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Is this one of us? link link


    • Assumption College
  • Received e-mail notification for AHA interview (11/9).
  • Anyone else hear anything? (11/14)
  • I never received ack. from the SC. (11/14)
  • I also got the AHA invite on 11/9.
  • Rejection letter in snail mail (12/14)
    • California State University, Chico
  • E-mail acknowledgment with detailed list of what is present in/missing from my file; AA form in a separate e-mail. (11/29)
    • Dalhousie University
  • Received an e-mail inquiring about citizenship 10/16.
  • Received request for additional materials (writing sample and evidence of teaching performance) (10/26).
  • At least one candidate has been to campus as a finalist. (12/5)
    • Guilford College
  • Received e-mail with AA survey (10/25).
  • I'm thinking this is a search for someone they already have [a person who is already teaching there.] Course list is specific and odd, and the same person is listed as teaching these courses both this year and in their projected course schedule for 0
  • Yes! It's a national search. If you have the areas of expertise they are asking for you should absolutely apply! (10/28)
  • I have to agree with my colleague's post from 10-27. This seemed like a strange assortment of specialties from the moment it was posted. For Guilford to place Professor Dunn (who teaches this array of specialties) on the 2008-09 schedule is at least b
  • I'm 20th century and thus not even remotely interested/qualified, but I was curious and looked at the search specs: applicants need to be able to teach "U.S. history surveys (1500s-1877, 1877-present), Southern history, North Carolina history, Colonia
  • There was a huge debate on last year's Link American Studies wiki about whether or not a job at Middlebury College was an "inside" search. In the end, there's nothing you can do but wait to see who gets hire
    • Indiana University South Bend
  • AHA interview scheduled via phone (12/12)
  • AHA interview offer via phone (14/12)
  • Hire made- Harvard student
    • Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • I have never even heard of this school, but I'm wary. Searching their website for "history dept." (which you won't find) pulls up this gem: link It's a handout for parents telling them to call the
  • Not my field, and not my school, but I found the history dept. pretty quickly on the web site. Dept. chair has Ph.D. from Brown; other faculty are from Rutgers, UNC, etc. Seemed pretty small but not weird (at least from my cursory glance). (11/14)
  • Would you (or someone) be willing to past the department's url? I really can't find it.
  • link
  • Thank you.
  • Wow, that "Parent Guide" is a scary document. Seems that we have moved beyond "customer is always right model" to "helicopter parent" model - the suggestion that the little darlings can expect unfair treatment from professors is enough for me to say no thanks - I am skipping this one.
  • Deleted info restored. Is the "Parent Guide" related to Guilford or Ramapo? (12/6)
  • The "Parent Guide" is for Ramapo College.
  • hey, Tony Soprano's kid went here for a few weeks before dropping out. (12/13)
    • St. Mary's College of MD
  • Anyone know anything about this position/search?
  • AHA interview scheduled (11/27)
    • San Jose State University (colonial/early republic)
  • Ack. of materials received. Stated that AHA interviewees will be notified by e-mail no later than December 20. (12/3)
  • E-mail invitation for AHA interview. (12/14)
    • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Received letter confirming receipt of application materials and requesting ALL academic transcripts (see Providence College discussion below) (11/10).
  • Emailed them telling them it was a burden to send official transcripts when I had already sent unofficial ones. They promptly emailed back that unofficial would be fine but I would be expected to send official immediately if offered the job. (11/15)
  • AHA interview scheduled (11/26)
    • Syracuse
  • The ad is under American studies, but says they want advanced assistant or associate. Does anyone know what that really means?
  • It probably means one of two things: 1. They know exactly who they want already or 2. They don't want a newbie out of grad school(9/30).
  • Received request for writing sample (11/6)
    • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Letter acknowledging receipt of material and stating that review of applications will begin on 11/15. The letter also states that a court approved settlement requires that they provide the public with a list of all nominees and applicants. (11/15)
    • UC Santa Cruz
  • I heard they've invited at least two for an on-campus interview. Skipping AHA entirely (11/6)
  • They are skipping the AHA, and they have 4 finalists scheduled for campus visits.-all in November. (11/12)
  • Received a very gracious rejection e-mail (of course, it would have been more gracious if it had been addressed to the individual applicant...). (11/28)
  • Position filled! (12/4)
  • Anyone know who the lucky person is? (12/4)
  • Offer received and accepted (12/12-prior post referred to department making its decision?)
    • Utah State University
  • Telephone interviews scheduled (11/12).
  • anyone interviewed by phone hear yet?
  • no (12/10)
  • received a lovely rejection letter: "many fine applicants," etc. (12/10)
  • did you have a telephone interview? (12/11)
  • no (12/11)
    • Western Carolina University (US to 1800)
    • William and Mary
  • It is James Axtell's position. They probably want a big name.

Revolutionary/Early Republic[]

    • American Antiquarian Society Postdoc
  • Request for dissertation (11/16)
    • Canisius College (colonial through early national)
  • The H-Net posting lists no deadline, and the AHA website posting lists a deadline of January 15. Both postings say the SC wants to conduct AHA interviews. Anyone know what's up with the deadline and their interview schedule? (11/15)
  • If you're interested in the job, send in your application ASAP. They may be reviewing applications as they come in. Whatever deadline they have in mind, the sooner they get a look at yours the better. (11/15)
  • E-mail invitation for AHA interview. (12/12)
    • Florida International University in Miami (colonial/early national to 1815)
  • "Applicants in all subfields are welcome, but those with teaching or research interests in the Atlantic World are especially encouraged to apply."
  • received acknowledgment of application via snail mail (11/26)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/8)
    • McNeil Center for Early American Studies Postdoc
  • Acknowledgment (11/14)
    • New Hampshire (1750-1850)
  • Received AA survey (10/23).
  • Did your ack letter indicate your file was complete? (11/7)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/5)
  • Rejection letter says 150 applicants for this position (12/8)
  • Did rejection arrive via snail mail or email? (12/10)
  • I received mine via snail mail today (12/10).
  • Hire made
    • Ohio University
  • Received email acknowledging receipt of application material (11/8).
  • AHA interview scheduled. (12/7)
  • same here (12/8)
    • Oklahoma City University
  • AHA interviews scheduled 11/19-ongoing (Chair out for holidays)
  • Open until filled; appts at AHA made on receipt of apps if appropriate
  • 16 apps as of 11/19; about 19 as of 11/29/07.
  • seeking competency in Latin American, willingness to do US surveys and World
    • University of Idaho (Early U.S.)
  • Looking for "broad competency in Colonial and Revolutionary America and Early Republic." Expertise in Native American History desirable.
  • it's an online application - you upload your materials (I used word documents) to their website. I did so on December 3 and got an automatic email acknowledging my application the same day. (12/3)
    • University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Early American/Early National)
  • "The department welcomes any subfield with particular interest in public, native American, or environmental history."
  • Also running a search in 19th century U.S., similar subfields (see below). (11/15)
  • Received ack (11/26)
  • Anyone heard anything on this one? (12/12)
  • I am pretty sure there used to be a note here that AHA invites were already made. Anyone know for certain? (12/12)
  • UNCG is running a 19th century search as well with similar subfields (see below). It looks like AHA invites and rejection letters have been received for the 19th century search, but I've seen no news here about the early American one. There are two different SCs, so one may just be going more slowly than the other. Or maybe the folks interviewing for the early American job erroneously reported it under the 19th century listing below. (12/12)
  • Early American/Early National (not the 19th century position) AHA interview scheduled by email (12/14).
    • University of Redlands
  • AA form and ack. letter (11/15)
  • Ack letter that says file is not complete because it lacks transcripts. Transcripts were not requested in job ad. So everyone get them in ASAP. (11/17)
  • They'll accept unofficial copies of graduate transcripts. (12/3)
  • AHA interview scheduled by phone. (12/13)
    • University of Scranton (colonial/early national)
  • Ack. letter says they'll try to come up with a short list for AHA interviews by about December 10. (11/25)
  • Email to schedule AHA interview (12/11)
    • University of South Florida - Tampa (EAR/Antebellum)
  • Ack. letter says that AHA interviewees will be selected by early December and that every candidate will be notified once that decision is made. (11/25)
  • AHA interview scheduled. (12/3)
    • University of Texas-Dallas
  • They have narrowed their list to 14 candidates, whom they are calling to gauge interest in the position and to see if they'll be at the AHA (I received one of these calls). Within a couple of weeks, they'll narrow the list to 8-10, whom they'll offer AHA interviews. (11/19)
  • AHA interview scheduled. (12/3)
    • Western Carolina (US to 1800)

- Extremely pleasant email from chair of SC regarding receipt of materials (10/30)

    • Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Received request for letters of rec (ad only requested contact info). (11/7)
  • Ditto, and in fact the person who contacted me suggested that they really meant for the letters to be included in the original application, even though the listing suggested otherwise. So get those letters in! (11/13)
  • I heard that the SC won't actually start reviewing the files until a few weeks after the deadline (which was 11/2). (11/13)
  • January on-campus interview scheduled. (12/11)

Nineteenth Century[]

