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Texas Tech

Universities to Love





All universities that... Communicate with applicants 2021 I love any university that takes into account the circumstances of applicants. We are your future colleagues and deserve to be treated with respect. Be kind. Respond to emails. If letters of recommendation will not be read in the first round, ask for them later. Institutions can follow policies like this. Post on the wiki when finalists are chosen.
Ball State University Communication Studies 2015 During my job hunt I was interviewed by BSU both over the phone and on campus, and both were extremely pleasant experiences. Not only are the facilites and campus extremely nice and well kept but the people are great. Driving in to Muncie I was unsure about the social life and off campus experience I would have (based on the small part of the town I passed through on the way in), but my experience with the Comm. Studies department trumped any concern I had. People were interested in what I had to say, I received interest and questions about most parts of my vita and I felt that each part of the interview was taylored toward what my future experience would hold within the department, college, and the university. Turnover in this department is very low due to the great work environment that is here, so if you get the chance to join, jump on it. I was fortunate to receive a job offer and accepted it witout much thought. Great place!
Christopher Newport University Theatre and Dance 2013

I just had a campus visit with this department and it was wonderful.  They were incredibly organized and professional, all the way down to who was going to take me to what meeting and who was picking me up afterward.  The weather was incredibly cold and they kept apologizing and being very understanding as I walked around bundled up even in the building (My suit and coat were not enough to keep out the cold).  Each of the faculty members (with the exception of one) was warm and inviting.  Although they did ask me about whether or not I had children (oops), I felt safe enough to answer.  There were no aggresive or insulting questions asked at any time.

They put me up in the nicest hotel in town, and the hotel, university, and airport were close to one another, so no long drives anywhere.  They paid for everything in advance, even down to the cab that took me to the airport, and the extra night I had to stay in the hotel because of lack of flights out the previous day.  The woman who picked me up from the airport very kindly stopped at Walgreens for me to pick up some Advil (flying gives me a headache).  The faculty seemed collegial and appeared to really like one another.  

The students were intelligent and effusive and had nothing but positive things to say about the department and their professors.  The Dean and the Provost were amiable and seemed interested in me and my research.

I've read some other reviews about CNU on Universities to Fear, something about them only inviting Ivies to come and interview, but I did not graduate from an Ivy, and I was not made to feel as though I was inferior in any way.  My alma mater was not even discussed.

All in all, this seems to be a great place to work.  I will have to wait several weeks to find out, but I do hope I get an offer from this department.

Albion College

English, History

2010, 2016

  1. I simply cannot say enough nice things about the folks in this department. Every single person I met was friendly, welcoming, and candid. They even made me a little goodie bag complete with aspirin, gum, fruit, etc. for the campus visit. I was so sad not to land this job.
  2. I really enjoyed my campus visit at Albion. The history faculty were super nice, as they drove me from and to the airport, showed me around in Albion and Ann Arbor. A small department, but very congenial. At my job talk attended by both faculty and students, they asked great questions.

Allegheny College



Didn't get the job, but the SC and faculty were very understanding about some last minute schedule changes I had to make and were very inviting and open in general. Fast reimbursement and return of an item I forgot. Rejection email was very very nice - personal, flattering, and very open about why they made their choice.

Alma College



I was not the lucky person offered the job, but from the get-go, interviewing with Alma was a great experience. The provost's secretary booked and paid for my flight; no need to mess with reimbursement. Everyone I met on my campus visit was incredibly personable and passionate about the institution. They've got a good thing going there.

American University, DC



OK, so this isn't exactly a hymn to AU (maybe I'd feel differently if they had given me the job!), but they did treat me extremely decently on a campus visit for an accelerated search. And reimbursed me at lightning speed for travel from a European postdoc.

Amherst College I simply cannot say enough nice things about the folks in this department. Every single person I met was friendly, welcoming, and candid!
Appalachian State University Geography 2014 My experience during my campus visit was wonderful.  The SC chair, department chair, and the faculty I met were all very nice, candid, laid-back, and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.  They were also happy to accommodate my need for a break during the day so I could nurse my newborn.  Even when I didn't get the job, the SC chair took the time to personally handwrite a very kind rejection letter!  Top notch people. 
Australian National University Law 2012 This is a pleasant place with helpful, intelligent staff to help you find your way. It truly lives up to its reputation as Australia's best university. The law department is highly organised and reputable.

Boston U



Didn't end up giving me a campus visit, but clearly all the MLA interviewers had read my materials closely. I can say that in my dozen or so interviews over the years, this was the only one in which this has happened. The SC chair was extraordinarily kind, sending me three (unsolicited) e-mails throughout the process telling me just where my candidacy stood. The only way the notification process could have been more efficient is if he'd Twittered me.

Bowling Green State


Smart, sharp people who do amazing work. Campus visit was very well organized. I was treated very courteously. Excellent questions during job talk. Reimbusement was quick.

Case Western Reserve

Art History


Great faculty -- sharp and engaging. Wonderful students, both grad and undergrad. I was treated extremely well during the campus visit, plenty of people came to the job talk. I really felt like they were invested in this search.

Central Missouri University


Nice people, plenty of space, I would have taken if offered

Chestnut Hill Communication Studies 2019 Though I didn't ultimately proceed to the on-campus stage, I was deeply impressed by the patience and kindness of the people I interviewed with at Chestnut, and if my spouse's work situation had been different/they had ultimately extended an offer, I would loved to have worked there. I loved their obvious commitment to their students' well-being.
The Citadel History 2011-12 On-campus interview was a model. Every single faculty member attended my job talk. The on-campus schedule was followed with to the minute efficiency (perhaps not surprising, as the Citadel is a military college). The Dean was one of the friendliest men I have ever met and was genuinely interested in my work. I was wined and dined at the best restaurant in the South and pretty much made to feel like the prettiest girl at the ball. Kudos to the search committee and department for making the on campus feel less like a twelve hour gauntlet and more like a day long conversation with really interested and intelligent friends. I haven't heard if I got the job, but would not hesitate to take it regardless of whatever offers I get from bigger brand-name schools.

