement call taking it out - it was serious and not job-specific, so I thought it belonged on the general complaints page, not in a job advert. But anyone who wants to can edit it back in! If we want to discuss it further, I suggest we take it to the Talk page. AFII 18:25, August 15, 2011 (UTC)
    • I'd go so far as to say that this entire posting should be deleted until a job is actually advertised. So far, all this hubbub is only based on the speculation that a job "will likely be advertised" in two months. Take this entire posting down, hash out the original poster's issues with UT in the appropriate venue, and if/when the job is actually posted, then we can talk about it.
    • Original posting now on the Talk Page. AFII 08:42, August 16, 2011 (UTC)
    • 12/4/11 I'm ahamed to say that I am the original poster. I did indeed put this in the wrong place and violated the rules of ettiquette. I had failed to read the rules before I posted. I offer this by way of explanation not as an excuse. Thanks goodness the post was moved to a more appropriate place. My apologies. if the majority of those who visit this wiki wanted it deleted then so be it. What I posted was the unplesant truth but that does not mean that people should not apply or that things will not get better.
      • [10/24/11] Position has been posted: "Assistant / Associate Professor - History. Pay Grade 62-63. Salary DOE&Q - Full Time. The History Department at The University of Tennessee invites applications at the assistant or associate level for a position in American history of the Civil War era (1850-1877). The appointment will begin fall semester 2012. Ph.D. required at the time of appointment. Teaching duties include a survey, upper-division specialty courses, and graduate seminars in the Civil War and Reconstruction period. The candidate will be expected to contribute to the Department's graduate concentration in 19th-century U.S. History by training Ph.D. students in the Civil War and Reconstruction field and by active participation in activities of the Department and of its Center for the Study of War and Society. Scholars from social, cultural, and political history, as well as the "new military history", are encouraged to apply. Please send a letter of application addressing research and teaching interests and experience, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, and an article length writing sample to: Vegas Liulevicius (American Civil War Era Search Committee Chair), Department of History, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996. Website: http// Review of applications will begin on November 1st and continue until an appointment is made. Initial interviews will take place at the AHA."
    • EEOC information received via snail mail. Letter indicates review is in progress (11/7)
    • Search committee has met and determined AHA short-list. Candidates will be notified shortly. (12/4/11)
    • Email request for additional materials, AHA interview (12/4/11) x2
    • Campus visits scheduled.
    • Offer made and accepted. Rejection letters mailed March 7.
      • This is the first rejection letter I've seen (in four years on the market) that names the candidate who was hired. If only more schools would do this - it's a nice move on their part.
    • Who was the hire?

University of Virginia's College at Wise - 19th c. U.S. and Public History[]

  • The University of Virginia's College at Wise seeks to fill a tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor in 19th century U.S. and Public History to begin in the fall of 2012. The successful candidate will teach survey courses (U.S. and/or Western Civilization) as well as upper-level courses in the area of specialty (Gilded Age/Progressive periods preferred). The candidate should also posses training and/or experience in Public History and be able to teach upper-level courses and direct internships in archival and museum studies.
  • The University of Virginia's College at Wise, a branch of the University of Virginia, is a four-year public liberal arts college located in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. Wise is a small town in a rural coal-mining region with a rich labor and environmental history. For more information about the College, please visit .
  • Interested candidates should visit and search for posting# 0608503. See also: Online Application Form. Open until filled.
    • Contacted for AHA interview (11/12)
    • They were still taking CVs at AHA.

University of Western Ontario [2013-4 Position][]

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the Cultural or Intellectual History of 19thC US.
  • "Scholars with a transnational orientation are especially encouraged to apply."
  • Review begins: 4 Nov. 2011
    • AHA interview scheduled by phone on 11/18
    • Any updates on this position? (At the AHA they suggested candidates might be contacted this week.) 1/20
    • On campus interview scheduled by phone on 1/11
    • Department vote taken 2/3
    • Has an offer been made yet?
    • Who got the job ?

Twentieth Century / US & World / US International History[]

Wow, I just scanned last year's offerings, which were pretty scant, and realized that this year is much worse. Brutal.

Who got these jobs? Departments are terrible at updating their websites. And, who feels like searching course schedules for new names? Surely some of us scanning this page know who got hired.

Agnes Scott College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 20th C and Southern US History
  • "The teaching load is 3/2 and will include courses in modern American history, Southern history and public history"
  • Deadline: 3 Jan. 2012
  • Polite, nicely-worded rejection email received 1-30-12.