    • Armstrong Atlantic University
  • AHA interviews scheduled (12-6)
    • California Polytechnic State University, SLO(general U.S./teacher preparation)
  • apparently they have scheduled video interviews with a few candidates (11/29)
  • decision expected in mid-january (12/12)
    • California State University, Northridge (late-19th/early-20th)
  • received affirmative action survey form (11/2)
  • received email on 12/4 that my application was "not selected for further consideration" (12/6)
  • received same email on 12/6
  • AHA scheduled (12/7)
    • California University of Pennsylvania (pre-1877)
  • E-mail requesting phone interview (11/21)
    • Colorado College (19th century)
  • Does anyone know if this is a replacement hire? (10/26)
  • Has anyone received notification that their materials were received or an AA card? (11/7)
  • Nope, but I'm chalking that up to the fact that we're still a long way from the deadline. (11/7)
  • Received notification that materials were received (11/12)
  • Received email stating that file is complete. (11/12)
  • Anyone got anything? (12/11)
  • Nothing (12/11)
  • Do people consider this to be a good job? Is it one you really want? Just curious. Had never heard of the place before I applied.
  • In the interest of disclosure, I applied for the job but have no prior connection to the school. As far as I'm aware, CC has a reputation of being a top-notch liberal arts college, with great students. If you put any stock in US News Rankings, it is usually in the top tier of national liberal arts colleges (with Kenyon, Oberlin, etc). It is also known for having an unusual, if not unique, academic schedule whereby students take only one course at a time, that lasts for about 4 weeks (I think Cornell College in Iowa has a similar schedule). I've never been to Colorado Springs, although I've heard it is a great town - megachurch scandals and "Fast Food Nation" notwithstanding. I, for one, would be thrilled to get an interview. That's my take, although I suppose others might have different responses. (12/13)
  • Coming from a 20th Century person not up for the job, I agree with the above poster. A friend who taught there raves about the block schedule and the consequent ability faculty have to build a good deal of research time into their teaching schedules (rare for such a highly ranked liberal arts school). Also heard good things about their students, though in my experience while Colorado Springs is beautiful, it's a pretty conservative and relatively unattractive town.
  • Anybody know if there is an inside candidate? There's someone there teaching these courses, whose been there as a VAP for a couple of years, which makes me wonder. It'd be nice to know!
  • If he isn't, he's a darn strong candidate per the job description. At least if he gets it, he appears to be a deserving individual whose academic achievements merit the move. It's far more disheartening to be in a search where the inside candidate is a spousal hire or where some other issue other than merit qualifications drive the search (12/14)
  • The VAP is also a "spousal hire" (wife on tenure track at CC), so I'd bet he's a good candidate for the job - yet he is deserving, despite being married - can we hold the spite on spousal hires here? (12/14)
  • I too applied for the job, and would LOVE to get an interview at CC, so I am disappointed to hear of this possible inside candidate situation, but I have to agree- he looks very qualified. I suppose one *can* be a good candidate in one's own right, even with a spouse who's also in academia!!
  • Received telephone call to schedule AHA interview (12/18)
    • Erskine
  • Ack letter received early Nov. (dated 10/29). No word since then. (12/7)
    • Georgia State (19th Century, Asst or Assoc)
  • Received letter of confirmation from SC Chair stating they will be interviewing people at the AHA. (10/12)
  • GSU has a history of not filling positions and of not communicating clearly with candidates. FWIW.
  • GSU has filled six positions over the past two years but as I understand has had major staff turnover which undermines clear communication with candidates. (12/04)
  • Received an acknowledgment BUT they said they want transcripts. They did not want that in the ad I have. The search chair is different from the ad. (11/9)
  • Thanks so much for pointing this out - I got the same letter, but hadn't checked to see that their list of things needed for the final application was the same as what they had originally requested. Has anyone checked to confirm that they really want an official transcript now? I'm out of them, and would have to order more... (11/12)
  • Got 2 ack letters, the 2nd arriving a week after the first, yet dated earlier. (11/15)
  • AHA interviews scheduled by phone (11/16).
    • Hendrix College (Post-doc/visiting-type position)
    • Iowa State (19th Century)
  • "Preference will be given to candidates with research interests in rural and/or agricultural history, broadly defined."
  • They will be looking for someone who will publish but can relate to the students in the classroom. Most importantly, they will be interested in candidates who will stay for more than a year or two. Ames has good schools for kids and is safe and clean, but there isn't much "culture" per se. But this is a GOOD job!
  • Applications are arriving but applicants are not relating to their work to rural/ag. Since there is an rural history PhD program this is pretty important (10/12)
  • Received email confirming receipt of application materials (10/18)
  • I also received email confirmation with link to AA; SC says they will begin screening applications 11/3/07 and will complete the selection process by March (10/18)
  • Anyone know if they're interviewing at the AHA? (11/7)
  • They are not. (11/11)
  • Any updates? (11/26)
  • Sorry no...I will post when I hear something. I will because, as a poster noted below, some people might be under-reporting to protect their positions. But the truth is none of us know what the SC wants. If we can just be ourselves and have good information, we might be able to get positions that suit us. (11/27)
  • Phone interview scheduled (11/26)
    • Lawrence Tech
  • Has anyone heard anything from Lawrence Tech? Acknowledgements, interviews, signs of life? (12/6)
    • Marquette University (1865-1900: Environmental, Native American, Ethnicity)
  • SC member confirmed that search is limited to these three fields. (10/11)
  • Anybody heard anything? (11/7)
  • only crickets (11/19)
  • AHA invites (11/28)
    • Murray State (U.S. South)
  • This position requires a lot of World Civilization courses. If you aren't interested in teaching World Civ., this may not be the position for you.
  • There have been problems in the past with professionalism re: the promotion and tenure process. With new leadership, this may have changed. (10/23)
  • Received AAEO form. (10/26)
  • Anyone heard from them? (12/2)
  • Not a word. This job first posted on H-Net on June 15th. One wonders why they need so long to conduct the search?
  • No word since AAEO form. (12/10)
  • Here's the letter I received on 12/11: "Dear Dr. , Your application materials were received . . . after the deadline had passed so you cannot be considered as a qualified applicant. We ask, however, that you complete and return the enclosed Affirmative Action Compliance Program information card in the provided envelope within five days of receipt." WTF???
  • How strange! Was your application actually late? (12/12)
  • No, at least not according to the USPS. (12/12)
  • That's outrageous! Why not write an email to the dept./SC and explain that according to the USPS it got there on time (not that it would make a difference in the decision but I really feel they should know this). Asking you to fill out the AAEO card, regardless, is a particular slap in the face.
  • I agree with the above poster! The SC chair should know about this mistake and find out what happened. And 12/12 poster, you should get an apology. We put a lot of time and effort into this process. I find this sort of business just outrageous. (12/13)
    • Nassau Community College (general U.S.)
  • From H-Net job posting: "The Department welcomes candidates in all fields, but particularly in the following fields: American Civil War, U.S. Labor History, post-World War II, Cold War or the 20th century." (12/8)
    • Penn State Greater Allegheny (U.S. 19th or 20th century)
  • like everybody else, especially seeking "transnational or comparative perspectives" (11/5)
  • Anybody heard anything? (11/14)
  • not a thing (12/5)
    • Penn State New Kensington (general U.S./World)
  • any signs of life? (12/14)
    • Princeton (19th century, open rank)
  • Anybody have any thoughts on what they're looking for or how this will go down? I'm assuming I don't have a shot in hell, but I'm curious... (11/2)
  • Additional materials requested (11/20)
  • To whomever was asked for additional materials, do you mind revealing what your status is, ABD, assistant or associate prof?
  • Also, can I add, how many people have been asked?
  • "very few"
  • Received phone call informing me that the SC met this morning, and I would not be asked for an on-campus interview. (12/14)
    • Providence College (19th or 20th century)
  • see pet peeve in 20th century listing below
  • letter ack application materials rec'd 11/1/07 says they will notify mid-Dec of AHA interview choices.
  • see below in 20th century for updates on this job (12/14)
    • Rice (Early Republic to WWI)
  • the circles seem to inform that they want someone that has 20th century AFAM project/interests (9/11/07)
  • What's "AFAM"? - That would imply African American related.
  • okay, what's a "circle"?
  • questions questions, meaning I heard! i am sure we ALL know the academic circles run small and are well connected. Not much more to add. Thanks
  • I must be in a different circle. It's my understanding that there will be a second position advertised. If you look at the chronology of this search and then observe what conspicuous fields are *not* represented currently on Rice's faculty (think kepis, funny beards, and hardtack), that should serve as some clue. Then again, maybe both circles are right. It wouldn't be the first time that a department had two circles, both with stong opinions for the type of person the department wants. (9/17)
  • Received email confirming receipt of application (10/4)
  • When thinking about the fields not represented, what does this mean: "think kepis, funny beards, and hardtack." I'm just not following. (10/26)
  • I'm not the OP, but I assume s/he meant Civil War (10/26)
  • I received an email from someone on the search committee asking me to apply for the job before I had sent in my application. My specialty is not African American. They are running a second search for assoc./full professor in southern history. 11/14
  • I am an African Americanist and I also received an email inviting me to apply.
  • Received a request for my writing sample b/c they're updating applicant files. (11/19)
  • Email stating my application materials had been received. (11/18)
  • This comment could possible go below, but I have to object to the practice of sending select invitations to apply. It creates the impression of cherry-picking a candidate under the guise of conducting a national search. That kind of thing smacks of old-boy club and the old guild. Thoughts? 11/22
  • I guess it does smack of the OBC, but I think there are so many variables in a search that an invite does not mean slam dunk. As a grad student, we had a national search that we all thought was a dog and pony show for one candidate who had a well received book in the field of our specialized PHD program. She didn't even get an offer because department members didn't like her next project. Anyway if the dept. is a fossil of the dinosaur era and is full of Good Ole Boys, do you or I really want to work there anyway? Just a thought (11/23).
  • My thought is that if the SC emailed only two or three "prestige" departments, then that might smack of OBC-ism. But, advertising at large in this fashion is fairly common and more in the vein of self-promotion than in exclusion. For instance, if you emailed the dozen or so departments known for their strength in the History of Koala Lampur because that is what you want, its less OBC than it is priming the pump. If you emailed only the two best Koala Lampur specialists, then thre's a problem.
  • Any actual developments other than gossip? I'm assuming AHA interviews are set by now, just w/ people that don't use the wiki. (12/7)
  • I don't have any news, but I don't think it's safe to assume anything until the end of this week. A lot of committees are still working. (12/10)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/11)
  • Was the interview set up by phone or email? (12/12)
  • by email.
  • received email that I have been moved to the "second level of candidacy"; I "remain in the running" but they "will not have the opportunity" to interview me at AHA. (12/14)
  • ditto - assuming this is a rejection letter, but it's a little confusing (12/14)
  • message x3. I wonder how many of us there are. Is this a case of there being fewer than ten extras who could be interviewed if they added a day of interviews, or a pool of 20 or more who are just there to show how deep the search was. I'm not getting my hopes too high. (12/14)
  • make it 4. maybe someone with access to the "circles" can shed some light?
  • make it 5. (12/14)
  • sounds like everyone except the AHA interviewees is on the "second level of candidacy." What a confusing rejection letter (12/14)
  • make it 6. I received something similar from Oregon State. I think they're reserving the right to revisit your application and call you in if all the folks they interview turn out to be duds. (12/14)
  • 7. In any case, it was slightly uplifting to receive a communication that wasn't a rejection (12/14).
  • 8. I like this type of response from a search committee better than silence.
  • 9. Ditto.
  • Make it 10. That's a lot of people to "put on hold." Odd.
  • 11.
    • Rockhurst (2 positions)
  • Early U.S. and world
  • see Modern U.S. and world position below
  • Received e-mail to arrange phone interview (for early position) (11/2)
  • Received invite to campus. (11/11)
    • Roger Williams (U.S. open)
  • Email acknowledgement 11/30: "Review of applications will begin on or about January 15, 2008 and will continue until the position is filled. You will be updated on the status of your application as the process moves forward." (12/7)
    • Sacred Heart University (19th Century)
  • Received email confirming receipt of application (10/2)
  • um? (12/11)
    • Simon Fraser University (19th Century)
  • The dept. sent an email acknowledging receipt of app. (10/9)
  • Conducted phone interviews with 8 candidates 11/9, and have selected 3 candidates to bring to campus in late Nov./early Dec. (11/13)
  • Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if all of the candidates were Canadian citizens? (11/13)
  • No, not all the candidates interviewed were Canadians (though it's possible the 3 who made the cut are). It looks like they've hired a good number of non-Canadians in the last few years, so I doubt nationality is a make-or-break issue for them (perhaps some Canadian institutions take this rule more seriously than others). (11/13)
  • As far as I know, the Canadian-hiring preference applies only to public universities, which, if they want to hire a non-C citizen, have to fill out govt. forms justifying their decision (arguing that no qualified C citizen was better suited for the job); it's a req of receiving tax money. SF is private, so it doesn't operate under those restrictions (like McGill, Trent etc.) (11/13)
  • there aren't any private universities in Canada, only public ones, which means that Simon Fraser, like McGill or the Univ. of Toronto, hires according to Canadian govt. policies (like hiring civil servants) (11/15)
    • Smith College (19th Century, all specialties welcome)
  • Received a letter from head of SC and the AA form
  • Ditto (10/30)
  • Ditto plus one (10/31)
  • Anyone hear anything more? (12/11)
  • I haven't heard anything recently. They did contact me two weeks ago to let me know one of my letters of rec. was missing. (12/13)
  • AHA interview request came via email (12/14)
    • Troy University (late-19th/early-20th)
  • AHA scheduled
    • University of Alabama-Huntsville (pre-1877)
  • Has anyone heard anything from these people? (12/4)
  • No. Looks like they are behaving in the same inconsiderate manner as last year.
  • I received a perfectly nice ack. letter and AA card 11/10 (12/5)
  • Ditto on the polite ack. letter and AA card in prompt response to my application (12/5)
  • I recvd the same ack. letter dated 10/10 which stated that they were already reviewing applications. It would be nice if they were more informative about their schedule and plans.(12/5)
  • Same method as last year, send ack. and AA, then blow everyone off who did not qualify.
  • I did not know they had made their decisions last year until I saw them interviewing at the Southern.
  • AHA interview scheduled.(12/5)
  • I recieved a AA card and a very nice letter. Interview scheduled. (12/10)
    • University of California-Irvine (Slavery)
  • Any word? (12/12)
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst (antebellum U.S. history)
  • Deadline is today, Nov. 15. Has anyone received any notice from the committee? (11/15)
  • Ack. + AA form. (11/21)
  • Any news? (12/7)
  • AHA interview scheduled. (12/14)
    • University of Mississippi (American History pre 1865/Slavery)
  • any news? (12/14)
    • University of New Mexico (19th Century)
  • Anyone receive an acknowledgment yet? (10/29)
  • Yep, I received a letter on 10/13 (10/29)
  • Inside dope: the department has a history of political "issues." Do you your homework and tread lightly if you get an on-campus (11/6).
  • I'd just be happy to receive an acknowledgement.
  • Rec'd letter that they are "unable to pursue my candidacy further" because my primary research specialty is not 19th c. US history. Apparently degrees in American Studies with a primary research speciality in 19th c. US cultural history is not 19th c. US history. (11/17)
  • Ack letter has link to eo form that does not work. (11/17)
  • What is meant by political "issues?" Could you elaborate? (11/21)
  • Department members do not seem to like each other...and fight about it. That is all I have, but from going to certain meetings, I know that there are some real characters there. (11/23)
  • "A deeply dysfunctional group" was the description I got from a former colleague who knows them well.
  • To American Studies poster on 11/17: don't feel bad, I'm a historian with a research speciality in 19th-century America and I got the same letter. (11/26)
  • Recd same rejection form letter on 11/17, even though I do 19th c. U.S. In my case, I suspect, it was because my project is later-19th c. I went back and looked in the ad, and I noticed that buried in the middle of the text it specifies antebellum/Civil War specialty.
  • AHA interview scheduled. (12/3)
  • How many individuals scheduled for interview? (12/4)
  • I don't know, but most of the interview time slots were still open last night, so they may still be contacting candidates. (12/4)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/5)
    • University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • received ack. letter that said "I enclose an applicant data card," but with no card! (10/22)
  • do you know when they plan to arrange AHA interviews? (11/7)
  • is this the same listing as the early American/early national job at UNCG listed in the early national category? Or are they hiring a specifically 19th century person as well? If the former, let's consolidate the listings (11/14)
  • this is an open rank position in 19th-century American history with desirable "sub-specialties" in Native American, American West, Environmental, or Public history and "the ability to teach the U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction." (11/15)
  • okay, so they are running two Americanist searches, early and 19th, with roughly the same desired "sub-specialties." Not a bad way to go about it: they get to cast a really wide net and give themselves lots of options to fill their thematic gaps. Much better than running the same searches in separate years. (11/15)
  • anybody heard anything here? (11/26)
  • just the voices in my head (11/27)
  • AHA interview request on 11/30
  • rejection letter arrived today, 12/10
  • received rejection letter today, 12/11 (in Chicago)
    • University of North Carolina, Pembroke
  • They offered this job last year. Does anyone know the politics of this search?
  • There was considerable discussion of this job on last year's wiki page. It was/is Steve Berry's old position. IIRC, the university pulled funding for the position. It may have been because of the late posting of the ad (early spring), IMHO, which would have produced a very different pool than a late summer/early fall ad.
  • I had heard he was up for a position, but I had not heard that the position had lost its funding. They had a GA/PE position too. I guess that got filled?
  • The GA/PE was filled by a recent Ph.D. Berry is now at Georgia.
  • 9/20: They did not lose the funding. The pool of candidates kept dwindling as the search dragged into June/July. Because of deadlines for other commitments, at least for this finalist, some had to withdraw. Too few candidates left to complete search. FWIW, This school might be in the middle of nowhere but the department is full of quality people who would make great colleagues.
  • Poster above said "The pool of candidates kept dwindling as the search dragged into June/July." My comment: Well, Duh. SC's should take heed: if you wait until ONE MONTH before classes start to make your pick, you've waited too long. 10/19
  • Isn't it possible that some things are out of a SC's hands? For instance, does the SC have control over what time of year some dean or other administrative type says, "Go ahead, find your new historian?"
  • In that case, SC's response to the dean should be: You have mortally wounded the search by your dawdling. Deans make decisions within budgetary constraints, yes, but SC's must also be able to tell deans: If you do not give authorization by date x, our ability to make a successful hire is decreased by percentage y. My evidence: UNC Pembroke. The offer was made too late; the search failed. Lesson: If you wait too late to make the offer, the search has a high likelihood of failure. This does not seem to be too difficult of a concept to convey to deans . . .
  • I don't dispute that such a result comes from that situation. But, I wonder if its really that easy to fix. I mean, if a SC just had to say, "We won't get someone hired if you don't pick up the pace" to fix this problem, the professors across the university would all be making what administrators make because Department Chairs would busily pip up, "We cannot keep the good folks we've hired because we're not paying them what they are worth, so give us all raises!" Again, I don't dispute your logic, I just think its a bit ivory towerish to think a dean would listen and respond effectively to a SC that old him/her how hight they wanted that darn administrator to jump. Now, to keep this from devolving into a exercise where we all just release our frustrations on abstract SC's, I for one will back down and await more news on interview dates for this job.
  • I agree with the previous comment: there are lots of things the SC could (and no doubt would like to) say to the dean, and in most cases it's unlikely that saying these things would make a difference. Do you really think that deans are oblivious to the fact that making job offers in July is a bad strategy? Also, I don't know anything about this search, but people may be wrong to assume that no offer was made. In my (limited) experience, when searches drag on interminably, it's because they've made an offer (or even multiple offers) and the candidate takes forever to haggle about terms, partner hires, etc., and ultimately turns them down. It's easy to imagine how a search that got off to a late start to begin with might make an offer during the spring that gets rejected in early summer, leaving them scrambling in June/July. (11/15)
  • Has anyone been contacted yet for an interview? (12/4)
  • I, for one, have heard nothing. (12/10)
  • Ditto (12/11)
  • AHA interview request received via email (12/10). SCC gave option of interview on 01/04 between 9AM and 6 PM-I guess SC is only interviewing for one day.
  • Do not panic if you did not receive an email, the SC is still looking at candidates. All will be decided by next week. (12/11)
    • University of South Carolina Aiken
    • University of Texas, El Paso (19th Century)
  • I received a letter acknowledging receipt of materials (10/5)
  • AHA interview scheduled (11/29)
  • next step in search process? (12/4)
  • I don't know, but they did request additional material (writing sample and teaching portfolio) when scheduling the interview. (12/4)
    • University of Texas, Pan-American (Reconstruction/Gilded Age)
  • any word on this job or any of the half dozen other ones they're advertising? (10/29)
  • received confirmation of materials, dated 10/25; says they "will begin reviewing applications soon."(11/2)
  • received rejection email (12/12)
  • received invitation to campus on 12/6 (12/12)
    • University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • Received ack letter dated 11/12 in mid-November. Although I sent copies of my transcripts via Interfolio, the letter said they were missing (also said transcript copies acceptable). I emailed SC chair immediately, but have not gotten a response (12/7).
    • Utah Valley

