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What's your employment status?[]

  • ABD: 42
  • Postdoc: 16
  • VAP: 19
  • Adjuncting PhD: 17
  • TT but looking for a new job: 19
  • Tenured but looking for a new job: 1
  • Lecturer: 16
  • Employed in academia (Tenured or TT) but reading out of curiosity: 9
  • Fully employed outside of academia: 6
  • Partly employed outside of academia:1
  • Unemployed PhD: 2
  • Search Committee Member: 4
  • Just looking: 2
  • Need to get a life: 1
  • No Future: 1
  • Miserable in a department that in no way should retain its accreditation: 2
  • Just Miserable: 1
  • Depressed, but hopeful grad student at the comps stage: 3
  • My future happiness depends on my academic spouse getting another job: 5

TOTAL: 167 (7/2/2013) <----Remember to update total!!

Canadian & non-US North American History[]

Brandon University (Can.)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Canadian History with a specialization in Western Canada, to start 1 Jul. 2013
  • "A Ph.D. in History is strongly preferred, however ABD applicants who will have completed their degree requirements at the time of appointment will also be considered. The successful candidate will be responsible for the continuing development and maintenance of the Canadian history program, and will have the opportunity to develop specialized courses in her or his particular field of research. The area of research specialization is open, but expertise in Prairie History would be particularly welcome. Applicants must have a strong research and publishing profile as well as demonstrated excellence in teaching."
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2012
  • Two candidates have been shortlisted for the position.

McGill University (Can.) - Modern Canadian[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Canadian History, to begin 1 Aug. 2013
  • "The successful candidate should hold a PhD in hand at the time of appointment and show promise of excellence in scholarly research and teaching. McGill University is an English language institution; however, knowledge of French would be considered an asset."
  • Review begins: 30 Nov. 2012 and remains open until filled
  • Three campus interviews have been scheduled (Feb. 14)

Mont Royal University (Can.) - 19th C Canadian[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in nineteenth century Canadian History, to begin 15 Aug. 2013
  • (pending final budgetary approval)
  • "A completed Ph.D. and experience in undergraduate teaching is required. The successful applicant must be qualified to teach introductory as well as senior courses, and be willing to participate in course and program development. The ability to teach and develop courses in politics, colonial North America, sexuality, immigration, race, and/or ethnicity would be considered an asset."
  • "Mount Royal University is seeking candidates with a focus on teaching and learning, although this position also provides the opportunity for participation in research. New faculty members are hired into one of two work patterns. The teaching/scholarship/service pattern has a focus on teaching with the requirement that the faculty member be involved in a research program as well as service to the Mount Royal community. The teaching/service pattern has a focus on teaching and service only. It is up to the candidate to choose their work pattern and there is an option to change one’s work pattern after tenure is awarded. Candidates who opt for the scholarship pattern should have a record of scholarly accomplishment, and it is expected that they will maintain an active research programme."
  • Deadline: 3 Jan. 2013
  • Received email confirming that all materials were recevied. Late start? (2/12)
  • Candidate hired (April)

University of Maine - Canadian Studies/History & North Atlantic World[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Canadian History (with a specialization in the History of the North Atlantic World)
  • "Candidates’ research interests and teaching expertise should complement the History Department’s existing programs in U.S. and European history. Teaching responsibilities include two Canadian Studies courses for the Canadian-American Center, and two undergraduate and graduate level courses for the History Department"
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2012
  • Phone interview scheduled (11/1).
  • Several campus visits have taken place (Jan. 9)

University of Oslo (Norway) - Western Contemporary History (after 1918)[]

  • See original posting European History 2012-13
  • I propose deleting this new job from the section on non-US North American history, which seems to be a weird way of saying Canadian since Mexican and Cuban are covered in other sections.
  • [I left the outline rather than outright deleting in order to discourage the original poster from putting in back in again; they posted it everywhere! AFII (talk) 08:28, February 14, 2013 (UTC)]

Mixed or Open Specialty[]

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (Geo.) - US & Latin America[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor of history
  • 5/5 Teaching Load "includ[ing] both halves of the US survey, as well as upper division courses within the Rural Studies baccalaureate curriculum."
  • "Preference will be given to Americanists with a secondary field in Latin America or Latin Americanists with a secondary field in modern American history, including the history of religion"
  • Ph.D. required.
  • Review begins immediately [posted 14 Jan] and position is open until filled
  • email to schedule phone interview (2/18)x8
  • Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • Nope, but it's spring break there this week.
  • Invited to campus week of 4/8 (3/21)x2
  • Any word yet?
  • I believe the last campus visit was last Wednesday (4/10).  They should make a decision soon.
  • Thanks for the update. Good luck!
  • Thanks. You too!
  • Offer made and declined (4/25)
  • Offer made and accepted. (4/26)

​​Adrian College (MI) [VAP; Jan. 2013 start][]

  • The successful applicant will be required to teach three courses a year, including U.S. History Survey I and II, one survey course in African-American, Native American, or U.S. women's history, and one upper level topics class in an area of the applicant's expertise. Qualifications: Ph.D. or ABD preferred, with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching required.
  • Application Materials: Cover letter, vita, teaching portfolio (containing syllabi, student evaluations, and teaching philosophy) and three letters of recommendation via email to ...Position starts in January of 2013 and runs through April 2015.
  • Half-time for 2.5 years
  • Deadline: 10 Oct. 2012
  • Anyone heard anything about this?

Angelo State University - Asia Since 1800 - CANCELLED[]

  • Assistant Professor of History, tenure-track, Asia Since 1800. The successful candidate must teach both halves of U.S. History survey, along with advanced Asian History courses in subfields that may include, but are not necessarily limited to, comparative, diplomatic, economic, political, and social history.
  • Ph.D. in hand at the time of appointment; one year of teaching experience, either as a graduate teaching fellow or in a college as an adjunct, instructor, or assistant professor.
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2012
  • Canceled due to budgetary restrictions

Arizona State University - [Full Prof.] American Political History[]

  • Full Professorship in American Political History "with emphasis on American political conservatism and policy history since 1945"
  • 2/2 Teaching Load
  • SHORT Deadline: 25 Jan. 2013

Birmingham-Southern College - Recent (post-1877) US History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Recent American History (since 1877) to begin Fall 2013
  • "The successful applicant will teach the second half of the introductory American history survey and upper-level courses in his or her specialties. Candidates with expertise in African-American or Civil Rights history, environmental history, media history, US foreign relations, or Latin America are particularly encouraged to apply"
  • PhD must be in hand by 15 Aug. 2013
  • Review begins: 14 Dec. 2012 and is open until filled
  • Request for AHA interview via email (12/19) x3
  • For those of you who got interviews, would you mind listing your rank?
  • Invite to campus by phone (1/9)
  • any news?  (2/24)
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Who got the job?

Bluefield State College (West Virginia.) - Asst/Assoc.[]

[NB: No link to original advert supplied. PLEASE try to follow the format of the wiki (e.g. alphabetical order, link to posting, heading use, etc) when you make a new entry. AFII (talk) 08:50, October 19, 2012 (UTC)]

  • Tenure track Assistant/Associate Professor in American History
  • "We seek a candidate with an earned doctorate [in hand by 1 June 2013] in History who can teach American history courses including American History I and II, American Colonial History, African-American History I and II, Recent American History, Diplomatic History of the United States, and courses in the area of specialization.
  • Position dependent on funding
  • " This position may require developing and teaching load (may include web based or interactive video instruction and/or courses at off-campus locations), academic advising, as well as participation in school committees and College governance. The successful will demonstrate evidence of the potential for excellence in teaching, dedication to College and community service, and an active research agenda."
  • " Interested applicants must submit a BSC application for employment and include a letter of application, curriculum vita, college transcripts (unofficial is acceptable) and contact information for three professional references to: Human Resources, Bluefield State College, 219 Rock Street, Bluefield, WV 24701 or by email to:
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2012
  • I just received a rejection letter (3/8). (x2)

Brown University - History of Capitalism in Modern America[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in the history of capitalism defined broadly to encompass candidates working in labor history (free and unfree), business history, economic history, history of economic thought, history of consumer society, and the political economy of the nineteenth and/or twentieth-century US.
  • The appointment will begin on July 1, 2013, or as soon as possible thereafter. Receipt of the Ph.D. is expected by the time of appointment. Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference via Interfolio:
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012.
    • Crossposted to Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2012-13
    • If all searches were run like this, there'd be little need for the jobs wiki.
    • Very nice letter requesting additional writing/publications. Sent through Interfolio 10-30 (x5)
    • Anyone else heard anything? I only ask because a 2 week turn around time is amazing, and I (hopefully) wonder if Brown is practicing a sort of rolling request for more materials.<- Don't think it is rolling. Know of several people who got the request, all at the same time.
    • Just got the rejection (after getting request for more materials). Think interviews have gone out. (11/20)
    • Another data point. No request for additional materials, but no rejection or interview offer yet (11/21)
    • in re: above, this is unsurprising, right?  The initial email did say that they were getting started early but not closing out the search (I assume with rejection emails) for many months. (11/28)
    • Nothing - no request for more materials, no rejection, no interview... ((sigh)) (12/3)
  • Skype interview (late Nov.)
  • Offer made to Harvard grad.

California Inst. of Technology - U.S. Social[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in American History, to start Fall 2013
  • Appropriate specialties include social science history, race relations, women, demography, or politics, in any period of American history
  • We are seeking highly qualified candidates who are committed to a career in research and teaching. The term of initial appointment is normally four years, and is contingent upon completion of the PhD.
  • Interested candidates should apply electronically at Candidates unable to apply electronically may send a letter of application describing their current research, a c.v., and three letters of recommendation to Chair, American Social History Search, HSS 228-77 Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2012.
  • Has anyone heard anything? I am very interested in this position.
  • I heard they have begun asking for writing samples (10/25)
  • Hmm, interesting. I have had no such request. I wonder if that means I am not being considered. I also wonder if they waited to consider my application complete once my recommendations were submitted.
  • Request for writing samples came shortly after all three recommendation letters were confirmed as submitted (10/25)
  • I see. I have not received that confirmation. (10/25)
  • Sorry, poorly worded, confirmed as submitted by my referees :) So the full quota of letters seems necessary but not sufficient for extra materials being requested.
  • Thanks for the clarity. The letters from my referees were all confirmed by October 14th. I suppose that means I am already out of the running (10/29).
    • Rec'd request for additional materials (10/29) X 3 (10/31) X 1 (11/12) X 1 (11/14) X 1 (11/26) X 1 (11/28) X 1
    • Request for writing sample (12/3) X 1 (12/4) X 1
  • Did others receive an email confirmation upon submitting the online app? I *think* I submitted it 10/26, but have had no request for letters from Interfolio. Or does it just take a while?
    • I emailed CalTech to check on the receipt of letters- it seems like Interfolio didn't receive the request from their online system after I completed the online app. So I had Interfolio email the letters directly to, and they confirmed receipt right away.
    • ^ Thank you.
    • ^ Thanks also - you made me realize I had no confirmation; something happened with Interfolio, resubmitted.
  • So, if I submitted my application in late October and have not heard anything back from them (no request for extra materials), is it safe to say that I should just pack it in on this one?
  • I don't know that it is safe to say that you should pack it on this one yet. It seems like an unusual search as individuals are still getting requests for writing samples (as recently as 12/4). Could anyone that has received a request for additional materials or a writing sample clarify what was stated in this request? Was any timeline given for the search, interviews, etc.? 
  • No timeline given. Because I'm ABD they asked for a dissertation chapter.
  • Also ABD, though they asked for my publications. No timeline either. Only the cryptic phrase that my candidacy was judged to "warrant further attention" (whatever that might mean).
  • The email I receieved also stated that they had judged my candidacy to "warrant further attention." I am ABD and they wanted a chapter from my dissertation that specifically addressed one aspect of my project.  Luckily, I had a chapter that did what they wanted.  
  • Thank you for the clarification so far!  Since I had originally posted about wondering if I should "pack it in or not," I see that there have been some more recent requests for materials.
  • I have no particular insight into this search, other than having had materials requested and acknowledged (no indication of timetable was given). They did seem to be requesting materials after all letters are in, so that might be slowing them down. Given that not all the applicants are likely on the wiki, the number of people contacted about this one seems high.
  • Request 12/4 for one or more writing samples. Not ABD, so publications.
  • Request 12/10 for writing samples
  • To person with 12/10 request--would you mind saying when, roughly, you submitted your application? It seems like they are rolling and I submitted very close to deadline. Wondering what their timing is like. (X1)
  • I also submitted relatively "late" (I believe about a week or so before the deadline) and everytime I think they're done asking for writing samples, I see a new post about another request. (x2)
    • I submitted very close to the deadline and received a request for materials on 12/4. So they seem to be moving slowly, and asking a lot of people for materials.
    • I am 12/10 poster. Submitted relatively late but not at the last minute. Clearly this is rolling and requests are still going out.
    • 12/12, Received the famed request today.
  • Does anyone know if they are planning AHA interviews? Or Skype?
  • They are listed on the AHA's job center handout as conducting prearranged interviews on Friday, January 4 from 8-5.
  • Has anyone who submitted their application in late September/early October been asked recently by Caltech to submit a writing sample?
  • Still no word on AHA interviews?
  • None here (12/18-19) x3 (12/27)
  • AHA interview request (x2)
  • For the person with the interview, what date did it come through? Did they call or email?
  • It is incredibly thoughtless for them to be issuing interview requests so close to the AHA. It should be mandatory to offer the option of a telephone/skype interview, and a testament to all that is wrong with the system that they probably did not offer such an option. 
  • Email on 12/29 -- and they did offer a skype option after the AHA.
  • Good to know (and glad to hear) they offered skype.
  • Anyone know when the skype interviews were so we will know when we might expect to hear?  Or has anyone heard post AHA? (1/17) 
  • Rejection email (1/25)
  • Gracious email rejection acknowledging the "terrible job market;" they received 455 applications (2/15). 
  • they have just reposted this job for the 13-14 search year. (8/9) Do we know why?

California State University, Northridge - US/Public History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in United States and Public History
  • "The candidate must demonstrate expertise in one or more of the following areas: museums, historic preservation, digital history and archives.  Evidence of teaching excellence and strong scholarly potential is required.    The candidate must demonstrate a strong commitment to teach and mentor a diverse student population.  Applicants must have a PhD in hand at the time of appointment.  The successful candidate, if not a U.S. citizen, must have authorization from the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to work in the United States at the time of appointment"
  • "Normal teaching load is 12 units per semester, although a reduced teaching load is usually available during the first two years of appointment."
  • Review begins: 15 Jan. 2013 and continued until post is filled.
  • On Non Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2012-13 page: Feb. 1 update - Skype invitations have gone out. 

California State University - Sacramento - US/California[]

  • Probationary tenure track assistand professorship in California History, to begin Fall 2013
  • "Candidates must be qualified to teach courses in California and US history. The successful candidate will engage in research and scholarly activities related to California history, supervise undergraduate and graduate research, advise majors and pre-credential students, serve on department, college, and university committees, and perform community service. The PhD in History or a related field must be completed by August 15, 2013."
  • Review begins: 15 Feb. 2013 and position is open until filled
  • Receipt of application acknowledged via email. Diversity form sent.
  • E-mail to schedule phone interview 3/7
  • Post-phone-interview e-mail to confirm interest and notify that references will be contacted 3/13
  • anyone know if on-campus interviews have been scheduled? I'm assuming so... (4/3)
  • Yes
  • Email rejection (4/18) Not so sure about the "careful consideration" though, since I'd removed myself from the search.
  • when did you remove yourself from the search and why?
  • I pulled myself from the search when the diversity forms were sent out. It's not a commentary on the department; I just got another job (outside of academia) that fit my personal and professional needs.

Carroll College - Helena (Mont.) - Modern US w/East Asian or Latin American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern US History "with secondary fields in either East Asian history or Latin American history beginning in August of 2013"
  • "Applicants should be prepared to teach the US history survey, a course in East Asian or Latin American history, upper-division courses in their field, and historiography. The successful candidate will show evidence of a dedication to teaching, a plan for continued scholarship, collegiality, and a commitment to service. A PhD in history is preferred by August of 2013"
  • Review begins: 15 Jan. 2013
  • ack from HR that application was forwarded to search committee (x 2)
  • Call to set up phone interview (1/30) x2
  • Any updates? 
  • possible inside hire? Carroll grad is current adjunct & about to earn phd
  • received a rejection letter via snail mail--not many details (3/18)

Clemson University (South Carolina) - US Legal[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US Legal History
  • " J.D. preferred; Ph.D. must be in hand by August 15, 2013. Applicants must be prepared to teach an upper-level U.S. legal history sequence; the introductory-level U.S. history sequence; and graduate-level courses in U.S. legal history. They must also be prepared to direct master’s theses related to their area of specialization, and to direct the department’s pre-law advising program. The department will consider applicants in all areas of research specialty, but has a particular interest in candidates who can teach classes related to women’s/gender history."
  • Deadline: 10 Dec. 2012
  • AHA interview request via email (12/11) (x3)

College of Coastal Georgia U.S. Cultural and/or Atlantic World[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professorship in History, to begin 1 Aug. 2013 "pending funding"
  • "Rank will be commensurate with education and experience."
  • "The teaching responsibilities include American History as well as upper and lower division level course"
  • Essential qualifications include a Doctoral degree in history from a regionally accredited institution. The successful candidate will also have expertise in cultural history and or history of the Atlantic World that can contribute to the American Studies program.
  • Review begins: 21 Jan. 2013 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Search Committee will not review ABD applicants. The job ad does not mention this point, but the HR Department at CCG confirmed it.
  • Received invitation to phone interview week of 2/25 (2/18)
  • They will be finishing phone interviews next week and plan to bring candidates to campus in late March/early April. (2/27)
  • Request for additional materials (3/7)
  • Received phone call notifying me of desire to schedule campus visit late March/early April (3/11)
  • Visited scheduled week of 4/15 (3/20)
  • Be wary.  Had very sketchy dealings with them last year for this posting.  Asked me to an on-campus visit and then (before I visited) cancelled, with the excuse of "We had to make a decision in a hurry, and hired someone else.  Sorry."  Not sure what happened to their hire, but good luck if you land the job.  (3/28)
  • above poster: thanks for the info.  Sorry to hear it; I like the location & their emphasis on service learning.  That said, the search has not proceeded terribly professionally thus far.  Then again, the search chair is only a year out of grad school. (3/29)
  • Yes, setting is attractive and people seem nice.  Hopefully they've got things figured out.
  • Offer made (4/19)

Concordia College Moorhead (Minn.) - US Environmental & Atlantic World[]

  • 9-month tenure track assistant professorship in US Environmental/Atlantic World History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • "As one of 28 U.S. colleges associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Concordia encourages a learning environment that fosters a partnership between intellect and faith. Through its dynamic curriculum, campus life, and off-campus programs, Concordia encourages students to discern their vocation while embracing responsible engagement in the world."
  • "The applicant is required to teach upper division courses in Early American, Native American, as well as Environmental History. The department particularly welcomes applicants who can teach a variety of survey courses and contribute to the college’s core curriculum. To be considered, candidates must provide evidence of teaching excellence and have Ph.D. in hand by August 2013"
  • Review begins: 1 Jan. 2013
    • Crossposted to World/Global History 2012-13 and Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2012-13
    • So is it a 9-month position, or a tenure track?
    • The 9-month part simply means that you are paid for 9 out of 12 months of the year, because school is not in session during the summer.  It's really common.
    • Any word? (2/5/13)
    • Have heard they are currently conducting on-campus interviews (3/20/2013)

Daemen College (NY) - American Immigration History, Comparative History, or History of the Atlantic World[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in History.
  • The successful candidate will have training and expertise in American immigration history, comparative history, or history of the Atlantic World. The department is also interested in developing its offerings in public history, historic preservation, and digital history.
  • A Ph.D. in History is required; ABD applicants will be considered only with evidence that Ph.D. will be in hand by August 2013.
  • 4/3 teaching load "the successful candidate will be required to teach a range of lower/upper division courses in the candidate’s areas of expertise, introductory survey courses in American and World History, and participate in teaching senior thesis courses on a rotating basis. Applicants must have teaching experience, and the promise of teaching excellence, at the undergraduate level. Candidates who demonstrate the promise of active involvement in curricular and program development, and commitment to innovative teaching are highly valued."
  • Qualified applicants should send a cover letter of application, curriculum vitae, transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and evidence of teaching effectiveness to: HR Director, Daemen College, 4380 Main St., Amherst, NY, 14226.
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2012.
  • Confirmation of application (11/30)
  • Recived a letter in the mail of confirmation of application. It was mailed out on Dec. 12th. (12/19)
  • Request for Phone Interviews via email sent out (1/16)
  • email to schedule phone interview (1/19)
  • any news? (3/8)
  • received a rejection letter saying the position had been filled (3/30)

Dartmouth College - Early North America[]

  • Tenure-track position at the assistant professor level in the history of North America prior to 1800.
  • The successful candidate must show promise of outstanding scholarly achievement and a commitment to undergraduate teaching. The appointment will begin July 1, 2013, Ph.D. in hand.
  • Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of reference, and a short writing sample to
  • Deadline: 22, Oct. 2012.
    • So, does anyone know where Joseph Cullon went? This job ad seems to be looking for his replacement.
    • He may have gone to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts. It looks like he's an adjunct professor there. If so, he probably made the move for personal/family reasons and not due to any negative experiences with Dartmouth. You can see the relevant webpage here:
    • Email invitation for AHA interview 11/17 (x2)
    • Gotta love the rejection letter. Subject: Early North American Search Update. Text: "I would like to inform you of progress in our search for a new assistant professor in Economic History." Keeping two searches straight has got to be so hard on them! x2 (12/21)
    • campus interviews scheduled
    • Offer accepted (2011 Ph.D., The College of William and Mary).

Dartmouth College - Economic History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Economic History
  • Specializations in the history of global capitalism, labor of all varieties, trade, resources, and related fields are welcome. The successful candidate must show promise of outstanding scholarly achievement and a commitment to teach a range of courses at the undergraduate level broadly covering economic history. The appointment will begin July 1, 2013, Ph.D. in hand.
  • Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of reference, and a short writing sample to by 22 Oct. 2012
  • Any news on this? (11/18)

Delta State University (Miss.) - Pre-1877[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History
  • "The teaching load is four courses per semester. The successful candidate will teach upper-level courses in U.S. History before 1877 and freshman-level U.S., History survey courses. The candidate may be required to teach graduate-level courses for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, as well as for the Master of Education in History. Other responsibilities include: providing service to the Division of Social Sciences and History and engaging in pertinent research."
  • "Preference will be given to candidates with sub-fields in one or a combination of: slavery, gender, and the antebellum South."
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2012
  • Any news on this one (12/15)
  • Yes, any word on this? (3/28)
  • Offered and accepted  (4/11

Depauw University - Twentieth-Century U.S. [non-TT; VAP][]

  • Applications invited for one-year position beginning August 2013. Rank and salary commensurate with experience. Ph.D. preferred. Prior teaching experience required. Commitment to undergraduate teaching in liberal arts setting essential. Teaching responsibilities: survey courses in nineteenth and twentieth-century US history and upper-level/lower-level thematic classes in areas of expertise. Desired areas include women and gender, civil rights, and environment. Visit Submit in electronic form letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, transcripts, statement of teaching areas and philosophy, and research interests to:
  • Deadline: 22 March 2013
  • believe there is a post-doc there currently who fits this job description. 
  • Campus Visit Invitation.
  • Has anyone heard more from this job?
  • Received rejection letter last week.