Claremont Colleges

Joint Science Department


I asked politely for some feedback on my application, and the Search Committee Chair sent me a two-page critique of my entire application packet! Unbelievably thoughtful, helpful, and just plain nice!

Claremont Graduate University

History and Cultural Studies


Very collegial and well-organized search. The chair kept me well-informed throughout, which was particularly important as the search hovered around cancellation for several weeks. Faculty were friendly and helpful, as were staff members. Dean was also the height of professionalism and very open about answering questions. Hotel arrangements were top-notch. Job talk was well-attended, and students generally asked good questions. Rejection, when it came, was extremely kind and and positive as such can be. Makes me wish I'd gotten the job even more, but the candidate they chose was, I have to agree, a much better fit.

Clemson University School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences 2011-2012

The best on-campus interview I had (even though I wasn't offered the job). People were very friendly, travel arrangements were great, and students and faculty were very enthusiastic. Search chair updated me very graciously when it was offered to their #1 choice, and even followed up later about a position that he/she encouraged me to apply for.

Same school in 2012-2013.  Also a great experience and I also did not get the job,  They were both collegial and communicative.  The dean even loaned me a book, which I have yet to return (my bad!).  My travel went well, the interview went well, and it seemed like a great place.  Again, I was told when they offered the job to their #1 choice, and was contacted again when it was accepted. 

Colby College Psychology 2013 Didn't get the job, but received the most pleasant and sympathetic rejection email from the Chair. After many months of impersonal rejection letters, the personal and empathic tone of their email was much appreciated!

Cornell University



I didn't get the job, but this was the best-run campus visit I've ever experienced. The search was run with military precision, and I had my schedule (right down to 15-minute increments) two months before my visit! Expectations were clear, folks were friendly, respectful, and professional, and reimbursement was lightning fast. The chair personally called me to inform me where I was in the list of also-rans, and personally called me again two weeks later to let me know that the first-choice candidate had accepted the offer. A great department!

  • [January 2015] Ugh, I had the opposite experience interviewing for a position in Cornell's nutrition program. Something I never really thought about since I'm not a New Yorker and I knew Cornell was an ivy-league university, but Cornell is both a private and public university. I'll spare details about why I withdrew my application as soon as my plane landed and I returned to my house, except to point out that, according to nearly all of the nutrition faculty I met, there is a wide gap between what private-Cornell faculty earn and what public-Cornell faculty earn.  The topic came up in on-campus meetings and off-campus meals.  Really, no one had much to say regarding why he or she enjoyed a Cornell career.

Davidson College

History & Spanish


Very well-organized campus visit. Relaxed meeting opportunities with a variety of faculty, all of whom were friendly, helpful, and candid, and many of whom came to the job talk. The college is a lovely place, and the history department is truly collegial (an increasingly rare thing these days). This would be a splendid place to make one's professional home.

  • I had an interview with the Spanish department that was genuinely enjoyable. They were experts at asking meaningful, relevant, and creative questions while keeping the conversation relaxed and flowing. I read online that their salaries are in the top 2%. It looks like a truly wonderful SLAC to work at.
Davidson College Biology 2012 Campus visit was very thoughtfully organized and ran smoothly.  Attendance at research talk and teaching demo were amazing, with great participation from students.  All meetings with individual faculty and staff and students groups were very productive.  The enthusiasm of everyone for the search was clear and was impressive.  Great college, department, students, and faculty.
East Carolina University English 2011-2012 The campus visit was superbly organized. Everything went smooth, everyone was extremely nice. In a big department, people who knew nothing about my area came to my presentation and showed interest in me and my work. Great place!
Eastern Michigan University Communication 2012 Wonderful people. Very kind and supportive. The best interview I had and I've had a few. :) Department is well organized and had people who genuinely were interested in both my research and teaching presentations. Great place!

Fairfield University



Everything about the interview was extremely well organized, and all travel expenses were paid upfront, though I was asked several times if I had incurred any additional expenses during the trip. The VP, the Dean, and every faculty member I spoke to had read through my materials. Everyone was friendly, gracious, and seemed genuinely interested in both my teaching and research ideas. A strong student turnout for the job talk, too, and several students spoke very highly to me of the department chair and other faculty afterwards. The new mission statement has a solid articulation of their vision for education. Tenure requirements seem quite reasonable. The interview day, though exhausting, was a genuine pleasure.

Fairfield U


A very organized and friendly campus visit. Remarkably collegial faculty who seem like genuinely nice and interesting people in addition to being good scholars. The head of the department and the committee seemed genuinely interested in putting me at ease and giving me every opportunity to do well.

Francis Marion University (Florence, SC) English 2010-11 If you get the opportunity to interview or work at Francis Marion, take it. Their faculty presented such a warmness and professionalism. Everyone I talked to said the same thing: "This is a fantastic place to work." Reasonable and well-supported TNP process, lots of good scholarship going down. As a candidate, I was very well taken care of: great accomodations, good (and plentiful) food, and a campus visit schedule that allowed me to catch my breath when I needed to. They really care about serving their undergraduates here.

Franklin and Marshall College


Jan. 2009

This department should run a "how to treat candidates with respect and dignity" seminar at the MLA every year. I just got back from my on campus visit and cannot say enough about the collegiality of the faculty. During all steps of the visit -- research talk, teaching demo, group interview, etc. -- I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed talking with all of them. They seemed generally interested in my work and had not only read the entire writing sample but had read it with depth and engagement. The itinerary had enough free time scheduled in to allow for useful down time without leaving me bored. The associate dean announced that at dinner, I was officially "off the clock" (as much as I could be, at least) and no one was to ask me interview-related questions. The warmth and friendliness they showed allowed me to relax enough that my nervousness didn't distract me when I was "on the clock." The research support is generous, but the tenure-track process is also remarkably humane to junior faculty. Oh, and one other positive: many of the faculty have dogs and bring them to work, which for me is always a good sign (though others might not like this). All in all, should they offer me a job I'd take it in a heartbeat, and if I'm rejected, I'll still remember this interview very fondly.