- AHA interview scheduled (12/6)

    • West Virginia University (Early Republic to Antebellum)
  • Letter confirming receipt of application materials. Said they were reviewing applications as they arrived (11/10).
  • Received email invite to AHA interview. (12/7)
  • SC failed to show for scheduled appointment. Failed to register with the AHA. What a way to run a search!
    • Washburn University (late-19th/early-20th)
  • Has ANYONE rec'd an acknowledgement? I hear this was an inside job- any others hear this? (11/15)
  • No and no. (11/19)
  • "Preference will be given to candidates with background in women's history and Native American history" Look on their website and see if this fits anyone... Isn't that sort of illegal?
  • No. As far as I know, there's nothing illegal about crafting a job description to match the fields of someone you consider a desirable candidate. It would be (potentially) illegal to hire the person you're referring to for, say, a position described as 20th c. US Foreign Relations, but that's different from what's happening here. A couple of things to keep in mind: often, even if a dept has figured out they want to keep a certain person already there, they have to run a national search to fulfill HR requirements. Frustrating for other candidates, but not illegal. Or, the school may not have those HR requirements (i.e. they could hire a "target of opportunity" without a national search), in which case the fact that they're running the search means they're interested in other candidates. Finally, it's worth considering that the current lecturer matches the fields in the current ad because those were the fields the dept had IDed as desirable before they did the temporary hire for that line - they can only now search for the TT position, but it's the same line/fields. I'm not saying the person in question isn't a favored candidate (I know nothing about this position), I'm just saying that even if they are, that's not illegal.
  • Not an atty, but SC of my school says it is illegal. Searches are required for all govt jobs and to "fake" a search is against the law. This may or may not be a genuine search- haven't applied but if people are getting acks/invites then it is probably legit.
  • ok; I just meant that advertising for the fields of someone who's already on campus isn't the same thing as faking a search. Also, the dept liking the inside candidate isn't the same as faking a search, either. (12/3)
  • good luck to her, that's what I say. I hope to be an inside candidate somewhere some day... (12/6)
    • Western Illinois
  • Warning: I interviewed for a different position two years past. I heard nothing after the (AHA) interview (not even a form letter). Incredibly rude, in my view. Also, it seems like they have a search every year (at least in the last few years).
  • A professor in the department where I study described her "escape" from a school she called "Hellhole State."
  • Yeah, I had a similar experience in the 05-06 job season; had an AHA interview for a U.S. since '45 job. Was interviewed by Balsamo, Boynton, and Cole, and found them to be fine, no problems there; but then never heard from anyone again. Ever. According to my notes, I never got an email, phone, or letter follow-up, not even announcing their eventual hire. I can't say anything about the actual department, though; still, a bit more information would have been nice. Perhaps that search was just borken, and they're fine otherwise?
  • I was encouraged to apply for a visiting position last year, and I was told they were in a hurry. I sent the gobs and gobs of paperwork the chair asked for, and did not get an email or letter. I think for being WIU, they should be nicer. I expect bad treatment from Ivy league and big state schools.
  • I sent material in for that VAP job and waited and waited. Two days after I took another one-year, the chair called me for an interview. I don't think the dept. administration is very efficient up there.
  • Glad to know it wasn't just me!
  • Received e-mail acknowledgment of receipt of application materials. Maybe they've improved their communications with applicants this time around. (11/21)
  • Received same, no further contact as of 12/10
  • Received email acknowledgment of receipt of application materials (12/12)
  • AHA interview request via email on 12/11 (12/12)
  • AHA interview request via email, 12/12, several interview time slots still open for Fri/Sat. Quick, enthusiastic response to my reply from SC chair! (12/13)

Twentieth Century[]