Doane College (NE) - US West/Native American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship
  • "Ph.D. or advanced ABD, college teaching experience, and a commitment to teaching in an undergraduate liberal arts college preferred The successful candidate will teach U.S. History surveys and upper division courses that include, but are not limited to, the American West, Nebraska History, Native American history, and the history of race in the United States. S/he also will have the opportunity to teach in interdisciplinary programs. Research interests in the American West, Great Plains and/or Borderlands regions are preferred."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2012 and position is open until filled
  • Intend to conduct AHA interviews.
  • Confirmation of materials (11/05)
  • AHA interview scheduled over the phone (12/03)
  • In response to the above post, I did not receive a call about an AHA interview, but today I received an email with a brief questionnaire to email back.   Did you receive this form as well before you were contacted for an interview?  This is not the EOE form that I received upon acknowledgement of my materials back in October.  Thank you! (12/04) x2
  • I received the phone call yesterday morning (12/03), but like you, I also received the questionnaire today. (12/04)
  • Ah, I see.  Okay, thanks.  I didn't know if this was an indication of a possible interview request or not...but it seems as though that's not the point of the questionnaire.
  • On-campus interview scheduled via phone on January 9 (1/21)
  • An offer has been accepted.

Durham Unviersity (UK) - US History post-1830[]

  • Lecturship/Senior Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc or Assoc/Full Prof.) in US History after 1830
  • "The successful applicant will be able to show how their research interests will contribute to the Department’s developing strength in EITHER cultural history (which may include political culture) OR social and economic history."
  • "The successful applicants will be expected to teach and collaborate in modules in the history of the USA since 1830 at undergraduate and taught (masters) postgraduate levels, and to supervise postgraduate research. They will also undertake outstanding research which will lead to publications with high standards of international significance, and which has potential for public engagement and influence on bodies outside higher education. They will also be capable of making successful applications for external grants to support this research, including participation in collaborative projects. They will take a full part in the life of the Department, and show ability to exercise academic leadership"
  • Deadline: 24 Mar. 2013
  • Any word on the status of this?  I've received no notice one way or the other. (x2)
  • Shortlisted, 4/10
  • Job offered and accepted, 4/24

Earlham College (Indiana) - Two posts: Af/Am, Women/Gender, Transnational[]

  • Two tenure track assistant professorships in US History
  • "The department seeks candidates committed to teaching excellence and liberal arts education. The candidate must be able to make a significant contribution (including leadership and rotating core courses) to the college's interdisciplinary programs in African/African American Studies and/or Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. A strong interest in topics of justice, diversity, sustainability and/or transnational history is particularly desirable. Responsibilities include teaching first year intensive writing courses, regular departmental offerings (including US survey) and courses in fields of specialization and/or interests. Ph.D preferred."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2012 and continues until post is filled
  • Email ack reciept of materials, no timeline for review (10/17) x6 and (11/1)
  • Did anyone NOT receive ack of materials? x4 (although I had been in contact with the department's assistant about something else, so perhaps she thought it unnecessary? [11/8]
  • Anyone else not receive acknowledgement?
  • also did not receive acknowledgement x6 (11/14)
  • AHA Interview Request by phone x9 (12/4) (12/5)
  • can I ask what your research interests are?  I thought this was a good fit......
  • Seems like a lot of AHA interview offers, no?
    • Not if they're serious about hiring two people!
  • On-campus interview request by email (1/18) x2
    • Invited for women/gender. x2  <-- Thanks for the info (X2)
      • ^^ Congrats!  Are you in the running for the Af Am or Women/Gender job? Or both?
      • I understand that they gave invites to Af Am, but did they also invite candidates for the Women/Gender job?
      • ^ Where are you getting the information that they invited for the Af Am job? 
  • Any Updates? (2/20)
    • An offer is out for the Af Am position. The third Women/Gender candidate visit was this week, so presumably the department will soon make an offer. (3/1)
    • Received rejection letter (3/16). Search concluded. 

Eastern Illinois University - US History/Historical Administration (Museum experience necc.)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History and Historical Administration
  • "Specialty in U. S. History open; experience in digital applications required; Ph. D. and museum experience required. ABD with degree in hand at time of appointment considered. The successful applicant will teach the courses on museum exhibits within the department’s M. A. in Historical Administration Program, graduate courses in area of specialization which might include offerings in digital humanities or applications, as well as undergraduate courses in U.S. History."
  • Review begins: 16 Nov. 2012 and position is open until filled.
  • Received very nice email stating candidates will be informed within two weeks (11/27)
  • Any word? (3/28)

Florida State University - American Religious History, open rank[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship or tenured associate professorship in American Religious History
  • (for the assistant professorship, tenure on appointment is possible)
  • "A Ph.D. is required, as is evidence of excellence in teaching and research sufficient to promise strong contributions to a comprehensive program (B.A. through Ph.D.)."
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2012
  • Email (11/20): "Our position has been filled.
  • woah, that was quick.  did they have a candidate already selected?

Georgia College & State University - [Non-TT] US History[]

  • Renewable non-tenure track lectureship in US History, to begin fall 2013
  • Teaching load 5/5
  • "The successful candidate will be expected to teach survey courses in US History, support the University’s first and second-year seminars, GC1Y and GC2Y, and will have the possibility of teaching upper-level courses in their field...The position may also provide for the opportunity to teach our HIST 4415 Georgia Colony and State course.Evidence of methodological innovation and creative teaching strategies is highly desirable."
  • Review begins: 1 Mar. 2013 and position is open until filled

Georgia Institute of Technology - US Urban History[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor with a start date of August 15, 2013.
  • The school is seeking highly qualified candidates specialized in U.S. urban history with ability to teach U.S. History since 1877 and specialized courses for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Interest in collaboration with Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture, School of City and Regional Planning, and proposed Center for Urban Innovation strongly preferred. PhD or equivalent is required by date of hire.
  • Applicants should send a letter of application, c.v., transcripts, and three letters of recommendation via email to Prof. Hanchao Lu, Chair, U.S. Urban History Search Committee, School of HTS, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0225.
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2012
    • phone call to schedule skype interview: 4 Dec. (x3)
    • Anyone else get calls besides you three? (12/7)
  • No skype interview, but just got an email request to fill out the Voluntary Disclosure Form. Is that weird, or are they just behind in getting these out? (1/16)
  • I'm sure they are just behind--in my experience it is fairly common to get this form after a search has already moved forward (or even concluded, in at least one instance I can remember). 
  • Campus visits scheduled (1/20)
  • Any word on who got this job? (4/30)

Hendrix Collge (Ark.) - Open rank, 18th & 19th C[]

  • Open rank hire in 18th and 19th Century US History
  • "The person selected will teach six courses a year, divided between upper and lower-division classes, and will occasionally teach the department’s methods and/or capstone courses, which are staffed on a rotating basis"
  • " Applications from candidates with an interest in participating in the common freshman course and other interdisciplinary programs, and in using instructional technology where appropriate, will be particularly welcome. "
  • Review begins: 12 Nov. 2012
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • email acknowledgment of receipt of materials (11/16; 11/19)
    • Did everyone who applied to this job receive email confirmation of receipt? I sent my materials with plenty of time before the deadline and have not received any confirmation as of 11/27.
    • No, but I'm glad to see this. I have not received a confirmation either. 11/27
    • No confirmation, but after submitting an inquiry about whether or not my application materials arrived, I did receive a form message about where to direct my questions. (x2)
    • Okay, good to know, thanks! I won't bother the search committee with an inquiry then.
    • Invitation to interview at the AHA 12/3, 12/6
    • Very belated confirmation of appilcation received 12/5. Don't know if that means the committee is still selecting candidates to interview...
      • Hendrix is listed on the AHA job center handout as collecting cv's at the meeting, for what it's worth? (12/6)
      • Any update here? (1/24) - my colleague had an on-campus
      • Good to know. Had an AHA spot, but no word from the committee since then. 

Idaho State University - Public History/History - Open Specialization[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Digital History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • PhD in hand by appointment date
  • "The field of specialization is open. Because the department has a separate opening in historical GIS, that criteria will be given less preference for this position. The department welcomes candidates whose work addresses either applied public history or academic research."
  • "Key Responsibilities: 1. To teach courses at the survey, upper-division, and graduate levels delivered via distance learning, lecture, seminar, or online formats 2. Mentoring graduate students in the use of digital tools for historical research and education 3. Engaging in an active research agenda, including publications and external grants 4. Service to the department and the profession"
  • Review begins 10 Dec. 2012 position will remain open until filled.
  • Special Instructions to Applicants: Please submit a letter of application/cover letter, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation.

Indiana University, Purdue University - Indianapolis - Asst/Assoc, US/Digital[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professor in Digital History/US History, to begin 1 Aug. 2013
  • "Period and area of specialty in US History open. We are looking for a historian with experience in applying digital theories and technologies to his/her research and teaching, who can enhance our nationally recognized MA Program in Public History. Teaching responsibilities include US History surveys and upper-level and graduate courses in fields of expertise"
  • PhD by Aug. 2013.
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2012, and continues until the position is filled
  • Anyone have any idea what "digital theories" are?  I can massage my experience and research to fit the rest of this, but are they referring to a certain set of ideas?  Specific theorists?
  • EEO form request (1/14)
  • Rejection! (1/17) x2 (email)

Indiana University, Southeast - 1865-1965, Race/Ethnicity[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History from 1865-1965, with an emphasis on race or ethnicity, to begin Fall 2013
  • Teaching Load: 3/3
  • "To be considered for the position, a candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: a PhD in history at the time of application, college teaching experience, effective oral and written communication skills, and an active research agenda. Teaching responsibilities consist of a freshmen survey course—American History from 1865—every semester; and upper level courses in modern American history, including the Origins of Modern America (1865-1919); History of the US (1919-1945); Recent US History (from 1945), and courses in the area of candidate’s specialization."
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2012
  • If you're on the fence about applying for this position, keep in mind that there's a visiting lecturer in the department who recently completed her PhD with a dissertation on race, segregation, and busing in Louisville. Her qualifications certainly mirror those asked for in the job ad. A newsletter (dated August 22, 2012) from the honors program at her undergraduate institution notes that she recently accepted an assistant professorship at IU-Southeast, although that description of her title is perhaps an error on the part of the undergraduate editor. Or not. By all means apply, but do not be surprised if this is an inside hire.
  • The information noted above is innaccurate. The visiting assistant professor at IUS was hired to fill in for the recent loss of our permanent modern Americanist, whose qualifications were exactly the same as our job advertisement. We would like to continue to have a modern Americanist with a focus on race or ethnicity as it adds to diversity learning on campus. This will not be an inside hire as the visiting professor has taken another position for the 2013-2014 academic year at another institution.
  • The information posted above made no claims to accuracy. I'm glad that I posted what I did, as it prompted you to respond. That's how this should work. Thank you very much. It's also very useful to know that both the professor and the lecturer focused on African-American history and that their qualifications mirror those requested in the job ad.
  • Request for Skype interview (12/17) (x2)
  • Any news?  Have they done on campus visits yet? (2/24)
  • Offer made

LaGuardia Community College - City University of New York[]

  • Tenure-track position in US History
  • To begin in Sept. 2013
  • Field of specialization open
  • Will teach US history survey and topical introductory-level history courses
  • The successful candidate will perform teaching, research and guidance duties in her or his area of expertise.  She or he will also share responsibility for committee and department assignments including administrative, supervisory, and other functions.
  • Closing date: April 7, 2013 --> where did you see the deadline extended? (3/14)
  • "The deadline was not extended; the job line was changed. Received an email from CUNY search committee on 3/7: "Thank you for your application for the position of Instructor or Assistant Professor of History in the Department of Social Sciences, Division of Academic Affairs. We regret to inform you that this search has been canceled and will be reopened as Assistant Professor of History with redefined job qualifications. You may reapply if you so desire." The app deadline for the new post is April 7 (3/21)
  • 1st round interviews taking place now (5/6)

Lewis and Clark College [Non TT; VAP][]

  • The Lewis and Clark College Department of History invites applications for a one-semester leave replacement in U.S. history for spring semester 2013.
  • NOTE: see discussion of search in this field last year
  • Review of applications will begin on 1 Jul. 2012 and continue until the position is filled.
    • Skype interview request. (7/9)

Lewis-Clark State College US Survey + Asian or Middle Eastern[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • Ph.D. by December 31, 2013
  • Teaching Load: 12 hrs/semester including "both halves of the United States History survey, other upper division U.S. history classes, and a specialized class in Asian history or Middle Eastern history.  Preferred qualifications: Preference will be given to candidates able to teach an upper division interdisciplinary social sciences class dealing with ethical and/or value issues."
  • review begins: 16 Mar. 2013
  • This job was originally posted with an incorrect heading: Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, is not to be mistaken for Lewis & Clark College in Portland
  • invitation for skype interview (3/14) x3
    • Has anyone heard anything since the interviews?
    • I had a skype interview and two weeks later I contacted the search chair to ask about my status. I was informed that I had not made the cut
    • form email rejection (4/29)

Louisiana State University - Professorship in Southern Studies[]

  • Fred C Frey Professorship in Southern Studies
  • "Duties will include teaching classes in American History and conducting Historical research"
  • Required Qualification: "Ph.D. in History, specializing in the Civil War era, tenure or its equivalent at a university or college, and a distinguished record of scholarship and teaching. The university offers a competitive salary and a research fund."
  • Deadline: 1 Jan. 2012

Lycoming College (Penn.) - Early American (w/Latin America)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early American History
  • "Successful candidates will be prepared to offer the survey course in American history to 1877, a variety of more advanced courses on the colonial and revolutionary periods, the early republic, and the era of Civil War and Reconstruction, as well as courses based on field of specialization. Secondary fields in women’s/gender, Native American, or Atlantic World history are desirable. This position will also teach a survey of Latin American history."
  • Deadline: 5 Nov. 2012
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Any word? (12/6)
    • Nothing so far. They're interviewing at the AHA, though, so they have to notify people soon, right?
    • Invitation for AHA interview -- phone call and follow-up email (12/10)
    • Any word since the AHA? (1/22)
    • Nothing (1/26)
    • I heard the position has been filled (1/26)

Manhattan College (NY) - Urban History[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professorship in US Urban History
  • "A specialization in New York City history is highly desirable. Applicants must be competent to teach surveys of U.S. history from the colonial era to the present. Teaching experience and a PhD in hand by the time of appointment preferred"
  • " Teaching load is seven courses per year (4/3), but a course reduction for research activity is possible."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2012
  • Due to the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy, we are extending the deadline for submission to 5 November 2012. We hope that this extension will avoid any complications that applicants might still be experiencing. This message has been submitted by the Chair of the Department of History at Manhattan College.
    • Email ack received (11/7) (x2) "The HIstory Department will begin to consider files on 5 November with the intention of interviewing semi-finalist candidates by skype in December. We anticipate an exceptionally large number of applicants, so please be patient with us."
    • Rejection received. What a bummer. Good luck to all the semi-finalists out there! (11/14) (x7)
  • From the History Department at Manhattan College: emails to inform candidates that they did not make the short list either went out today (11/14) or will go out tomorrow. The chair will email semi-finalists on 11/16. Thank you to all the applicants.
  • I see they're now adversiting for a one-year VAP. Did the search fail? (3/17)

Meredith College (North Carlolina) - [Non TT] Modern[]

  • Full time non-tenure track Assistant Professor in Modern History, to begin 1 Aug. 2013
  • 4/4 Teaching Load "Optimal candidate will offer teaching in at least two of the following fields: women’s/gender history; African American history and civil rights movement; modern U.S. South and North Carolina; urban history and immigration. Ideal candidate would be able to offer courses in Latin American history, Western Civilization  and/or Contemporary World history." [!!!!!!!]
  • "the position is eligible for annual renewal, subject to budget approval"
  • "Applicants must have PhD in modern U.S. history and two years of demonstrated excellence in teaching"
  • Review begins: 18 Feb. 2013 and position is open until filled
  • I received a rejection letter the other day. (5/3/2013)

Metropolitan State University of Denver - US/Colorado History[]

  • Tenure track History faculty position
  • Teaching load 12 hours/semester, including "American History surveys as well as Colorado history and American borderlands...which may include evening, off-campus, online, and weekend classes. Advise students. Engage in scholarly activities and service activities. May include teaching in the First Year Success Program. The successful candidate must have the ability to work with and be sensitive to the educational needs of a diverse urban population."
  • "Ph.D. in History by August 1, 2013."
  • "Preferred Qualifications: The ability to teach American History before 1877, Colorado History, and American borderlands. Experience working with students of color. Demonstrated ability to teach American History survey courses."
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2013
  • Phone interviews have been arranged.

Middle Tennessee State University - US History & Historical Archaeology[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in US History and HIstorical Archaeology
  • "Preferred qualifications: interest in developing field projects in the Southeast or mid-Atlantic region and experience in public archaeology. Successful candidate will help advance the department's Public History M.A. and Ph.D. programs and teach undergraduate courses in history. A PhD in history, anthropology, or a related field, with an emphasis in historical archaeology, is required by appointment date"
  • Review begins: 16 Dec. 2012 and position is open until filled.
  • Request for Phone Interview: 01/11/13 
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Offer Made

Millsaps College[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in US History "who is able to teach the first half of the U.S. history survey, plus electives that pertain to the U.S. South; African American history; public history; or women’s and gender history"
  • Send letter of application, full c.v., and three letters of recommendation to Dr. William Storey, Chair, Dept. of History, Millsaps College, 1701 N. State St., Jackson, MS 39210
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2012
  • Anyone know what is happening with this position? It's no longer listed on the AHA website and isn't on the school's open positions.
  • Well, we are historians and not psychics, but after looking at their departmental website, my psychic powers tell me that the post has been all but filled.
    • Agreed. Looks like they have their gal.
  • The search is open, with a deadline of November 1st.
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • ​Acknowledgement received by mail (11/1). Will be in touch regading AHA interviews by the first week of December. (x3) (11/8)
  • Invitation to AHA interview received (11/16) x2
    • Via postal mail? Email? Telephone?
    • Email
  • Rejection received by mail - 76 applications for the position, 6 selected for AHA interviews (12/10) x2
    •  Darn.  No interview and no rejection letter.  Must have really fallen short of the mark.
  • Post-AHA rejection received by email (1/15) x2
  • Offer Made (Yep, this one was over before it started)
  • Meaning what?
    • I don't have inside knowledge of the hire, but I assume the above comment means that they hired the VAP who went there for undergrad. If I'm right, then I think that's pretty cool for both her and the department. And to be fair, I do think the rest of us had a (small) chance. At AHA interview, they knew my work the best.
    • Is this post serious? If it is, I have to say that this year has given us some of the most ignorant posters I have ever seen on the job wiki. This job was an absolute, unfiltered inside hire where the committee went through the motions of a national search and clearly had a particular candidate in mind. Everyone who applied (including yourself) spent money on application materials....our letter-writers spent the time to write letters on our behalf....five other people paid money to go to the AHA to interview for this (imagine if that was your only interview!) and the outcome was predetermined from the start. I don't know in what universe you call this "cool?" It certainly wasn't cool for those who applied in good faith.
    • Fair enough.
    • I know the VAP who was hired.  S/He's good people.  That said, this sort of "job hunt" is a hurtful sham for all those who applied and had almost no chance at that job.  Jobs are scarce, and applying costs time and money most of us don't have the time and money to waste. 
    • why do those posting in this conversation automatically assume that just because the VAP got the job that it was somehow her's from the get-go?  why can't it be that she went into the pool with everyone else and rose to the top as the best candidate?  being the VAP applying for a TT job isn't always a good thing and VAPs frequently don't get it.  Obviously this candidate was a very good scholar and teacher (and I'm glad to hear that she is "good people"), but don't automatically blast the committee for somehow rigging the search to hire their VAP when I haven't read anything on here that indicates that this was indeed the case.  We all work very hard and it's demoralizing not to get the jobs we want, but don't trod on those who paid their dues as adjuncts and VAPs before landing a TT job at their alma matre (we should all be so lucky).
    • Because this individual was in-house and, given these circumstances, the department knew them and thought highly of them. Yes, VAPs do not always get the TT lines....but in the case of someone getting their undergrad degree there you can forget it. It is much easier to judge someone who you have interacted with for several years on the criteria of "fit." You can also make a more honest evaluation of their teaching when you can observe it and get feedback from your own students, rather than reading teaching evaluations and letters of reference from people you do not know. No matter how much the search committee pretends this is an objective process, it isn't.  It would be better for everyone involved if schools would recognize national searches for VAP jobs as good enough to advance the VAP to a TT line if one becomes available, simply so the rest of us do not squander our time and money applying to these inside hires. Also, this whole thread is not a criticism at the inside candidate at all....they can't help it that their department has an opening and they fit in to it. They are being rewarded for their hard work and the time they have put in. If my VAP job turns into a tenure track line I expect to be front of the line.
    • Well said.
    • Yes, a better, glossier cover for lying to candidates and evading national standards would be hard to find. The school doesn't just hand the search to its VAP b/c it, like so many, is taking funding contingent on conducting subjective searches, and so goes through the motions: lie 1. The candidates who go to the AHA on their own dime, many of them adjunct or grad students, and pay the same to register as tenured profs whose depts pick up the bill for their hotels etc., sacrifice financially for a rigged search: lie 2. It's business as usual, and it's sleazy as hell.

Minnesota State University - Mankato - US Constitutional/Civil Rights/Immigration[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in History, to begin 19 Aug. 2012
  • Deadline: "Priority consideration will be given to applications received by December 3, 2012"
  • "Primary responsibilities include: Effective teaching, student advising, service, and scholarly activities, teaching U.S. Constitutional History and related or additional courses on the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and/or the History of U.S. Immigration. "
  • "A Ph.D. in U.S. Constitutional History is required prior to date of hire. Other considerations include, a demonstrated ability to teach courses in American History, including courses in U.S. Constitutional History, the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, and/or the History of U.S. Immigration; experience teaching undergraduate courses, demonstrated potential for research; and a demonstrated commitment to diversity and to establishing an on-campus presence that facilitates student learning and engagement."
    • Added deadline, which is not stated on H-Net but included on the Minnesota State application page.
    • any news?
    • I believe they are finished with the three on-campus interviews of candidates and something should be known about this position by the middle or end of April.
  • Who did they select for this job?

Misericordia University - 1 yr. VAP (Non-TT) []

  • Misericordia University invites applications for a one-year position as a visiting assistant professor in American history starting fall 2013.  Master’s degree is required; however, Ph.D. in history by June 2013 and college teaching experience is strongly preferred.  Ability to teach an American history survey sequence required and ability to teach a more focused topical introductory course, such as Modern Middle East, Modern China, or a topic in American history preferred.
  • Review of credentials will begin on June 10 and interviews will be scheduled soon afterwards.  For confidential consideration, applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, teaching evaluations, and three letters of recommendation by email to or by mail addressed to the Office of Human Resources, Misericordia University, 301 Lake Street, Dallas, PA 18612

Monash University (Aus.) - [Non-TT; VAP equiv] US & Colonial[]

  • Offer made and accepted a week or so ago (4/1)

Morgan State University - Public History[]

  • Open rank position in public history with American urban history subfield preferred.
  • The successful applicant will teach undergraduate American history courses and develop undergraduate and graduate courses in public history. Teaching experience at an urban university, potential for scholarship, and ability to advise graduate students desired for junior applicants. Senior applicants should have a demonstrated record of scholarship. Ph.D. in history is required.
  • For best consideration cover letter, c.v., three letters of recommendation, and unofficial transcripts should be received by December 1. Interviews will be held at the AHA convention in January.
  • Send materials to Dr. Annette Palmer, chair, Department of History and Geography, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 21251.
  • What happened to this search last year? The posted and held interviews at AHA?
  • This is a new position, for a new program (museum studies and public history).
  • Received acknowledgement of materials via snail mail (12/3) x2
  • Any news? (3/28)

Newberry College - U.S. History[]

  • full-time (nine-month), tenure track Assistant Professor of History position to begin August 2013. 
  • Primary responsibilities will include teaching 12 credit hours of undergraduate courses per semester in U.S. History, advising, and service to the college.
  • Review of applications will begin January 10, 2013 and continue through February 8, 2013.
  • Anybody hear anything on this one yet? (2/15) --> nope, just ack from Dean that materials forwarded to search committee at beginning of Feb.
  • Heard from Dean that SC will actually begin review this week (2/18)
  • Any interview requests or short lists? (3/13) --> none here after intial email from Dean (3/13) x4 
  • No word.
  • Emailed for phone interview, scheduling for next week (3/21) x2.