  • They are extraordinarily systematic. The campus is driven towards reaching out towards strong research-oriented people. I was there on a job-talk -- and was amazed by how carefully they had read the letters and the materials. In fact, I saw in the hands of at least four people, underlined transcripts of my application letter. Moreover, they had researched most of my presentation material well before my arrival. This is a school to look out for in terms of quality research and teaching. The thing is, even though they are a liberal arts college, ultimately, they grant tenure for teaching and research -- and not for teaching, service and research (in that order).
  • I like their use of the phrase "down time" in Lancaster
  • Seconding the above. The visit I had there was my first experience of meeting a committee who never put me on the defensive, and just seemed excited to talk about ideas and teaching. They had clearly read my writing sample thoroughly, and wanted to get to know me as a possible future colleague. Everyone I met was proud of their students and the work they can do, which was very encouraging. The visit was all paid for and organized carefully in advance; I never had to worry about anything. The town is also extremely pretty.
Georgia Southern University Theatre 2013 I had a model campus interview. The committee was generous with their time, solitous about my needs and comfort, and I was well handled from the moment I arrived. Their facilities are impressive and their program is poised to grow.  My expenses were reimbursed quickly.  But what I'm most grateful for is that, upon receiving an offer from a different school and contacting the GSU search chair, he gave me the information I needed immediately. I won't be joining them, but I'm happy to have met some classy folks who are doing good work.

Georgia Southern University

Communication Arts


Despite not getting the job, I was continually impressed with the organization and professionalism of the school and the department. Very informative in their job posting, timely phone interview just before the end of the Fall Semester, quickly arranged for campus interview with flight and bed and breakfast accommodations. I was met at the airport by a member of the faculty, who showed me around campus and the community before taking me to dinner. The next day was filled with informative and polite introductions to students and faculty. The faculty were gracious and interested, which is a great pleasure in comparison to other groups I've met. Before I left, they presented me with a bag full of information on the community, the school and local housing. They made the experience appear to be seamless and inviting.

Two minor complaints were that I wasn't fully warned of the odd classroom layout where I was giving my presentation and the complete lack of communication following my visit. I know that it typical, but it really shouldn't be.

George Mason University History and Art History 2013-14 I read a bad account of GMU in the "Universities to fear" page (it was unclear what department that person interviewed with, in 2012), so I had to add a positive commentary based on my recent experience with the History and Art History department. The interview process was incredibly efficient and straightforward -- request for conference interview came a month after applying, I heard back for a campus visit a few days after the interview, and as the last candidate, I received their final decision within 2 days of returning home. I absolutely loved the faculty -- there was a collegial, friendly atmosphere that felt like an extension of grad school (and everyone actively commented on the collegiality of the department). Everything about the campus visit was so well organized, and they even scheduled 'downtime' between appointments, when they would let me just take over someone's office and be alone to prep or relax. The negotiation process (which I had been dreading) was also so easy and straightforward and everything was settled within days. This was my first year on the academic job market, and I had been dreading the process after reading a lot of horror stories online, but I couldn't have had a better experience with GMU. 

George Washington University

Jewish Studies


Amazing, collegial faculty. The exceptional thing that they did was hire me for a 1-yr replacement position and then let me out of my contract when I was offered a 3-yr job elsewhere, a job which had come on the market late in the game. The only explanation I can come up for this is that their faculty cares deeply about the careers of junior academics in the field even if it makes life a little difficult for them. This is a standard each and every one of us should aspire to meet when we are in the driver's seat.

  • Ditto - GW. Kind, collegial, warm faculty.
Gettysburg College French 2010-11 I received an MLA interview for this position. Everything about my interview and the subsequent contact was extremely professional. I received a genuinely nice response to my thank you for interviewing me email after the conference (even though I wasn't chosen for a campus visit). Then, once they had hired someone, I again received a very nice personal email from the search chair, which referred to my work. They used the little known/used MLA Job List function of keeping the status updated. I was able to find out from this official source that I didn't receive a campus invite, which is a nice change from having to rely on the wiki. I'm sorry I didn't get this job in part because they seemed like awesome, fair people to work with.
Graceland University English 2015

Trigger warning: this review is only glowing and effusive because my campus visit to Graceland was just wonderful. The folks at the Humanities Division are an incredibly warm and collegial bunch. From shuttling me about town between meetings, attending the theater department’s latest play and welcoming me to their homes for dinner and conversation, the division made every effort to make me feel a part of their close-knit community. The English majors I met were intelligent, engaging and genuinely invested in the shape of the department. Students and faculty alike were receptive and supportive during my teaching demo. They have a fine little programat Graceland.

Greensboro College Religion 2012

1. Got a reimbursement check to me a week BEFORE my campus visit, and 2. Took me to every a-list restaurant in town.

Denison University


I cannot imagine a more friendly, enthusiastic, supportive, and generally wonderful faculty. Reimbursement was practically immediate and every effort taken to make my visit pleasant. As one measure: my meeting with the provost was actually enjoyable!

Depaul University


From the moment I submitted my application, I was treated with respect and decency. The administrative assistant sent a very kind email acknowledging receipt of the application, and included the following reassurance (!): "I realize that an email message may seem a rather impersonal way to acknowledge your application, but please be assured that the Appointments Committee will read your letter and vita with careful attention." Wow. They also wrote a very kind email to tell me I was out of the running on Dec 18, just a day after the wiki showed that calls for MLA interviews had been made. The English department at Depaul ran an efficient, thoughtful search, and it was very much appreciated. Please, if other SCCs are out there, consider taking a similar approach.