Bowdoin College [Non-TT][]

  • 1-year VAP in 20th C US History
  • Preference for a focus on: labour history, Southern, and/or Progressive Era/New Deal History; 2/2 load
  • Review begins: 15 Mar. 2012
  • Anyone heard anything? (4 Apr.)
  • Rejection email rec'd (Apr 16) x3

Bowling Green State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 20th C US History/US as a World Power
  • "Expertise in the United States’ role as a world power expected, inclusive of research interests and ability to teach courses in diplomacy, conflict resolution, and the major military campaigns of the 20th century. Successful candidates are expected to play a vital part in a strong graduate program with a concentration in Policy History"
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2011
  • This position was advertised last year. Not sure what happened.
    • They offered it to someone who took a position at another school instead. They decided to re-open the search this year rather than offer it to the other candidates they brought on campus. (9/28)
  • Received confirmation of application and diversity form by mail (10/29)
  • Any sense of timeline for this search?x2 (12/6) AHA interviews?
  • Any news whatsoever about this search as of 12/20?
  • Nothing heard since acknowledgement on 17 Oct.
  • I wonder if this search already failed or if they just aren't doing AHA/aren't interviewing anyone on this list? Any news here before the New Year?
  • anyone know whats happening with this search??
  • Just contributing an observation, not inside information. If this department hasn't contacted anyone since October, then all we have are observations. One of their own graduates is teaching in this department in the very field advertised. He was previously listed as an asst. professor, but is now listed as an instructor. I've given up on this one. (1/30)
  • rejection letter in mail (2/14) x2 (2/17)
  • It's generally considered good form to address the candidates you're rejecting personally. Oh well.
  • who got this job???
  • Congratulations to Dr. Rollo Tomassi.

Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof.) in Modern US Foreign Policy
  • "Applicants should have particular expertise in the history of the Cold War and/or in the history of US relations with Cuba and Latin America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries."
  • Deadline: 22 Jun. 2012

Elizabeth City State University[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor of Modern US History
  • "We prefer a generalist who can teach a variety of upper-level and lower-level courses. We are particularly interested in candidates also qualified to teach in an outside area, such as Public History, Geography and World History. We seek experienced and effective university-level teachers who can model best practices in teaching."
  • Deadline: 28 Nov. 2011
  • still available? not listed on website of university anymore
  • Yep. Just email materials to chair of dept.
  • Anybody hear anything?
  • not yet 12/4
  • Automated e-mail from HR received 12/13 saying that "interviews had been conducted" and "the position was filled." x2
  • "careful review" and "multiple interviews" even... have to say this is low-bar for style on rejections received thus far.
  • Yeah, how "careful" could the review of applications that were being received as late as December 2 have been?
  • sounds like they might have known who they wanted all along

Fordham University[]

  • Assistant Professor of US Foreign Relations
  • Deadline: 15 November 2011
  • Looking for post-1945 and political history in particular
  • Confirmation of submitted application received via e-mail 11/18.
  • did everyone receive a form email saying that there work was interesting? if so, pretty funny (x4, and - apparently, our credentials are impressive.) hahaha, amazing.
  • Has anyone heard anythign re: this position? They do intend on interviewing at AHA, right?
  • haven't heard anything (12/2) x2 no word by 12/6, will they do AHA interviews?
  • request for AHA via phone (12/9)
  • Can you give an approximate time of the call or share (if they did) how many they will be interviewing? (no indication of how many people they will interview)
  • Any additional news on this position? It really seems like it's flying under the radar.... (12/13)
  • Had to email search committee to determine status. They responded quickly with a rejection. How hard would it be for search committees to send out status updates on a more regular basis?
  • Same as above. Recieved a nicely worded rejection e-mail. (12/15)
  • did you email the chair as the contact, or someone else?
    • I e-mailed the department chair since his name was listed on the job annoucement as the contact person.
  • I'm no longer in the running for this position, but any updates on the search? I'm just interested to hear what is going on with it. (2/16)
  • At least two campus visits have already taken place.
  • so who got this job?
  • hired a Texas PhD

Georgia Gwinnett University - pre-1945[]

  • Open rank position in 20th C US History (Pre-1945)
  • "The successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
  • any news on either one of these jobs yet?
  • according to the colonial America search, they have started scheduling phone interviews. Expect not to hear a thing, unless you get an interview. (11/30)

Georgia Gwinnett University - post-1945[]

  • Open rank position in 20th C US History (Post-1945)
  • "The successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
  • any news on this one?
    • phone interview scheduled for mid Dec. (11/30)
  • phone interviews to be completed 12/14. Mine happened today. I asked about the timeline of the search & was told they weren't sure; it was a matter of funding, i.e., the dept wasn't sure whether the lines for all the searches they are conducting will actually get funded. Search chair said I might hear something w/in a month or it might be 3 months. (12/13)
  • Has anyone received a campus visit invite?