Berkeley (US & World) - received e-mail with AA questionaire (10/18) - received request for further materials (10/26) - Is their AHA shortlist finalized? - This school obviously moved really, really fast through a pool that had to have a high number of applicants. See the "grain of salt" thread in the discussion area below - I agree it is a bit quick, but maybe they already know who they want. This ad went out really early. - I'm not sure about finalized AHA interviews, but they did request additional materials (11/1) - Would you mind specifying which materials? (11/1) - dissertation, publications, and other work-in-progress (11/1) - Received email. Interview scheduled for AHA. (12/6) - Snail mail rejection letter received. (12/11)

Boston University (20th Century US political, open rank) - Ack 10/22 - anyone heard anything further? - Just a pet peeve about the above posting (and ones like it posted throughout the page). Let's all assume from here on out that this question, "Has anyone heard anything?" is, though unwritten, constantly assumed to have been asked about every position. Isn't this the whole purpose of the wiki? (11/26) - THIS is your pet peeve? Someone inquiring if there's more info about a position for which the app. deadline was Oct. 1? (and to answer your question: no, we can't assume that). - agree with poster just above: this page is slightly disappointing in that it is filled with people's various "pet peeves" and (albeit justifiable) anger and anxiety, but I suspect, as others here have noted, that there is under-reporting going on. Can it be that virtually all of the 20th C. jobs are so far behind in the search that no one has selected an AHA shortlist? Seems to me people are holding back, maybe because they think they should not expose themselves (11/27) - I suspect that the whole dumb "Whitewater" discussion, which included identifying a poster's location and affiliation, has permanently scared people off this wiki (11/27) - I sincerely doubt it. Remember, this is an open rank search. They might have selected only senior people, who don't post to the wiki, or they might be busy with late semester work. I tend to question why anyone would withhold information about their good fortunes. That seems unlikely for this crowd! (12/4)

Central Arkansas (Gilded Age/Progressive Era) - Received very short acknowledgment letter and AA survey from SC chair (11/29) - AHA scheduled (12/7)

The Citadel (20th Century) - long list of possible specializations; everything but history of the kitchen sink. - Dammit! history of the kitchen sink is my primary field! - Sir Yes Sir! The history of the Kitchen Sink is My specialty Sir! - Got a semi-generic letter from SC back in Sept. saying they saw my ds. title/academic interests on the AHA website and wanted to draw my attention to their search. (I am at a large public research I univ and write on a "diversity" topic.) Also got a letter of ack. on 10/16. - Got the same letter as well. Am at an ivy, write on culture. (11/7) - Received email and snail mail acks on 11/30; email directs to employment form website. For now, SC chair ok w/transcript copies (12/5). - Same here. Guessing it'll be mid-Dec before they make decisions on AHA interviews? - AHA interview scheduled (12/7) - Ditto (12/7)

The Citadel (Foreign Relations) - AHA interview scheduled (12/7)

City University of New York CUNY City College (US Foreign Relations and/or Diplomatic) - Assistant or Associate Professor (12/8) - Ack. letter and AA card yesterday (12/9) - are they going to the AHA? (12/10) - not going to interview at AHA, requests for more will come in Jan. or early Feb. (12/13) - thanks for the info (12/14)

Denison University (1877-1945) - must be able to teach classes on women/gender history - received AA form / confirmation of receipt of application via snail mail (10/22) - received AA by snail mail (11/1) - received ack. that my file was now complete (11/13) - Anybody heard anything? Whispers that they had over 200 apps. Have they waded through that pile yet? - Contacted by e-mail for AHA interview, 12/12

Drew University (20th Century US and World) - Just posted via AHA on 11/9, I believe. - "The teaching load is 3/2 and the successful applicant will teach introductory survey courses in American history, electives in political history and her/his areas of interest, and graduate courses in the university's masters and doctoral programs." (11/9) - are they doing AHA? (12/10) - I gather they are meeting later this week to select and invite candidates for AHA interviews (12/11)

Eastern Connecticut State (US Foreign Relations) - I would be careful with this one - someone in my dept. was interviewed for this one last year,got an email about a campus visit and then never heard from them again - they discontinued the search (funding?) but nver informed the candidates. - I went for an on-campus here last year and was surprised to learn that the Department did not select the candidate. The Search Committee was allowed to put forward a number of unranked candidates, but the final decision was made by a dean. (10/24) - I don't think that you should be too surprised about that; it's a fairly common practice, insulating the department from blame in the case of an unpopular hire, and putting ultimate veto power in the hands of administrators. One version of this has the department submitting a list of "unranked" candidates to the administration officially, but somehow unofficially communicating their preference (winkwinknudgenudge) or, in extreme cases, submitting an unranked list of one candidate and one candidate only. This produces a legal "cut-out", as it were, absolving the department. (10/25) - I think you are overstating the search committee's powers. Provosts and deans like the power they have. I have seen searches at the school from which I am trying to leave where a list of "unranked candidates" was sent. The reason the dean wanted the unranked was so they could make the hire they wanted, for reasons that they wantedaffirmative action, diversity, or whateverIn the search I am describing, we had to offer the job to the candidates who left us unimpressed after the visit. - Okay, but my point was that the "submit unranked list to administration for final choice" model is a common one, and that previous poster chould not be "surprised" by it; whether the unranked list model gives some leeway for departments was not my point. In fact, I did clearly say that this model left "ultimate veto power" in the hands of administration. But, your point is well taken too. (11/3) - I also applied for this job last year, and I did receive a letter saying they'd had to cancel the search. (11/8) - On campus interviews week of 12/10

Flagler College - Received snail mail ack in early/mid-November (dated 11/9), saying "screening process has already begun"; any word on interviews? (12/5) - Received phone interview request on 12/3. (12/5)

Florida Atlantic - Received AHA interview request (12/13)

Harvard, Kennedy School of Government (US Foreign relations) - acknowledgment email + AA form (10/30) - are they looking for historians or people in political science/IR? - Job talks scheduled mid-December (11/28)

John Carroll University (Post-1945 U. S. Social History) - received email confirming application complete and stating that they will begin to contact interviewees after 11/1 (10/19) - phone interview 11/21 - to the above poster: phone interview scheduled, or phone interview conducted? (11/23) - sorry for being vague. I meant phone interview conducted. - on-campus scheduled for jan. I'm assuming they are not going to the AHA. (12/8)

Illinois College - ack. letter (11/20) - Hullo? KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK Anybody in there? Hey, is this thing on?

Indiana University, Kokomo (U.S. Open) - due 1/2/08 (12/8)

LaGrange College - Received letter confirming materials were received. AHA interviews will be scheduled by December 1. (10/26) - AHA interview scheduled (11/29) - Creative way to reject candidates - send them a letter on 11/26 (arriving around 11/28) saying that you will schedule AHA interviews by 12/1. I felt like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive (12/7). - AHA interview scheduled. (12/11)

Loyola Marymount (Civil Rights/Social Justice) - ack. postcard (11/20) - AHA interview scheduled (11/29)

Mary Washington (20th century) - Nov. 30 deadline - no ack. (after online application), but SC chair confirmed that they will notify AHA interviewees in mid-Dec (12/6) - AHA interview request, 12/13 - I just want to say thanks, Mary Washington; you timed your decision beautifully so that it came out the day after all the plane fares for my area went up so, by waiting for you, I'm an extra $70 out of pocket on top of paying to send you all the crap you asked for. It's this kind of humane thoughtfulness that makes the job market what it is. Kudos on a bunch of job candidates well-screwed. 12/14

Miami University (United States Foreign Relations) - received ack. email with AA - also received ack. email with AA on 11/5 - received request for book/dissertation - AHA interview requested (11/28) - Notification that I wasn't on short list, which was stated to be about a dozen. Some interesting reversals with this one. There was some interest in a phone interview at the beginning of November, but this was then postponed. Not sure if this was just in my case, or if this happened more broadly. (11/29) - Received same notification, though the possibility of a phone interview was never raised in my case. Disappointing, but I do appreciate the effort to keep candidates informed. (11/29) - Also received notification that I was not in the short list. Very disappointed as I thought I fitted the profile they were looking for (11/29)

Middlebury (politics and foreign relations) - December 3 deadline - they made a one-year appointment for this position last year. - snail mail ack. (11/26)

Montclair State (20th century) - got an acknowledgment letter saying they would notify about interviews in mid-December. - ditto, rcvd 10/22 - Any new info on this search? (12/14)

Murray State (U.S. South)

New Jersey City University - rcvd affirmative action/acknowledgment, 11/18

Newman University (Generalist: US History) - Be warned!!! This place hires and fires tt faculty as if they were one year appointments. I am a former faculty member who made the mistake of taking this job - that they are now hiring. The university has terrible finances and is run by a bunch of clueless administrators. "Tenure track" means nothing - you are on a year-to-year contract and the administration sheds faculty to balance its budget. This place is an absolute nightmare!!!!!

Northwestern - 2 openings: 1 TT assistant, 1 early assoc., open specialization but 1 hire will be US & World - candidate fishing email sent to top schools (8.1) - Not only 'top schools' - I got an email soliciting an application, though I am at a large second-tier state school. - YOU got an email (for you, or do you have students?), or your advisor got an email? Prof. in my dept. (ivy) got email requesting nominations. - Also hiring a "Borderlands" person; see entry below - Anyone get an acknowledgment letter on this one? (10/16) - nothing yet (11/7) - Nothing here, either. Not exactly holding my breath. (11/7) - after inquiring with department staff, email confirmation of receipt (11/12) - Anyone heard anything? Any AA/EEO cards, formal acknowledgments? Or just the sound of silence? (11-20) - The sound of silence. Nothing at all, not even AA cards (11/20) - I got an AA card in the mail from them yesterday, but nothing else. They did not even include a letter (11/20) - apparently they have no intention of going to the AHA. - Do you know this for sure or are you guessing based on the fact that they haven't responded to anyone? (11/26) - The dep. doesn't do AHA. (11/26) - any news on this? 12-9 - request for materials via e-mail (12/14) - were you contacted for assistant or associate position? US and the world or general US? just curious how they decided to play this one out. (12/15) They sent me a love note with hearts and flowers doodled on it. And they said they wanted to hire real people because they were tired of tivy-league types with their "soft milky hands."