Newcastle University (UK) - Modern American[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~ Asst/Assoc Prof) in Modern American History
  • "You will be will be expected to offer research-led teaching at all levels, to contribute to the development of postgraduate research at Newcastle and to take on a share of administrative tasks."
  • "You will have a PhD and will be expected to make a significant contribution to our submission for the REF (Research Excellence Framework)."
  • Deadline: 31 Mar. 2013

Northwest Missouri State University - American History (poss w/Social Studies)[]

  • 9 month tenure track assistant professorship in American History, to begin 15 Aug. 2013
  • "To teach courses in American History including a general education course and upper-division and graduate courses in American History. Upper-division teaching load may include various periods in American history, depending upon strengths of applicants.  Experience in teaching Social Studies at the secondary level is preferred. Successful candidates will demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching within a comprehensive state university, student and university service, and the promise of scholarly achievement"
  • Ph.D. in History, American Studies, or Social Science Education
  • Deadline: 15 Jan. 2013 or until the position is filled.
  • Received reject e-mail stating they selected a candidate to fill the vacancy. (2/22)

Ohio State University - Urban History[]

  • (tenure eligible) Assistant Professorship in US Urban History
  • "Candidates with specializations in any chronological era are welcome to apply. Research specializations could include, but are not limited to, migration, comparative urbanism, spatial questions, and the built environment. The appointee would be expected to teach classes in both urban history and in general U.S. history in the time period of her/his specialty. An ability to teach classes with a global and/or comparative perspective will be welcomed. We will show preference for candidates whose research and teaching will contribute to the College of Arts & Sciences initiative to advance urban studies on an inter-disciplinary basis and to promote the University’s neighborhood initiatives, including the development of locally-based service-learning courses"
  • Review begins: 15 Oct. 2012 & position is open until filled.
  • Ack and EOE forms received (11/24) x4
  • I called about the timeline.  They said they will contact people, hopefully, within a month, and will do skype interviews rather than the AHA.  (11/30)
  • Email request for skype interview in early January (12/10) (x2)
  • Any news? (3/28)
  • Offer made and accepted, early March. (Michigan PhD)

Oklahoma State University - U.S. [NTT/VAP][]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor.  One-year visiting assistant professor to begin August 2013, with possible renewal for two additional years.  After the third year, this position is not renewable. 
  • Responsibilities include teaching sections of lower-division Survey of U.S. History and upper division classes related to successful applicant’s area of expertise.  Preference will be given to candidates with teaching experience. 
  • Submit vita, transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to Michael F. Logan, Head, History Department, 101 S. Murray Hall, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078-3054.  To receive full consideration, applications should be received by April 12, 2013

Sam Houston State University - US with transnational/international migration history[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in transnational/international migration history
  • ?3/3 Teaching Load
  • "We seek a U.S. historian specializing in such fields as immigration, ethnic identity, and citizenship. The appointment commences in August 2013. The successful candidate will teach freshman-level courses in U.S. history and upper-level and graduate courses in areas of specialization. A three-course assignment per semester constitutes the department’s standard teaching load. Preference will be given to applicants holding the Ph.D. at the time of appointment."
  • Deadline: 26 Nov. 2012
  • Pretty obvious inside-hire (spousal hire) here. Go ahead and apply though.
  • Oh?
  • Seriously? How demoralizing.
  • Even if it seems like an inside hire, apply anyway as there is no way of knowing what the facts are. Just apply and do not worry about possibile inside hires.
    • Good advice.
  • 30 Nov.  Phone Interview Scheduled (x4)
  • Phone Interview done. They will have on-campus interviews in mid-January. (12/5) (X1)
  • Contacted for campus visit via email. (12/11) (x3)
  • Any updates?
  • offer made and accepted by outside candidate

SUNY Adirondack - American History []

  • Tenure track position in American History at the associate/assistant rank beginning September 1, 2013.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to teach survey and upper level courses in American History.  Ability to teach additional areas of history is beneficial.
  • Familiarity with technology is advantageous.  Other responsibilties also include developing and updating courses, and service on colloge committees.
  • Qualifications: A master's degree in American History and teaching experience are required; a PhD and college teaching experience are preferred.  
  • Deadline: 31 Dec. 2012
  • Any updates on this posting?
  • I haven't heard anything (1/24) X4
  • Like lots of community colleges, they are apparently doing interviews in clumps. I was invited at end of January for an interview on February 8 (!), the only date offered which I was unfortunately unable to attend.
  • still haven't heard anything 2/22

SUNY Buffalo - 19th and 20th C. U.S. History and History of Disability[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor with multiple expertise in 19th and 20th Century U.S. History; the History of Disability; and Disability Studies, to begin Fall 2013.
  • The position carries responsibilities for coordinating an Interdisciplinary M.A. Program in the Humanities with a Disability Studies core.
  • The successful candidate will teach two courses per semester (including undergraduate courses and graduate seminars) with a one-course reduction for administrative duties; will advise and mentor graduate students; will maintain a strong research program; and will provide service to the Department and University as needed. Ph.D. required.
  • Submit letter of application, a c.v., and three letters of recommendation via; submit copies of transcripts by July 1, 2013 to Professor James J. Bono, Chair, History Department, 546 Park Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260.
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position? Is it intended to be an inside hire? The ad seems to have come out so late in the season and with only one month to get materials in.... makes me wonder.
    • Honestly, it doesn't. It reads to me like the funding for this position came through late... either a larger college initiative for disability studies or this position was next on the department's wish list and they received the money at the end of the fiscal year. A month between start date and closing is an eternity for a position advertised in the summer that starts in the fall. If it was a week like some of the positions on this page, an inside hire would be more likely.
    • Yes, that's true. Good point!
      • Sorry, but it is, indeed, an inside hire.
      • Are there jobs anymore that aren't inside hires?

SUNY College at Old Westbury - Media History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US Media History and Media Studies, to start Fall 2013
  • Principle responsibilities include teaching American History Survey, Film and Media Studies, as well as other US History and American Studies courses, including upper division courses, senior capping courses and college General Education courses.
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in American History, American Studies or related discipline with a focus on History and Media Studies required. Preference will be given to candidates who study the relationship of media to under-represented groups in the US. Candidates with media production experience are particularly encouraged to apply. Experience teaching an ethnically diverse, working student body preferred.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: The College at Old Westbury is among the most diverse colleges in the United States. The campus is situated on 604 wooded acres on Long Island, 20 miles east of Manhattan.
  • TO APPLY: Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, summary of teaching evaluations, and three letters of SUNY College at Old Westbury, Office of Human Resources, Search Committee: ASMH-CH, P.O. Box 210, Old Westbury, NY 11568; or e-mail application materials as attachments in MS Word format (only if application to include attachments total less than 15 pages) to:
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012
  • Request for additional materials (12/9)
  • Preliminary interview scheduled (1/3)
  • Rejection email (1/18)
  • Campus interview scheduled by email (2/19)

Texas A&M - Corpus Christi - [Non-TT][]

  • Renewable, non-tenure track position in U.S. history or related field, 'Professional Assistant Professor'
  • Teaching load 5/5 " to include both halves of the U.S. survey and the possibility for upper-division courses in the candidate's area of specialization"
  • A successful candidate must hold Ph.D. in History and a demonstrated ability to teach a full-time load
  • "Preference will be given to candidates with suitable teaching experience, a strong commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education, and an interest in teaching online or blended courses."
  • Review begins: 15 Feb. 2013 and position is open until filled
    • With apologies for deleting the sarcastic commentary for the sake of formatting: try the Venting Page! AFII (talk) 09:58, January 11, 2013 (UTC)
  • Anyone have an update on this position? (4/2)
  • Campus visits are occuring this month (April)

Texas A&M University - Asian History and/or Asian American Studies[]

Texas Tech University (Honors College) - Asst/Assoc Prof. American Studies[]

  • Tenure track Associate or Advanced Assistant Professor of American Studies, with a secondary interest in: American History, Political Science, Literature, Women’s Studies
  • "Ph.D. in American Studies (American History, Political Science, Literature, Women’s/Gender Studies). The successful applicant will teach core curriculum courses in American History or Political Science as well as seminars in the Honors Arts and Letters (HAL) degree program. The HAL degree program provides students with a foundation in the Humanities and the Western Tradition, and it offers specific tracks of concentration, including Pre-Med and Pre-Law. "
  • "The successful candidate will demonstrate evidence of teaching expertise and experience. Applicants must also provide evidence of scholarly activity, including a commitment to the pursuit of external funding for research support. The person hired in this position will be expected to contribute to the value-added co-curricular activities delivered by the Honors College, such as mentoring undergraduate research, directing Honors theses, and sponsoring student organizations in addition to other service expectations."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2012

Tulane University - Open Rank, Southern History[]

  • The Department of History at Tulane seeks to hire a distinguished historian in U.S. Southern History, rank open. The successful candidate should have research and teaching interests which will contribute to the Department's traditional strength in Southern History broadly defined, and complement our strengths in one or more of the following areas: New Orleans and the Gulf South, Caribbean, African Diaspora, Atlantic /transnational history, Urban history, and/or Gender and Sexuality. Applicants should have a strong publication record and teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • Applicants should submit letter of interest, CV, teaching portfolio or sample syllabi, and three letters of reference... to U.S. Search Committee, History Department, Tulane University, 6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118. Electronic submissions are encouraged. Send to:
  • Deadline: 1 Nov 2012
  • Request for additional materials--writing sample (11/20)
  • I just got an Equal Employment data form in the mail.  Does this mean the search is over?  I'm all for contributing my data to insure that their hiring practices are fair, but I'm reluctant to pay for a stamp (from overseas) for a job I'm no longer in the running for.  (2/22)
  • Also heard that because of the sequester that they were only going to hire at assistant level. Not buying that bit, private school. But if that's your story. . . you better stick to it.

University of Alaska Anchorage - 1877-1945[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History (1877-1945), to begin Aug. 2013
  • "The successful candidate will teach U.S. I and II history surveys, the Junior Historiography and the Senior Seminar capstone courses, and courses in his or her area of specialty. The department is particularly interested in candidates with specializations in race, gender or borderlands history. Candidates must demonstrate potential for successin teaching, research, University and departmental service. The Department seeks a candidate dedicated to equity and diversity of the campus community and to promoting an environment that increases student knowledge about local, national, and global communities. College-level teaching experience required. Ph.D. in History required at the time of appointment."
  • Review begins: 5 Nov. 2012
  • any idea of the teaching load on this one? - It's a 3-3 <-- Thank you!
  • Any word on this one?
  • Nothing yet on my end.  Hope to hear soon, though. (X2)
  • Phone interviews will probably be in January - that's what they did last time they advertised a position.
  • ^ Thanks!  Good to know.
  • Email message (dated 1/18) to schedule phone interview (1/21)
  • I believe there's an inside candidate.
  • Care to expand on why you think this? (1/30)
  • Campus invite via phone on 1/30 (1/31)
  • Nicest e-mail rejection letter EVER-- points for graciousness, and good luck to whoever got this! (3/1)
  • After an on-campus interview just received a really awful form letter from HR (I've gotten a lot of those and this was less than gracious). I would have been happy with a polite rejection from the search committee. I wonder if school policy made them send it through HR. (3/7)

University of California, Berkeley - US Legal History[]

  • Tenure track or tenured faculty position in US Legal HIstory
  • Based in the Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP) Program in the School of Law
  • Candidates must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in history or a closely related field; and must have an excellent record of historical scholarship related to law, as appropriate to career stage. Candidates with ABD status will be considered, but the successful candidate must have finished the Ph.D. within 6 months of appointment. The position is not restricted to any particular period of U.S. history, area of legal historical research or methodological approach. An ideal candidate should undertake research of interest both to the historical profession generally and to legal historians within the law school community. Given the multi-disciplinary character of the JSP Program, faculty members are expected to help support students across a range of socio-legal fields, as well as within their own area of disciplinary training. A JD is not required, though we welcome candidates who would enrich scholarship and teaching within the broadest community at Berkeley Law, including contributions to the professional J.D. program.
  • Review begins 4 Sept. 2012, deadline: 8 Oct. 2012
  • To apply please go to the following link:
  • Some references contacted (10/16) x2
  • Just wondering if anyone's heard anything yet.
  • Nothing here (12/5). But my references were not contacted, so I'm probably out anyway. Good luck to all.
  • Have the people whose references were contacted been invited to interview yet? (12/5)
  • My references were contacted back in October, but no word since then. (12/18) x2
  • I'm considering contacting the chair of the search committee to ask for an update on the status of my application (my references were also contacted back in October) and wonder what others think about the advisability of such a move. It's not something I've done before, but at this point it seems like a reasponable enough question to me as an outsider to their process.
  • Rejection email (12/21) x2
  • The rejection email indicated that the search committee decided to hire a senior scholar at the tenured level.
  • The rejection email I received noted that the search was still in progress and said none of the above. It noted that they decided on a "small list" of finalists. (12/22)
  • Any news? (3/28)

University of California, Berkeley []

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History, field & period open, to start 1 Jul. 2013
  • "Applications must include a detailed letter, a Curriculum Vitae, all published and unpublished scholarly work ready for examination (such as the dissertation or dissertation chapters, a book or book manuscript, articles, and book chapters), and three letters of reference. Ph.D. or equivalent is required by date of hire. All items must be submitted electronically.
  • To apply, please go to the following link: All letters will be treated as confidential per University of California policy and California state law. Please refer potential referees, including those whose letters will be provided by a third party (such as a dossier service or career center), to the UC Berkeley statement of confidentiality:
  • Questions may be addressed to Ethan Shagan, Chair, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2550. The department seeks candidates whose research and teaching prepare them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and inclusion in higher education. The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
  • Review begins immediately [posted 22 Aug], Deadline: 22 Oct. 2012
    • Did anybody else who applied for this job receive an email about their application for a South Asian History position? (9/26)
    • I did. I double-checked my own application, and it said U.S. on their online system. I think it's some sort of mistake on their part. I don't think you need to worry about it. (9/28)
  • email request to complete online form about research focus (10/25) (x6) - Did anyone *not* get the form?
    • I hate this form - the super specific geographical and temporal questions are at odds with what most of us do. (Amen to that).
      • I fear that this is one of those HR, search algorithm thingies where entering in the specific search criteria that has been pre-programmed into the system is the first step to getting an interview. Trying to read a computer's mind...nice.
    • Yep, form request
    • received...seriously, did everyone get it?
    • I did not get it (10/26) Really?
    • Indeed.
    • So: they couldn't have rolled this into their online application?
    • I don't fit any of these categories. I have no geographical focus. All this form does is misrepresent my research, which isn't productive for anyone. I emailed on 10/25 to ask that the "Other" field suffice for a response, but haven't received a response. Guess I'll just fill it out and forget about this one... (x2)
    • I guess it would be crazy to think that if they were looking for something in particular, they could have placed that in their job announcement? x2
    • I think they have the luxury of picking and choosing.
    • This email ended up in my spam folder on Gmail, just found it. (x2)
    • Since they began reviewing application in August, has anyone heard anything? Or do you think they're still wading through piles of dissertations, articles, and book drafts....
    • No news over here. Things are so slow this year!
    • With a search this broad, I wonder how many hundreds of applications they received . . . we might be waiting awhile (X1)
    • Having just received a rejection email from Oregon (for a 20th century Americanist position) which stated that they received over 400 applications...I'm sure this search garnered many more applicants.
    • My guess is over twice as many as the Oregon job. x2
    • Since we all sent every scrap of everything we ever hope to publish, I imagine that there will be no request for more info; but does anyone know if they're conducting preliminary interviews, either via skype, or at the AHA?
    • I know they've got a ton of applicants, but when I haven't heard anything after a month, I start to get depressed. So: anyone got any news (11/29)?
  • Nothing here (11/29) x3
  • Nothing here, either (12/3)
  • Invitation to interview at AHA (12/3)
  • Thanks for the update and congrats! I am, however, so disappointed.
  • Don't be disappointed--it is dangerous to expect to get an interview for a job this wide open. It's not a reflection of you. The odds were marginally better than winning the Powerball, but perhaps not by much...
  • Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated. Best of luck!
  • Wow, big congrats, and tonight's your night: go buy a lottery ticket! But I have to ask: what are the fields of the people who got interviews?
  • Anyone else get an interview? (12/5)
  • Anyone think there is still hope for getting an interview or have the candidates to be interviewed at AHA already been selected?
  • I don't think it's out of the question that the committee is still debating. Especially if there have been no more than a handful of invitations to interview at AHA issued to this point. (12/5)
  • To those who have been invited, congrats! And please share your fields with us.
  • Boiler plate rejection email. Over 500 applications. (12/7) x3
    • "Dear Candidate, Thank you for applying to the U.S. history opening at UC Berkeley. We received nearly 500 applications for this position. It's been humbling and illuminating reading through these files and getting a preview of the next generation of U.S. historiography. At this point in the process, we've made the difficult decision of which candidates to advance to the next stage of review (AHA interviews). I regret to inform you that we are no longer actively considering your application. My colleagues and I have appreciated the opportunity to consider your work, and we wish you the best"
  • Same here.  Rough.  I'm with the others.  I'd love to know what they were looking for, if someone who got an interview is willing to share. (12/7) x2
  • Request for AHA interview (12/7) x2
  • I've received neither an interview nor a rejection. (I know my application was processed, because I got the follow-up email about "research focus.") Anyone else still in the dark? (12/9) X5
    • Maybe they are still making the AHA list?
    • Perhaps, but I'm not holding my breath. A heartfelt congrats to those who made the cut! x2
    • It seems pretty close to SOP that you won't hear anything back on many of these searches
    • Has anyone who hadn't heard either way taken the step of contacting them to inquire about the status of your application? (12/11)
    • I was one of those in limbo. Received a diff (personalized) email explaining that I made the top 40 (long shortlist) but ultimately didn't make the cut for an interview. Considering how many of these emails they had to send, the search committee was kind to tailor each by name. (x3)
    • "Greetings from Berkeley -- I write to update you on our search in U.S. history. We received nearly five hundred applications for the position. The committee eventually identified a long-short list of about 40 historians doing remarkable work across a wide range of historical approaches, periods, geographies, and sub-fields. Your (most impressive) file was part of that long-short list. We've now completed the difficult task of selecting a small group from this terrific pool to meet with at the AHA. I'm sorry to say that we have not included you in this interview group. That said, I want to stress that we think highly of your work. Searches are complex, and can take unexpected turns near the end. For this reason we continue to consider your application active, even though at this point we don't anticipate moving further on it. I'll be back in touch early in the spring semester (by March, I hope) with a more definitive update. 
      My colleagues and I want to thank you for introducing us to your innovative and impressive scholarship. It stood out in a large and talented pool, and we've learned a great deal (and have had fun) engaging with it."
    • While I'm a little bummed that my research was not deemed (most impressive), best wishes to those moving on!  Good luck!  And congrats to those who made the long-short list!  Your work is clearly great and should help you to stand out in other searches, as well!
    • To those of you who didn't make the long short list, your work may very well be most impressive too. I made the long short list for the failed search at Berkeley two years ago. Since then, I've been awarded some of the most prestigious fellowships in the country, published in peer-reviewed journals, been profiled in the press, had a lecture tour, had a university press beg me for my manuscript. I pretty sure my scholarship is still most impressive, but I didn't make the long short list this year.  It's pretty much a crap shoot and not a reflection on you or your work.
    • As someone who did get an interview, I want to second the above. We've all birthed great work and done everything we're supposed to do, but there is just no logic to this. This is the only AHA interview I have. Apparently the searches that were specifically in my field have no use for my work, but Berkeley might? WTF? This process is completely arbitrary, soulless, and crushing. As much as the wiki breaks my heart on a daily basis, I have found solidarity here too. So I wish you all the best.
      • ^ "As much as the wiki breaks my heart on a daily basis, I have found solidarity here too. So I wish you all the best." (x2) 
      • As someone who got a Berkeley interview--my ONLY AHA interview--I wholeheartedly second this poster's reflections. This process is tough, and feels horribly random.
    • For those folks who got interviews, would you mind listing your rank?
      • Lieutenant Colonel, USMC
      • Any news on this?
      • 3 candidates: 1 non-TT, 1 TT, 1 postdoc. The last job talk was 2/11.
      • offer made

University of East Anglia (UK) - American History & Culture, global/international[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in American Studies (History & Culture)
  • "the School will appoint the candidate with the strongest profile in American history, but it is envisaged that this post will enhance and develop the School's expertise in examining the US from Global and international perspectives. As the School is committed to interdisciplinary research and teaching, a readiness to work with colleagues in a variety of disciplines is essential. Candidates with research interests in the Americas (broadly conceived), or that are related to the Caribbean, Central or Latin America, or the Asia-Pacific region are especially encouraged to apply."
  • Deadline: noon 5 Sept. 2012.

University of Edinburgh (UK;Scot) - US History before 1900[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof.) in the history of the United States and its antecedents before 1900, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "Within that broad field there is no restriction as to specialism. However, preference may be given to applications from specialists in aspects of the Civil War and Reconstruction period. An ability to contribute to the development of online teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels would be desirable."
  • SHORT Deadline: 29 Mar. 2013
  • Invited to interview (4/11).
  • Offered and accepted (4/24).

University of Essex (UK) - Modern US History[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in Modern US History, to begin 1 Oct. 2013
  • "The post-holder will teach in the field of modern US History, engage in research of the highest standard, and undertake relevant administrative duties. Applicants must have completed their Ph.D., have relevant teaching experience, and be able to make a full submission to REF 2014 with outputs at level 3 or 4. Preference will be given to scholars working on political or diplomatic history, or with international relations expertise"
  • Deadline: 11 Mar. 2013

University of Louisville - US Public History & US Latino OR US Women's History[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in US Public History with a research specialization in US Latino OR US Women's History to contribute to our growing graduate program in public history.
  • This faculty member will teach graduate courses in public history, upper division courses in his or her research subfield, and the introductory US Survey or Historical Methods courses.
  • The department is particularly interested in candidates with training/expertise in museum studies or museum education. This appointment will begin Fall 2013. Ph.D. preferred, but ABDs considered.
  • Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, official graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation by November 20, 2012 to Chair, Public History Search Committee, Department of History, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 40292. The department will be interviewing at the American Historical Association annual meeting. The University requires all candidates also to apply online.
  • AHA interview requested by email (12/10) x2
  • To the people who got interviews: do you focus on Latino or women's history?
    • both (12/15)
    • women's (12/15)
  • A colleague has a campus visit scheduled (1/25)
  • offer made and accepted (3/14)
  • Who got it???

University of Maine at Augusta U.S. and World History[]

[NB: position added to wiki *after* closing date [10 Dec.]]