Gettysburg College (VAP)[]

  • One-year VAP; world history; modern US, especially gender or immigration or urban history)
  • Due date March 12, 2012
  • Has anyone been contacted about this position? I've heard nothing (as of 4/10).
  • Yes, I had a phone interview for this position about two weeks ago. They said they would be bringing their top candidate to campus shortly thereafter--I imagine they've settled on someone since we spoke.
  • Job went to a Michigan PhD (2012)

High Point University[]

  • Tenure track, open rank position in 20th C US History (post-1929)
  • "A record of exceptional teaching and publications preferred."
  • Deadline: 7 Nov. 2011
    • asked to submit teaching evals and transcripts on 11/08. They state that they want to do phone interviews prior to Thanksgiving (11/14).
    • received a generic ack. 11/11. akswely not so lucky a day i guess...
    • have a phone interview scheduled, which will determine if I am asked to do an interview at the AHA (11/15)
    • Their deadline was Nov. 7 and someone was contacted Nov. 8? They move fast! I'm impressed. (Disappointed that I haven't heard from them, but impressed.).
    • Got an email confirming receipt of everything incl. letters of recommendation and saying "The committee will be evaluating files in the weeks to come" (11/15)
    • Um, now I'm confused. Rolling review of apps and invitations?
    • After the phone interviews this week and next, they will determine by 12/05 who they will bring to the AHA for interviews. Now whether or not they will interview others at the AHA who they did not conduct phone interviews with, I do not know.
      • Roger on that. Thanks. x2
    • Dear John letter received. AHA interviews have been scheduled. (12/06) x2. (12/7)
      • Nice of them to notify w/ # of apps even.
      • Out of curiosity, how many apps did they receive in this market?
  • 250
  • Has anyone who had an AHA interview heard anything? x2

Louisiana Tech University - US Foreign Relations/Western Europe[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in History
  • " teach survey courses in world and United States history, and advanced and graduate courses in U.S. diplomatic history, modern western European history, and other area(s) of specialization as determined by qualifications. Secondary area(s) must be compatible with needs of department"
  • Review begins: 19 Mar. 2012
  • Any word on this position? Have they extended oncampus invites?
  • Phone interview 4/4; campus invite 4/11
  • Offer received, 4/23
  • who got this job???
  • Andrew C. McKevitt, Ph.D. from Temple University

Mount Saint Mary's University[]

  • Tenure track appointment in twentieth century American history with a global focus.
  • Deadline: December 1, 2011.
  • Received an email (11/21) acknowledging receipt of application materials with a note that the S.C. "expects to be reviewing applications for several months." Not sure what to make of this since the announcement indicated that interviews would be held at the AHA (x2).
    • The committee will be reviewing the materials in early December and will be interviewing at the AHA (inside info).
    • Any news?
    • received phone call to schedule AHA interview (12/16) x 2
    • campus invite received (1/11)

Northeastern Illinois University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in 20th C US History/Urban History
  • "Candidates should have a deep and broad understanding of 20thCentury U.S. History/Urban History (with desirable areas including--but not limited to—immigration, ethnicity, and culture)."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Crossposted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12
    • Anyone been contacted for a phone interview?
    • Nothing here... 12/1 (x3)
    • a statement that someone had been contacted for phone interview, dated 12/2, was posted here and then deleted by OP. don't know you?
    • Phone interview requested via email, 12/2. (I'm not the person whose earlier post was deleted)
    • Any news on this one?
    • on-campus interviews scheduled.
    • rejection letter stating offer made 2/17 (email)

Oberlin College - VAP - US History since 1930s[]

  • Full-time non-continuing faculty position in the College of Arts and Sciences. Appointment to this position will be for a term of one year, beginning first semester of the 2012-13 academic year, and will carry the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor.
  • The incumbent will teach a total of five courses in the general area of the history of the United States forward from the Great Depression, including courses at the entry, intermediate, and advanced levels. Desired subfields include, but are not limited to: political history, the history of foreign policy, intellectual history, and the history of women and gender.
  • To be assured of consideration, send the following (hard copy or Interfolio only): letter of application, a curriculum vitae, graduate academic transcripts, and at least three recent letters of reference. Materials should be sent to Leonard V. Smith, Chair, Department of History, Oberlin College, 10 North Professor Street, Rice Hall 317, Oberlin, OH, 44074 by March 1, 2012. Application materials received after that date may be considered until the position is filled. Salary will depend on qualifications and experience.
  • Received snail-mail ack and diversity survey X2 (dated 2/6 and 3/8).
  • Rejection letter received via snail mail. Per schedule of courses, hired Jason Petrulis - Columbia PhD, currently VAP at Colby College. X2