Otterbein College (post-1877) - Ack letter w/contact release form, AA form, and "position vacancy announcement" received circa Thanksgiving (but dated 10/9). The position announcement, somewhat annoyingly, was different from the AHA website ad, and claimed to require items (like a writing sample) not included in the AHA post. Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews? - AHA interview arranged (12/8)

Princeton (US & World) - The ad says: "Fields of specialization are open (political, intellectual, urban, labor, social, environmental, presidential would be possible areas)." - Which officious Princeton (?) asshole deleted the discussion here? - requested dissertation (11/13) - on-campus interviews (12/5) - Q: when were the invitations made? - Q2: When do visits take place? - A: pre-Christmas break

Providence College (19th or 20th century) - okay, pet peeve time: this ad asks for official grad and undergrad transcripts. Total cost: $15. My response: Bite me. You can have unofficial transcripts until you offer me an interview, and then and only then I'll send you official. Got it? - I sent them Xeroxes of my own copy and said I would request "official" copies to be sent to them. This, in the past, has always worked fine. School calls for an interview, I "trigger" the official transcript requests (my case? 28.00 since I got three degrees from three different schools). I'm in a tt and had 3 other offers that year, no one cared that I didn't send the officials up front in any interview. They assumed the school was slow or never even asked. - that's a brilliant way to make the system work for you. Excellent. (10/12) - I've been told that last time PCollege did a search they asked their finalists for a personal statement of faith before making the decision. Has anyone else heard anything like this? My source (my advisor) isn't that reliable. - I had to do something like that at Baylor a while back. It was after the AHA interview. They must have liked me, but then they asked me for a statement of faith. I was honest, and never heard from them again. - anyone get an acknowledgment? or are we just supposed to take it on faith that they got the materials? - no, and yes (I guess) (11/2) - ack received, requesting official transcripts. I SENT THEM ALREADY ONCE, and now I have to waste another set on you people???? (11/3) - could contact them to confirm what's in your file before sending again (11/4) - okay, I'm the person who posted first on this pet peeve at Providence, and I haven't posted since; but I just got a letter from Providence College insisting I send official grad and undergrad transcripts or my application could not be considered. I'm so angry right now, and I know it's because A. I'm powerless in this situation and B. this is all so unnecessary. An SC insisting on official transcripts merely to be entered into consideration is putting an unnecessary expense upon the shoulders of those who can least afford it. Imagine 80 applicants @ $10 each, both exceptionally conservative estimates. That's $800 extracted from the pockets of grad students, adjuncts, and junior faculty, and transferred to institutions. Now imagine that the same SC accepted unofficial transcripts until the shortlist of 10 applicants came out; 10 @ $10 is $100. So this SC at Providence is extracting an excess $700 from those least able to pay it, and for no reason. Who will stop the madness? There is no need for this; simply state applicants should submit unofficial transcripts until the interview stage, when official transcripts will be required. This makes certain that no unqualified applicants apply while minimizing community cost. (11/5) - My grad school doesn't give grades, just pass/fail. And what on EARTH do they hope to learn from my undergrad transcript??? That I took Astronomy? What use is this to anybody??? (11/7) - I agree that asking for official transcripts (let alone undergrad ones) with the initial application is ridiculous, but my guess is that this is beyond the SC's control: they're probably dealing with an institution-wide hiring policy that requires official transcripts up front. (11/15) - Here's the thing: Personally, I don't accept "It's policy" as an adequate defense of a stupid policy. Policy are not handed down from the mountain; they are made by humans, for specific goals, and can be changed by humans when they are not working or working at cross-purposes. I'm aware that I am quite powerless on the job market. About the only powers over the job market I have are reasoned debate and my relative valuation of institutions. I'll state my case here, and hope that schools with stupid policy respect my opinion of their institutions enough to change stupid, wasteful, and destructive policy. Who's with me?(11/16) - Amen Sister or Brother! (11/21) - Just remember that we can be one of those forces of change once we are FT TT. We can't forget this inane, expensive, and sometimes demoralizing process! (11/23) - I'm going to follow the lead of the poster under Whitewater and if no one objects, in a couple of days I'll move this down to its own section in the discussion part. These rants over transcripts take up a lot of room and it might be nice to be able to see at a glance if PC has extended AHA invites, for those who applied. - Called for AHA interview (12/12)

Queens University (Ontario) (U.S., post-1920) - AA last week (11/20)

Rockhurst (2 postings - Modern U.S. and World) - see Early U.S. and World position above - Has anyone heard who applied for the modern position? Postings above indicate the early U.S. and the world search has progressed to on-campus invitations. (11/14) - I haven't heard a thing from this school. (12/5) - Request for phone interview next week (12/6)

Rutgers - the ad says "a rank-open position in 20th-century U.S. political history, broadly defined." Well, that's clear as mud. - I think this description of political is meant to stretch the term (as the "new" political history in general has sought to do) outside the boundaries of institutional politics. Thus, an array of informal or formal labor, class, sex, or race-based organizations stand as fully "political." - Acknowledgment letter received (10/22) - hey, where'd their ad (which only appeared on the AHA site to begin with) disappear to? - That is odd. But maybe the deadline was Nov. 1? (11/1) - Deadline is Nov. 30 - My guess (and it's only a GUESS, people) is that they've been receiving too many applications to handle. - The ad is back up on the AHA site. Its disappearance was probably just a mistake. (11/6) - ack. letter (dated 11/2) warns that "it will be several weeks before we get back to you". - For those who received ack's, how soon after you submitted did you get them? (12/1) - I got an e-mailed ack. (with the language mentioned above, i.e. "it will be several weeks...") two days after I mailed the application via Priority Mail. (12/2) - I sent my application the 30th (Friday) and got an email the 4th (Tuesday). I sent it regular mail, but I live 45 mins. away. (12/4) - Will they be at AHA? Or are they looking for senior people? (12/10)

Salem College (Winston-Salem, NC) (American Diplomatic) - Any word on AHA?

Sam Houston State University (Assistant/Associate US) - Any word on AHA or acknowledgments yet?

San Francisco State University (post Civil War Cultural and Intellectual) - ack. letter and AA Form (10/25) - they promise to decide on AHA shortlist by mid-December. - received request for AHA interview (12/5) - rejection letter via mail (12/15)

San Francisco State (Post-1974 Political) - Acknowledgment letter and AA form received. Will inform those they wish to interview at AHA by mid-Dec. (11/6) - any interview requests here given that they seem to be calling ppl. for AHA on the position above this one? (12/5) - Received rejection letter via snail mail (12/10) - received an AHA interview request last week (12/12) - snail mail rejection letter on East Coast (12/12)

Southern Oregon University - received letter from SC saying it will begin reviewing application materials 10/15/2007 and anticipates completion of initial review by 11/15/2007 (10/13) - received same as above (10/15) - this position is to replace Jay Mullen, now emeritus (11/19) - Called to say they want to interview me at the AHA; details about when and where to follow. (12/3)

Stanford, Freeman Spogli Institute (US International relations) - confirmation, anyone? - nothing. nothing at all. - AHA interviews scheduled (12/7)

SUNY Albany (20th / Public Policy History) - Does anyone know who this is replacing? It is difficult to tell what they might be looking for. Thanks. - I'm not certain, but am guessing that this is an ill-conceived rehash of their 2006/07 search for a public historian. I learned from one of the SC members that the public history search tanked because half of the committee decided that public history wasn't a legit field. My guess is they hammered out a new compromise position in public POLICY which, most likely, won't satisfy either camp. (10/12) - this is a dept. with a looooong history of interdepartmental scuffling. make sure you do some due diligence if you get on campus. - As far as I know, this is actually a replacement for Charlotte Brooks, who was hired at Baruch/CUNY last year. (10/13) - Rec'd letter 10/15 acknowledging receipt of materials. Letter also noted that they will not be interviewing at AHA. - To the person above who noted that the department has a "history of interdepartment scuffling." Could you elaborate a bit? Is the dept. a hideous hellhole where TT folks hide in their offices? - re:above. all i'm comfortable saying is that some of the (now) older faculty have a history of being contentious and lean toward factionalism. I would not call it a "hideous hellhole," but on campus interviewees should try to suss out the vibe amongst the younger faculty. - Public history search last year did not tank - David Hochfelder was hired. This is an entirely new search and, as far as I know, is to replace Brooks, as noted above. (11/28) - Got a phone call identifying me as a "person of interest," then silence... (12/6)

Texas A&M University at Kingsville - I received a phone interview on 11/19. I was told they will work fast to decide (11/21) - Any word on the on-campus yet? (11/30)

Touro College (U.S. Open)

Tufts University (US and the World) - Email sent to departments soliciting candidates. - Email acknowledgment that application was received. (10/15) - This is one of a number of positions this year where they are soliciting for a full-time tt position a year after making a one-year temporary appointment. (10/24) - Campus interviews are taking place the week of Nov. 12; short-list of interviewees not yet public (11/7) - huh?? - the close date for this ad was 11.1. It's one thing to skip AHA, but to be at campus interviews THAT fast? Can anyone confirm? I also wonder, for US & World jobs, how much, if any, overlap there will be with the PolySci/IR crowd. Their process is MUCH earlier. But that's if they want Gov or Security Studies people, not historians. See here: Link - This is what's going on- no phone interviews, even; they've gone right to campus interviews. My best information says they're going for policy-oriented historians; that's all I know for the moment. I'll follow up as I can. (11.7) - All three finalists are diplomatic historians: one is associate level, the other two are assistant level, 4-5 years out of getting their Ph.D.s, both working on modernization & foreign policy. The associate-level prof has worked on Vietnam & FP in the Global South more broadly. (11.10) - I know someone who received a request for materials from this SC within the last few days, and who does not fit the description of any of these "finalists." - I wish that person luck; nonetheless, there are three applicants giving talks and meeting faculty and deans and having dinner with the department this week. I daresay that qualifies them as finalists, no quotation marks required. My best guess is that your friend is in a reserve pool (I've been in such a position in the past) in case none of the three finalists work out. (11.12) - The department will most likely bring in a fourth candidate to interview in the very near future. (11/16) - I'm curious who these finalists are. Is it considered against the norms of this forum to name names? (11/21) - Yes, we have not in past until an offer made. Please don't. As a non-tenured jr. faculty member discreetly on the market, naming names could make life really awful. - Just to make sure: if one had that information, is the ettiquette to post a name when an offer is made, or when an offer is accepted? - Names only when offer is accepted/search is complete. - I agree: names are only appropriate when an offer is accepted. (11/28) - Offer made to and accepted by David Ekbladh. Search is complete; rejection letters are being prepared. (12/12) - rejection letters "are being prepared"? Woo hoo! I, for one, can't wait (12/13)

Tulane University (Political and Diplomatic) - Anyone have a take on the AAUP censure? Should we not apply? - I have no desire to be employed by a place that treats their faculty as such. Plus as a Women's College undergrad I loathe their dismantling of Newcombe. Rest of ya'll can have this one. - Link to the AAUP report: link - This is easy for me to say, since I got a tt last year, but.... the only way AAUP censure is ever going to have any teeth is if people refuse to apply to censured schools. I also suggest we should avoid applying to the "permanent non-tenure track" type teaching jobs. Again, easy for me to say. But still... - To add to what already looks like a stellar institutional environment from the AAUP report, there's this I ran across on hnn link Any takes? (10/22) - Here's my take: tt jobs don't grow on trees; concerning AAUP and Katrina, yes this school sucks but is no different from what the great majority of universities in corporate america would have done; fights within history departments are nothing new, though it's true that this one seemed to get out of hand. - The history dept. was one of the few depts. to keep their graduate program after Katrina. So dismissals of faculty are unlikely even a few years after Katrina. There is a big rift in the dept that can make it unpleasant for junior faculty. Some older faculty have tried to sabotage third year reviews, tenure cases, and promotions. It can be stressful for the untenured. By the way, the charges of racism in the HNN had merit. - Any word on whether or not this is a replacement hire? I know they lost some history faculty last year, but I didn't think they lost anyone in this field. - Anyone received an acknowledgement or anything? (12/7) - Douglas Brinkley left Tulane for Rice. He was only at Tulane for a short time. So maybe this is his replacement? 12/7 - I haven't heard anything. Do they plan to be at AHA? - I assumed they would be. I haven't heard anything, either. 12/7 - Just got a phone call offering an AHA interview (12/11) - Position is not a Brinkley replacement, but rather for a longtime visitor who did WWII and Vietnam. Actually, technically, it's to replace someone who did sexual politics (gay rights), but who left before Katrina. But that doesn't seem to have any bearing. (12/12)

University of California, San Diego (U.S. and the World)