Eastern Kentucky University


They don't have a lot of money and they teach an enormous amount, yet everyone was great. The faculty are friendly, including the people I met from other departments. The administrators are administrators, but by no means the worst I've ever encountered. They did a very thorough job and I was pretty sure that everyone on the faculty had read my stuff with a careful eye. Overall a great place to interview.

Florida State University


Their search got canceled, but they did an amazing job of spelling out exactly what would be asked in the interview, actually reading and questioning me about my writing sample, and having a phenomenally helpful website.

Florida State University Musicology 2011 I did not get the job, but it was an outstanding interview experience. They were respectful and friendly and seemed to genuinely like each other. It was an intense one-day interview, but well organized. Beautiful campus and great students. The entire experience was an example of best practices, including the gentle rejection phone call directly from the Dean.

Hamilton College





I wasn't a candidate for a tt job just a VAP but this was a great experience and good for my career. There are many wonderful people on the faculty, good financial support, smart if slightly predictable students, and a nice junior faculty environment. I'd heard rumors that a few of my colleagues were "difficult" but the truth is even those people were nice and supportive if you engaged them a little in their work and tolerated their eccentricities (not really hard). Upstate NY isn't the best place to live. But this department is friendly, professional, collegial, and genuinely interested in the development of its junior members. Simply a great place to work.

I was a finalist for a full time lecturer position at Hamilton last year and had a very positive experience, from initial contact all the way through to a timely and throughtful notification that the position had gone to someone else. The school scheduled and paid for all travel arrangements and prepared a nice but not too full day and a half visit for me, and everyone I encountered in my time there was courteous and personable. It was really the best first campus visit one could hope for.

Hampden-Sydney College


I was a finalist for a search there and was not offered the job. However, over the course of being part of their search I admired how prompt they were with communication and how well they treated me. They promptly acknowledged my application, invited me for an AHA interview a month before the conference, and arranged for my on campus visit quickly thereafter. While I was on campus I treated affably as a future colleague and was impressed with everyone I met. Also, faculty attended my job talk from multiple departments, asked questions, and made sure to talk to me afterward. This is truly a liberal arts college and run by classy, humane, and friendly folks. Finally, I found the students to be engaging, willing to talk in my teaching demo and ready for a rigorous education.

High Point University

Political Science

This was probably the nicest faculty I have ever talked to. They were funny, personable, interested, complimentary, and honest. They were more transparent about their hiring process than anything I have experienced. I didn't get the job, but would apply here again in a heartbeat.

  • (new poster) I have to agree on this one. I interviewed this year with the History Department and they were great. I had a phone interview and then AHA, but did not get a campus invite. But, the SC was very pleasant and they seemed very happy with their school. I would also apply here again!

Humboldt-Universität, Berlin


One of the loveliest places I have worked. The faculty and administration are caring, honest and hard-working people. The students are interested and disciplined. My colleagues here always walked the extra mile for me - arranging opportunities for me to present research, getting me invitations to special events and even going as far as to offer help with non-academic problems when they occurred. I have never before experienced such a supportive environment and I can't recommend this department highly enough.

Idaho State University

Visual Arts

Interviewed there last in Summer. Didn't get the job, but I was treated to a wonderful day. Great company, food, discussions...It was great all around.

Illinois Central College

English/Language Arts

great school. The usual with student body, but wonderful instructors and a supportive associate dean. Less than the usual politics between adm and faculty. Great staff. Many good professors under which to mentor. My only complaint is that this area of Central Illinois is really, really dull. If you get a t/t job, bring your spouse and/or family because there is no support for single folks and very little do do around here. Still, very good professors to work with! And as I typed, administration is generally supportive.

Ithaca College

Spanish & Portuguese



Faculty were completely engaging, students were interesting and chatty. Super fast reimbursement for incidental expenses - they booked the plane tickets and hotel. Beautiful city and campus! SCC and chair both bent over backwards to make me feel comfortable.

The folks in the IC English department are a model of collegiality and warmth. I cannot recall a more pleasant MLA interview or campus visit! Professional, friendly, courteous--just great.

Indiana University- Bloomington


By far the most collegial department I interviewed with. The interviews and campus visits are run just like the department- incredibly organized, thoughtful, and thorough. The faculty, staff, and graduate students are all interested in and welcoming to new candidates, and while there is a lot of information discussed, it is all relevant to the job and demonstrates that the department deserves its excellent reputation.

Kansas State U

English; Anthropology; Philosophy

bad town, but great school; MLA interview was actually enjoyable; was well taken care of during campus interview, including 2 dinners, and the reception was actually at professor's house, where I felt completely welcome; when my flight was delayed, rather than have me take a bus to the university town, 2 profs picked me up from the airport and drove me there (they even gave me food in the car!); didn't get the job, but am still in contact with them.