Oregon State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship (associate possible) in the history of the US in the World
  • "The successful candidate will have the Ph.D. in History and specialize in the United States in a global context, American international relations, and/or transnational history."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Crossposted at World/Global History 2011-12
    • Anyone know what the teaching load is like for the OSU history department or what kind of research funding is available?
  • Request for additional materials (11/17) X2
  • Also request for additional materials (11/17). Btw, how come nobody is really talking about this job?
    • Do you mind sharing what you both work on?
    • That's a bit too much info to provide imo. Search participants would easily be able to figure out who one is.
  • haven't heard anything, assume rejected?
  • Who knows? If there is one thing I have learned about this adventure is never assume until you get definitive word.
  • had acknowledgement of receipt of app materials a few weeks ago, but no request for further materials. (11/21)
  • Would love to know how many apps they got for this job and the number of people they asked for more materials from. Any committee members lurking about?
  • Request for AHA interview (12/5)
  • polite email rejection letter (12/12) X3
  • Campus visits going on (1/23)
  • Offer made.
  • so who got this job?
  • Congratulations to Dr. Turner Meeks, University of Oklahoma PhD.
  • Hired Christopher McKnight Nichols (UPenn postdoc, Virginia PhD)

Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)[]

  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenured) in Twentieth Century US History
  • "Applicants must have proven teaching experience, and also high-quality research-based publications in Twentieth-Century US History; a preference may be given to those able to contribute to the department’s active Public History teaching programme"
  • Deadline: 12 Feb. 2012
    • Interviews: 29 Feb. 2012

Sam Houston State University[]

  • The Department of History at Sam Houston State University is conducting a search for a United States historian, tenure-track, field 20th century. Teaching load is 3/3 in the context of a significant research agenda.
  • Applications consist of a letter and curriculum vitae addressed to Professor Jeff Crane, Dept. of History, Box 2239, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville TX 77341. The letter of application and c.v. may be submitted at Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Position will begin Fall 2012
  • The position was posted on March 1 and I believe closes March 15. I am not sure if it is related to the open hire position posted last year.
  • The search chair listed here was on the original search committee. Based on the puzzling number of incarnations this search has had (including their odd decision to repost it with a new deadline after AHA interview invitations had already been sent out but before the conference itself), and the fact that they have had a consistent stream of advertisements for VAP positions in U.S. history, one starts to wonder what their deal is.
  • Interesting. I wonder what the deal is then.
  • Two different chairs for the first search earlier this year. Candidates invited on campus for the first search in Feb.
  • just to let you all know, they now are advertising for a VAP in 20th-century America cultural history.
  • They are often advertising for VAPs, and for TT jobs. Something is clearly off here.
  • Things seem off every year here. Any updates?

Seton Hall University - VAP in 20th c. US History[]

  • The History Department at Seton Hall University seeks a historian of Twentieth Century America for a nine month visiting position. The teaching load will be four courses a semester and will include both halves of the two semester US History survey and advanced courses in recent American history. Preference will be given to candidates with relevant teaching experience and Ph.D in hand.
  • Candidates should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae and three letters of reference in electronic form to Screening of applications will begin on June 18th and will continue until the position is filled.

Southern Connecticut State University[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure track. Specialization(s): 20th Century US History. Search # 12-036
  • Please submit Letter of Interest, Current CV, Official Graduate Transcripts and three letters of recommendation to: Dr. Steven Judd, Chair, Department of History, Southern Connecticut State University, 501 Crescent St., New Haven, CT 06515.
  • In order for your application to be given full consideration, all materials must be received by January 17, 2012. Position will remain open until filled.
  • "position will remain open until filled?" That has a certain logical ring to it!
    • This department has quite a few profs., several of whom cover the 20th century but the job ad seems a bit vague. While I can guess the standard answer, "They want to invite the best to apply," I still must wonder is this a replacement or is the department looking for something specific? Any thoughts? (12/4)
    • A few people who do U.S. history took an "early retirement" a few years ago due to the economic crunch. It's been filled by VAPs since then and they've been waiting until they have the money to do a TT search. (12/19)
  • Recieved Affirmative Action survey request (1/19)
  • anything? (02/08)
  • Request for phone interview (2/9)
  • Any word on on campus interviews? (2/28)
  • Campus interview scheduled (3/2)
  • Has an offer been made? (4/11)
  • Rejection e-mail received. Position filled. They received more than 250 "impressive applications." (4/30)
  • Who got the job? Or, at the very least, what type of a 20th century US historian did the department look for? (5/8)

Stanford University[]