University of California, San Diego (U.S. and the World) - This is the third year in a row they are advertising this position - anybody know what is going on here? - I think its probably a combination of things. I know they interviewed a few candidates last year on campus, but I'm not sure if they offered anyone anything. One factor might be the cost of living in the area. San Diego is great, but really really expensive. And I don't think Assistant Professors make a huge amount there. So they might have made an offer and been turned down. - Oh, come on. The average home price in San Diego is over $500,000, and anywhere near UCSD (say, within a thirty minute drive), it'll be at least $800,000. (That "average" price includes the entire county, which spans a three hour drive.) San Diego is beautiful, but be honest about how far $55,000 will go there. Young professionals struggle in that market, and as a result UCSD has problems with retention, as do many of the UC's. It's not fair to start talking about a housing "slump" when that slump only means that prices have slid from $600000 to $590000. - Anyone heard from them? - Yes, email acknowledgment with supplemental form to return. Email was sent about one week after I sent my application from the East Coast. (11/1) - news? The other UCSD SCs seem to be making more progress (12/5) - SCC called to request dissertation/publications a few weeks ago, no news since (12/5) - thanks for the update (12/6) - AHA interview scheduled (12/13)

University of California, San Diego (U.S. Urban History) - Received ack. email back on 10/31 (11/12) - Request for writing samples 11/16

University of Cincinnati (US and the World) - new link: link - review starts on Nov. 26, ends on Dec. 16. Will interview at AHA. (11/15) - email confirmation from SCC that application is complete (11/26)

University of Indianapolis (visiting asst. prof., U.S. and the World) - is this position just waiting for tenure line approval? i ask b/c they wanted a letter of application, c.v., transcripts, teaching portfolio, teaching evaluations, and three letters of recommendation. also interviewing at AHA. All of this for a one-year adjunct position??? (12/8)

"University of Louisiana at Lafayette (US in the world/foreign relations)"" -posted Oct. 30 on H-Net; deadline Dec. 15. - Any word on this - is it an AHA or spring position?

UMass Boston (American Public Policy History, 1877 to the Present) - snail mail ack. of application and "Voluntary Release to Contact References" form (11/06) - did others receive a Voluntary Release form? (11/07) - yes, also via snail mail. (11/7) - received an email to schedule an AHA interview (11/20) - I also rec'd an email scheduling AHA interview (11/20) - AHA, huh? I never even got an ack. (11/21) - I received the ack and "Voluntary Release" today (12/15); not subtle - I also received the ack and Voluntary Release form today (12/15 - I also received the "Voluntary Release" form yesterday and I'm not sure what to make of it, especially since previous posters have indicated that UMB has already scheduled interviews. Should I be letting my references know that they should be prepared to hear from UMB?

University of Miami (US & World) - ack received (11/3) - received email request for further materials: dissertation, peer-reviewed publications (11/12). - apparently have made their AHA invites (12/12) - do you mind saying if this is first hand information? (12/12) - Received invite for AHA via phone late last week (12/12)

University of Nevada, Reno (US & the World) - email ack. of receipt (11/9) - one of those annoying searches where they want part of the material uploaded online, part of it sent to their office, and the ad doesn't make clear which is which. - Anyon heard anything lately? (12/7) - I am ANYON. I heard nothing (12/10) - Ha. (12/10) - AHA interview request by phone (12/10)

University of North Florida (US and the World) - I haven't heard anything from them. They were supposed to start screening candidates in early October. Has anybody received a response so far? - Haven't heard anything myself either and I sent my application also on october 1st (11/15). - Ditto (11/20) - AHA interview request by phone

University of Ottawa - email of from SC chair asking about French language skills and citizenship status then a few days later a snail mail letter of ack. received (10/29)

University of Rhode Island University of Southern Indiana (2 positions) - The job ad says "a U.S. social historian, specialization in history of communal societies/utopias desirable, and a U.S. historian, any specialization since the Civil War. - 10/1 is an early deadline - recevied a prompt and pleasant (shocker!) letter confirming receipt of materials 10/2 - I wonder how many U.S. social historians specializing in the history of "communal societies/utopias" there are on the market? When I read this description, I imagined some guy who wrote his dissertation on Fourierism seeing the ad and going "YES!" Hope you like southern Indiana. - "Good luck with your Fourierism!" - This is pure speculation, but the early app date and the level of specificity makes me think that there's an inside candidate for the soc hist job - I received an early October ack. letter via snail mail that mentioned a November 15 deadline. This was puzzling, since it was not mentioned in the ad. - I have restored this information, which someone deleted. PLEASE STOP DELETING THINGS! - I too had heard this was an inside hire, but I also know of at least two candidates who have either had more materials requested or has an interview scheduled, that latter being a scholar who studies communal societies. (11/23) - It sounds like they have moved ahead with the 19th c. communal societies job, but is this also the case with the post-Civil War job? (12/14)

University of Waterloo - Received ack. email. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted sometime in December. (11/12)

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (post-1877) - received ack. letter and AA form from SCC (10/19) - received request for AHA interview for Jan 4 (11/27)

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater (post-1945) - As noted above, this entire thread was deleted sometime this morning (11/14). I am not sure I can piece everything together from memory, but the short version is that someone (Poster X) was vehemently defending this school from criticisms that had been expressed in The Chronicle of Higher Ed forums. After those criticisms were quoted, they were termed "slander" by Poster X and then deleted. A subsequent (and understandably indignant) poster provided links to the forums in question, and in the process s/he suggested that Poster X was clearly sticking up for "your own school." This morning, I posted a comment asking if this meant that Poster X might be a member of the SC (not a crazy surmise, given his/her detailed and exclusively positive references to things like retirement benefits and funding for conference travel). After that was posted, the whole thread, including the title, was deleted. (11/14) - To add: there was debate over the teach load (4/4, 3/3, discussion of flexibility), whether or not new hires would be teaching basics only, and notes on potentially less-than-stellar students. The ardent UWW champion rather came across as a jerk. That said, someone out there is willing to defend UWW to the death. So, if the thought of Wisconsin gets you excited, search the Chronicle Forums and do due diligence if you make the cut. (11/14) - OK, this is what was deleted, going back even earlier.: - It wasn't in the ad, but can we assume that this is a 4/4 teaching load? (10/18) - No response from SC on basic app. question. Might just be a function of mid-semester overwork? (10/28) - No, you cannot assume it is a 4/4 load. But if that's a bad thing, why apply? (10/31) - I've heard there is flexibility on course load: some faculty teach 4/4, some teach 3/3. The department supports a variety of teaching forums, like team-teaching, online teaching and hybrid teaching, all of which can reduce the teaching load. (11/2) - FWIW, if you want to believe the slander posted on the Chronicle Forums, written by people who neither attend nor teach at UWW, then don't apply. However, if you are interested in a tenure-track position, with a flexible teaching load, a very generous conference allowance, research funds and fellowship availability, better than average salaries, excellent benefits (esp. health and retirement), and a great location near three excellent cities (Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago), with better than average students, then please do apply.(11/12) - Poster above on 11/12 erased a post which began "- FWIW, someone in one of the _Chronicle_ threads commented, "Whitewater: not a great school, not great students. Someone I know had a 4-4 load there and was teaching intro service courses almost exclusively." Another noted: "Whether a heavy teaching l . . . ". (The "History" function of this page doesn't seem to store more of that deleted previous post.) The 11/12 poster then replaced that previous statement with their own. While I think that it is great that you have a good opinion of what is clearly your school, I do not think that you have the right to erase someone else's opinion, 11/12 poster. In fact, I find your action reprehensible, and it spurred me to go and find the "slander" (don't you mean libel, or at least defamation?) on the Chronicle site: There's this link,42449.0.html and this link,29440.0.html and this link,23236.0.html - I BEG YOUR PARDON BUT I (POSTER 11/12) DID NOT ERASE THAT PREVIOUS POST! IF I had erased it, then why would I keep the comment I made above, which clearly alludes to the quoted material, easily found on Chronicle forum? You're obviously a well trained historian to jump to such conclusions! (11/13) - By "clearly your school," do you mean that this sounds like a SC member? It kind of sounds that way (see above ref. to retirement benefits). (11/14) - Okay, fine: there's three or more different actions here, not necessarily in chronological order: 1) Poster 11/12 wrote a strong defense of UWW against statements here and in the Chronicle forums. 2) Someone deleted a previous post critical of UWW. 3) Someone deleted the entire UWW posting. Regardless of when these things happened, and whether one person, even Poster 11/12, did them all, there are a few things we can learn from this: Don't delete stuff from the wiki, posters, because it's rude. Engage in debate with your fellow, largely anonymous, posters. Deleting or altering our words is annoying to us, and we will most likely repost the missing material, calling attention to it in a way that you might dislike as much or more than the original material you deleted. And Poster 11/12, aka "Poster X" : I do not believe that you are reflecting well on your institution. You seem to be very critical, defensive and angry; this wiki is a collection of the powerless in the profession, and you are stomping all over them, with accusations of slander [sic], and snarky comments about our credentials and training as historians. Why is this necessary? (11/16) - Definitely see separate "Whitewater debacle" discussion below - Now that the deadline for this job has passed, I'd like to ask permission of the wiki to move this debate downpage, to be joined with the "Whitewater debacle" text down there. Might as well try to get some posts about this actual job search here . . . I'll check back in a week, and if there's no objections, I'm moving most of the above text downpage. (12/8)

Wabash College (United States in Global Perspective) - any word on this one? (12/8) - AHA interview scheduled yesterday (12/8)

Washington State University - ack. letter (11/20) - About a month ago, I posted a question here asking if this was a replacement position (since they seem to have people who cover all of the fields asked for in the ad), but it has been deleted in the last couple of days. I don't think it was a particularly objectionable question, so I don't know why it would be deleted. However, the dairy program at the school makes excellent cheese, so maybe someone wants to keep it all to his/herself. But does anyone know the answer to my question? (11/27) - I have no answer to your question, but I strongly second your endorsement of their cheese, that stuff is amazing (11/28) - Hard to say with WSU jobs. They have some people shifting to their other campuses, creating openings in Pullman. Of course, this may be part of the general trend. Students seem to gravitate more and more to 20thC US, so it could easily be an addition. (12/4) - I, too, am a big fan of the cheese and would like to know more about these WSU searches. I asked if the women's history position was a replacement (below). The question wasn't deleted, but there has been no response.(12/6) - Email request for AHA interview. (12/14)

Williams (Political) - ack. postcard and EE form (11/2). - SC chair seems like class act. - agreed, chair seems great; narrowing to 20-25 apps by 11/21; notifying AHA ppl betw. 12/12 and 12/15 (11/13) - has anyone been asked for a writing sample? - not me (12/6) - it is 12/12. Have any AHA people heard? - AHA interview request by phone (12/12) - are they done making their AHA invites? (12/14)

Worcester State (19th/20th) - rcvd AA form, employment app, and request for official transcripts 11/5 - ditto re AA form & app, received 10/29 (11/5) - Anyone hear anything further? (12/11)

African American[]