  • Seconding this post. Did not get the job but had wonderful campus visit, amazing faculty and grad student support at job talk, and genuine interest from search committee about my areas of research and how I would contribute to their program. Young, dynamic faculty and well-organized program. 
    • Thirding this post - Anthropology search 2009 - the chair of the SC sent all applicants an amazingly kind email about how qualified we all are, and how difficult it would be to sort through so many fabulous applications.  This is the first bit of kindness and compassion I have been shown on the market.  In subsequent cuts, KSU has been friendly and on the ball.  Not sure what will happen, but I'm grateful already.
    • Philosophy search - This was my first fly-out, and it felt (almost) like a vacation. Since I was coming from overseas, the department offered (without me even asking!) to put me up for an additional day of downtime to help to recover from jetlag. I was picked up from the airport, got a tour of the town and campus, and also had a reception at the home of one of the department members, and everyone was kind, funny, and engaged throughout. The department members (even those outside of my AOS) had all read my writing sample and were excited to talk about it with me, and I got thoughtful, collegial questions in the job talk. Plus, I didn't so much as touch my wallet all weekend, and flights (from my very regional home airport, no less) and B&B were booked directly by the department so that I didn't have to think about them. Genuinely good people!
  • "Fourthing" this post, if that's a word now. I worked at KSU for a few years recently and found it be a very welcoming and collegial atmosphere. The students are generally very polite and hardworking, if not the top in terms of raw talent. KU is the flagship in Kansas, KSU is the backup.  Classes can be very large, but you get the benefit of the doubt from students, which can count for a lot in the first year. Very, very nice faculty throughout.  We left largely because we were not Midwesterners and we just couldn't imagine living in a Kansas town of 50,000 people that is a full hour from Topeka, 3 hours to Kansas City, for the rest of our lives.  Big events in town are the "Country Stampede" music festival, the Mennonite Christmas bake sale, the 4th of July fireworks, and the Kaw Valley Rodeo.  The town does have great parks and playgrounds, including a new and -very- nice water park/pool center. If you are from one of the coasts, this will probably be a career-builder position, but not a long-term home.  The only negative other than the town is that infrastructure is poor on campus, many hundreds of millions of dollars behind where it should be, and KS has an insane political climate at the moment (read up on Sam Brownback's policies) that makes raises pretty much impossible.

Kennesaw State University



Didn't know what to expect before the campus visit, but I was really impressed with pretty much everything. Faculty seemed to get along well and actually know each other outside the department. School has tons of financial resources for scholarship, teaching, collaboration. Faculty were genuinely interested in my work and teaching methods, and newer faculty seemed to be mentored well for tenure track. Students were smart and engaged during demo. Reimbursement for campus visit came quickly. The school and this department really seem to have their act together.

Knox College Psychology 2013

I was impressed by how well Knox treated applicants.  After a phone interview, I ended up not making the cut for an on campus interview and was given feedback as to why. I was kept informed as interviews moved forward and received a very kind, personal rejection email once someone accepted the position.

I had the same experience in 2012-2013 - I learned a lot from them on how to run a respectful, honest search. The kindness was motivating.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Communication Studies 2013 I have to admit I hadn't heard of this university before visiting, but it's in a charming town in a beautiful area of the country. I was put up in an adorable bed and breakfast complete with wine and snacks in the kitchen at night and my room had a claw-footed tub with bath salts (exactly what you need after a long day interviewing!) The Communication faculty were friendly and engaging, the students in the class I taught participated readily (unlike at some other universities where I've interviewed), the campus was gorgeous, and the department chair in particular was very helpful. 

Lafayette College

English 2016

The campus visit involved an individual meeting with every member of the department, as well as group dinners, opportunities to interact informally with students, and a fun (and optional) visit to the campus tavern. I was tired at the end of my visit! But also impressed by the care that goes into this school's hiring process. My impression is of a tight-knight community of warm and supportive people. One example: when I first arrived on campus (early), I got a tad lost and wandered into the library. The librarian at the desk knew both who I was and why I was there, and proceeded to draw me a detailed map of the campus including directions to my destination. This place is top-drawer.

Lewis and Clark Theatre 2011/12 Lovely college full of lovely people. Kind, informative communication with search committee all the way through. Respectful, humane, and friendly campus interview process. The faculty, students, and administration all seemed equally passionate about and interested in candidates - clearly it's a very healthy and collegial place to be. Though I did not get the position, two (!) committee members sent detailed and supportive emails expressing their appreciation for my visit. Nothing but positive here!
Lincoln Land Comm. College English 2014 This was easily the most excellent interviewing experience I have ever enjoyed.  Everyone--from the dean, VPAA, HR/benefits director, and faculty members on the SC, to the students and groundskeepers I passed on campus--was warm, friendly, and extremely welcoming. All of the questions I brought (a lengthy list) were answered before I could even ask them.  Over and over again, faculty and administrators praised each other and the open, transparent atmosphere of the institution.  The interview and related demos were completely stress-free; the entire interview seemed like a relaxing conversation with colleagues I'd known for years.  What a a wonderful place to interview (and, I hope, for me to work in the near future)!
Loras College English 2014 My campus visit at Loras was exactly what job seekers hope for: the schedule was organized, the teaching demo was well attended by faculty, students were engaged and intelligent, and I was reimbursed promptly. The faculty clearly love teaching and and administration seems to support innovation in the classroom. I was pleasantly surprised by Dubuque. It's got a charming downtown and very low cost of living - so even new professors could afford one of the many Victorian homes in the area.
Louisiana State University  Mass Communication 2019 From the start of the application process right through the job visit and beyond, I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff and faculty, as well as by the communication from the program's leadership. The search committee chair was experienced and worked well with their dean, who in turn was amenable and approachable throughout the process. At no point was I made to feel like a pest or a bother. I also felt that other faculty I encountered were kind and engaging. I was treated with respect and dignity as both a scholar and a person throughout the experience.

Marylhurst U.

English Language and Writing


As with any job prospect, I had certain reservations and questions going into my initial Skype interview with Marylhurst University; however, within minutes I was reassured by the very friendly and professional way that the initial interview was handled. The campus visit further solidified how collegial this department is, treating job candidates with a respect that goes beyond mere politeness. There was a real sense of collaboration between myself and the search committee during the entire process, as though whether I got the job or not, there was a real exchange of ideas underway. I never felt like I was being sold on the job, rather that I was being given an honest glimpse into the day-to-day workings of a really solid department. Lots of attention to detail was paid in the scheduling of the campus visit, including time for breaks between events and time for questions/conversation with students, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, etc.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts  Interdisciplinary Studies  2013

This was such a great campus interview experience, the people there are wonderful. Being a small college, the president and vice president meets with you too, and I found that a useful exercise. Despite the raging snowstorm and bad weather, the search committee's warmth made my day. They are supportive, clearly enjoy their jobs, are candid ("this place, North Adams, is dull. But guess what, it's the Berkshires. It'll grow on you, you'll soon find things you love."), and caring. They took me to great places to eat, had a sense of humor and made me feel very special. The students were very responsive and the teaching demo went so well. I ended up taking another job in a bigger place, because while I was looking for a teaching-centric place I also wanted some research resources, which the other place had in plenty. This is a pro-student, intellectually stimulating, liberal arts college environment and I bet working here would've been fun!