  • Post WWII, TT Assistant Professor, Junior Scholar
  • broad program of teaching and research in twentieth-century US history
    • This will go to [name redacted].
    • Will it? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. People should apply and not listen to those sort of comments. X3
    • If they wanted a tenured professor such as the scholar named above, wouldn't they do that search not this one?
    • Anyone with an interest should still apply.
    • The position is for an assistant not associate or full, so I highly doubt they are looking for something so far advanced in their career. People should just apply.
    • We already had nonsense of this type last year. (Look up Boston College 19th century job.) Don't feed the troll. X3
    • True, but you never know. Throw a cover letter their way-- don't bother pouring your heart and soul into it, but say what you do. Last year I got interviews from places I never thought would call. It's a numbers game-- just put your stuff out there, without worrying about getting every last word perfect. It's the hand-wringing that drains us so. (Elaborate post-doc apps are another mater...)
    • I think (based on the fact that your respsonse begins "True, but you never know") that you misunderstood my post. The nonsense is the claim that this job is undoubtedly reserved for a particular person, not the reverse.
  • By the position announcement, I thought that Stanford wanted applicants to discuss their research in their cover letter. But when I went to apply, it turns out that they want a separate research statement. Anyone know what they might want in such a statement? How would it differ from what you'd put in the cover letter? Thanks!
  • I emailed the dept. secretary on this - they want a separate research statement that goes into more detail than the cover letter about your current project and also discusses future research plans.
  • Anyone know if they plan to interview at the AHA?
    • Yes, they plan to interview at the AHA.
      • Diversity form emailed 10/17
      • Request for more materials 11/18 <--- congratulations. insert <the sound of 800 dreams shattering>
        • To those of you who receive a request for materials: First, congratulations and good luck. I'm curious to know what fields you're in; I heard the department threw out a broad description just to see what would come in because they have several retirements in the near future and want to know what's out there. So I wonder what piqued their interest. Thanks.
        • Field is post-war American religious/intellectual history, mostly dead white men, nothing trendy. Have a background in history of foreign relations too. A source who has spoken to the search chair said they are very interested in intellectual history and got many intell hist applicants. NB I do not think we should assume that they requested more materials from everyone they are considering for interviews--perhaps only from borderline cases.
        • To previous poster: Do you have reason to believe that more material was requested only from "borderline cases." I was asked for more material, and was told it was just the next step in the process.
        • request for AHA interview by email 12/8
  • invitation for campus visit by phone 1/20
  • offer made and accepted
    • who's the lucky person?
  • This is incorrect information. I have confirmation from the chair that the offer has not even been formally extended yet, and when it is, several weeks of negotiations will ensue.
  • For those of you still following this search, the first-choice candidate turned it down. They have just made an offer to the runner-up. (3/28)
  • So who got this job?
  • Final e-mail rejection received. Claimed 300 applicants. Anyone know which Ivy League ABD got the position?
  • It's not my place to name the person hired, but rest assured it was not an Ivy League ABD.
  • Why not just name the person? It'll be public soon enough.
  • Ok then, does anyone know which Ivy League PhD got the job?
  • Jennifer Burns, you know the historian from the Colbert Report!
    • PhD UC Berkeley.
    • Well thank G-d a school hired someone from a second-tier program this year. :::Rolls eyes:::
      • Save it for the venting page. This entire line of speculation has been spurious and unprofessional.

Stony Brook University[]

  • Assistant Professorship in post-1945 American History
  • "We seek an historian of the post-1945 United States who may specialize in themes of race, ethnicity, and religion; and/or gender and sexuality; with a preference for those applicants who work in immigration and/or urban history."
  • Deadline: 5 Dec. 2011
  • received a letter in the (snail) mail acknowledging cover letter and seeking letters of ref.
    • email request for Skype interview (12/10)
  • ack. letter dated 12/2 "We have your letter of application and look forward to receiving your letters of reference. If you have not sent us your vita, please do so at this time. It would be especially useful for us to have current telephone and email information." <---did everyone's letter say this? my application had all these things mentioned with it, so I am perplexed by the ack.
  • got the same letter in the mail today 12/12 (x2)
    • Request for Skype interview (Presumably large pool)
    • Did anybody who had a skype interview hear back from them yet? If not, did they say when they'd be in touch? No.
    • Any updates from those who had Skype interview? 1/10
    • Received an email that the on campus interviews had been chosen for the "first round of interviews on campus" 1/19 x2
    • Any insight about what the above means? Will they bring more then one set of candidates to campus, or will they have two rounds narrowing down those they bring first? I have not heard from them and did not receive the above email, so I don't know what to think. Am I out of the running or not???
    • Received same email above (campus interviews chosen for first round on campus) 1/23
  • Letter stating offered has been made (3/6)