  • Tenure track position in History, to begin Fall 2013
  • Teaching load 12 credit hours per semester "The successful candidate will teach a two-semester course in world history...This faculty member will be expected to offer courses online using one or more of UMA’s distance education modalities."
  • "Preferred areas of expertise include women's history, gender history, Maine and/or New England history, and/or history of international relations." 
  • Candidates must hold an earned doctoral degree in history or a closely related field.  Candidates with ABD status in history will be considered, with the understanding that a doctoral degree is required for the awarding of tenure.  Teaching experience at the university level is required; preference is given to those who have taught using various modalities with significant technology.  Ability to or willingness to teach web-based courses is required.
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2012

University of Manchester (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in American History, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "Candidates with interests in any area of North American history since 1776 are encouraged to apply. We are especially interested in encouraging applications from candidates who have research interests in one or both of the following broad fields: new histories of politics, state, society, economy and/or the environment; the cultural history of war; transnational and/or comparative approaches to north American history, including where appropriate, America and the wider world."
  • "You will have a strong record of research and academic publication in the history of North America in the period from 1776 to the present (with outputs appropriate to the current stage of your career), compatible with inclusion in our submission to REF 2014"
  • "Level 1 (first-year undergraduate) teaching will include contributing to the core course, ‘History in Practice’, and to ‘Globalisation in historical perspective’. Level 2 teaching also takes the form of team-taught courses, and we would expect the appointee to contribute to ‘War, conflict and culture, 1914 to the present’. These team-taught courses are subject to review and revision at regular intervals in order to incorporate the interests of new staff. At level 3 you will devise and teach a specialist course based on your own area of expertise, and at MA level will contribute to the core course ‘Beyond the nation state: debates and dialogues in modern history’ and to other team-taught optional courses"
  • SHORT Deadline: 15 Jul. 2013

University of Michigan, Dearborn - Assistant Professor, Padzieski Endowed Professorship in Polish/Polish American/Eastern European Studies[]

  • Tenure track appointment as an Assistant Professor of History for the Frank and Mary Padzieski Endowed Professorship in Polish/Polish American/Eastern European Studies, effective 9/1/2013.
  • A Ph.D. in History or a field relevant to the specializations outlined below is required. The preferred candidate should have a research specialization in Polish History (period of specialization open) and be able to offer upper-division courses in Polish History, Eastern European History and contribute to World History or US survey courses (depending on research specialization). The ideal candidate should also be able to contribute to College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters programs, such as the Honors Program, First Year Seminars, or one of the many interdisciplinary programs. Desirable subfields include Russian and/or another area of East European history, Polish-American history, or the history of Polish immigrant communities in other parts of the world. Experience and interest in high quality, on-line teaching is a plus. This endowed professorship carries a small annual stipend to support professional development and includes a full time teaching load of six courses per year.
  • Applicants should send a cover letter, vita, official copy of graduate transcript, three letters of reference, a summary of teaching evaluations (if available), and a writing sample to: Professor Camron Michael Amin, Chair, Polish History Search Committee, University of Michigan Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn MI 48128-1491.
  • For full consideration: 15 Nov. 2012

University of Mississippi - US South since 1877, Open rank[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship or tenured associate professorship in the History of the US South since 1877, to begin Aug. 2013
  • 2/2 teaching load.
  • "For a tenured appointment, evidence of excellence in teaching, a record of significant peer-reviewed publication (including a monograph), and an ongoing research program are required. For a tenure-track appointment, Ph.D. by the time of appointment and evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarship are required."
  • Candidates must complete an online application at Supplementary materials, including a letter of interest, vita, three letters of recommendation, teaching portfolio, and a chapter-length writing sample should be attached to the online application or mailed to Chair, Southern History Search Committee, Department of History, 310 Bishop Hall, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677-1848.
  • Deadline: Open until Filled "or until an adequate applicant pool has been established." [posted 7 Sept. 2012]
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Received email stating that invitations to the AHA have gone out. (12/7)x2
    • Offer made and accepted (2/11).

University of Missouri - Kansas City [Non-TT; VAP] Modern U.S. History[]

  • Three year renewable position as an Assistant Teaching Professor in Modern US History
  • "The department welcomes applicants from all fields of U.S. history. Teaching responsibilities include sections of U.S. history survey and offerings in the candidate’s specialty.  The department will look favorably on applicants who can teach a world history survey as well.  Applicant must hold Ph.D. at time of appointment and be willing to teach large introductory courses and supervise graduate teaching assistants"
  • Review begins: 15 Mar. 2013
    • Unfortunately, UMKC's job listing notes that the review begins/began 1 Mar. 2013. Please double-check dates before posting new listings. (3/11) - Their HNet ad said the 15th
    • Intend to interview at the OAH
  • Folks, I have been around for a long time. I have never seen a job that was as obvious an inside hire in my life. Go ahead and apply (I am going to), but this one will go to the VAP who is seemingly locked into Kansas City based on her previous adjunct work.
  • Received invitation to interview at OAH (3/16).  Said they received over 100 applications and intend to interview "a dozen or so."
  • Received invitation for interview at OAH (3/21)
  • On campus visits scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Nebraska, Omaha - American West since 1800 (inc. Native America)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of the trans-Mississippi west since 1800 (including Native America), to begin Aug. 2013
  • Teaching Load: 9 hours/semester "including up to two sections of World Civilizations or American History surveys according to department needs, along with upper-level undergraduate and/or graduate courses in the candidate’s area of specialization"
  • "The dissertation and all other work for a Ph.D. in history or a closely related field must be completed and approved by January 31, 2013, when review of applications will begin. The position will remain open until filled.  Teaching experience and scholarly publications are preferred."
  • Deadline: 31 Jan. 2013
  • Writing sample requested via email (2/8) 
  • Offer extended & accepted (posted by department member)

University of North Carolina - Greensboro - US History/Public History[]

  • Tenure track positions in Public/US History to start Aug 2013
  • "Candidates must hold or anticipate a Ph.D. in History, American Studies, African American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Urban Studies, or a related field by August 1, 2013. We expect to fill the position at the rank of Assistant Professor, although experienced candidates may also be considered for appointment at the Associate rank"
  • "Stand-out applicants will have a strong track record in public practice, demonstrating imagination and skill in working collaboratively to connect history with public audiences. The program seeks applicants with the expertise and passion to build bridges between universities and communities; to inspire and train graduate students; and to join with existing faculty in program administration and long-term planning. Preference will be given to applicants with interests in digital humanities and community-engaged scholarship"
  • Deadline: 9 Nov. 2012
  • Rejection received by mail (12/13)

University of South Carolina Aiken - US late-19th and 20th[]

  • Tenure track position in US History to start Aug 2013, must have Ph.D. in US history at time of appointment.
  • Should not duplicate existing departmental strengths in Native American, history of American religion.
  • 4/4 teaching load, 2 preps typical each semester (3 sections of survey, one upper-level).
  • Deadline: 16 Nov. 2012
  • Online application, letter of interest, CV, and three letters of recommendation... additional materials will be sought from candidates selected for phone interviews
  • -- spoke to someone about this position; they're really looking for Ph.D.'s in History, FYI.
  • Good. Because that's what we are.
  • ^ I was confused---wasn't sure if the op meant they are interested in those who already have their PhD in hand rather than ABD, or if he/she were getting their degree in a field other than (but closely related to) history.
  • I meant that those with Ph.D.'s in anything other than history are less likely to be considered.
  • Well, no botanists then. <- come on - history depts often gets apps from folks in american studies, in historical sociology, and in interdisciplinary programs like af am studies or gender actually IS useful for lots of people to know the dept already knows what it wants. Thanks OP.
  • Has this position been pulled? It no longer shows up on their web site making it harder to apply for.
  • No- It is still there, you just have to scroll down and find it on the job page. Link above-> Search Positions->Job Title.
    • thanks!
  • rec'd phone call with request to schedule phone interview for 12/13 or 12/14 (12/3) (x3)
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?
    • 4th Earl of Grantham, Fifth Duke of Hazard
    • Rec'd rejection email stating that search had largest applicant pool in U's history (1/23) x2
    • Recevied rejection letter stating the same as above (1/29) x1
      • Heard that they received 270 apps, which almost seems impossible to me, but I guess maybe that happens if you make it such a broad search.
      • Seems entirely possible to me.
  • Have campus invites gone out yet?
  • They had on campus interviews. no word on offers.
  • They have selected a candidate

University of South Florida (USF) - 1865-Present[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History (1865-present), to begin Fall 2013
  • "Area of specialization is open, though applicants with research interests in regional or Southern history are particularly invited to apply, as are candidates with secondary fields outside of United States History"
  • "Applicants should have a Ph.D. in hand by the time of appointment. Preference will be given to applicants with teaching experience and demonstrated excellence in scholarship. Duties will include teaching undergraduate and M.A. courses in post-1865 U.S. History and in the recipient's areas of specialization. As appropriate, the recipient may also be expected to teach General Education courses, to participate in the University Honors Program, and/or to contribute to the interdisciplinary Florida Studies graduate program."
  • Deadline: 27 Nov. 2012
  • Note that this job is at USF's St. Petersburg campus, not the main campus in Tampa.
  • Request for AHA interview by phone (12/7) x2
  • And the dream dies... X4
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?
  • 33rd degree Freemason, <---- seriously? me too! I am in trouble.
  • Invitation for campus visit (1/15)
  • When is the campus visit? week of 1/28 and week of 2/11
  • Criteria for selection was Ivy League degree. Congratulations to all applicants who attended schools in the South and would have been better fits for the job (a big shout out to the Gators and Noles who would have been good instructors for the Florida Studies masters program) but were passed over due to the status anxiety of the search chair.
    •  what is the source for this information?
    • I know a guy whose first cousin has a barber who is married to the aunt of the parking officer who has the USF St. Pete building on her route. She told me about it. Trust me, though, the information is good. You'll see when the offer is accepted (unless the search fails in the negotiation stage).
    • I agree with the information, and the status anxiety.  As someone not involved, but very knowledgeable of the department, this was a big search.  300+ apps, a very large number from top tier schools
  • standard form letter rejection email from HR (2/18)
  • Offer made, accepted.
  • Received very nice and personalized rejection letter.  Nice of them to take the time to do this.

University of Southampton (UK) - US History 1750-1945[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in American history (US History, Colonial America; 1750-1945) to begin 1 Sept 2013
  • "Applicants must have completed their PhD in an area of American history. Research fields of interest could include (but are not restricted to): migration and diaspora history; race, ethnicity and religion; slavery and the American south; relations with the Atlantic world, including maritime history; relations with Central and South America; Jewish/non-Jewish relations. Applicants will be required to demonstrate a developing profile of international excellence in research and publications along with potential for attracting research funding. They must also possess a strong commitment to research-led education in a department that enjoys an excellent reputation for its innovative curriculum and student-centred teaching"
  • SHORT deadline: 25 Jan. 2013
  • Shortlist notification by a very computer-generated email, 2/2 (hey, that works in UK and US English!); it says that the actual interview date is TBA.
  • Interviews scheduled (Feb 7)
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Tennessee - Chattanooga - 1861-Present[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History (1861-present), to begin Aug. 2013
  • "Applicants should be capable of teaching the latter half of the United States survey, as well as upper-division courses in their area of specialization between the Civil War and the present. The successful candidate will hold a Ph.D. in History. Applications from advanced ABD candidates will be considered. Previous college-level teaching experience is strongly preferred, but is not required"
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2012 and position is open until filled.
  • Received EEOC form via email. (11/20)
  • Received EEOC form via email. (12/06) x2
  • Any updates on this one? Anyone know their timeframe for contacting people for interviews? (X1)
  • I was wondering about that, as well.  I received my EEOC form after submitting my application, but have heard nothing since then.
  • No word for me either. Anyone have any sense as to how many people applied for this job?
  • Yes, between 3 and 500.
  • EEOC is the form.
    • UTC has a lecturer on staff who does modern American history. William and Mary PhD, and was a VAP at Furman and Stetson before. Is this an inside hire?
      • So Storage Wars is as fake as this search? I'm shocked....truly and completely shocked.
      • I applied to this job and I don't know anything about the politics of this department, but I would have to have more evidence to be convinced that this is an inside hire.  In my six years of job market experience--and I once had a campus interview for what turned out to be a spousal hire (ouch)--departments with multiple lecturers (like UTC) do not regularly hire their own for tenure-track positions.  Also, job ads designed for inside candidates are usually much more specific than UTC's.  So I am not going to say that this is or isn't an inside hire, but I am not convinced by the evidence so far. (1/10) (X2)
  • Nearly 400 applications!
    • According to what/who(/where/when/why/how)?  (x2)
    • Just ran the IP of the poster who said "Nearly 400 applications!" It is registered to the.....University of Tennessee Space Institute. I wonder if we can regard that as official communications from the search committee?
    • Running an IP to confirm an app count confirms the intensity of our desperation. We're graduating into a  system that is broken and that plays on our worst qualities, and all we can do is covet the thing that demeans us. There has got to be another way--in which we are defined by our collective skill, judgement, and innovation.
    • ^^^^ Amen.

UT Space institute is unrelated to UT Chattanooga. The system isn't broken, the academic life is so good there is just a lot of us that want in!

  • Any news with this serch???
  • Email saying 386 applications, skype interviews to be conducted late February, campus visits in March
    • Was this email an invitation for a preliminary interview?
  • Received this email from the search chair (2/4): "Good afternoon. I am very pleased to inform you that your application still is being considered for the tenure-line assistant professorship of Modern American History at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Following an extensive review of the 368 applications submitted, your dossier is amongst 46 that now will advance to a second round of evaluation. Over the next 7-10 days, the search committee aims to identify 10-12 candidates to be interviewed via Skype during the second half of February. The most successful of these interviewees will be invited to Chattanooga for a campus visit during the month of March. Please accept my congratulations for advancing to this stage of the search process, and don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. Please also let me know if you no longer wish the committee to consider your candidacy."
    • What a load of old garbage. I wonder how they decided to advance 46 and not 47 or 48? I am absolutely certain that I had to be number 47 in the pool and I am severly disheartened not to get an interview. I will be filing my claim with the Human Rights Commission and the United Nations immediately.
    • Regardless of the above tantrum, I am severely disheartened not to be selected when I have many more publications than the search chair. Academia is a strange business. (x3)
    • I would love to know the criteria they used to select the "Lucky 46." I'm especially interested if this committee dumped all of the "stale PhDs" and just went for ABDs and recently-minted PhDs? When the Lucky 46 gets whittled to the Elite 10-12, I hope those who do not make the second cut share their ranks with the Wiki.
    • Rejected ABD here.  BLARG.  46, really?  That's ridiculous.  
  • Received reject email stating they received 368 apps (2/6)
    • I still beleive this to be an inside hire.
    • It's sobering that the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga recieved 386 applications for one position. UT-C isn't exactly a top research university or even the flagship UT campus. Inside hire or not, this is a prime example of a broken system.
  • Of course, this was a very broad search, but it is also sobering to know that after this search is over, there will still be 45 people out there looking for jobs who are more qualified than me. Time to consider non-academic positions?
    • You can't look at it that way. I, personally, do not think that there are 45 more qualified individuals than me out there...certainly not for this position. I think that the search committee was looking at some kind of "fit" issue or other criteria that was not written in the job advertisement and that caused my application to be rejected. I have a book, a contract for the second book, multiple articles/chapters, conference presentations.....far and above what the search chair for this position has. However, they chose to go for some other aspect of the CV instead of publications. For one of the searches below (not UTC), I have radically better qualifications than the three finalists (who have one article between them), yet the search committee was swayed by the desire to be hip and trendy and hire on academic fads and "potential," rather than actual accomplishments. My advice to you is the same I give myself: keep doing your work and something will eventually open up.
  • This is not an inside hire.
  • Contacted for Skype interview via e-mail, 2/14 (I do not have a book out, and am thus unqualified)
  • I've removed the extended conversation which was here to the Talk page where it belongs.  AFII (talk) 09:09, February 19, 2013 (UTC)
  • Anything since skype interview?
  • Hired William Kuby - 2011 Penn PhD

University of Tuebingen (Ger.) - Early American Literary and Cultural History[]

  • Applicants should have a specialization in Early American Studies (colonial times, early republic) and in
    transnational literary and cultural relations. Both in their research and their teaching applicants should
    broadly cover the field of American Studies.
  • The holder of this position will be expected to contribute to all degree programs offered by the English Seminar (LA English, BA English and American Studies, BA Interdisciplinary American Studies, MA and PhD programs). She/He should contribute to research initiatives on all levels (department, faculty, university). Requirements/Qualifications: PhD, outstanding research and publication record, Habilitation or equivalent (2nd book), teaching experience.
  • The University of Tuebingen intends to increase the number of women on its faculty, and therefore
    encourages applications by women. Among equally qualified applicants disabled people will receive preferential consideration.
  • Applications should include the following documents: Academic curriculum vitae, copies of relevant diplomas/certifications, list of publications, list of courses taught, overview of teaching and research plans.
  • Applications should be submitted by October 18, 2012 to the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leonhardt, University of Tuebingen, Wilhelmstr. 50, 72074 Tuebingen, Germany.

University of Utah - US West[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in the History of the US West 'research specialty open'
  • "Experience with public history is debatable, and not required. The appointment is anticipated to begin fall 2013."
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2012
  • Just curious, but doesn't the department already have a US West specialist? Is s/he planning to leave? (9/24)
  • The department has at least three US West specialists: Basso (Masculinity), Smoak (American Indian and Environmental history), and Reeve (Mormon history). I have heard no rumors that any of these guys are leaving, so my guess is that they are trying to build on their existing strengths in the field.
  • Any update on this one? (x3 as of 11/2)
  • 6 weeks..What up playas? (11/16) (X1)
  • Phone call to schedule AHA interview (11/29) (x5)
  • Thanks for the update (above) on AHA interview. Bummed. (X1)
  • two weeks since AHA, I've heard nada ... anyone know their timeline? (1/18)
  • Chair noted at AHA that they would contact all people they interviewed regarding the search by "mid-January"
  • Rejected after AHA (1/18). GL to those still in the running!
  • Any updates--campus visits concluded? Offer extended? (2/16)
  • Received a kind e-mail indicating that an offer has been made to another candidate from southern California. Many congrats to the successful candidate! (2/25)
  • They said the person they hired was from Southern California?
  • Not to me (someone edited my original post to add that bit). They didn't specify who the offer was made to.
  • Hire was a Ohio State student. 

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in US History
  • to teach 21 credits including "U.S. History Survey, an upper-division U.S. labor history course, related lower-level and upper-level course in History and interdisciplinary courses pertaining to the purpose and mission of the Department"
  • Candidates need "[e]arned doctorate in U.S. History or related field from an accredited institution. Will consider ABD candidates with the expectation that the degree is completed by the end of the first contract period."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2012
  • Where is the tenure home for this job? The Department of History or the Department of Democracy and Justice Studies? I get the sense from the job ad that it's the latter.
  • I read it as if the position will be in the Dept. of Democracy and Justice Studies (at least that's how I approached my application).
  • Just to clarify, I received an email from the HR department today with a letter attached letting me know that my emailed letters of rec. never reached them (*shakes fist at Interfolio*). The chair of the search committee signed off on the letter with the Dept. of Democracy and Justice Studies under his name, so I think it's safe to say that this will be a job anchored in that department (which is great because it seems like a cool position!).
  • Anyone hear anything? (11/28)
  • Will they interview at the AHA?
  • I have not heard anything yet.  I have no concrete info one way or the other, but it doesn't seem like they will be interviewing at the AHA.  I'm guessing we should find out soon about phone/skype interviews?
  • Phone interview scheduled 12/3 (x3)
  • Anyone hear anything since the phone interviews? 12/22
    • Contacted for campus interview a week or so ago. 12/22
    • Any news? (3/28)

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse - World History/US Education[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in World History and the History of the Education in the US
  • "Period specialization is open. The successful candidate will also direct the UW-La Crosse regional National History Day program. This is a 9-month, 100% position with duties distributed at 50% teaching, 25% scholarship and research and 25% service. The position begins Fall semester, 2013."
  • 3/3 Teaching load
  • "including a General Education World History course and upper level courses in specialty areas. Successful candidates must have PhD in hand by August 2013, in addition to at least one year experience in and ability to teach World History, as well as specialized fields that contribute to the regional and temporal needs of the department. Candidates must also have experience with National History Day. Scholarship should demonstrate current historical methodological and topical interests or trends."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2012

University of Wisconsin-Madison - History of Sport and Society[]

  • Full-time, tenure-track position at the assistant professor or associate professor with tenure level in the History of Sport and Society in the United States, especially the development of professional sport in its larger national and social contexts since 1900. Appointment to begin August 2013.
  • The successful candidate will be the inaugural Allan H. Selig Chair in the History of Sport and Society.
  • Applicants must hold a doctorate in history or related field by start of appointment. Candidates should demonstrate a record of excellence in research and teaching in the subject of the development of U.S. professional sport in its larger social, cultural, and economic contexts, including but not limited to matters of race, gender, labor relations, mass culture, and metropolitanization.
  • Interested candidates should send paper copies of a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and a writing sample of roughly 50 pages, and request their three signed letters of recommendation (electronic versions will not be accepted) be sent separately to Ms. Nicole Hauge, 20th Century Sport History Search Committee, Department of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 3211 Mosse Humanities Building, 455 North Park Street, Madison, WI 53706-1405. We also request that applicants send PDF copies of the letter of application, curriculum vitae, and writing sample of approximately 50 pages to If the writing sample forms part of a larger book manuscript or dissertation, please include an abstract and table of contents or a statement of how the writing sample fits within the larger project.
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2012
  • Request for additional materials (11/21)
  • What additional materials did you have requested?
  • "any other materials you would like them to consider as they continue to review your candidacy"--inc. sample syllabi, scholarship in progress, etc
  • Thank you for your feedback. I guess it is time to move on, yet again. Sigh. Congrats and best of luck!
  • Rejection email received (12/12) Did anyone get an AHA interview? (1/2)

Ursinus College (PA) - African American & Modern (post-1865) American History[]

  • Tenure-track professor in African American and Modern American History, beginning Fall, 2013.
  • A secondary field in the history of Sub-Saharan Africa or the African Diaspora is highly desirable. PhD. required; possible appointment at advanced rank, dependent upon qualifications and experience. The position will include participation in the college’s Common Intellectual Experience interdisciplinary first-year seminar, as well as leadership in, and possible future coordination of, its African American and Africana Studies program.
  • Send letter of application, vita, graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation by 1 Nov. 2012, to Ross Doughty, Chair, Department of History, Ursinus College, P.O. Box 1000, Collegeville, PA 19426-1000.
  • received letter acknowledging receipt of application, giving info about search schedule going forward. 11/1
  • Any news? (12/4)
  • Skype interview scheduled x2
  • Anyone hear anything? (1/3) 
  • Invitation to campus (1/7)
  • Rejection via email after Skype interview (1/8)

Vanderbilt University - [Non-TT; VAP] 19th or 20th C.[]

[Link to AHA so only visible to members]

  • Mellon Asst. Prof., Non TT, 1yr appointment
  • Teaching load: 2/2
  • "The successful candidate will have a strong research agenda in 19th- or 20th-century U.S. history, with broad interests that might include gender, race, economic history, capitalism, or transnationalism. PhD required; teaching experience preferred. In addition, in accordance with Mellon Foundation guidelines, applicants must have the PhD no more than four years from the start of the position."
  • Applications, including cover letter, c.v., writing sample, evidence of teaching effectiveness and teaching philosophy, and three letters of reference, should be submitted to Mellon Assistant Professor Search Committee, Chair, Dept. of History, Vanderbilt University, PMB 351802, 2301 Vanderbilt Pl., Nashville, TN 37235-1802.
  • Deadline: 8 Mar. 2013 

- Anyone here anything yet? 3/28

  • Offer made and accepted (4/1)

Westminster College (Penn.)  - Modern (w/non-US)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Modern American History
  • "The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in hand with a demonstrable record of accomplishments in undergraduate teaching and in research.  Preference will be given to candidates with teaching experience beyond the field of modern US history, including a non-US field (preferably East Asia) and religion in America.  The ability and willingness to teach world geography and Westminster’s freshman seminar are also required."
  • Deadline: 18 Mar. 2013
  • Wow! Very small window.
  • Offer made and accepted (3/27)
  • WTF?!?
  • I love how these places have no qualms about wasting the money of dozens of applicants on dossier service fees and postage, and then shamelessly hiring someone in nine days without even pretending that it was an authentic search. 
  • This makes me laugh, but not in a good way. Yup, the very small window made it pretty clear that it was an inside hire. But I figured that they would at least give applicants the courtesy of, like the above said, pretending that it was legitimate. 9 days? To review applications, invite people to campus, and hold interviews? Really? Isn't this a violation of the idea of being an "equal opportunity employer," like they say they are? Does that status give them government benefits that they should not get? Or is that why they run a pretend search in the first place? I ask this as a real question, not as sour grapes. I don't particularly care about this job. It's just sad to see.
  • Does anyone know anything about this position? The profile page for the current VAP indicates that he has taken a visiting position at a different school. Who would the inside hire be? I'm wondering if the 3/27 post is accurate.
  • The 3/27 info is good which is an odd way to describe anything about this mess.  Hired the VAP before the present VAP.
  • Yes. True. Congratulations to those not hired--you are the fortunate ones.
  • Hired Angela Lahr, VAP at Westminster from 2006-2011.