Michigan State U.



While I was not offered the job, the campus interview experience was wonderful. The faculty were prepared to discuss my work, ask questions, and provide feedback. The principle of academic freedom was readily apparent in all aspects of the interview. The chair kept me up to date on the search all the way through. The department is congenial, professional, and fascinating in its diversity.

Mississippi State


date withheld (recent)

Very professional throughout. The head of the dept. arranged times for discussions with all senior faculty as well as a separate time for discussion with all junior faculty. Plenty of breaks scheduled during the campus visit, and everyone showed interest in job talk

Mount Holyoke


Incredibly nice people. Very professional. Intellectually engaged. The most fun I had ever had on a campus visit. Search committee chair called me to inform that they had offered the position to another candidate; this was a nice courtesy as most search committees just send a form rejection letter weeks after the fact.

Mount Royal (Calgary)


Everyone I met in the department seemed incredibly nice; the atmosphere was very collegial and friendly. I was sent a very detailed itinerary well before the visit. I emailed the search chair with questions a couple of times before the interview and received comprehensive, helpful answers the same day. At the interview, I was asked several times to submit all my receipts (including those for meals I had eaten on my own while in town) for reimbursement, and I received a cheque in American dollars (I'm in the US) a few weeks later. My job talk was really well attended and I got great questions. After the interview, the search committee chair gave me a timeline for when I would hear back, and emailed me when they couldn't meet this deadline due to unforeseen circumstances, and then called me personally to tell me I did not get the job. I would definitely apply here again!

  • I had the same experience. They were wonderful to work with.

Northern Arizona University



An absolutely wonderful group of people. Campus interview included lots of coffee breaks, a broad sampling of Flagstaff's restaurants, and even a home-made dinner at the SCC's home! Everyone I met was just so nice: the dean, the department chair, the admin staff, the undergrads who came to my job talk, the whole SC. Not a very wealthy university but they make up for it in other ways. University also has a comprehensive spousal hire program - they're quite proud of it and were happy to discuss it. They didn't offer me the job but it's impossible to be bitter after such treatment. I agree. I had an interview in Women's Studies on the phone. For a phone interview, they actually wanted to hear what I had to say and I was allowed to give real answers, rather than superficial sound-bites I have found encouraged in other phone interviews. It actually led to a great conversation. Unfortunately, they lost a lot of their funding and had to re-configure the position from a TT to a one year gig. They offered me an interview on campus, but I did not want to waste their $$ given this situation would not work for me. Very unfortunate, because they seem really committed, engaging and kind. I could tell they really cared about teaching and students. This funding crisis is bad...

Northern Kentucky University Communication 2009

Once they received my application, the search chair sent an email confirming it was received and let me know the full schedule for the entire process if I were to be considered further. Phone interview invite came right in line with the schedule, as did the campus interview (and the ultimate decision -- they didn't offer me the job).

The campus interview was wonderful. Two members of the search committee (one the chair of the search) took me to dinner at a nice restaurant. They outlined the full schedule for me, already sent promptly via e-mail, but they went into detail. They also said they wanted me to do as well as possible, and so they told me I could ask anything I wanted about the experience and what they were looking for and that it would remain confidential (they let me know they were doing this for all of the candidates).

They were the nicest people ever to interview me. Each step of the way they treated me like a colleague and not with suspicion or disdain. They really seemed to care about teaching and research, and the search chair was always giving me a water bottle or a snack and making sure I was taken care of in the process. He also noticed I didn't get to eat much during a pizza lunch and took two of the same kind of pizza slices that I was eating and made sure I got fifteen minutes in his office to eat before the next event. When I left the campus, I felt like I was leaving friends. I see the search chair each year at CSCA and NCA, and it is never awkward. He and his colleagues are real class acts.

Northern Michigan University English 2013

The search committee chair, everyone on the search comm, the dept head and basically everyone I met during my short campus visit were amazing. The visit was well organized. Everyone geniuely seemed interested in fidning a colleague to add to the great community they have there.

Northern Michigan University History 2020

Everyone I interacted with in the department was delightful. They were very hospitable and gave the impression they wanted me to succeed during the visit. It also appears they have a strong union culture at the university. I was most impressed.

North Carolina State University Computer Science 2017 A very supportive environment, with lots of resources to keep faculty on track toward tenure. Morale was also above average.

North Carolina State University



actually got back to candidates after AHA when they said they would, which is rare and always appreciated. Jan. 2006

  • Prompt, polite acknowledgement, and rejection, honesty appreciated. 2006/7
  • I second this posting- I was an on campus candidate and was treated very well by kind, fun faculty. The entire trip was well planned and very smooth. Great group.
  • I agree. I was an on-campus candidate in 2007/8 and actually enjoyed the experience--can't say that about most on-campus experiences.
Ohio Dominican University English 2011/2012 A class act university that treats their candidates really well on campus interviews. Very professional department and friendly faculty. Both students and faculty really seem to take pride in their institution.

Ohio State



This was the most organized search I have ever been a part of. The departmental assistant was in constant contact and knew all the details backwards and forwards. Even with some awful weather causing delays, the department made the search appear effortless. I did not get the job, and the chair provided insightful feedback about my interview. Best of luck to whomever got the job.