Syracuse University[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in US history, WWI to present
  • Application due October 15, 2011
  • Any news?
  • Nothing yet (Nov. 10). Based on last year, my guess is that people will hear about materials requests within a week.
  • Request for writing samples (Nov. 10)
    • I'm confused, didn't we have to submit a chapter with the application? ditto.
    • Not according to the H-net job ad - just letters, c.v. and recs.
    • I did too submit a sample writing, according to the required material listed in an ad that must have appeared in some other place than h-net. Was it the Chronicle?
    • The online application on the jobs website requested it "Application Instructions:
      In addition to completing a mandatory online faculty summary, candidates must attach online, a letter of application, curriculum vitae, a writing sample of no more than fifty pages."
  • I guess the question is: Was the request for a writing sample on 11/10 to someone who hadn't previously submitted a writing sample? Or was this a request for more materials such as a full dissertation, etc... (11/21)
    • Request was for full dissertation/manuscript, plus note that there were 21 "quarter-finalists" (11/25)
    • Any news? Interview invitations were supposed to have been made 12/6 (12/8)
  • Email request for AHA interview (12/6)
  • Offer was made. I think the offer has been accepted.
  • fyi, every member of the search committee was from an Ivy League school, as was every finalist. Kind of strange, especially since many of the strongest modern US grad programs are not Ivy League. Seems to be a real Ivy League bias (insecurity?) in this department.
  • This statement about the search committee is blatantly not true: none of the three interviewing committee members has an Ivy degree. Also, recent hires in the SU department have PhDs from UC-Berkeley, Rutgers, the University of West Virginia, and UW-Madison.
  • What schools were the finalists from?
  • Per schedule of courses, hired Jeffrey Gonda, Yale ABD

University at Albany, SUNY - US & World in 20th c.[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor position in the United States and the World in the 20th Century. The Department is especially interested in historians whose work focuses on American participation in the global economy or American relations with Asia or Latin America.
  • Please apply online via
  • The closing date for receipt of applications is December 16, 2011 and the search will remain open until the position is filled.
  • No AHA? Anybody have *ANY* sense when they will make decisions?
  • anyone know if this search is still active? (1/26)
  • I heard the committee was meeting to make decisions in late January but the radio silence may be indicative that something has gone wrong with this search, unclear. Anyone heard anything definitive? (1/31)
  • Invited for on-campus visit (1/31).

University of Hull (UK)- 20th C American History & Culture[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Assist/assoc prof) in 20th C American History & Culture
  • "you will conduct lectures in American History as well as occasional lectures in Interpreting American Culture and American Film and Society. In this influential role, you are expected to design and deliver a range of new modules in Twentieth-Century American History and Culture"
  • Deadline: 4 Dec 2011.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor specializing in US history since 1929. We particularly seek applicants whose work focuses on US political and policy history. We also invite applicants specializing in public history, race/ethnicity, borderlands, and/or the environment.
  • Please submit dossiers consisting of letter of interest, curriculum vitae, transcripts, a writing sample, and arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent to by November 1, 2011.
  • Anyone heard anything on this one? (11/28)
    • nope (11/29)
    • Request for AHA interview (12/1)
    • Hmmm, nothing here yet (12/6)
    • Has anyone heard anything? (12/19)
    • No. Another search committee too lazy/inconsiderate to keep candidates informed.
    • Invitation to campus
    • "Dear Applicant" rejection email, 2/14. (had not had AHA interview)
      • I had forgotten that I applied here. Happy Valentines Day, y'all!
  • Has a final decision been made on this search? (3/16)