Winona State University (Minn.) - US Legal & Constitutional[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in US Legal and Constitutional History
  • "The Department seeks to build on existing strengths in its History and Law and Society programs, and to strengthen its ABA-accredited 4-year Paralegal Program.  The Department is also interested in expanding offerings in the areas of Environmental History and Comparative/Transnational History. The department is looking for prospective colleagues with a Ph.D. in U.S. History or American Studies (by date of hire), demonstrated excellence in teaching and scholarship."
  • "Position available pending budgetary approval."
  • Review begins: 4 Feb. 2013
  • Offer made and accepted. 

Yale University - American Studies, Built environments[]

  • The Yale Program in American Studies invites applications for a junior faculty appointment, tenure-track, to begin July 1, 2013, focusing on metropolitan built environments. Interdisciplinary scholars whose projects address cultural landscapes, urban and suburban history, or social geography are particularly welcome to apply. Ph.D. preferred.
  • Please submit a letter of application, c.v., two-page dissertation abstract, 20-30 page writing sample, and names and addresses of three evaluators at
  • Review begins: 22 Oct. 2012.
  • I *think* this is the THIRD time this job has been listed since 2008.
  • Additional materials requested (10/23)
    • 1 day after the search closed?!? Is this a targeted search?
    • In a word, yes.
    • What materials did they request, out of curiosity? I don't doubt that this could be a targeted search, but find it a little strange that they asked for additional materials even though the initial application asked for a writing sample, and no one else has yet posted any other contact related to the position, such as additional materials, phone interview, etc.
    • They asked for a full manuscript/dissertation.  Word is they're done with campus visits now and it doesn't look like it was actually a targeted search.
    • I received a request for more materials (publications and syllabi) on Monday 11/26.
    • I also received a request for pubs and syllabi on 11/20.
    • Just got my rejection. From the search commitee: 170 applicants, and "The program has now selected Laura R. Barraclough for the position. She
      holds a Ph.D. in American Studies and Ethnicity from the University of
      Southern California and is currently an assistant professor at Kalamazoo
      College. She is the author of Making the San Fernando Valley: Rural
      Landscapes, Urban Development, and White Privilege (University of
      Georgia Press, 2011) and co-author (with Laura Pulido and Wendy Cheng)
      of  A People's Guide to Los Angeles (University of California Press, 2012)." Congrats Prof. Barraclough! (x2)

Yale University - American Studies, Early America[]

  • Tenure track faculty appointment in the early Americas, broadly defined
  • "We seek an interdisciplinary scholar, although the degree may come from any humanities or social science discipline. Ph.D. preferred."
  • Review begins: 3 Dec. 2012
  • Any word? (12/15)
  • Request for more materials (12/17)
  • Crossposted to American Studies 2013339
  • The American Studies Wiki says an on-campus interview has been scheduled.
  • Indeed, campus visits.

African-American History[]

American University - 19th and/or 20thC []

  • Tenure line assistant or associate professor in African-American History (19th and/or 20th C)
  • "While research specialty is open, particular areas of interest include African-American history in the post‑emancipation period with an emphasis on any aspect of the long freedom struggle, including civil rights"
  • PhD in hand by Aug. 2013
  • "Depending on qualifications, the appointee to this position may be recommended for tenure at the time of hiring"
  • Deadline for Full Consideration: 15 Sept. 2012.
  • Received rejection today by email (10/15). Approximately 120 applications; they have narrowed the list down to their top candidates.
  • Received Skype interview request, to be held in the next couple of weeks. They're not interviewing at the AHA. (10/16)
  • So are people being honest? I've received nether a rejection nor an interview request. What does that mean? (10/20). (x2)
  • I would contact the department to get official clarification. (10/20)
  • Lack of interview or rejection most likely means (a)they haven't sent out rejection letters yet or (b) they are holding you in reserve in case they need to do more interviews. Unfortunately (a) is more likely as the norm seems to be to send out rejections long after the search is completed.
  • I posted about the rejection. I do not know why some have not heard back but I am not putting out misinformation. Posting a rejection is NEVER fun; but I did so to provide other applicants with information.
  • I posted about the interview and yes, I was being honest. Skype interviews are being held next week. On campus interviews will be held in late November-early December.
  • On campus interview scheduled
  • Offer extended - offer accepted
  • Form rejection letter received via e-mail. (1/14)

Cornell University - 20thC[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor or tenured associate professor in Twentieth Century African American History
  • "Applicants must be strong in both research and teaching and have the Ph.D. in hand by the starting date of July 1, 2013. We are especially interested in candidates whose work has a social science focus (e.g. law, politics, education, economics, or migration/immigration)."
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012.
    • Asked for more writing. [posted 10/12]
    • Hmm...I received a form e-mail about their timetable (Skype/phone interviews in December, campus interviews in January, no AHA), but I was not asked to send a writing sample. I wonder if that means that I'm out of the running already. (10/15)
    • Not necessarily. Asking for writing samples is one way to gauge whether an ABD really will defend by May/June 2013. ABDs sometimes unrealistically estimate (or misrepresent) how much time they will need to finish the dissertation. Asking for chapters is one way to verify.
    • Anyone get an interview request yet? They had said that interviews would be conducted in December and now it's December. (12/3)
    • Interview request scheduled by email. (12/3)
    • Received rejection e-mail. (12/9)x2
    • Did your rejection e-mail seem personalized? (12/10)
      • yes (12/13)
    • campus interviews scheduled (12/15) x2
    • Received rejection after campus visit (12/19)
    • you are confusing two different jobs in AAH at Cornell, one in the Africana Department, the other in the History Department.  Africana already made an offer; History has scheduled three job talks in mid-January (1/9)

Indiana University - Bloomington - 20thC[]

  • Associate Professorship in 20th Century African American History
  • Joint appointment, Dept. of History with tenure home in Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies
  • "Both departments seek to build upon existing strengths in African American history and are especially interested in applicants whose work engages popular culture, social movements, and/or urban history. Scholars who have an interdisciplinary record of achievement are also encouraged to apply"
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012.
  • Also posted at Cultural Studies/Ethnic Studies 2012-13
  • anything?
  • Email saying still in deliberations and hope to make announcements by mid-December (12/4)

Livingstone College[]

[does anyone have a link to the original job advert, or the deadline?] --> This HR page ( has a link for a Word doc with the position announcement, but the posting date is March 2010. I can't tell if this is a typo, or if it really is a two-year-old listing. Deadline: until filled.

  • Assistant Professor of History (American).
  • "The successful candidate will provide academic instruction in an introductory American history sequence, as well as, introductory and upper level American History courses. He/she will be required to maintain a minimum of a 12 hour course load, as well as maintain 8 office hours per week. Candidate will serve on department and division level committees, and perform other duties as assigned."
  • "Candidate will have a Ph.D. in History from an accredited institution with an emphasis in American twentieth century political history. He/she will have 3-5 years classroom experience at the college or university level. The successful candidate must have administrative experience, strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated skills as an accomplished educator, and the ability to identify and establish appropriate educational direction. Experience in teaching African American History, and a commitment to diversity in the recruitment of students, faculty and staff is highly desired."

Morgan State University - Open rank[]

  • Open rank hire in African American History
  • "Morgan State University seeks a specialist in African American, with a preferred subspecialty in urban history, pending funding. The successful applicant will teach undergraduate surveys in American and African-American history and participate in our history and African-American studies graduate programs. Teaching experience at an urban university and potential for scholarship desired for junior applicants. Senior applicants should demonstrate a successful, continuing record of publications. Ph.D. in history required. "
  • Submit...cover letter, c.v., three letters of recommendation and unofficial transcripts ... to Dr. Annette Palmer, chair, Morgan State University Department of History and Geography, 1700 East Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore, MD 21251
  • For full consideration: 1 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interivew at AHA
  • This posting was listed last year and they conducted interviews at AHA. Any idea what happened? This and the Public History position are both re-postings for Morgan.
  • Neither are repostings. Public history is a new position. Last year they hired two young scholars (Africanist and Afro-Caribbean women). This job replaces a retirement.
  • Email request for AHA interview (12/12)
  • Letter rec'd notifying they found someone (3/21)

Spelman College (Georgia) - American & African-American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in American History and African-American History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • "Candidates should have a sub-field specialization in either Women’s History, Foreign Policy, and /or Constitutional History"
  • "Ph.D. required; teaching and post-doctoral training preferred."
  • Review begins immediately [26 Oct] and continues until: 3 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interview during Spring 2013 semester.
    • anyone hear any news on this one?  it's a search from last year, I am not sure if they filled the position or not?
    • Acknowledgement and EEO received via snail mail on 11/28.  Nothing since.
    • Anyone hear anything?  (2/18)
    • Had phone interview 2/13, they hope to have campus visits done by early March

State University of New York - Oneonta -- OFFER MADE[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in African American History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • Teaching load: 21 Credit hours/year
  • " The initial appointment will be for two years"
  • "This is a joint appointment (50/50) between two departments with teaching and college service expected in both."
  • Review begins 15 Nov. 2012 and position is open until filled
  • Any news on this?

Unversity of Colorado - Boulder - Africana Studies[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Africana Studies with specialization in African American History
  • "Candidates whose work is interdisciplinary and intersectional, and who have concentrations in gender, sexuality, and comparative ethnic studies (e.g., Afro-Asian studies, Afro-European studies, Afro-Islamic studies, Afro-Jewish studies, Afro-Latino studies, and Afro-Native American studies) are strongly encouraged to apply. The Department of Ethnic Studies openly embraces diversity and inclusivity, and seeks candidates who will create a climate that attracts students of all races, genders, classes, sexualities, nationalities, and religions."
  • Review begins 15 Nov. 2012, position open until filled
  • Any news on this? (12/2)
  • Received an e-mail informing me that I'm a semifinalist, but they didn't say what their timeline is or when interviews would be conducted. (12/5)
  • Skype interview request via e-mail. (12/7)
  •  Campus visit scheduled

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Pre-20thC[]

  • Full-time tenure-track, assistant professor position in African-American history, pre-twentieth century, with a target start date of August 16, 2013.
  • All subfields invited to apply; department especially welcomes applicants working on slave trade and slavery, gender and sexuality, labor, Atlantic world, cultural, or legal history. A PhD is required at time of appointment.
  • Please create your candidate profile through and upload application materials through this system.
  • Deadline: 15 Oct 2012; letters of reference must be received no later than October 22, 2012.
  • Req for additional written materials (10/15) (x2); x3, but the request came a week later
  • Skype interview scheduled, 10/26.
  • Has anyone heard anything since the Skype interviews? (11/16)
  • on-campus scheduled
  • File under: I had forgotten I even applied for this job. Rec'd a form email rejection from the chair confirming that they have made an offer to "the most qualified candidate." Knowing who got the job, I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly!(4/30)

University of Mississippi - 20th C & African-American Studies[]

  • Tenure Track assistant professor in African American History, to start Aug. 2013
  • Joint appointment between: The History Department ( and the African-American Studies Program (
  • "Applicants will be expected to contribute to the interdisciplinary mission of the African-American Studies Program, which offers a BA in African-American Studies...In addition to a Ph.D., the department and program require evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarship."
  • 2/2 load
  • Candidates must complete an online application at Supplementary materials, including a letter of interest, vita, three letters of recommendation, teaching portfolio, and writing sample, should be attached to the online application or mailed to Chair, African-American History Search Committee, Department of History, 310 Bishop Hall, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677-1848.
  • Deadline: Open until filled or 'until an adequate applicant pool has been established' [posted 7 Sept 2012}
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
  • Any news on this one? (12/2)
  • Nothing yet (12/5)
  • Request for AHA interview by email 12/6
  • Rejection email sent out 12/7

University of Southern Indiana - 19thC US/African-American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in 19th Century US history with a specialization in African-American History
  • "PhD or advanced ABD in history or closely related field required by start date of August 2013."
  • 4/4 Teaching Load "with 2 – 3 preparations, including core curriculum history surveys, historical methods, required world civilizations sequence for history majors, advanced classes in U.S. history from 1789-1914, and classes in candidate’s specialization."
  • Additional field in public history is desirable. Teaching experience, an active scholarly agenda, and commitment to serving USI and the community required.
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2012 and continues until position is filled.
  • Phone Interview (11/113)
  • Campus interview scheduled for late Nov/early Dec.
  • Offer extended and accepted 

University of Southern Mississippi - 20th C[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in 20th C African-American History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • "Particular subfield is open, but candidates with research agendas that employ the University’s extensive Civil Rights collections are preferred."
  • "Responsibilities will include teaching world history, the U.S. survey, and upper-level and graduate courses in field of expertise, as well as directing theses and dissertations in a doctorate-granting department"
  • For full consideration: 1 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • AHA invite (12/5)x3
    • offer extended and accepted (2/28)

Native American History[]

Laurentian University (Can.) - 2 positions, one French-speaking[]

  • Two Assistant professorships in North American Indigenous History/histoire autochtone nord-américaine, to start 1 Jul. 2013
  • Francophone post:
    • "Les tâches liées au poste comprennent l’enseignement en français aux niveaux du premier et du deuxième cycle, des travaux de recherche et des responsabilités administratives. Les qualifications requises consistent en un doctorat en histoire (ou alors presque terminé) et une excellence démontrée en recherche et en enseignement dans le ou les domaines de spécialisation. Les candidates et candidats sont priés de soumettre un exposé de leurs recherches actuelles et planifiées, un dossier d’enseignement, un curriculum vitae et trois lettres de recommandation."
  • Anglophone post:
    • "Qualified candidates with expertise in the areas of northern, rural, or health history are especially encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will be expected to teach in English at the undergraduate level, and to participate in the M.A. program. Applicants must have a completed Ph.D. or be near to completion, with demonstrated research productivity and teaching experience. Candidates should submit a statement of current and prospective research, a teaching dossier, a curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference."
  • Deadline for both: Not stated in Ad, posted 25 Sept. 2012 & expires 31 Mar. 2013.
  • Phone Interview (11/21)
  • Anyone hear anything? (1/6)
  • any news? (1/18)
  • I'm also curious. Did anyone hear back from this following the phone interview?
  • Not here. I had a phone interview with the consultant back in November and have not heard anything since. I was told on the phone that I would be advised about the status of my application in early December. Anyone else is a similar position?
  • Yes, I too had the phone interview (for the Anglophone position) with the consultant in Nov and was told that the committee would make a decision on who to interview by mid to late December. However, I haven't heard anything.
  • Same here. I just E-mailed the consultant. I'll let you all know if I hear anything back.
  • Never heard anything either. Thanks to the above poster for sending an email! x2
  • They responded to my E-mail. They haven't made a short list yet. They should contact us by the end of the month.
  • Thanks.
  • News? (1/30)
  • Nope (02/01)
  • No news here 2/04
  • What is going on?
  • Has anyone emailed since a end of Jan? (02/12)
  • any news??? what is going on with this position?
  • Anything at all? 3/12
  • A hire was made last year for the English position. The French position was a failed search. Dec. 2013

Middle Tennessee State University - Asst/Assoc[]

  • Tenure track assistant/associate professorship in Native American History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • "...with a geographic focus on North America, at the Assistant Rank. Subfield open. Active research agenda expected... PhD in History is required by appointment date."
  • Review begins: 26 Nov. 2012 and position is open until filled.
    • NB readvertised 13 Nov. to "Correct Rank to Assistant/Associate Professor"
  • Not a word from this? (1/28)
  • Campus Interviews scheduled
  • Offer Made

Tennessee Technological University - Native American/Environmental[]

  • Assistant professorship in History
  • Teaching Load: 12 hours/semester
  • "Must have completed all requirements for a PhD in history from an accredited institution by August 2013. Must demonstrate expertise in Native American and Environmental history. Teaching philosophy and preferred instructional methods compatible with department goals and resources. Ability to advise and mentor students. Must be able to teach both halves of the U.S. History Survey sequence. Must demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills. Must be authorized to work in the United States without the University's sponsorship."
  • Screening date: 5 Nov. 2012
  • On-campus interview for mid-February (1/21) 

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Native American History (Great Lakes or Great Plains preferred), to start 19 August 2013.
  • "The successful candidate will teach courses in Native American history, US history, historical methodology, and other courses as assigned."
  • Required: PhD in History (or related field) specializing in Native American history. ABD applicants will be considered but degree must be completed by March 2014. Interest and skill in undergraduate teaching.
  • Preferred: Evidence of effective undergraduate teaching in US history. Specialization in Great Lakes or Great Plains history. Commitment to equity and inclusiveness and ability to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to campus.
  • Apply online at
  • For full consideration: 5 Nov. 2012 however, screening may continue until position is filled.
  • AHA interview scheduled 11/30
  • Any news post AHA?
  • campus visits scheduled
  • Offer accepted (Ph.D., The College of William and Mary).

U.S. Chicano/a / Latino/a History[]

Georgia Southern University - History of Latinos in the United States/Caribbean[]

  • Position Description. Reporting to the Chair, the Assistant Professor of History with a specialty in the History of Latinos in the United States/Caribbean requires teaching, service, and research responsibilities as well as a terminal degree. The successful candidate will teach the survey of United States History, a core course required of all Georgia Southern University students, courses required for the major, and a variety of upper-division courses in his or her field. In addition to pursuing an active research agenda, the successful candidate is expected to advise students and contribute to departmental governance. The position is a 9-month, tenure-track appointment, and the salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • Required Qualifications: Ph.D. in History, or Ph.D. in a closely related field with at least 18 graduate semester hour credits in History, by August 1, 2013; Ability to teach survey of United States history, undergraduate methods course, and senior seminar
  • Screening of applications begins October 15, 2012, and continues until the position is filled. The preferred position starting date is August 1, 2013.

Texas State University - Mexican American History[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professorship in Mexican American History
  • "Preference is given to candidates who focus on the modern period, from the mid-nineteenth-century forward, as demonstrated through the dissertation and/or research and publications. Ph.D. required by time of appointment, salary commensurate with experience. The successful candidate will teach advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in Mexican American history, as well as survey courses in World Civilization or U.S. history. In addition to excellence in teaching, an active research agenda and participation in departmental programs is expected. Appointment date is August 15, 2013"
  • Review begins: 5 Nov. 2012 & is open until filled.
  • Email requesting phone interview on 12/10 (12/5) (x2)
    • They are conducting phone interviews rather than AHA interviews.
  • Anyone hear anything since the phone interviews? (1/10)
  • Nope (x3)
  • How about now? Anyone get a call back? (1/21)
  • I still have not heard anything. (1/27)
  • My guess is that they've already contacted their top three candidates for on-campus visits. They've been back in session for awhile now, and we're well past the "mid-January" notification timeline they stated in the phone interview. Debbie Downer over-and-out. 


University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) - Asst. Professor, U.S. Chicano/Latino History[]

  • Position in U.S. Chicano/Latino history, at the Assistant (tenure-track) level. Research areas may center on any relevant time period; research themes include but are not limited to immigration; labor; gender; cultural history; history and politics of race and ethnicity; transnational networks.
  • Apply at: - Refer to Position #JPF00002-13 in all correspondence.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2012.
  • Has anyone heard anything as of yet? Anyone else that is on this site apply?  (12/3)
  • Haven't heard anything (12/4)
  • How about now? (12/12)
  • Still waiting too. (12/12)
  • Today I received an email request for AHA interview. (12/12) (x2)
  • Received invitation for campus visit (1/11/13)

University of Notre Dame - Asst. Professor, American Latino/a history[]

  • The Department of History of the University of Notre Dame invites applications for a tenure-track position in American Latino/a history at the assistant professor level. All subspecialties are encouraged to apply including Mexican-US borderlands history. Candidates should send a letter of application, a CV, and three letters of recommendation to Professor Jon Coleman, Department of History, 219 O’Shaughnessy Hall, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556.
  • Review of applications will begin October 15, 2012.
    • So what about Marc Rodriguez? Is he leaving? Technically in a different dept? Notre Dame isn't actually going to have 2 historians of Latino/Chicano history is it?
    • No idea what the deal is, but Rodriguez is not listed as History faculty at ND as of end of July 2012:
    • I noticed that as well, but where will Rodriguez be? What happened?
    • Rodriguez didn't get tenure. From what I hear, there were some people at ND who were set on ousting him.
      • Hi. Just to remind everyone that posts here need to abide by Wiki's Terms of Use; when you're posting information about individuals other than yourself do be careful that the information you post couldn't be considered a breach of privacy/libel laws. AFII (talk) 08:47, August 9, 2012 (UTC)
      • Um. ok I can read the 'terms of use' on my own, but if the purpose of Academic Jobs Wiki isn't to give department-level gossip a wider audience what is it? grumble grumble
    • Request to interview at the AHA. (x3)

University of Texas - Austin - Mexican-American, Latino, Mexico-US Borderlands[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Mexican-American, Latino and/or Mexico-US Borderlands History
  • "Applicants using transnational and comparative approaches to the treatment of Mexican American history are especially encouraged to apply. This position will build on our existing strengths in Texas, labor, Spanish borderlands, race and ethnicity, and Latino and Latina history."
  • "Applicants should have documented evidence of teaching excellence, and a clearly defined research agenda related to History and Mexican-American Studies"
  • "Applicants must have, in addition to the criteria listed above, a strong publication record and experience in supervising graduate students."
  • For full consideration: 1 Dec. 2012 and position is open until filled
    • -12/10 received request for AHA interview.
    • Congrats.  Are you fresh to the market or moving laterally? 
    • Official form letter rejection.  (1/7)
    • Anyone else on this site waiting to hear about a campus visit post-AHA? (1/14)
    • Yes, waiting to hear about campus visit post-AHA (1/17)
    • Any news here? (1/22)
    • Word is that they have an inside higher and this search is a farce.  This seems to be happening a lot lately. (2/23)
    • Has an offer been made?
    • Yes. Apparently, a Yale PhD. Yet another Ivy League hire. (3/7)
    • Did she take it?  She also had an offer from Brown.  She is great!! They needed a Latina in that department! I wish her the best!!

University of Texas - El Paso - Colonial US/Mexico Borderlands[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship "in the history of the region that is now the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands."
  • "The successful candidate will play a key role in the PhD program in Borderlands history--a program that transcends traditional historiographical boundaries. She or he will teach graduate and undergraduate courses on the Borderlands and colonial Mexico. The ability to teach broader courses on colonial Latin America is also desirable. The teaching load is competitive for a research-intensive department."
  • PhD must be in-hand by Sept. 2013
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2012 and continues until post is filled
  • No online submissions. Paper submissions required. Interesting.
  • Confirmation email/EEO survey received 11/12 (x2)
  • AHA Interview requests have gone out (Based on Lat Am Wiki page)
  • campus visits scheduled (2/1)
  • offer made
  • officer accepted (as reported in Latin American History 2012-2013).

University of Texas - Pan American - Pref. spec. in 19thC Mexican & Public History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • " Candidate in the area of Mexican American History with specialization in the 19thcentury andcandidates with a secondary field in Public History are particularly encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will be expected to develop both undergraduate and graduate courses in area of specialization as well as teach undergraduate core US History surveys. The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in history or a related field in hand at time of appointment, and must have a minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit in history."
  • Deadline: 3 Dec. 2012
  • That place is a DUMP!!! (x2)
  • Did you visit? Can you be more specific?
  • Yup!!!
  • offer made,
    • offer accepted, (5/27)
  • Run
    • [20 Nov] General criticisms of an institution (i.e. not related to this particular position) should probably be posted on the Universities To Fear page. AFII (talk) 10:03, November 20, 2012 (UTC
    • This is certainly not a big name, but its hardly a dump. It's a nice campus in an underserved area.