Oregon State University Women, Gender, Sexualities 2014 The faculty and grad students were warm, welcoming, and geniunely invested in me as a candidate. They were really well organized and really excited about having me there. They made the interview process warm and as welcoming as possible. Wonderful place, wonderful people.
Pacific Lutheran University English 2013 The search process was refreshingly transparent with clear instructions on what to submit and prompt follow-ups. At the end of the interview, the search chair informed me (without my asking) how many candidates they were interviewing and on what day I should expect to hear from them. I received a phone call on the promised day. They went out of their way to make this an excellent and humane experience. A wonderful department with friendly, organized, and personable faculty and staff.

Penn State University

Medical Humanities


A class act. Sent a gracious email acknowledgement of my (late) couriered application, then an equally gracious (and quick) rejection letter by mail. They know what they want, and they have it together.

Pomona College



Very organized and thoughtful. Offered to pay hotel and flight costs up front, which was really considerate. Lively, passionate faculty and impressively run search. Kept all of us in the loop throughout.

Portland Community College Social Sciences 2012 Applying and interviewing was not only a clear-cut and thorough process but also humane and encouraging. Even though I did not get the position, I got to met top-quality and intereresting people at a great school (which has one of the most attractive campuses I've ever seen to boot).

Portland State University



Extremely organized, friendly and courteous campus interview. Didn't get the job but the search process was highly professional.

Roanoke College Psychology 2013 Fantastic group of people, very accommodating of any requests and travel delays (due to weather), reimbursement check was in my mailbox when I returned home from the interview, good turn out to my talk (several departments attended) - audience was attentive and asked interesting questions. The trip was organized, everyone was so courteous, friendly and warm, they were very open about the timelines, how many were being interviewed, etc. Staff, faculty, and students clearly love being there and there was a great sense of collegiality.
  • I also interviewed for a job at Roanoke College in the Environmental Studies Department. This was the best campus visit I have ever had. People were very personable, friendly, interesting and interested in my scholarship. I will never forget how great they were. The chair and faculty in the ENV and Biology departments were excellent people. I wish I could have stayed, unfortunately my partner hire didn't work, and I had to prioritize my family.
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences 2018 Collegial faculty, enthusiastic students, and good morale overall. The college's reesarch portfolio is up-and-coming but it felt like they were on the right track and not cutting corners with faculty support or expecting too much too quickly. I accepted a job elsewhere but I would have been happy to work here.

Rowan University



Incredibly well run, courteous, organized search, from materials requests to the campus visit. Warm, friendly faculty and staff, great students, and prompt reimbursement. Whoever ends up there is lucky.

English 2014 I echo the 2010 sentiments. My campus visit couldn't have been a better or more humane experience. The faculty is incredibly welcoming and collegial.

Simmons College (Boston)


I took a job at a larger research university but the people on this committee cosigned a personal letter of congratulations wishing me the best. That amount of personal attention was over the top and truly appreciated.

  • I was a Simmons faculty member, and my time there literally was rewarding ... financially but more importantly psychologically. I left to work at the largest (based on FTE students) research university in America -- a move I now regret due to the unethical, unfair, and illegal actions of supervisors. Unfortunately, there is little to no hope for resolution, and the EEOC is useless (> 90% of the time, according to the U.S. Department of Labor) in recognizing and taking action against discrimination, constructive discharge, and retaliation.

Saint Louis University


2009 Fall

Wonderful, welcoming people. In every step of the process (conference interview, phone interview, campus visit), I was treated with respect, as a colleague, not as a target for interrogation, which is too often the case in interviews and research presentations. Also, they were very up-front about timeline for the search and when other candidates were interviewing, etc.

Saint Francis University



Fantastic experience. Accomodations were great. Faculty was friendly and one could tell they enjoyed being there.

Saint Vincent College


2007 Fall

they were clear about the search timeline and were very prompt about notifying candidates about changes/progress, including rejection. I'm all for rejections that come sooner rather than later.

Shepherd University English 2010 From the interview to the campus visit, the search committee was thoughtful, organized, and considerate. (I had all sorts of travel complications because of weather, and they were ahead of the situation every step of the way and never made me feel I was inconveniencing them.)
SUNY-Buffalo History



What a dreamy department. From the moment I entered baggage claim, to the moment I returned to the airport terminals a day later, this department was a true, top-shelf, class act. The faculty was incredibly kind, generous, and helpful; the chair, dean, and provost's office were professional and sympathetic; the grad students were engaged and enthusiastic. During the job talk and teaching talk, faculty were very attentive. While questions were challenging, they were respectful and serious. Moreover, the trip was planned down to the smallest detail, and everything went according to plan. Unfortunately, I had to turn down their offer for reasons that had nothing to do with this amazing department.

Basically similar experience interviewing there this year.  Great people, kind, detailed, considerate, respectful.  They seem like great people to work with.

Modern Languages 2013 Very friendly search committee--extremely honest about living in Lubbock but they are all so charming and fun you can't help but be taken by the place. They seemed to genuinely enjoy doing the search and were very receptive to my ideas regarding the position.
Touro College (Brooklyn, NY)

Spring 2017

Speech Pathology Very sincere and well intentioned administration and faculty. Make sure you respect and ask about the college culture, the department chain of command, and the terms of your employment, as new hires tend to get the biggest workloads . These are matters you can smooth out during the interview process . Also negotiate your salary up front, as raises are very hard to come by-this is a non-tenure college however employment contracts are drawn up by the Department Chairperson who is fair, reasonable and savvy. -

Towson University Biology 2007 Fall

The single most professionally organized interview I've been on - punctual, efficient, thoughtful. I felt refreshed and enthused when I was done! The one on ones were all about the department and science. The faculty are genuinely collegial and proud of it, and both student panels I met with were mature and insightful

Towson University Foreign Languages 2016 What an incredible group of people and colleagues. From the minute I arrived, I felt as if I was hanging out with a group of old friends. 