University of Nebraska - Omaha[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor of United States history, focusing on the 20thC
  • " The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching nine hours each semester, including up to two sections of World Civilizations, depending on department needs; for maintaining a program of research and publication; and for supporting the M.A. program"
  • "The dissertation and all other work for a Ph.D. in history or a closely related field must be completed and approved by Jan. 10, 2012"
  • Review begins: 10 Jan. 2012
  • Courteous email from chair noting receipt of all materials (12/6).
  • From SC Chair: Thank you for your interest in the US Twentieth Century position at UNO. The search committee will be meeting soon. Within the next two weeks we will contact some applicants to schedule 'phone interviews.
  • So far, these guys get my vote for the most courteous and professional search of the year.x3
  • Has anyone else not received a confirmation email?
  • SC Chair here: not entirely sure if you mean confirmation of receipt of materials or e-mail on status of search but here's where we're at. Review began 1/10 (although been trying to work thru apps as they came in - we got significantly apps than expected. EVERYONE who submitted at least cv & letter by 1/10 got the e-mail noted above (re: the scheduling of 'phone interviews) and all those people will be included in our initial conversation. However, receipt of materials e-mail only goes to people for whom we have also received 3 letters of rec. I was not in the office today (& obviously won't be in Monday) so there is probably stuff in my box. I will continue to send out e-mails as packets are complete. Please do NOT send e-mails asking if your app is complete.
  • Thank you for responding on the wiki and for making this process so transparent. I think we all appreciate that. I am the person who posted the question above. Interfolio sent my letters priority mail in mid-December, and I submitted a cover letter and cv before 1/10; however, I have not received the email noted above.
  • Well, again, there are two separate e-mails so I'm still not clear to which one you're referring. The e-mails went to the e-mail address provided on the on-line registration not to the one in the c.v. (if they are different).
  • Skype or phone interview offered, additional materials requested (1/17). Prompt, professional back-and-forth via email. *Applause*
  • Brief rejection email, stating simply that interviews were being conducted with certain applicants. (1/20)
  • Position went to SUNY Buffalo Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania - US & World since 19th c.[]

  • U.S. in the World/U.S. International History. The Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship, beginning in September 2012, in the history of U.S. relations with the world since the nineteenth century. We particularly encourage candidates who work in the areas of international relations and transnational approaches to United States history, whose geographical reach extends beyond the western world, and who understand United States history in conceptually and methodologically innovative ways. Teaching responsibilities are in the undergraduate and graduate programs, and the department expects the successful candidate to teach at least one lecture course in U.S. Diplomatic History and International Relations.
  • Online Application
  • Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.
    • Request for additional materials (11/21) (x2) <--as in stanford, sound of 1,000 dreams dying
    • any news on this? (12/13)
    • how about now? 12/15
    • Request for AHA interview (12/15)
    • By email or phone? By email
    • Campus visits scheduled (1/16)
  • Offer accepted (3/10).
  • Congratulations. By whom? (3/18)
  • Congrats to Amy Offner (Columbia ABD)

University of Texas at Arlington - 20th century US legal/constitutional history[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in 20th century United States legal/constitutional history. Applicants with backgrounds in comparative legal/constitutional history and transatlantic history, and secondary/minor fields other than English history, are preferred.
  • Applications should include a letter of interest that specifies research agenda, teaching focus, and experience, a writing sample (article or chapter length), and an up-to-date curriculum vitae; three letters of recommendation also are needed. Please apply to: Elisabeth Cawthon, Legal History Search Committee Chair, via email at Word and pdf formats are preferred for attachments. Review of applications begins immediately after our deadline of November 17, 2011. We will interview candidates who are short-listed, at the American Historical Association meeting in Chicago, Jan. 5-8, 2012.
    • Received a kindly worded rejection via email. The committee acknowledged my application within a day and seems to have moved quickly in the evaluation process. Despite the rejection, I'm impressed with the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by the committee. Best of luck to those still in the running. (12/1)
    • Any news? (1/21)
    • Interviewed at AHA; received word of not making the list of campus-invites the week after AHA. A professional, well-run search. (1/23)

University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee [Non-TT][]

  • 1-year VAP position in 20th C American History
  • Preference for teaching ability in: 'the 1960s', African American and Latin-American courses. 3/3 load.
  • SHORT Deadline: 9 Mar. 2012 [only posted 3 Mar!]
  • Phone interview request (3/26)
  • [17 Aug. 2015] general comments about this university removed - please use Universities to fear or Universities to love to make general comments about a department.  Please also use the 'preview' link (right hand frame) to make sure that comments are formatted properly.  thanks.  AFII (talk) 16:19, August 17, 2015 (UTC)

Valparaiso University - Modern US[]