    • Arizona State University (Slavery position)
  • Still twiddling thumbs waiting on acknowledgment letter. Considering that interested applicants were expected to send a MASSIVE application packet by Oct 1st (!) the least they could do is send a note. (10/18)
  • I received an acknowledgment letter dated 10/3, so you might want to inquire if still "twiddling."
  • Thanks for the update...Its going on November so perhaps I will take note from your earlier letter and not expect too much from here on. Thanks (10/27).
  • No one has heard anything? Considering the early deadline and massive application package expected I would imagine something would have been heard. (12/4)
  • Can they possibly still have done nothing?! And they made us get all that stuff together by Oct. 1! Now they'll probably invite candidates to campus and tell them to show up the next day. (12/12)
    • Boston College (African & African Diaspora 2 Open Rank Positions)
  • Received letter, all documents are in (10/18)
  • Received duplicate letter verifying documents were in and added AAEO card. (10/27)
    • Cal State Fresno (African American Women's History)
  • No longer a joint appointment with Africana Studies, strictly History (11/10)
  • I think your information might be faulty. There are some serious politics about this search, and they are looking for something quite specific (11/14).
  • Serious politics in a search?! Say it ain't so! I think the information is not faulty, but I suppose it would depend on which horse's mouth one is listening to.(12/3)
  • Oh, you are funny. But we all know that some searches are victims of politics more so than others. And I wouldn't have posted this if I didn't have a good source. (12/5)
    • University of Mass Amherst (Afro-Amer Studies)
  • Received ack. letter (11/13)
  • Any news? (12/7)
  • I would imagine its still a bit early since the deadline just now came this past Monday. (12/7)
    • Univ of Mass Amherst (AFAM & Civil Rights History)
    • Carnegie Mellon University (AFAM Women's History)
  • This is for the position previously held by Tera Hunter. From the looks of the job ad, CMU would now like to hire someone with similar interests as she holds.
  • There is some debate about whether they want a 19th or 20th century person to fill the spot.
  • Hey, that's not fair; someone edited my comment above, in which I emphasized the irony that CMU was advertising for the EXACT specifications of the person who had just left. I still think it was funnier my way. If you want to add stuff, fine, just don't rewrite my text; I meant what I said.
  • I agree. Your original text was clever and funny.
  • So far, VERY small pool of applicants (like around 20), but deadline not until Dec. 15. (11/12)
    • Central Michigan University
  • They've indicated desired subfields as African Diaspora or another field in US history.
  • They have also (perhaps more inhouse) been trying to get this position fill permanently for like 3 years. Could be retention issues, the use of one year assistantships, or lack of interest in the area.
  • Well, the previous occupant left to take a "dream job" in Africana Studies in a larger city. Before that it was a couple of failed searches. Location has a lot to do with it, I think.
  • I'm not quite sure of that; the large city in question was, after all, Detroit, and not everyone would think living there would = "dream job." I think it's more an issue of the market; AfAm scholars are in high demand, compared to a lot of history fields at the moment, and CMU is competing against bigger places for this position. (11/13)
  • I don't disagree with anything you've said, except to say that my reference to a "dream job" was a personal reference to the person who left, not a comment on the status/desirability of the job at Wayne State. The person who left was a Detroit native, hence he ultimately wanted to be closer to Detroit. (11/13)
  • Phone interview scheduled yesterday (12/12)
    • Fairfield University
  • This is for a 19c AFAMist. Also this I believe this is to replace Kevin Dawson now at UNLV (9-10-07)
  • Received acknowledgment letter (10/27)
  • yeah, Kevin D. left, and good for him. This is not an easy department (Af-Am) to work in.
  • I thought that KD was in History and affiliated with the AFAM program? (11/13)
  • Kevin is at UNLV now (11/14).
  • Is the Fairfield History Department or AFAM Department a difficult place to work? (11/14)
  • Emailed received to schedule AHA interview (11/21).
  • Since no one answered the penultimate poster's question, I will throw in my 2 cents. I don't know much about the university except that it there are many rich young people who go there. I lived in nearby Westport and found the overbundance of wealth and consumption in both towns to be...well disgusting. I am not sure if one can afford a nice house in the area because it is one of the wealthiest (and therefore expensive) areas in the country, let alone the Northeast. But you will find good supermarkets, Trader Joe's, and more SUVs than you thought possible. (12/13)
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Grand Valley State

- Phone interviews scheduled, (12/1)

    • Hunter College
  • Got a rather generic letter (without name, address and no signature) letting me know my file was complete. Has anyone else noticed that they say the search ends Oct 15th and then on anotehr search they deadline is January '08. I have the feeling this will be a horribly run search demonstrated in their interaction with this position in the public thus far. Horrible indeed! (10/18)
  • I am confused. You think it's going to be horrible because of the quality of the acknowledgment letter? (10-21)
  • This department is monumentally disorganized and doesn't know how to run a search. In general, they don't go to the AHA and just bring a couple of finalists to campus. If you're not on the short list, don't expect any kind of acknowledgment (including a rejection letter in my experience). 10.22
  • As I mentioned above it is more than the letter ,it is everything connected with the search thus far that has required any interaction with the public audience. At this point all I can say is we will see happens, but I certainly won't lose any sleep if I don't hear from them. (10/23)
  • I'll second the comment about this department's disorganization. Last year, I had an on-campus interview for a position in the department, in Feb. (mind you, they spread out their on-campus interviews from early Dec. to late Feb.). Non-departmental sources let me know within ten days that someone else had been hired, but as of today, I still have not received a rejection letter, even with that on-campus interview. (11/6)
  • I'll third that. I also had an on-campus interview (perhaps for the same job, also in February) and never actually received word of rejection. It also took them a couple months to reimburse me for the flight AND hotel, for which they did not prepay. They're more than a little disorganized. A couple of them also knitted/needlepointed through my job talk; I kid you not.
    • Johns Hopkins (20th Century)
  • Writing sample requested (12/1)
  • AHA interview scheduled 12/13
    • Iowa State University
  • Received letter that application was complete
  • Any news on this one? (11/27)
  • Call from dean last week, asking where letters of recommendation were - drew to his attention that the dept had requested references instead; apparently several other candidates did likewise (12/12)
  • E-mail from Associate Dean to confirm interest in the position (1/13)
    • Louisiana State University
  • Got a detailed letter explaining all documents that came in (10/6)
  • AHA interview via e-mail (12/6)
  • Also received offer for AHA interview (12/6)
  • Another brilliant university move. Send the AA requests after interviews have been offered (except to me). (12/10)
    • Marquette University
  • online app several weeks ago. Still awaiting note indicating file complete.
  • I think it's par for the course. I've applied for another position there (in another, related field) and I'm still waiting for acknowledgment. (10/22)
  • Received email to schedule AHA interview and submit writing samples (11/28)
    • Mississippi State University
  • They tried to fill a position here last year. So it should be interesting for this year.
  • They actually had two Af-Am positions they were trying to fill. They made one appointment, but the other fell through; hence, the reposting.
  • Rejection letter stating hire has been made (12/7).
    • Morgan State University (African-American Women)
  • Their department is undergoing a few changes with the recent young hires in the past two years.
    • New York University
  • Wasn't there a job listed in American Studies looking for an African-Americanist? I think it was assistant or assisant/associate rank. But the job announcement has disappeared from ASA, HNET, OAH, Chronicle. Anybody know anything?
  • I do remember this same job but it might have been early to mid Sept when I did see it. Is it not the one listed on AHA? (10/28)
  • looks like a replacement for Adam Green, off to Chicago.
  • Any developments? (12/7)
    • Rowan University
  • Received letter verifying all documents were received
  • Got an email today confirming that I am among one of 14 candidates to proceed to phone interview with the Search Committee. (10/18)
  • Finalized phone interview last week. Be leery of actual teaching load. Told 3-3 (if on an "active" research agenda) and 4-4 if not. In discussion with another candidate learned that they were told it was 2-2 and (alleged) max would be 3-3. All to conclude, they are definitely a teaching school. (10/27)
  • Notified that there is a shorter list of 8 candidates now. They'll have 3 to visit the school for a campus interview by at December some time. (11/8)
  • Still yet to hear from them after phone interview (conducted in Oct)...did hear that others made it to the short list. Looking rather tacky I must say considering that I am yet to get a "sorry you didn't make the cut" email/or a one line snail mail letter. (11/21)
  • Just got AA form via e-mail, with all our e-mails (and some of our names) listed in the "To:"! (12/12)
  • Ditto. Insane.
    • Saint Louis University
  • Letter of acknowledgment received (11/15)
  • AHA interview offered (11/29)
    • St. John's University
  • Anything received by anyone on the list? Maybe they will acknowledge once all are in. (12/4)
  • Replied to my email inquiry today - said they "have begun a series of meetings to decide on candidates for AHA interviews" and will let me know "as soon as we decide on final candidates." (12/7)
  • Deadline was last Saturday right? (12/7)
  • Received email requesting AHA interview (12/7)
  • NOTE: this or a similar position has been interviewed for at the past 3 AHAs
    • Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas (specialization open)
  • Listed on H-Net
    • SUNY Oneonta
  • Rejection letter received, states committee is no longer accepting applications so candidacy will not be considered. Job announcement contained no deadline. Anyone else planning to apply, I would suggest you call them first. (11/16)
    • University of California, San Diego
  • This might be the position that Stephanie Smallwood formerly had who left for U of Washington (10-8).
  • Received email confirming receipt of application (10/8)
  • This is indeed the position once held by Stephanie Smallwood, but the field of specialization is open.
  • Email sent inviting submission of available dissertation chapters (11/29)
  • Received call to schedule AHA interview (12/2)
    • University of Michigan
  • Additional writing samples requested including entire dissertation. (11/16)
  • AHA interview scheduled 12-10 (12-12)
    • University of Montana-Missoula
  • where is this position posted? Have not seen on AHA, H-Net, Chronicle, etc...thanks (9-10-07)
  • This position is not a history position. This is a position in Black Studies with a joint appointment in a home department. So it could be history, but it could be something else. An old ad is posted on the U. of Montana HR web page, but the dean told me that a new ad should be posted soon. (9/12)
  • Please disregard my post from 9/12. The job has been posted on H-Net and apparently it has been revised because now it is explicitly African-American history. The search is now through the history department, not the dean. (9-26)
  • Received e-mail confirming that application was complete. Also informed that semi-finalists will be contacted in early December (11/20).
  • Received invite for AHA interview (12/5)
    • University of North Texas
  • AHA interview scheduled via e-mail. (12/5)
    • University of Oregon
  • Martin Summers had this position at U. of O. This is a very collegial department in my experience. (10/6)
  • Got a letter verifying receipt of application (10/2)
  • Received e-mail to schedule AHA interview. (12/6)
    • University of Oregon (Ethnic Studies)
  • Received an email to schedule phone interview (10/18)
  • Did anyone else see the email noting the use of video conference? (10/18)
  • Had conf with SC. Everyone seemed collegial. (11/1)
  • I guess the sound of crickets persist (12/7)
    • University of San Francisco
  • received letter confirming receipt of application and AA form (10/12)
  • I had a phone interview for this position back in Nov.
    • University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • letter confirming receipt of app received
  • Received invite for AHA interview. (12/5)
  • Call came in this afternoon for an AHA invite (12/6)
    • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Letter confirming materials are in. (10/13)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/8)
    • University of Texas-Pan American

- They appear to be doing a major initiative hiring.(10-8)

    • Univ of Texas - San Antonio

- Received an email verification that documents were in and word document of AAEO (10/25)