U.S. Women's & Gender History[]

Armstrong Atlantic State University[]

  • The History Department at Armstrong Atlantic State University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Women’s History beginning Fall 2013. Teaching responsibilities include: upper level courses in women’s history and additional areas of expertise, support of the M.A. in History, survey level courses in World History and/or American History as appropriate, and introductory courses in Gender and Women’s Studies. The standard teaching load is four courses per semester. The department is committed to excellence in teaching informed by scholarly activity. The College of Liberal Arts encourages undergraduate research. Faculty members advise students and perform service to the department, college, university, and community.
  • An earned Ph.D. in History is preferred. ABD candidates may be considered. Teaching experience at the college level is preferred.
  • Application must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, unofficial copies of graduate transcripts, three letters of reference, a scholarly writing sample, a statement of teaching philosophy, and a sample course syllabus. For consideration, apply online at Please submit all materials with the online application. Only complete applications will be reviewed.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 26, 2012. All positions are contingent upon final budgetary approval.
  • AHA interview scheduled by phone (12/10); (12/11); by email (12/12)
  • AHA interview went fine, no word yet--anyone else hear anything? (1/23)
  • Apparently, they are running three searches (including one for Departmental Chair which takes precedence).  I was told it was going to be a while (3 to 4 weeks) before we heard anything. (x3)
  • Has this search been cancelled? Or has an offer been extended?  On-campus interviews in progress? (2/10)
  • Normally after a month, I'd assume they had already invited candidates, but in this case, I think there's a possibility the process is just taking a long time. The position is still posted on Armstrong's HR website. But who knows? (2/11)
  • Email from the search chair that the other searches are wrapping up, they will be moving forward with this one, and they'll be in touch soon. (2/13) x2
  • I had all but given up on this one--the department chair called my references today. (3/1)
  • Campus invite via email. (3/5) (x2)

Auburn University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship with a specialization in the history of women, gender, and sexuality in the United States.
  • The appointee will be responsible for teaching graduate seminars and undergraduate courses in area of specialization and courses in the core curriculum.
  • To apply for this position: Applicants will be required to attach letter of application, vita, a teaching portfolio including student and peer evaluations (if available) and course syllabi, a writing sample, graduate transcripts, and the names and email address of three references.
  • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012
  • Contacted for AHA interview 10/26 x3
  • Rejection letter received (12/3) x5
  • post AHA rejection email received. 01/17
  • offer made 2/14

Barnard College - 19th/20th C[]

  • Barnard College, Columbia University, seeks to hire at the rank of advanced Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor in the field of nineteenth- and/or twentieth-century U.S. women’s and gender history. Area of specialization open.
  • Please send dossier (cover letter of application, c.v., a list of three referees, and one writing sample) to:
  • Deadline: 15, Oct. 2012.
  • request for letters of rec 11/16x3
  • Polite email rejection from search co-chairs (11/21). Good luck to the semi-finalists! (x3, 11/21)
  • On campus visits scheduled and ongoing (3 and 4/13)

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University - US gender and 19th-c. U.S.[]

  • Teach introductory US history course, an upper-division course on US gender history to the present, other upper division courses in 19th-c. US history, and the first-year seminar of the common curriculum
  • Deadline: 19 November 2012
  • Request made by phone for Skype interview (11/26) x6
  • Job re-posted on 4 December to the Inside Higher Ed website:
    • The job wasn't really "re-posted"; it's the original listing including the 11/19 application deadline. Inside Higher Ed is a bit of a mess and filled with outdated/expired "new" job announcements.
  • Request for campus visit (by phone) x2
  • Rejected by email; states offer has been made & accepted (2-12) (x2)--Congrats to successful candidate!

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • Tenure track associate professor in Women's History "...with a preference for US Women's History"
  • "The successful hire will maintain an active scholarly agenda, pursue innovative teaching, and participate in interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. The candidate will design and teach undergraduate and graduate courses in her or his area of specialization."
  • "Applicants who have completed a Ph.D. in History or a related field by August 31, 2013 are strongly preferred."
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2012
  • Teachingl load at EMU is 4-4. Assistant profs share their offices with lectures/adjuncts.
  • Emailed them and got confirmation that materials were recieved. 12/5
  • Chair said they're doing phone interviews early January and hoped to notify those selected by the end of next week. 12/5
  • Has anyone heard anything? --> nope! (12/17) x3
  • Request for phone interview in January. (12/17) x3
  • Request for on campus in February (1/28)
  • Any news on this? Have they made the hire? (2/25)
  • Offer Extended and Accepted (3/5)

Grinnell College - 20th C[]

  • Tenure-track position in the Department of History (20th-Century U.S. Women’s & Gender History), starting Fall 2013. Assistant Professor (Ph.D.) preferred; Instructor (ABD) or Associate Professor possible.
  • "Grinnell College is a highly selective undergraduate liberal arts college whose history department teaches fundamental skills in the framing of historical questions, the pursuit of independent research, and the eloquent and persuasive presentation of ideas. The College’s curriculum is founded on a strong advising system and close student-faculty interaction with few college-wide requirements beyond the completion of a major. The teaching schedule of five courses over two semesters will include a section of the department’s introductory course, an advanced seminar on a topic of the instructor’s choice, and intermediate-level courses that include U.S. Women’s History and other courses in the candidate’s areas of expertise. Every few years one course will be Tutorial (a writing/critical thinking course for first-year students, oriented toward a special topic of the instructor’s choice)."
  • In letters of application, candidates should discuss their interest in developing as a teacher and scholar in an undergraduate, liberal-arts college that emphasizes close student-faculty interaction. They also should discuss what they can contribute to efforts to cultivate a wide diversity of people and perspectives, a core value of Grinnell College, how they can add to the department’s transnational and global perspectives on history, and how they might collaborate with the Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies major.
  • Candidates will need to upload a letter of application, curriculum vitae, a writing sample, graduate school transcripts (copies are acceptable), and provide email addresses for three references. Questions about this search should be directed to the search chair, Professor Sarah J. Purcell, at or 641-269-4628.
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2012
    • This search failed last year.
    • standard email that all reference letters arrived - always appreciated! 10/28 x1 11/2x1
    • AHA interview schedule via phone. (12/6) x5
    • Rejection letter received via email. 14 candidates selected for AHA interviews. (12/12) x5
    • Has anyone heard anything? (1/28) Nope (1/29)
    • Offer made, accepted

Ohio State University - Modern Women's/Gender/Sexuality[]

  • The Department of History at Ohio State University invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor (tenure-eligible) in Modern U.S. Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality History.
  • Candidates with specializations in any chronological era are welcome to apply. We will prefer applicants who specialize in the history of sexuality and/or the history of social movements. The successful hire will be expected to promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration with the thematic constellations of the History Department and with such units as the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the Sexuality Studies Program.
  • Applicants must hold the Ph.D. at time of appointment and must demonstrate an actual or potential record of sustained publication commensurate with the expectations at a major research university.The successful candidate will be expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in both women’s, gender, and sexuality history and in general U.S. history in the era of her/his specialty.
  • Candidates should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, publications and/or article-length writing samples, and three letters of recommendation to Professor Judy Wu, Chair, U.S. Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality History Search Committee, Department of History, Ohio State University, 106 Dulles Hall, 230 West 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210.
  • Review begins: 15 Sept. 2012
  • Contacted for Skype interview 10/5/12
  • Wow, fast! I'm jealous - but good luck.
  • Any news? Have campus interviews been scheduled yet? (10/23)
  • I interviewed 10/15 and haven't heard anything yet (10/24) x 5 (10/30 for the fifth)
  • Invited for on-campus interview late November x2 (11/2)
  • Careful. They have been trying to hire someone to fill this position since 2002. It started as a full/associate professor position, but has devolved over the years into an assistant professor position. Just wanted to add that caveat.
  • That "caveat" is innaccurate. This is a position to replace a longstanding professor who just retired last year.
  • Has an offer been made?
  • Rejection letter received by mail (12/17) x2
  • Any news? (3/28)

Salisbury University []

  • Assistant Professor of History for U.S. Womens History.
  • 3/3 Teaching Load " include World Civilizations, U.S. History surveys, and upper division undergraduate and graduate courses."
  • Salisbury University faculty members are expected to provide appropriate levels of scholarly activity, student advisement and service as well as utilize an effective teaching style that supports a diverse student body.
  • Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. in History or a pertinent related field (ABD nearing completion of dissertation will be considered. If ABD; would be hired at the rank of Instructor, with the requirement that candidate complete doctoral degree within six months of the date of hire).
  • Applications will be accepted via Salisbury University's Online Employment Application System. Please visit our website to apply online. See the FAQs of the Online Employment Application System for more information and instructions.
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2012 (position open until filled)
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
    • According to the AHA job handout, Salisbury's still collecting c.v.'s at the meeting (although their Modern Africa search lists prearranged interviews only) (12/5)
    • So what does this mean exactly?  Does this mean that they did not like anyone? (12/6)
    • AHA interview scheduled via phone. (12/7)x4
    • Campus visit invitation received by phone (1/15) x2, via email (01/19)
    • Offer extended and accepted (2/20)
    • Michigan PhD
  • Beware. Several long standing faculty just left there for other jobs.
    • Several?
    • Yes, indeed.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay - 20th c. US Women's History / Women's Studies []

  • The position of Assistant Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies (Women's Studies) will include the following responsibilities: Teach a course load of 21 credits per academic year including introductory women's studies, American women's history, and upper-level women's studies courses appropriate to twentieth century U.S. women's history and pertaining to the purpose and mission of the Department.
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Earned doctorate in history or related field from an accredited institution. Will consider ABD candidates with the expectation that the degree is completed by the end of the first contract period.
  • Position is an academic year tenure-track appointment. Applicants must be considered for tenure and promotion in six years although tenure decisions may be at any time. Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor is simultaneous with tenure. Excellence in teaching, sustained scholarly activity and institutional service required for retention and promotion. Official transcripts of the highest degree achieved will be required of finalist(s).
  • To ensure consideration, please submit application materials by Thursday, November 15, 2012. The position will remain open until filled.
  • For more information and application requirements visit our website: or call 920-465-2390.
  • Looking on the website, the deadline given by UW, Green Bay is Nov 1.
  • The final submission date now says 11/15/2012 on the website.
    • thanks for checking/confirming!
    • E-mail letting me know all materials were received (11/15)
  • Phone interview request via email (12/10)
  • Has anyone been invited for campus interviews since the phone interviews? (1/14)
    • Yes, got a campus invite in late Dec.


City College of New York - [Non-TT; VAP][]

  • Three-year (subject to annual review) Visiting Assistant Professorship in Early American History
  • "The department is particularly interested in candidates with teaching interests in the colonial, revolutionary, or early national periods. Applicants must possess a PhD in History or have the PhD in hand at the time of commencing the appointment. Candidates must demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching and show evidence of scholarly promise"
  • Review begins: 3 Dec. 2012 and is open until filled.
  • Email acknowledgment from the SC chair: committee will meet Dec 17-21 to identify applicants to invite to campus in Jan/Feb. They are not interviewing at AHA. Chair will notify all applicants when the SC finalizes its on-campus list. (12/7)
  • Request for more materials (12/23) x2
  • Request for campus visit (1/9) x2
  • Has an offer been made? (2/20)
    • They had on-campus visits scheduled through 2/21.
    • Offer made & accepted. 
  • They win the prize for the least professional rejection email. The subject line of the email was "REJECTION LETTER" and it was signed with that very personal touch "Committee Chair."  They put about .01% into that letter.  Oh well, made me laugh at how tacky the whole thing was.
    • That was the form letter from HR. I received a thoughtful and really lovely letter from the department chair earlier this month; I assume he sent the same to the other finalists. The department doesn't control correspondence from university-wide HR.

John Carroll University (OH) - Colonial/Revolutionary[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in the field of colonial/Revolutionary era-United States history with specialties in legal, constitutional, and/or religious history, to start Aug. 2013
  • 3/3 teaching load
  • The successful candidate will teach... surveys and specialized courses – and will be expected to maintain an active research and publishing program. Completion of Ph.D. by end of the first contract year required."
  • Send a letter of application, c.v., course syllabi, and three letters of reference ... to: Prof. Daniel Kilbride, Chair, Department of History John Carroll University, 1 John Carroll Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118, or via email to
  • Deadline 10 Nov. 2012
  • Email request for phone interview (12/5) x3
  • Campus interviews scheduled (1/17)
  • No offers extended / new search in 2013-2014 academic year (3/22)
    • Any idea why the search was unsuccessful? 
    • cliche rejection letter ... Seriously, chimps running the show at JCU

Kenyon College (Ohio) - Early American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Eary American History covering Colonial and Early National Periods, to start 1 July 2013
  • Candidates should have PhD by September 2013, and show evidence of teaching excellence and scholarly promise
  • Deadline (for interviews at AHA): 16 Nov. 2012
    • email confirmation all references received 11/2 x2
  • Did anyone on the Wiki receive an AHA invitation?
  • No, I haven't heard a thing, no AHA invite, no rejection. x5 12/7
  • AHA interview scheduled 12/12 x4
    • Congrats! Did you hear via email, phone, snail mail? 12/12
      • Email x2
  • Would you mind sharing your fields? 
  • Does this kind of question ever get answered on the wiki? People are happy to post they got an interview, but are scared to reveal much more in case they might expose their identity. (+ 1 million)
  • It might be useful if people DID answer that sort of question, at least in broad strokes. (3/28)
  • Kind rejection letter from the SC chair, via email (12/17) x2
  • Campus visit selections have been made (1/17)
  • Campus visits concluded
  • Offer extended (2/10/13)
  • Congrats to the successful candidate!

Lourdes University (Oh.) - pre-1860 + Asian/African/Latin American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US history before 1860, to start Fall 2013
  • 4/4 Teaching Load
  • "The preferred candidate will hold a Ph.D., but ABD will be considered. In addition to relevant teaching experience, the candidate must also be able to teach courses on Asian, African, and/or Latin American history."
  • Review begins: 4 Mar. 2013 and position is open until filled.
  • Received request for phone interview. (3/18)
  • Any update? (4/25)

Ohio State University - Chair, Early American[]

  • Nominations & applications sought for Warner Woodring Chair in Early American History
  • "We welcome applications from senior scholars working on research subjects from the age of contact to the end of the revolutionary era. Candidates should be prepared to contribute to the Department’s program in early U.S. history as well as inter-disciplinary initiatives in collaboration with the thematic constellations of the History Department as well as other departments and units across the College of Arts & Sciences"
  • Review begins: 30 Oct. 2012.
  • Whom did they hire?

Otterbein University (Ohio) - Early American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early American History (through the Revolutionary Period) to begin Aug. 2013
  • 3/3 Teaching Load "and typically includes a one course reduction in the first two years in exchange for participating in new faculty mentoring program"
  • "teaching introductory and upper-level courses in Early American History through the early national period, including advanced courses in Colonial America, the Revolutionary era, and their area of specialty. The candidate will also teach courses in the history curriculum that link-up with inter-disciplinary initiatives in other programs and departments across the University. The successful candidate also will be responsible for teaching and developing general education courses, including in the University’s Integrative Studies Program and First Year Seminar."
  • "Ph.D. preferred. ABD applicants will be considered, but need to have completed their degree requirements by September 1, 2013. A strong record of prior teaching experience is preferred. Preference will be given to candidates with a research specialization in political or social history. Candidates with subfields in Women’s and Gender History and/or Colonial AmericanBorderlands are especially welcome to apply as are those with an ability to teach from a global or comparative perspective"
  • Deadline: 15 Dec. 2012
    • Received an e-mail from HR on 12/3 acknowledging receipt of application and requesting the completion of a Release to Contact References form (required) and an Affirmative Action survey (voluntary). On a side note, I noticed that the HR representative used the e-mail address that I used to register for the online application portal, not the e-mail address I provided on the application itself or on my CV. In any event, the e-mail noted the following in terms of timeline: "The search committee will work as quickly as possible, but it will be several weeks before interview decisions are made.  If you are selected, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.  At that time, it will be necessary for you to forward to our office official transcripts of your highest degree earned.  If you are not selected for an interview, you will be notified after the search has been completed."  
  • Request for Skype interview, 1/4/2013 x3
  • Job Ad posted on on Jan. 11th.  Possibility for more interviews? 1/16/13
    • Check the ad deadline: "For full consideration, applications should be received by December 1, 2012." Inside Higher Ed has been randomly reposting expired job listings for the past few months. (1/17)
  • Reference check (1/22), x2
  • Phone invite for campus visit (1/28), x2
  • Has an offer been made?
    • Yes, and accepted

Providence College Revolutionary/ Federalist Era[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in Revolutionary/ Federalist Era in American history beginning fall 2013.
  • Competence to teach in the Development of Western Civilization program (Pre-Civilization to French Revolution as part of regular teaching load) is required. Experience in interdisciplinary and/or team-teaching is desirable. Areas of specialization open.
  • Providence College is a Roman Catholic four-year liberal arts institution conducted under the auspices of the Dominican Friars and seeks candidates who can affirm and contribute to its mission. An AA/EOE employer, the College especially encourages the applications of women and persons of color.
  • Candidates must submit on-line a letter of application, c.v., unofficial undergraduate and official graduate transcripts, and three letters of reference by 24 Oct. 2012 The College career site is at
  • Any word?
  • Not a peep.
  • Still?
  • Still nothing. But surely we'll hear something soon.
  • As the previous posts were undated, I am not sure when this last got pinged. So I will ask: still silence? (12/12)
  • Rejection letter received today.  Started off "The History Department has concluded its search" - for real or poor wording? (12/12)
  • I received the same letter today that mentions the "History Department has concluded its search." (12/13)  It sounds like they have, indeed, already made their hire.  Oh well. Congratulations to whomever got it.
  • Has anyone else still heard nothing? I have a confirmation number so I know my appliaction went in. But haven't gotten any word. (12/13) (x2)
  • They are listed as doing AHA interviews on the AHA Job Center site. I imagine the search isn't "concluded" in an absolute sense, just that they have concluded making their first cut.
  • I've still heard nothing. Has anyone here actually gotten an interview with them? (x2)
  • The rejection letter was by "snail mail."  Maybe others are still wending their way across the country.
  • Did anyone ever get an interview?
  • Campus visit scheduled. To the above post, yes, I interviewed with this dept. at the AHA. (1/9/13)
  • Any recent developments?
  • Offer made and accepted (3/10/13)
  • Thank you. Congratulations to the selected person.  Is any further information available? (3/14)

State University of New York - Oneonta - Colonial/Atlantic World[]

  • Tenure track assstant professorship in Colonial US History and the Atlantic World to 1800
  • Teaching Load 21 credit hours/year
  • "The initial appointment will be for two years"
  • Deadline: Not Stated in Ad (ad expires 8 Jan. 2012)
  • Rejection email rec'd (21 Dec 2012)
  • Phone interview (21 Dec)

University of Akron - (1600-1800)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early American History (1600-1800), specialization open
  • "eaching responsibilities include courses in U.S. history survey to 1877, Colonial American History, American Revolutionary Era, and classes in field of specialty. Must demonstrate (1) the ability to provide instructional excellence in undergraduate and graduate courses; (2) an active research agenda; (3) a commitment to department and university service; (4) a willingness to enhance the departments online/distance-learning course offerings. Interest in public history is further encouraged. Ph.D. in History must be completed by June 30, 2013"
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2012 and position is open until filled.
  • Most convoluted application portal ever. HR number for candidates having trouble attaching docs is 330-972-5988
    • Agreed. I found after it's submitted and you think nothing is properly attached, you can go back and edit/review your application. THEN, you get a choice to attach more files (cover ltr, etc.). So it's possible, just ridiculous. They win the prize for the worst HR jobs site ever. (x2)
    • Deadline almost here, so this is basically moot, but I could not figure out how to attach documents until I opened the link in my confirmation e-mail. Every other school to which I have applied seems to use a basically identical portal, so I don't know why Akron feels the need to be different
  • Any updates? 12/9
  • Nothing yet. 12/13.  It doesn't sound like they're interviewing at AHA.  
  • Skype interview scheduled. (Request via e-mail) 12/21. (x2)
  • Any news on this search lately? 

University of California - Merced - Open Rank.[]

  • Open Rank position in Colonial US History
  • "Research specialization the Atlantic and/or Colonial American borderlands, including relationships between and among African, European, and indigenous peoples. The successful candidate will complement and enhance existing strengths in the Atlantic World and comparative histories of race and ethnicity in the United States; be active in research; and, be willing to work to establish creative, vigorous teaching and research programs involving a diverse population of undergraduates and interdisciplinary graduate students."
  • Deadline: 12 Oct. 2012
    • They hired a VAP in this field this past spring (2012), so I'm guessing there will be a bias for the inside candidate. Still apply, but there's a built-in roadblock.
    • the only VAP I see does 20th century. there don't seem to be any colonial courses being offered this fall.
    • Phone call request for campus visit (11/2) X 2
    • Offer made (12/13) 
    • was the offer accepted? x2

University of Mary Washington - to 1750, Race Relations[]

  • Assistant Professorship in US history to 1750, with a specialization in race relations
  • PhD in hand by 15 Aug. 2013
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2012
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • They have a VAP in the field, so it may be an inside hire.
  • AHA interview received (11/28) X2
  • Rejection via email today (12/14).  Around 60 applicants.
    • Phone call request for campus visit (1/21)
    • Offer made and accepted (2/12)
      • Anyone know who got this?

University of Memphis - Colonial/Revolutionary[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Colonial or Revolutionary-era US History, to begin Fall 2013
  • Ph.D. is required by the time of appointment. Successful candidates will possess a strong research agenda and good teaching skills.
  • Review begins: 12 Nov. 2012 and may continue until position is filled
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • AHA interview received (11/16) x2
      • Wow, that was fast!
    • Campus invite (1/9)
    • Offer made (1/25)
    • Accepted
    • who got this?

University of Mississippi - Era of the American Revolution (to 1800)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in the History of America in the Revolutionary Era to begin in August 2013.
  • 2/2 Teaching load
  • "In addition to a Ph.D., the department requires evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarship."
  • Candidates must complete an online application at Supplementary materials, including a letter of interest, vita, three letters of recommendation, teaching portfolio, and writing sample, should be attached to the online application or mailed to Chair, Revolutionary America Search Committee, Department of History, 310 Bishop Hall, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677-1848.
  • Deadline: Open until filled or until an adequate applicant pool has been established.
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Any word on this? (12/4)
  • Received an e-mail on 12/6 informing me that I had not been selected for an AHA interview but that the committee would like to keep my application in consideration until final decisions have been made (which I assume is simply a formality).
  • Invitation to interview at the AHA (12/6) X2
  • Offer extended and accepted. (2/20)
  • To whom? (3/28)
  • A Phil Morgan student form Hopkins (3/29)

University of South Dakota - Pre-Civil War[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Pre-Civil War American History, to begin 22 Aug. 2013
  • "The successful candidate will teach the survey courses in American History and advanced undergraduate/graduate courses in area(s) of specialty (open). The Department is particularly interested in the secondary fields of environmental history, race, and gender. There is the possibility of teaching in the University's Honors Program."
  • PhD must be in hand by time of appointment
  • Review begins: 1 Mar. 2013 and position is open until filled.
    • Any news from those who applied? Nothing yet (3/20)
    • Phone interview conducted (3/18,20)

University of Virginia - Early U.S. Republic (Open Rank)[]

  • Tenured or tenure-track historian (assistant, associate, or full professor) in the history of the early U.S. republic.
  • "All research fields will be considered. The successful candidate will demonstrate excellence in scholarship and a commitment to undergraduate and graduate education. Anticipated start date is August 25, 2013. For appointment at the assistant professor level, applicants must hold a Ph.D. by the time of appointment. We will consider candidates without the Ph.D. at the time of application, but if a candidate still does not have the Ph.D. in hand by the start date of the position, then he/she would be appointed acting assistant professor until the degree was completed."
  • Candidates must apply through Jobs@UVa ( Search on posting number 0610691 and electronically attach a cover letter describing research and teaching interests and experience, and a curriculum vitae. Applicants should also electronically attach the names of three references and ask them to send letters directly to: , with the applicant's name in the subject heading.
  • Questions regarding this position should be directed to: .
  • Review begins: 19 Oct. 2012 and is open until filled
  • any updates?
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/13)
    • Great job! How did you hear? (12/13)
  • 1/23 Final 3 candidates announced -- all at senior level
    • So you're saying I didn't really have a chance here... Good thing I saved my $6 interfolio fee!
    • How were the candidates announced?
    • within the university
    • any news?
    • senior person offered and accepted job
    • Who was the hire?
    • Alan Taylor, starting in fall '14
      • That's certainly senior!