  • Valparaiso University invites applications for a tenure track assistant professor of modern American History to begin August 2012.
  • Send letter of application, c.v., graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation by Nov. 21st, 2011, to Prof. Alan Bloom, 1409 Chapel Dr., Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Candidates should be interested in working at a university engaged in issues in Christian education in the Lutheran tradition.
  • Any idea if they will be conducting interviews at the AHA?
  • The website still shows the position open. I called the Provost's office and the assistant said that as far as she knew, the position was still open. Should someone email the chair of history dept? (12/12)
  • Just received email confirmation that application was received. They will notify applicants for AHA by Dec. 20. (12/14)x2
  • Expect to hear nothing from them unless you receive an interview. "You will hear from us by 12/20 IF you have been selected for an interview."
  • Hmm... I know my app was delivered, but I've yet to receive a confirmation. Did the two people above receive confirmations after emailing them or did you just get an out-of-the-blue email?
  • AHA interview request via phone (12/14)
    • do you mind sharing your field?
    • i'm am not the person above, but even at this stage, its seems that if you post your field, you would possibly, even probably be readily identifiable if the SC looked at the wiki, and that seems unadvisable, doesn't it?
    • I don't think so. You're not bad mouthing the school by stating your fields.
    • however your other comments/outcomes made public on the wiki could be associated with you. That isn't something I'd want, personally.
  • I did not even receive an acknowledgement. oh well.
  • For those who did get interviews, did you both get the phone call on 12/14? Nope, on 12/15. x3. 12/16 x1
    • Does that mean anything? Anyone know if they are they still calling?
    • How would we know that?
  • Does anyone know when they're making invitations for campus visits?
  • Phone call for campus interview (1/11)
  • Has anyone who received an AHA interview received a post-AHA rejection? Nope (1/18)
  • Also no (1/25), but I'm assuming the on-campus visits have been extended by now?
  • Yes, this is a fair assumption. We're clearly just dealing with a committee that is not courteous enough to send out official rejections.
  • On campus visits have happened.
  • Heresay: Positions has been offered.

Virginia Military Institute[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 20th C US History
  • "The successful candidate will participate in the two-semester sophomore-level American history survey, and an upper level sequence on twentieth-century United States history. "
  • 3/3 load
  • Review begins immediately [4 Nov.]
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • E-mail sent noting that they are conducting reviews and will send out invites for Chicago interviews before Dec. 15th, as per AHA guidelines. x2
    • Received rejection by e-mail 29 Nov, which suggests that they are on track in terms of reviewing applications.
    • Anyone hear anything? No news as of Dec. 14.
    • curt rejection letter (12/14) x2
    • Letter indicating I am a "reserve candidate" and may be contacted should those interviewed at the AHA prove unsatisfactory. (12/14) x 2
    • AHA interview invite (12/14)
    • Reject email for campus invite (1/19) x2
    • This job has been offered and accepted.

Virginia Wesleyan College[]

  • Full-time tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of 20th Century U.S. history, with the ability to teach women's and/or gender history and African American history. Position begins in fall 2012. Ph.D. in U.S. history required. The teaching load is three four-credit courses per semester.
  • Deadline for consideration is 1 December 2011.
  • Anyone know if they plan to interview at the AHA?
  • Not sure. Has anyone received an acknowledgement that they received your materials?
    • yes. as soon as I submitted the e-portion I got an email back from staff saying it was received.(x2)
    • I wonder if I should email them because I sent everything and I have not heard a thing.
    • I would e-mail because VWC wrote me to let me know they received all materials and that they opened correctly.
    • Emailed and received a nice reply confirming they received my app, although maybe it was fate that I did, because one of letters of rec did not make it. They told me to have the letter sent via email.
  • Interview at the AHA scheduled. (x4)
  • Did you both hear via email or phone? (email)
  • Received campus invite 1/13 (x2)
  • unfortunately worded rejection (had not been interviewed) 1/27
  • Yes, that was one funnily written letter! Talk about passive voice and obliqueness!

Wake Forest University[]

  • Wake Forest University seeks a tenure-track assistant professor of United States history for appointment beginning July 2012
  • Research must be focused on the United States and the World in the twentieth century. The teaching of a two-semester survey of the United States and the World, and World Civilizations is required. Excellent teaching of undergraduates and high-quality scholarship are central to Wake Forest's mission. We will give strong preference to candidates with Ph.D. in hand by July 2012 and teaching experience.
  • To apply, please send a letter of application, c.v., transcript copies, and separate statement of teaching philosophy to Three confidential letters of recommendation can be sent to
  • All materials must be received no later than November 1, 2011. Initial interviews will take place in Chicago at the AHA in January of 2012. Complete details and to apply, go to or call 336-758-4700 EOE/AA.
    • Does anyone know what happened to Theresa Ventura, who was hired for this same position at Wake in 2009?
    • She moved elsewhere.
    • Where did she move to? A quick move?
    • Concordia. I think it was to be with her partner.
  • anyone contacted for additional materials or interview yet?
  • haven't heard anything (x2) (11/21)
    • AHA Interview scheduled (12/1)
    • Polite rejection by email (12/6) x4
  • no interview but no rejection either (still listed as "under consideration") 12/8 x2
  • Offer made (3/2)
  • Offer accepted
  • Congratulations to Benjamin Coates, a Columbia PhD.

Westminster College []

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in 20th century United States foreign relations or international relations
  • Review begins November 4, 2011
  • Received two letters to date advising me on the status of my application ... lucky to get one letter or e-mail from most other institutions!
    • Request for phone interview (12/5).