    • University of Washington (Ethnic Studies/African-American Studies)
  • Received letter confirming receipt of application. (11/7)
  • Additional materials, including entire dissertation, requested. (11/16)
  • Posts such as this (above, 11/16) suggest that some search committees jump in as applications come in and may even establish short lists before the official deadline. This job was listed on H-NET with a Nov 27 deadline (and that, stated as "review of complete applications will begin" on that date). If this is true about early reviewing, anyone have any good advice about how to determine when to submit applications? If we're setting our own earlier deadlines, what's the best strategy? (11/28)
  • Regarding the above post, the due date listed on H-Net is a typo (it actually says Nov. 27, 2006). I first saw the ad on the Chronicle of Higher Ed, which listed the deadline as Nov. 1, 2007. The University of Washington web site also lists the deadline as Nov. 1. So the department did jump right into their stack of applications, but they didn't act before the deadline. (11/28)
    • Valdosta State University
  • Posted in Chronicle and on H-Net
  • 19c OR 20c; subfield open
  • Invited for phone interview (11/19)
    • Virginia Tech (Africana Studies)
  • online app no letter sent letting me know that files were received.
  • Not advertised too much. Only heard by word of mouth to look on (10/27)
  • Anyone hear anything on this or from them at all?
  • Nothing here. The closing date was the 12th. Maybe we will hear something soon.(11/27)
  • Received rejection email. (12/6)
  • Any info on where they are in process? I haven't received anything from them. (12/11)
    • Washington University (Slavery in the Americas - Open Rank Position)
  • Letter came in verifying file complete. (9/27)
  • In speaking with a friend I have learned that despite Oct 1st deadline they are still fishing to encourage people to apply. Should be a rather interesting search to say the least. (10/18)
  • Made the short list. If I make the second round of review, I'll be interviewed by the SC at the AHA on 1/4/08. (11/5)
  • Also made short list, invited to submit parts of dissertation/manuscript (11/5)
  • Received email for AHA interview (12/7)
    • Williams (20th C.)
  • They kindly sent a letter notifying me that my app submission had been received (9-27)
  • AHA interview scheduled by phone (12/13)
    • Williams (Africana Studies)
  • They also have an Africana Studies position that is open field/open rank that may be of interest to people (9-10-07)


Brown University (open rank) - received ack. letter 10/31

Cal State Fresno (see Af Am above)

Central Michigan University - Dept debating/voting on shortlist this week. (12/3) - anybody hear anything yet? (12/8) - Secondhand: planning AHA interviews, calling shortlist soon (12/10) - AHA interview scheduled via phone call (12/10) - Any word on campus interviews? (1/24)

Denison University (see 20th century, above)

Hollins University (open rank, pref. to non-U.S.) - Interviewed at AHA

Louisiana State University - Received letter of confirmation from SC Chair stating they were looking to interview at people at the AHA.(10-9) - Confirmation letter from SC chair stated that they will interview approximately ten people at the AHA. (11/4) - req for writing sample 11/21 - AHA invite (12/4) - Had gotten request for manuscript earlier - 15 made this initial cut - 6 will be interviewed at AHA. SC sent lovely rejection letter. (12/14) - To the above poster, thanks so much!! This is great info. Best of luck on your job search. (12/14)

Morgan State University (see Af Am above)

Ohio State University (tenure-eligible assistant or associate) - req for writing sample 11/21 - any word on AHA interviews? - AHA invite 12/9

SUNY Binghamton (open rank, 19th or 20th centuries) - Does anyone know about this one??? What are they looking for? (10/28) - The AHA site said SUNY B was on the AAUP list of censured institutions, but when I looked on AAUP's site, I could not find anything about this school. Does anyone have any more information about this? (11/5) - In re AAUP censure: I looked this up on the AAUP's website when the job was first posted, and it seems to be a censure from the late 1970s. AFAIK, the SUNY administration hit some financial hard times and laid off tenured profs. I don't think it's a current ongoing issue, but I could be wrong. If you Google it, you should be able to pull up the AAUP report. (11/6) - Is this to replace Kathyrn Sklar? Didn't they fail a search last year? Why? (11/7) - It appears from the website that Kitty Sklar is still at Binghamton. (11/8) - My one degree of separation info says it is to replace Sklar who will retire? at the end of the year (11/11) - AHA interview request made by email on 12/5. (12/6) - rejection received via email (12/11)

University of Connecticut (advanced assistant or higher) - Campus Interviews Scheduled (11/4) - is this for the WS/history (post/colonial, joint-appointed) job or the women's history job? (11/7) - is there any more information about the status of this search? According to the women's studies wiki, the joint WS/Hist search ended without anyone being hired. Does anyone know about the status of the open rank U.S. women's/gender history search? (12/14)

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - does anybody have any scoop here? (12/8)

University of Memphis (Gender, Family and Childhood) - This job is to replace Joseph Hawes, right? - Email to arrange AHA interview (11/30) -- As I stated before, but for some reason it was deleted, Yes, it was to replace Hawes. I should know --- this is my school.

Washington State (18th or 19th) - Does anyone know if they are looking for someone with a western focus or not? (10/15) - Received letter acknowledging application with AA form. (10/23) - Does anyone know if this is a replacement position? (11/19) - AHA invite (12/8)


    • Fairfield University (Env. / (environmental economics, policy, history, or sociology and anthropology))
  • This is a position for a senior scholar.
    • Colorado State University (Env. / Non-U.S.)
  • wow, anyone noticing a non-u.s. theme this year?
  • why is it that these non-U.S. positions are posted on the U.S. wiki?
  • good question (10/24)
  • Yes, that is a good point. I think it stems from the fact that there are a bunch of US enviros looking for jobs, but the only jobs this season are non-US. So these jobs are posted here rather . . . wistfully. Plus, there's the phenomenon that many of these SC's are asking for non-US, but there are mostly US enviro candidates available, so a few of these SC are most likely going to have to settle for a US enviro candidate.
  • That they might hire an Americanist seems like wishful thinking (especially in this case - since they have a full cohort of US enviros). They are looking to broaden their offerings, so I would guess that they won't be "settling" unless someone who has world or comparative projects/experience is "settling." Three (and perhaps 1/2 with Yale) does not make a trend, but it is disheartening to see how few Envir jobs there are this year. (12/4)
    • Georgetown University (Env. / Non U.S.)
  • received ack. letter from search committee (letter dated 11/13)
    • Gettysburg College (Enviro Humanities)
    • Hamilton College (Env Politics)

- email ack. (12/8)

    • Michigan State University, Lyman Briggs College (History of Life Sciences)

- link

    • Northland College, WI (environmental history)
    • Northwestern University (Borderlands)
  • also hiring 2 20th-century positions; see above
  • So here we are, approaching a month after the deadline. Has anyone heard anything on this position or the other 2 listed under 20th century? (10/29)
  • nope (10/29)
  • Northwestern generally does not do AHA interviews [just bring a few in for on-campus], so their timing may be different than other schools. (11/8)
  • I know of one applicant who received a request for additional materials. I've also heard unsubstantiated gossip that even though the listing is rather broad, they are mainly interested in the southwest and US/Mexico borderlands.
  • Campus visit scheduled for January (12/5)
    • Oberlin College (transnational enviro history)

- this looks like an inside search (12/12)

    • Oregon State University
  • 2 positions: Endowed Chair in History of Science; and American West
  • Received letter from dept. acknowledging receipt of materials (Am West position) (10/5)
  • Can you tell us how soon your acknowledgement came after you sent your app? (10/22)
  • I mailed it 9/18/07 (10/22)
  • Thanks!! (10/22)
  • Additional materials requested 11/16 (11/17)
  • received AHA interview request via email (12/5)
  • AHA request is for Science or West position? Thanks! (12/6)
  • sorry; American West. (12/6)
  • I didn't get ANY acknowledgement... anyone else the same? Are they just ignoring me? (12/11)
  • I received NO acknowledgment as well. You're not alone. (12/11)
    • St. Louis University (Borderlands/Trans-Mississsippi West)
  • AHA interview scheduled (11/27)
  • This is a Jesuit university, right? Do you have to be a priest or at least Catholic? (12/3)
  • Of course not. This can't be a serious question; what's the agenda here? Would you ask this question about Creighton, Spring Hill, Loyola?
  • I think it's legitimate (I'm not the orig. poster); certainly Spring Hill, Loyola, etc. tend to hire grads of other Catholic U's, Providence College requires a statement of faith before hiring, Notre Dame grilled a friend of mine for 20 min. about his religion... and what's wrong with asking?
    • Texas A&M (American Southwest)
  • received ack. letter from SCC (10/19)
  • received ack. letter: "Early in November our search committee will meet and I will inform you of your status as soon as possible thereafter." (11.15)
  • AHA interview scheduled (11/29)
  • received rejection letter (12/3)
    • UC Davis (Non-US Enviro)
  • received ack. letter from search committee (letter dated 11/16)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/10)
    • UC Santa Barbara (Enviro Studies)
  • 12/3 deadline, email only "to reduce carbon"
    • University of North Texas (U.S. West / Environmental)
  • received ack. letter; the SC will begin reviewing aps "toward the end of November" to decide on AHA interviewees. (11/26)
  • AHA interview scheduled via email (12/7)
    • Williams College (enviro studies)
    • Yale University (environ history "broadly construed)
  • anyone heard anything from here? (11/11)
  • received ack 10/8
  • does anyone know if they're doing AHA... hell, are there any signs of life???? (12/10)

Native American[]

    • Indiana University
  • received ack. letter from SCC (10/19)
  • received request for writing sample (10/31)
  • wow, that's fast (the deadline was yesterday) - schools seem to be going through materials early this year (11/2)
  • they scheduled AHA last month (12/5)
    • North Carolina State University (Native American/Public)
  • received email from SC acknowledging receipt of materials (10/16)
  • received email requesting writing sample and syllabi (11/9)
  • received email requesting writing sample and syllabi as well (11/9)
  • interview at AHA scheduled (11/27)
  • received rejection letter (12/3)
  • hire made (Feb)
    • Portland State University


  • Arizona State (Chicana/o Southwest Borderlands)

- tenured assoc - "a senior appointment of an outstanding, nationally known scholar"

  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

- joint with Latino Studies - I heard that invitation had already gone out. Can anyone verify? (12/1) - Yes, campus visit scheduled for January (12/3)

  • University of Texas - San Antonio

- rec'd email re. status of application (I was missing a letter of rec!) (12/3)


  • College of the Holy Cross

- Dept. chair responded relatively quickly to a query regarding submission of rec. letters. (10/11) - ack. letter (11/1) - No ack. for me, and I sent in my stuff in early Oct. Gotta follow up, I suppose. (11/7) - Still no ack. (12/1) - Dept. chair responded with an acknowledgement letter. mid Nov. - Anyone hear anything? (12/10) - I was about to ask you the same question. (12/11) - Rejection letter in snail mail (12/14) - Ditto. Wonder what kind of people made the cut? (12/14) - that's strange: I have received neither rejection letter nor contact regarding an interview. I'm assuming they have contacted the interviewees by now and that my rejection letter is on the way. (12/14) - I'm in the same boat as the above poster, but since I live in the Midwest, I'm assuming that my rejection letter is still in transit and that those who already received them live closer to Worcester. But it is strange that we've heard from no one who has been contacted for an interview or more material or something. I realize it's probably not a huge applicant pool, and maybe the more successful applicants just happen not to be using this wiki, but no one? (12/14) - I received an e-mail scheduling an AHA interview on December 3. (12/18)


  • Harvard Business School

-AHA Interview last week (12/14)

  • Baruch College, CUNY

-AHA interview (12/13)