Utah Valley University - Early American/Atlantic World[]

  • Tenure-track assistant or associate professorship in Early American History with a focus on the Atlantic World beginning August 2013. Preferred specialization or subfield in African American, Native American, or comparative colonialism.
  • Teach 4-4 load of lower and upper division undergraduate courses including surveys, areas of specialization, and department service courses.
  • Link to online application. Completed application deadline is 1 Nov. 2012.
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Email (11/15) stating that search committee will contact applicants about interviews after December 5th
    • AHA interview scheduled (11/28) X1
    • How can that be when an email went out stating that applicants would not be contacted before Dec. 5th?
    • Who knows...It could just be that they were particularly impressed with the invitee's application and had to send him/her an invite asap, in which case they may still plan to send out more AHA invites after Dec. 5th. Or, maybe they've invited a few others who have just not posted to the wiki. Unfortunately, search committees don't always do what they say they'll do.
    • Polite rejection notice rec'd via e-mail 12/5 x2
    • Ditto 12/5 x1
    • Campus visit scheduled 1/16

West Texas A&M University - Early American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early American History, to start Aug. 2013
  • "Candidates must have a Ph.D. in hand by August 15, 2013, with a primary field in U.S. Colonial history. Experience teaching the U.S. surveys and the ability to teach the department’s upper division sequence from the Colonial Era through the Civil War are required. The secondary fields are open. The ability to offer courses in fields other than the department’s existing strengths in U.S. Southwest and environmental history will be viewed as highly desirable."
  • "The successful candidate will be expected to maintain an active research agenda that yields peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations while carrying a 4/4 teaching load."
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2012
  • Any news on this?

Western Carolina University - Early American[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early American History
  • "Ph.D. from an accredited institution in History preferred. ABD considered. Secondary fields may include but are not limited to environmental and/or public history. All full-time faculty in our growing department teach freshman/sophomore level liberal studies courses, upper-level/graduate courses, and play significant roles in implementing the university’s new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)"
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2012 and continues until position is filled.
  • The search committee has notified short-listed candidates and is making a decision about campus visits (11/15)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/11)
  • Who got it? (3/28)
    • Honor Sachs (2006 Ph.D., Wisconsin)

Nineteenth Century[]

Brandeis University - 19th c. US[]

  • The Brandeis University Department of History seeks to appoint a tenure-track Assistant Professor of nineteenth-century U.S. history. Area of specialization and subfield are open. The successful candidate must show exceptional scholarly promise and a serious commitment to teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Start date is July 1, 2013; PhD required by time of appointment. *Candidates should submit a letter of application, c.v., a writing sample of no more than forty pages, and three letters of reference online by November 1, 2012, at .
  • Ack and EOE forms received (11/15)
    • Maybe a little off-topic, but I've always wondered: if you don't get an ack. and EOE form, is that a pretty good indication that you;re out of the running? Do they only send that stuff to folks they're considering?
      • EOE was part of the online application, so I don't know why the school would send a second form.
      • I am the original poster and I distinctly remember filling out that section on the online application--but sure enough, I got the forms from the departmental coordinator asking me to fill them out and fax or email them to the department. I have no idea what that means.
      • Anything (he asks, with fear and trembling on 11/30)?
      • Nothing. 12/3 (x7)
      • Seriosuly, still nothing (12/7)?
        • Nothing (12/7)
        • Nothing here either 12/7
        • Skype interview request 12/7 X2
          • For those of you who made the cut, would you mind mentioning your fields? And congratulations.
  • Just a quick question: I was f-ing around with Academic Jobs Online for another position recently (late December), and noticed with a panic that my Brandeis application was listed as incomplete. The job call asks for letter, CV, writing sample, and 3 references, but AJO (at least right now) asks for a manuscript, articles, teaching portfolio, and the diss. Can anyone tell me WTF is going on? Did those of you who got interview requests upload all this other stuff? I ask for future reference, and because, for two years now, I've been struggling to figure AJO out. Any help would be very, very much appreciated. x2 (12/31)
  • Yes, those were all the things the committee requested that I send them at the same time they wrote to schedule my Skype interview.
    • Thanks for setting my mind at ease, and good luck!
  • email recieved saying they had over 250 applicants and regrets that they weren't going to interview me 1/4/13
  • Email rejection from an unidentified individual, presumably SC chair. FYI, the search received more than 250 applications. (1/4)
  • Does anyone have info on their timetable for campus visits? (1/14)

California State University- Fullerton[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professorship in 19th C US History " with an emphasis in public history and a preferred subfield in U.S. Borderlands"
  • PhD in hand by Aug. 2013
  • Applications by HARD COPY ONLY
  • Deadline: 7 Sept. 2012
  • Skype interviews in October
  • Campus visits in October
    • Letter in the mail stating I had not made the cut for interviews. Best wishes to those who did! (10/16) (x3)
    • Offer has been extended and accepted. (11/1)

California State University - San Bernardino - Civil War/Reconstruction[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History, Civil War & Reconstruction period
  • "A Ph.D. in history from an accredited institution is required at the time of appointment. Candidates with an interest in and ability to contribute to our Public and Oral History program, especially in the areas of historical archeology and historic preservation are welcomed. Candidates must demonstrate the promise of excellence and innovation in teaching, scholarly research, and service. The successful candidate must demonstrate an ability to teach a wide range of upper-division undergraduate history courses, as well as lower-division general history survey courses, and provide opportunities for our undergraduates to engage in research."
  • subject to budgetary approval
  • Deadline: not stated in ad [ad expires 14 Nov. 2012]
  • AHA ad lists deadline as November 30, 2012
  • Whoever posted this might want to check their spelling before they submit their application
    • [26 Sept] Tyops happen. The joy of a wiki is that anyone can fix them. AFII (talk) 21:22, September 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Request for additional material (10/10) (x3)
  • Any news?? (12/4)
  • Has anyone heard anything from the SC?
  • Nothing (12/9)
  • Well, I heard something from them several weeks ago, and forgot to post. They sent me a rejection letter postmarked within hours of the tracking showing their receipt of my application. Wow.
  • Did you receive a request for additional materials? or just a rejection?
  • The SC isn't planning to interview at the AHA are they? Wonder if they recievd funding for the line??
  • OK, ANY news at all? (12/12)
  • Nada- 2 months since request for additional material too. 
  • Email invite for AHA interview received (12/13) (x2)
  • Idiots! If they think I'm going to drop nearly a thousand dollars for the "privelege" of a preliminary interview they're stupid!! Quite a revelation about this department.
  • I'm always very happy to accept invitations to interview.
  • I am more than pleased to get any opportunity to interview at the AHA (x2)
  • Any news about campus visits? (1/24)
  • post-AHA rejection received (2/1)
  • How did they contact you? - postal mail
  • Offer made and accepted 
  • Who got the job?

Johns Hopkins University - Asst. or Assoc. Professor[]

  • The Johns Hopkins University Department of History seeks to appoint a tenured Associate or tenure-track Assistant Professor with research interests in any aspect of nineteenth-century U.S. history. PhD required by time of appointment. Please submit a cover letter, c.v., writing sample, research statement, and three letters of reference online at
  • Review of applications will begin 15 Sept. 2012 and continue until the search is completed.
  • Hooray for Hopkins: They foot the bill for the interfolio application! x2
  • This job ad is no longer findable, BUT the interfolio link above should work until the end of October.
  • It's been a month...any news? An inquiring recent PhD wants to know....
  • Rumor has it that an offer went out to a Senior Scholar at UPenn, unsure if this will shut down the search. x2
  • this search is on.
    • Really? They're still looking?
  • Just got an EEO form by email x8 (12/6) Me, too. Weird.
  • I don't think this is anything that should be read into.
  • Anyone have an update on this one? (12/12)
  • Nothing yet (12/13) x2
  • Invitation for AHA interview (12/14)
  • And a "thanks for playing" email (12/14) x3 (12/15) x3
  • Received neither (12/14) x3
  • Any news on the senior scholar offer, is that still on?
  • One wonders why they would be sending AHA invitations if they've offered a senior scholar the job.
  • Any knowledge of a timeline? Have campus visits been scheduled?
  • Offer to the senior scholar was made and rejected. So they're back to the search
  • Rumor that campus visits have been scheduled. 1/13 x2
  • An offer has been made. Associate level.

Marshall University (West. Virg.) - Civil War/Reconstruction[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in United States Civil War/Reconstruction History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • "The successful candidate should be prepared to teach 19th century United States history courses, undergraduate and graduate courses related to that era, and courses reflecting their specific research and teaching interests. All subfields are invited to apply. The department seeks candidates who will contribute to the University’s general education curriculum with its emphasis on a common First-Year Seminar and core curriculum courses that enhance student’s critical thinking, and the College’s support of interdisciplinary programs of study. Applicants should have strong teaching and research records. A Ph.D. is required by the time of appointment"
  • Review begins immediately [20 Oct] and continues until 16 Nov. 2012
  • Email requesting phone interview 12/7 (x4)
  • For those of you who received a request, is your research squarely in Civil War?
  • Yes.
  • Has anyone who receved a phone interview heard anything since their interview?  (12/18)
  • Invitation for AHA interview (12/17)
  • Offer extended and accepted (2/20)
  • Congrats!

Snippy! Unless you're a member of the search committee, how does anyone know what a school means? I think all readers would prefer simple answers to sanctimonious assumptions. Civil War ERA is different than the war itself.

I agree. A nasty reponse to a legitimate question. SC's are, by nature, full of crap. Who knows what they're really looking for??

(terrible sorry!  I didn't mean to sound snippy or rude.  You would, however, be shocked the number of people who apply for jobs whose speciality area is nowhere near the ad.   Egyptoligists applying for Colonial American positions and the like.)

Has anyone been contacted about AHA interviews?

Any post-AHA follow-up? (1/24)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - 19th c. US political history[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in 19th century United States political history. *Applicants should have a demonstrated ability to teach courses on the American Civil War and Reconstructions as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in their field of expertise. Additionally, successful candidates will demonstrate potential to develop connections with Lincoln scholars in the region and nationally.
  • Faculty in the Department of Historical Studies teach three courses per semester.
  • Closing date: 15 Nov. 2012.
    • Received my acknowledgement and diversity forms, but the ack. letter specifically noted an article-length writing sample was required to be part of the initial application. This was not mentioned in any of the ads for the position I've seen. (10/15)
    • The version of the ad posted on H-Net mentions a writing sample, but the ad linked here ( does not. There was also an ad posted to the AHA's database, though it no longer appears to be availalbe, and I can't recall if it mentioned a writing sample or not. For what it's worth, the announcement posted on the SIU-E website also listed transcripts as a requirement, however the acknowledgement letter from the committee made no mention of transcripts (10/21).
    • Email request for a writing sample (10/22)
    • From the SC: We apologize for the confusion. There was an error on our part when we originally posted the ads and we're working to get them all fixed. To clarify: we are requiring writing samples. If you have not yet submitted an application, please make sure that you include a writing sample. If you submitted an incomplete application based on the older ad, you will be asked to email us an electronic copy for review.
    • Anyone been contacted? (12/4)
      • Not yet, though they are on the AHA Jobs Handout as conducting interviews there. It should be soon.
    • Invitations to interview at AHA have been sent out via email.
    • No email so I guess I'm out of the running.
      • For those people who got an email, would you mind sharing your research interests?
      • A strange silence from those invited to interview.
      • My guess is that their research interests dealt with 19th century US political history, with a focus on the Civil War/Reconstruction period, and more specifically, Lincoln. But, don't quote me. 
    • I assume campus interview invitations have already been extended?
    • Yes, the on campus interviews have been completed.
    • Offer made, and accepted (3/8).

University of Scranton U.S. 19th Century U.S. [NTT/VAP][]

  • The Department of History at The University of Scranton invites applications for a one year (renewable for a second year), non-tenure track, leave replacement in 19th Century American History, beginning Fall 2013. Primary responsibilities include teaching the United States survey, as well as the department's courses on the Civil War and the Age of Jackson.
  • Letter of application, c.v., and three letters of recommendation
  • application link
  • Deadline April 29, 2013
  • I received a request for a Skype interview on 5/1 (today is 5/3)

University of Western Ontario[]

  • Tenure-stream Assistant Professorship in 19th C. US History
  • "with preference given to research on race in U.S. and in the Atlantic triangle (including Africa and/or Caribbean) and/or interest in American Studies"
  • Deadline: 9 Nov. 2012
  • Any news? Interviewing at AHA?
  • Snail mail acknowledgment of materials received (dated 11/20; arrived in my U.S. mailbox 12/1). They will notify shortlist in December and conduct interviews in January. (12/1) x1
  • Recieved snail mail confirmation to my Canadian address (12/3) though this may be an inside hire--there is a visiting fulbright whose interests line up almost exactly to the posting and may account for the very quick turn around time
  • Skype/phone interview request for mid-Dec. They plan to invite finalists to campus in January. (12/5) x2
  • Also recieved Skype/phone interview request for mid-Dec (12/6) X 1
  • Shortlisted for on-campus interview in mid Feb (12/20/12)X 1
  • Request for recent, unpublished writing sample (02/14/13) x 1
  • Ditto (2/14/13)  x1
  • Offer made 2/15/13 and accepted 3/1/13

Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU - American History/Civil War[]

  • Tenure eligible assistant professorship in the history of the American Civil War
  • "A commitment to public history is desirable. The successful candidate will be required to have a Ph.D. in hand at time of appointment. He/she will be required to have an established research agenda and a clear potential for external funding, as appropriate, and potential for scholarship to complement and expand existing expertise in the department. He/she must demonstrate experience working in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment, or show a commitment to do so as a faculty member at VCU."
  • Review begins immediately [ad posted 11 Nov.] until: 7 Dec. 2012
  • Any word on this one?  Getting late in the game if they're planning to interview at the AHA.
  • No, but last year I received an AHA invite after Christmas (~12/26) for one job that had an early December deadline.  Point being, search committees don't care about our plans and will expect us to jump through unreasonable (and costly) hoops.  Both because they can and because we do.  
  • That's frustrating.  I believe the AHA gave a deadline (perhaps guideline is more accurate) of 12/10 this year for search committees to notify candidates for the meeting.  Obviously, that doesn't have much meaning or import.
  • Invitation for AHA interview received by phone (12/17)
  • Invitation for AHA interview received by email (12/17)
  • Any word post-AHA?
  • Campus invites scheduled by phone on Jan 14.
  • An offer has been made an accepted, 2/15

Virginia Military Institute[]

  • "The Virginia Military Institute seeks a beginning assistant professor in 19thCentury US History"
  • "Candidates should have a strong commitment to, and good preparation for, teaching upper level courses on the American Civil War, covering the causes, course, and consequences of that conflict. Other teaching responsibilities include both halves of the American history survey. The most attractive applicants will be those who have additional expertise for teaching other majortopical courses, such as the rise of industrial America, immigration, the American West, women's history, or African American history."
  • "Minimal requirements include an earned Ph.D. in history by May 2013.Teaching experience is essential."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2012
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
    • Rejection email received (12/9) (x3)
    • Email invitation to AHA interview received (12/9)
    • I was told to go to hell on 12/9 as well.
    • Email invitation for campus visit received (1/8)
    • Post-AHA interview rejection email (1/9)
  • Any news? (3/28)
  • Offer extended and accepted (3/29)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - [Tenured] Civil War Era History[]

  • Tenured Associate Professorship (Robertson Professorship) in US Civil War Era History, to begin 10 Aug. 2013
  • "The Department of History at Virginia Tech seeks an innovative, publicly engaged historian of the U.S. Civil War era to complement its existing strengths in the history of science, technology, health, the environment, cities, race, class, and gender. The successful candidate will be hired at the rank of Associate Professor, with tenure in the department. In addition, he or she will also become the inaugural holder of the James I. Robertson Jr. Professorship in Civil War Studies and, in that capacity, serve as Director of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies ( The appointment as Robertson Professor and VCCWS Director is for an initial five-year term, which is renewable following departmental review."
  • "Demonstrated excellence in outreach, public history, and/or digital history is an essential requirement. In addition the successful applicant must have an established record of research achievement, effective teaching and mentoring at the undergraduate and graduate level, and successful collaboration in an academic environment. Preference will also be given to candidates who show the potential to support the continued growth of the VCCWS by working closely with the university development office and/or by securing outside grant funding for Center initiatives. A commitment to work effectively with a diverse campus population in support of Virginia Tech’s “Principles of Community” is also required"
  • Review begins: 7 Nov. 2012
  • On campus interview scheduled (12/10)

Washington and Lee University - Civil War History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Civil War History
  • "The area of specialization is Civil War, and the successful candidate must be prepared to teach a section in our U.S. History survey, Southern history and Reconstruction."
  • For full consideration: 15 Nov. 2012
  • Anyone been invited to interview? (12/5)
  • Any news on this one? (12/9)
  • Invitation for AHA interview (12/10) x2
  • Email or phone? And when? On 12/10?
  • Email; received morning of 12/10 (x2)
  • Rejection letter received on Christmas Eve. Nice timing.
  • Received the expected rejection letter on 12/22. 
  • Offer has been extended and accepted (2/10)
  • By whom?

20th Century[]

Cornell University- Twentieth-Century U.S. [NTT/VAP][]

  • Visiting assistant professor to teach 20th-century US history with preference for foreign policy, war, and society. The appointment will be full time for the academic year (August 16, 2013–May 15, 2014, with possible renewal).
  • Applicants must have strong teaching skills and have their PhD in hand by August 1, 2013. We particularly invite applications from women and members of underrepresented minority groups.
  • Please send a letter of application, CV, course syllabi, and three letters of recommendation online to
  • Applications will be considered immediately; no applications considered after May 1, 2013.
  • Rejection email 5/29

Marymount University - Modern U.S. History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern United States History, to begin Aug. 2013
  • A Catholic university.
  • Teaching load: 3/3 including "introductory and upper-division courses in American history from 1877 to the present, and the Department welcomes applicants who can teach Public History, Research and Writing in the discipline of history, and Senior Seminar. The ability to introduce a new course in African-American, Latin American, Atlantic World, or non-Western history is a plus."
  • Applications should be submitted online at and should include cover letter, c.v., three letters of recommendation, and evidence of teaching and research experience. Letters of recommendation may be sent to: Dr. Patrick Mullins, Chair, U.S. History Search Committee, Department of History & Politics, School of Arts & Sciences, Marymount University, 2807 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22207.
  • Review begins/for full consideration: 5 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
  • Don't forget part of the ad that asked for "a commitment to providing students with a civic education in American Founding Principles," thank you. (Thanks for the laugh this morning) --> no problem :-)
  • I would take the part about Founding Principals pretty seriously, folks. A quick google search on the SC makes it very clear that he certainly does.
  • Has anyone heard anything, and has anyone asked about the 20th Century Americanist they currently show on staff?
  • Haven't heard anything.  Considering the AHA is only a few weeks away, we should be hearing relatively soon, right?  As far as the faculty, the only 20th century faculty I see are an emeritus professor and someone who does more foreign-policy oriented work, so maybe they're searching for someone with more domestic research interests?
    • Both of Marymount's history searches are listed on the AHA Job Center handout as collecting cv's at the meeting. 
    • so what does that mean? Does this mean everyone else who sent in their materials sucked? (X1)
    • Was wondering that myself.  I'm new to this, so I'm not sure what it means when they request CVs at the conference when also releasing an ad for the position in advance. 
    • Other schools have done this in the past. I usually send them my CV again. On one occasion I can recall, a school gave out AHA interviews to a short list and was still accepting CVs. I sent them my CV again at the meeting.....still didn't get an interview.
    • ^ Thanks!
    • so did anyone actually get an AHA interview here?  They were listed as both collecting CVs and doing prearranged interviews...I'm wondering if the latter happened, or if a tiny department got overwhelmed trying to run two searches at once.
    • (1/19): I did an AHA interview with them and they were really, really nice.  I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything? 
    • (1/28): has anyone heard anything?
    • (3/20) Offer extended and accepted
    • Who got the job?  The internal candidate.

Purdue Unversity - Political History, post-WW II[]

  • Department of History at Purdue University invites applications for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of U.S. History specializing in post-World War II political history.
  • The Ph.D. in History is required by the time of appointment.
  • The successful candidate will have a strong and demonstrable research agenda and ability to develop undergraduate and graduate courses and participate in the graduate program. Publications and teaching experience are expected.
  • Review begins: 19, Nov. 2012, and will continue until the position is filled.
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
  • To apply send a letter of application, C.V., transcripts, and three letters of recommendation as well as evidence of scholarly achievement and teaching experience to: Caroline Janney, Chair, U.S. Political History Search Committee, Department of History, University Hall, 672 Oval Drive, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907.
  • Ack/EEO form received via snail mail (10/1)
  • Got a req for writing sample (to be sent by snail mail), I think around 11/20? Didn't post earlier because I wasn't sure if I had simply not included a required writing sample, or if it was a request for additional materials. Think it was additional materials, though. Anyone else?
  • I think they wanted a writing sample from everyone.  At least that's what I assumed they meant by "evidence of scholarly achievement." 
  • Yeah, I think that's right. I also got a request for a writing sample by mail around the deadline, but it was just to complete my application.
  • Request for AHA Interview via Phone (12/4)
  • What rank are the people getting interview requests?
  • How many books have the people getting interview requests authored?
    • Mine was reviewed by the New York Times and I did not get an interview, if that makes you feel any better.
    • That does make me feel better, actually - thanks for sharing.  Given that, I bet we'll find out that they mostly interviewed ABDs
    • I doubt it. I bet they interviewed ACLS Fellows and VAPs one-to-two years out of their PhDs. I bet none of them have books. Hopefully they'll stay there for three years and go to WashU as well.

Seton Hall University (NJ) - 1945-to present[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US History (1945-present), to begin Aug. 2013
  • Applicants must understand and be willing to support the Catholic mission of Seton Hall University.
  • "Field of specialization is open, but preference will be given to candidates whose work engages one or more the following fields: religion and society; Catholics in the United States; immigration and ethnicity; or the United States in a global perspective"
  • Teaching load 3/3 including "undergraduate and graduate courses in his or her area of expertise, as well as both halves of the U.S. History survey. Additional teaching responsibilities may include departmental methods seminars and sections of the university core curriculum"
  • Deadline: 3 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • May be an inside hire; there's a VAP in the department with a book out who does post-1945 America. The job post doesn't line up neatly, though, so apply away.
  • Invited to AHA interview via email (12/13) (x4)
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?
    • Someone is having a freak out! You must be ABD. Good luck on the adjunct train!
    • I do find it hard to watch this person posting this question on the entry for every job they applied to. I wonder if they know that it could be threatening to the candidates' applications if they divulged any information before the AHA?
    • Threatening how, exactly?  Search committee has your CV.  Please explain.
  • Campus invite received. (1/16)
  • Offer extended & accepted.

Texas Tech University - post-1900 US History[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in post-1900 U. S. history, with research emphases in the fields of Peace Studies, Social Movements, and/or the Law, to begin September 1, 2013.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to teach both halves of the U. S. history survey, as well as upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in her/his areas of expertise. The successful candidate must also conduct research commensurate with the standards of a research-intensive university, offer service to the department, college, and university, as needed, and seek external funding when appropriate to support their research and scholarship. A strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate teaching is also required. Ph.D. must be completed by the time of the appointment.
  • Apply online attaching a c.v., letter of application, and writing sample at, requisition # 87014. Send hard copies of three letters of reference to Justin Hart; Chair, U. S. History Search Committee; Department of History; Texas Tech University; Box 41013; Lubbock, TX 79409-1013.
  • Deadline 22, Oct 2012,
    • Didn't they post this job just last year? What happened?
    • This is a new position. Don't know what previous job posting you are referring to.
    • Email explaining the search process: will contact a shortlist of candidates this week to schedule Skype interviews for next week, with campus visits on 11/28, 11/30, and 12/3. I hear that people are getting this email in waves (some received it earlier than others did). (10/29) (x2)
    • Request for phone interview via email (11/2) (x3)
    • Late on posting this, but rejection after phone interview (11/16) (x2) Too bad - seems like a great department (even with the location)! <-- Indeed.  Those on the search committee were very nice and showed genuine interest in my research (could tell that they actually read my materials).  I also received a polite rejection, as well.  I'm pretty sure that they're done with campus interviews at this point (going off their original timeline), so best of luck to those that moved on in the search!
    • Offer made and accepted (12/11)
      • Okay at this point to ask for a name?
      • Congrats to whomever got the position!
      • Matthew Johnson, Temple Ph.D., postdoc at Mary Washington. 
      • Congratulations!

University of Manchester (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof.) in 20th Century American History, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "You will provide research-informed teaching in American history, with a particular focus on the twentieth century. You will contribute to existing courses in American history and culture, as well as initiating new undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and attracting and supervising research students. You will have established, or show the promise for, an excellent early-career research profile through high quality publications and research activities, and will have the potential to develop research networks and wider research impact through collaborative grant applications and public engagement. You will show a commitment to collegial working, and will be able to fulfill administrative roles consistent with your career stage"
  • Deadline: 30 Nov. 2012
  • Received rejection email 1/9 x3

University of Oregon[]

  • The History Department at the University of Oregon seeks to fill a tenure-track assistant professorship to begin September 16, 2013. We seek innovative, rigorous scholars whose focus is on the history of the United States in the twentieth century. A commitment to excellence in scholarship and teaching is required. Specialists in all subfields are welcome to apply. Ph.D. at time of appointment required. Applications for this position should be submitted online.
  • Send c.v., a letter describing research and teaching interests, a chapter-length writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to
  • Contact: Professor Ellen Herman, US History Search, Department of History, 1288 University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403-1288, 541-346-3118,
  • For full consideration: 15 Oct. 2012
  • Anyone have a sense of what they might be looking for with this? The call is open subfield but the SC might have a preference.
    • I assume this is to replace Daniel Pope (though, to be clear, I have no inside information) . . . if so, he specialized in "United States business and economic history"
    • Perhaps they were searching for someone to continue Peggy Pascoe's line of research (or something similar)?
    • Weisiger already handles American West--with so many senior Americanists, I bet this search is really as open as the posting suggests
  • Emailed b/c my letters of rec never arrived, but no information about timeline given (11/2)
  • Emailed - Short list has been made
  • To the person who said the short list has been made, is that because you were contacted or because that's what the rejection email says? <--I'm not the OP, but I the rejection email I received stated that they have created a shortlist ("We have identified a shortlist..")
  • rejection email (11/14) (x5)
    • According to the email they had over 400 applicants. I know the market is bad, but that is ridiculous. Even though they rejected me, I alomost feel bad for the search comm, having to sort through that many apps.
    • Oh, please. No need to feel bad for them. In doing an open-field search, they practically asked for such a large number of applicants. Clearly they have no need for many sub-specialists. They could have simply stated the fields they needed and spare all of us (included them) the wasted time. (x4)
    • Haven't heard either way-- not sure what that means. (x4)
    • Do you think rejection emails are going out in waves?
    • Having to sort through that many apps? I'm sure the first cut was "Anyone who received a PhD before 2010 is out." The next one would be "Anyone who received a PhD from a school below the top 30-40 is out." Then they actually look at the subfields and find what they want. Who knows...they may not have even figured out their interview list.
    • I received my PhD in 2006 and from a UK university. I have heard nothing in connection with this search. Therefore it is impossible to say how they have made the cut.
    • History is a little unusual in its IMHO overly precise specification of the sub-fields required to apply for a job. Look at the ads in sociology, political science, or economics and they are somewhat more general. Searches like this are a good thing for departments looking to hire good people, and they're a good thing for good people looking for good jobs. Yes, you'll need to send out more letters, but the less specific the ads are, the less you'll need to tailor your letter for the job.
  • request for addl materials (11/15) - includes timeline. Addtl materials due 11/16, you'll be contacted 12/7 if on the interview list, skype interviews 12/10-12/12. (x2)
  • Did anyone not receive an email either way? (11/15) I did not x10. What's people's sense on this, should we contact the department?
  • It seems very strange that so many of us have not received word either way.
  • It doesn't seems that strange given 400 apps. That's a lot of responding to do. I think it's pretty safe to say that if you don't get requests for additional materials today, you're probably out of the running given that they want additional materials by tomorrow. I'm speaking as someone who has not heard either way myself. (x1)
  • ^that's my impression too and I have not heard anything either, which I already mentioned.
  • ^It was an electronic application and it's not like they are hand-writing each rejection. Why would so many of our email addresses not be on their carbon copy list? Four hundred applications or no, it reflects poorly on them to leave so many people dangling.
    • ^You must be new to this. (X1)
    • As the above implies, you should get used to this (if you haven't already).
    • Just because the committee's actions are the norm, doesn't make them right. It just means that other departments are equally unprofessional and inconsiderate. We should all remember this experience when (or if) we're in their place one day.
    • Also: I received the automated response from the search chair in my inbox several weeks ago--but I haven't heard back on this--my email is clearly in their system (x2)
  • Curiosity: what additional materials were requested? (x352)
  • - all published materials and syllabi
  • And the dream dies for all of us in limbo. x2 (that request seems like a substantial new step in their search)
  • ^?
  • Yeah, I feel like if you didn't get a rejection or request for further materials you're now in the pool that will get a rejection after they hire somebody for the job. (x3)
  • ^Where's the logic in that?
  • (You are seeking logic in an illogical process - the academic job market - don't dwell on it) 
  • there's truth in that - i didn't get an email, wrote to inquire, then received the rejection (11/16)
  • 12/7 - received request for video interview (x1)
  • Anyone heard anything since video interviews? (12/22)
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?
  • 1/5 - email rejection after video interview 
  • Any word? (3/11)

University of Tennessee - Chattanooga[]

  • [repeat post; see original posting above]

University of Tennessee - Knoxville[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 20th C American History
  • Preference will be given to candidates whose research includes a significant transnational or comparative component, and who can teach U.S. history in a global context. Teaching duties include a US history survey, upper-division specialty courses, and graduate seminars. Ph.D. required at the time of appointment [for fall semester, 2013]"
  • Review begins: 15 Oct. 2012 and is open until filled.
  • acknowledgement and EEO form received (9/21)x2 --intend to interview at AHA
  • Letter from Dept. Chair with link to diversity statement via email. 11/8x3.
  • Heard rumor that all searches are on hold pending outcome of football coach situation. (11/28) (that's good for a morning chuckle!)
    • on what basis: HR is too busy? funding is uncertain?
    • You should be disqualified from ever holding an academic position due to your inability to understand sarcasm and humor.
    • if you want to exercise "sarcasm and humor," get a blog; most of us are here to get concrete information about searches, not to get laughs or listen to moaning
    • You should be disqualified from ever holding an academic position due your inability to distinguish relaible sources from an online, open-edit webpage. I don't know about your experience, but that was covered in undergraduate historical methods.
  • 11/28: I was contacted for an AHA interview. x2
    • How were you notified? Phone
    • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?
  • Just curious: would interviewees say that their "research includes a significant transnational or comparative component"? The original posting was somewhat murky: I'm wondering whether this ended up as a US and world search. (1/8)
  • Yes. From various correspondence in advance of the AHA interview, I have the distinct impression that this did end up as a US and the World search (1/8/12).
  • campus visit
  • Offer made & accepted
    • By whom?
  • Hired Satish Jallepalli - Yale PhD, one year at State Dept. editing FRUS.
  • I don't know if this was intended for a different posting, but the above named scholar was not the hire at Knoxville.
  • who was the hire?
  • Hired Tore Olsson, ABD (naturally), from UGA
    • It is impressive how hard Jim Cobb works to get his people jobs.

University of Virginia[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in twentieth-century US history
  • all research fields will be considered
  • Candidates must apply through Jobs@UVa ( ). Search on posting number 0610688 and electronically attach a cover letter describing research and teaching interests and experience, and a curriculum vitae. Applicants should also electronically attach the names of three references, and have them send their letters to:, with the applicant's name in the subject heading.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 18.
  • Any news on this? (11/18) (X1)
    • nothing yet--but exchange over Oregon job above suggests that this search committee is probably drowning in applications, too--the wait is on
  • Request for writing samples (11/20)
    • Is this a joke?
    • No. I also got a request. (11/21) x3
    • Why would it be a joke???
    • Request for writing sample (11/21)
    • request for writing sample (11/22)
    • Darn.  Nothing yet for me... (11/29)
  • AHA interview request via email (12/7)
  • There used to be two interviewees here.  Where did the first go?
    • Communism is sneaky like that!
  • 1/23 Final 3 candidates announced
  • ^ fitting, as I finally recieved my rejection email - congrats, candidates:) 1/28
  • (there were well over 400 applicants)
  • 2/20 offer accepted by candidate/announced within dept.
  • Who's the lucky individual?
  • Sarah Milov, Princeton
    • I received my PhD before she received her Bachelor's. I truly wish the AHA or the ACLS or someone would take some action to help stale PhDs who do good work find tenure-track jobs.
    • It's a tough job market & attacking a successful hire's background/age isn't going to change that. Congratulations, not resentment, are in order. (And yes, I'm on the mkt too w/o a TT position.)
    • I didn't read that comment as an attack on the person hired.  Rather, the person who wrote the comment was simply stating what she or he wished the AHA or ACLS would do about all the qualified people who are underemployed or unemployed.  No more, no less.  For that matter, congratulating someone who may or may not be reading this wiki is downright puerile.  If anyone would like to congratulate the hire, tell her to her face or send her a personal message.  Writing anonymous online congratulations to a stranger is like shouting your sentiments into the wind.

Valdosta State University (GA) - Contemporary US History[]

  • Tenure track faculty position beginning August 1, 2013. The successful candidate should be able to teach United States history survey courses and upper-level courses in area of specialty, including United States since 1945.
  • The teaching load is twelve credit hours per semester. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in history by time of appointment, teaching experience, and evidence for potential in service and scholarship. The primary area of specialization is contemporary United States history post-1945. Preferred secondary fields include public history, urban history, or economic history. Preference will also be given for specialists in domestic affairs over foreign affairs and diplomacy.
  • All candidates should submit application via the University online PeopleAdmin portal at . Paper applications will not be accepted. Deadline for application is November 9, 2012.
  • Contacted for phone interview (11/19) x3
  • Campus interview--either January or February (12/07)
  • Were you invited to interview, or this is when they are holding them?
  • Invited for an interview on campus sometime in January or early February---sorry for the miscommunication.
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?
    • Level 47 Cleric, Guild of the Obsidian Knights
    • And I thought this was a junior hire!
  • Hired Joseph Cole, formerly senior lecturer at East London University
  • received 140+ apps (2/10)

Wesleyan University - Cultural History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 20th century/contemporary US cultural history
  • "Ph.D. in American Studies, History, or a related field must be completed by the time of the appointment (July 1, 2013). Preference will be given to candidates who focus on the politics of culture with particular attention to gender, race, and class, ideally with a subspecialty in queer studies or the history of gender and sexuality. Candidates with teaching fields in popular culture, visual culture and/or material culture are especially encouraged to apply"
  • 2/2 teaching load
  • Review begins immediately [5 Aug] & for full consideration apply by: 1 Nov 2012
  • request for Skype interview received by email (12/12) x3
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank? -ABD x2
  • email rejection after Skype interview (1/21) x2

Wheaton College (IL) - Asst. Professor, 20th c. US[]

  • The History Department at Wheaton College (IL) seeks to appoint a tenure-track, assistant professor in 20th-century United States history beginning August 2013. Preference will be given to applicants who have particular expertise in the period 1940 to the present. An ability to teach courses in a field of nonwestern history or on the experience of one or more minority groups in the United States is also a plus. The successful candidate will be a gifted teacher/scholar who shares the ideals of Christian liberal arts education and who can communicate a love for history to bright, motivated undergraduates. A Ph.D. and evidence of potential in teaching, research, and publication are required. The standard teaching load is 3/3.
  • To be assured full consideration, please send letter of interest and curriculum vitae by November 1, 2012, to, attention Tracy McKenzie, chair.
  • NOTE: Wheaton College is an evangelical Protestant Christian liberal arts college whose faculty and staff affirm a Statement of Faith and adhere to lifestyle expectations of the Wheaton College Community Covenant.
    • I took "lifestyle expectations" to mean that LGBT applicants need not apply, but note that their views also extend into other areas of faculty/staff life, e.g. - "Wheaton College, in Illinois, Sues Over Contraceptive-Insurance Rule," Chronicle of Higher Education (18 July 2012).
      • I was curious about this as well. I talked to a colleague whose specialty is religious history and has experience with these types of schools. They told me that some religiously affiliated schools take this much more seriously than others. This school is apparently one that takes it fairly seriously. I don't mean to discourage anyone, but I think this is the type of job where if you are not a practicing evangelical you will face a very steep uphill climb. As an atheist myself, I quickly crossed this one of the list and focused on greener pastures.
      • I'm not an atheist, but a little research quickly told me that I would not fit into the fanatical environment at WC, so I crossed it off my list.
      • ^ "fanatical" strikes me as unnecessarily thoughtless. At least the other commentors offered substantive reasons for not applying instead of a blanket insult.
  • Invited to submit a formal application. (11/9)
  • Request for AHA interview by email (12/13) x2
  • Would folks who got interviews mind listing their rank?. PhD completed
  • Have campus visit offers gone out?
    • Not that I know of. They said it would take a few weeks at the most.
  • Rejected from Campus Visit.
  • When? And how? - Today, email. - Thank you.
  • Rejected from campus visit (2/4). Best of luck to finalists!
  • Just curious if an offer has been made?

US and World / US Foreign Relations[]

American University - History of US Foreign Relations[]

  • Tenure line assistant professorship in the History of US Foreign Relations
  • "The ideal candidate should be familiar not only with traditional approaches to the study of U.S. foreign relations, but also international and transnational approaches, multi-archival research, the role of non-state actors and the significance of culture, as well as economics, military affairs, and politics."
  • Review begins: 15 Sept. 2012 and is open until filled.
  • Any news? (10/10)
  • Contacted for phone interview (10/20) x2
  • Details?
  • Campus interview scheduled (early November). They want to wrap up by the end of the semester.
  • Offer tendered and accepted.
  • Congrats! Name?
  • Any news? (3/28)

Amherst College - America and the World[]

  • The Department of History at Amherst College invites applications for a tenure-track position in “America and the World” at the Assistant Professor level. We welcome applications from candidates whose work includes the history of the international relations of the United States in the Twentieth Century.
  • Send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, a writing sample, and syllabi for two proposed courses to: Search Committee, Department of History, P.O Box 2254, Amherst College, Amherst MA 01002-5000.
  • Review begins: 1, Nov. 2012, and continue until the position is filled.
  • EEOC form request x3 (10/23)
  • Just a note if you are finishing your app--the department is extending the deadline bc of Sandy. So, don't freak out if Interfolio's closure yesterday has set you back a day.
  • ^ On behalf of those directly affected by the storm, thank you for posting this.
  • Interviewing at AHA (10/30).  As in, the department is interviewing at the AHA, or as in, someone was invited to interview?
  • Received e-mail explaining that AC will be conducting interviews at AHA.
  • ^Me too--it was a form email, I believe.
  • Any updates on this search? (11/19)
  • EEO form request (11/20)
  • Have they sent out invitations for AHA interviews yet?
  • Contacted by phone to schedule AHA interview (12/13)
  • Email that position has been filled, 3/8
    • Can I ask for a name?
      • I name you.....Adjunct!
      • What's your problem?  That's a fair question. 

George Mason University - US & the World 1815-1945[]

  • Tenure track assistant profesorship in the US and the World, 1815-1945
  • "The department is especially interested in applicants who study U.S. history in transnational, global, or comparative context. The teaching load is 2-2. Ph.D. must be in hand by August 2013."
  • Review begins: 15 Oct. 2012
  • email to schedule video conference interview (11/27)
  • Rejection Email (11/27) "Thank you for your interest in the position in "US & the World, 1815-1945" at George Mason University.  The committee received more than 160 applications, many of which were truly outstanding.  Unfortunately, we cannot interview everyone.  I regret to inform you that your application is not among those still under consideration." (X8)
  • Anyone get nothing?
  • I've not heard anything (12/3)
  • Video-conference interview request rec'd (11/28)

Northeastern University - Open rank: US & the World[]

  • Open rank hire in the field of the United States and the World
  • "Successful candidates will advance the Department’s undergraduate programs and the innovative graduate world history program; they might also contribute to undergraduate International Affairs program, to planned M.A. programs in International Affairs and American Studies, and to college initiatives in internationalizing the curriculum and in the Digital Humanities. A doctoral degree in History or a related field by the start date is required"
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2012 and position is open until filled
  • Has anyone heard anything at all from Northeastern? (10/23) (x2)
  • Did northeastern contact your recommenders? I filled in their contact info but could find no instructions on how to send them directly. (11/5)
    • I applied for the other Northeastern search (Public History) and they haven't contacted recommenders through the online system yet, either. Wonder what the delay is? [It's the only online app I've submitted that didn't immediately push requests through the system.]
    • I haven't heard anything either, but I contacted the chair of the search committee about this on September 25. The response I received was: "Could you let me know if you are a junior or senior scholar? It makes a difference as to whether or not we will require references right away." (11/5)
    • so for the person who posted above, were your letters requested? this is a confusing search but it's open rank so i'm not that hopeful
    • They definitely are not asking for senior level recommendation letters immediately (I was told by someone who knows), so I guess that might mean that junior scholar will hear more quickly?
    • any news on this?
    • i'm an advanced assistant prof and just learned from one of my recommenders that the committee requested a letter. (11/30)
    • Skype interview scheduled (12/1)
  • Nice decline email received (12/20).
  • Weird - never heard anything here - no ack, no rejection.  Pretty clear they've moved on, but seriously? (x4; 1/7)  
  • Any news? (3/28)
  • Heard a rumor no one was hired. Unconfirmed. (4/8)
  • offer made and accepted (4/26)

Texas A&M University - Diplomatic History and Politics of Recent American Foreign Policy[]

  • The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University invites nominations and applications for a tenure track assistant professor or tenured associate professor with expertise in American foreign policy since World War II. Candidates who engage in research and teaching on the role of leadership in foreign policy-making during this period are preferred. Successful applicants should have a Ph.D. by the beginning of employment in September, 2013 and demonstrate evidence of a commitment to excellence in teaching and research.
  • Applicants should send a formal letter of interest that includes reference to the relevant position, a curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation and a sample of research work to Professor Charles Hermann, c/o Ms. Janeen Wood (preferably as electronic attachments to, The Bush School of Government & Public Service, Texas A&M University, 4220 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4220.
  • Review begins: 8, Oct. 2012 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Applied 17 Sept and have not even had an acknowledgement (the only one so far out of three dozen applications)
  • Finally received confirmation email dated 12/17, reading "Your application is under review and you will be hearing from our faculty search committee."
  • Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.
  • Any news? (3/28)

University of Maryland, College Park - US and World[]

  • The Department invites candidates with outstanding intellectual promise and a commitment to teaching excellence to apply for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor. We define the field of U.S. and the World broadly. Period and geographical areas of specialization are open, as are methodological approach (e.g., cultural, diplomatic, economic, environmental, intellectual, military, social) and topical focus (e.g., borderlands, disability, gender, labor, migration, policy, race/ethnicity, sexualities). We look forward to receiving applications from scholars engaged in international or transnational research in the relevant archives of two or more nations and in the appropriate languages. Responsibilities will include participation in the Department's Global Interaction and Exchange graduate program. Pre-doctoral applicants are expected to have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. by June 2013.
  • Applications should include a detailed letter; a c.v.; a short, article-length writing sample or an abstract of their research; and three letters of recommendation. Review of applications will begin November 15, 2012, and continue until the position is filled. Applications received by that date will be assured of full consideration. This search is contingent on the availability of funds. To apply for this position, please go to:
  • 12/6 anyone else on this apply here? Any word?
    • None here (12/6) (x6)
  • I'm sure they got bucketloads of applications for this one given the "broadly defined" phrasing of the ad. Still, it's getting late for their to have been no movement at all. Still no word...or rumors? Funding trouble maybe? 
  • I know it's not a solid or even useful piece of info, but Maryland is also running a Europe and the World search and, according to the European History wiki, it looks like their requests for AHA interviews went out last Friday.  Since this is the same school with the possibility of similar deadlines from the Grad School, Dean, etc., notifications for this post should be coming out shortly (especially with the end of the semester very near).  Fridays seem to be general deadlines, so there's a good (though I'm in no way guaranteeing) chance that you might hear at some point tomorrow or during the weekend maybe.
  • AHA interview request by phone (12/14) (x3)
    • Any others? Curious how many people they are planning to interview...
  • Any updates since AHA (or sense of when to expect an update)? Thanks!
  • Was told at AHA that they'd be sending out campus invites after the 25th (today)
    • Thanks. I wish I had known this earlier, but oh well. 
  • Campus visit request by phone (1/14)
  • ^congrats, but is that date right? weird that the cmte would say what they did in nola.
    • ^I was told ~3 weeks in NOLA, but received the phone call on Jan 14th.  Much earlier than expected!
  • so, did anyone from the aha round receive a rejection email? would it really kill the members of the cmte to spend five minutes each composing an email to thank people for their time and wish them well???
    • No formal rejection here. They'll probably send one after the search has concluded.
    • offer extended and accepted
    • Mind sharing a name (if that's allowed on this thing)?
    • Michigan PhD
      • Congratulations (and well deserved)!

University of Missouri - US and the World[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship of "US and the World"
  • To begin Fall 2013 in the history of the U.S. and the World. The successful candidate must have Ph.D. in hand by the start of the appointment and be able to teach graduate and undergraduate courses in U.S. international relations as well as the undergraduate U.S. history survey courses. The teaching load is two three-credit courses per semester. Please submit letter of application describing research and teaching interests, and c.v. online at These items should be attached in the Cover Letters and Attachments section of the application system. Three reference letters are required and may be sent electronically to or in hard copy to US and the World Search Committee, 101 Read Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-7500.
  • The application deadline is 15, Oct. 2012.
  • The University of Missouri is an EO/AA/ADA employer.
  • Received a very nice and informative letter to acknowledge receipt of my materials. They placed everything on a clear timeline: will contact ten to twelve short-list finalists in late October to schedule Skype interviews for November and then, from the letter, it looks like they will bring three to four finalists to campus for interviews before the end of the fall semester. Major points for Missouri: they were also polite enough to acknowledge that the market is crazy and that we are all applying for many jobs, so they will be prompt in letting us know if we are not short-listed. This seems like a great department!
  • ^ Thanks for sharing this. If only more department searches operated like this...
  • Received email (11/1) saying that I had "made the first cut" and asking for additional information (writing samples and syllabi). The rest of the information is consistent with info already posted.
  • Received form letter rejection by mail. Thanks for being quick? (11/5) x5
  • any hear anything on this one yet?
  • Skype interviews (early December).
  • anyone know where this search is at?
    • The University of Missouri
  • Offer extended and accepted (2/28)
  • name?
  • I don't know, myself, but just thought I'd offer a shout-out to the hiring committee.  They were, at every step of the process, candid and very nice.  It would be great if all committees could be as decent and professional as they were.


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