Transylvania University 

WRC (Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication) 2013 The conference and campus visit interview experiences were amazing and beyond well-orchestrated with a high level of communication and transparency throughout. One of the friendliest and most genuine community of faculty, administrators, and students I have ever met: to give you an example, my research talk was attended by 30+ people from all over the university and it seemed out of a genuine interest and a strong campus community (and a number of undergraduate students that asked really excellent questions). The campus has made a lot of transformations over the last several years with a new President to connect even further with the with the Lexington area community, to gain broader national recognition, and develop really innovative programs like their August and May terms. I suspect my appreciation would have been similar in other departments. Don't overlook this SLAC that has a pretty good sense of humor as an institution about its moniker (they've been around longer than Stoker they will tell you). 
Trinity College (CT) History 2013 These people were so incredibly warm and enthusiastic that you'd think their coffee must have been spiked.  The visit was smoothly-run with a reasonable schedule and plenty of  breaks and chances to ask questions. The entire department came to my job talk, along with some undergraduates and even the departmental administrator. I felt that they really wanted to get to know me.  They also seem to value excellence in both teaching and research: this is not a teaching-only SLAC.  Best campus interview ever, friendliest department I've ever encountered! 

University of Alabama


fantastic, considerate hosts. I enjoyed the campus interview and felt as if I were actually _valued_ for a change.

  • QUESTION: Which University of Alabama, and which department? Thanks.
  • Interviewed at History Dept., at UA Tuscaloosa (main campus). It was a very good experience.
  • I also had an excellent experience interviewing with UA Tuscaloosa (History; Atlantic world) at the AHA; it was the most intellectually stimulating yet friendly of the 8 AHA interviews I had this year (AHA 2008). In addition, both prior and subsequent to the interview, the SC's communication was fluid, courteous, and transparent. The entire committee had read my dissertation and had informed and thoughtful questions; they treated me as a potential colleague and were warm and polite yet intellectually rigorous. I did not get a campus interview, but had a very informative and pleasant email from the SC chair explaining why. The whole search process from beginning to end was organized, professional, and respectful. Much appreciated, as this kind of SC communication is, in my experience, all too rare.
  • I'll add my positive experience to this too. History Department (Ancient/Late Antique). Wonderful AHA interview/communication and the best rejection letter I've ever received! I would have loved to work with these people.
  • I taught several semesters at UA on an assistantship in the math department. Every one of my colleagues was a joy to work with. I rarely got a chance to work alongside the tenured faculty in the same capacity, but my experiences with them were overwhelmingly positive.

U of Arizona

Human Resources/Search Secretary

incredibly helpful and just plain nice

  • A good department with friendly staff. But research is the major focus - teaching is undervalued and not a major factor in job hires.
U of British Columbia, Okanagan Chemistry 2015 Best people I have talked to so far. People are fun, friendly and highly intelligent. The school is undergoing rapid changes. I foresee working with this bunch of highly energetic people would be a lot of fun!

U of British Columbia, Okanagan


Ridiculously nice people. The entire SC was lovely, and one of them even lent me a snowsuit so that I could go skiing at a hill nearby after my interview. I don't know yet whether I'll get the job, but everyone was so courteous and downright interesting that I'll think well of the school regardless. Also, though this doesn't apply to my own situation, from talking to other people at the school, it seems that they don't look down on candidates for having spent a few years as a sessional/adjunct and that they'll gladly hire the best person for the job whether they're a sessional or not. I hope to stay in touch with several of the people I met while I was there. Oh, and they paid for flight, hotel and car rental up front and reminded me several times to keep my receipts for everything so that I could be reimbursed. -added 2/27: Same person. Didn't get the job in the end, but this was conveyed in a personal email that was pretty much the nicest rejection letter I've ever received. These people are gems.

  • Ditto for search in 2007, humanities, except the ski suit. Wonderfully welcoming, collegial, interesting and engaging faculty questions. Even given a tour of the area's local history and agriculture industries.
U of Colorado - Colorado Springs  School of Public Affairs 2015

My best interview experience until this day. The process was upfront, great faculty, transparent steps of the interview, and a lot of quality face-to-face with the faculty during lunch and dinner. This was a two day interiew. Everyone came across very collegial and friendly, generous, to each other. The atmosphere within the department is worth $10,000 in salary and I have other experiences to compare with. Decent, nice, and very honest.  

U of Colorado, Denver


I was short listed there. Didn't get the job, but was a very positive interview experience. They put me up in a really nice hotel, and were very straightforward and honest about how the job search is proceeding, what they are looking for etc. No problems with reimbursements etc. The job talk turned into a good discussion about my research and some of the broader issues it raised. Likewise, the dinners and one-on-one interviews were actually enjoyable conversations. Very nice people, no big egos. I never felt like anyone was trying to sandbag me. Even the rejection email was nice.

UC, Davis


I liked everyone I met there. Friendly faculty and grad students. Chair (now retired) was very transparent about the whole search process. Everyone was very courteous. I didn't get the job, but I liked the visit so much. I'm still in touch with one of the search committee members, and we hang out whenever we see each other at conferences.



didn't make the cut after the conference interview, but the interview itself was very collegial and professionally conducted. The SCC contacted me personally to let me know I was no longer in the running, and gave me genuine encouragement and some pertinent info regarding why I didn't make the cut. It wasn't all hot air, either. They did what they could to make the whole job seeking process less miserable than it can sometimes be.

UC Merced Music (GASP) 2011

One of the most cordial and generous campus interviews I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Although I was interviewing to be the sole music faculty, all of the SC members were exceptionally well-versed in my field. Small, budding research university with a whole lot of potential.

  • This from the faculty member who slept through my entire job talk during my campus visit. Shame on you! Could you have been more rude!? As you slept your colleagues looked from you to me, clearly embarassed.   

University of Chicago



I did not get the job, but I made it through the first round of the selection. I was impressed by the generous time frame allowed to us in each step of the process, and for the thoughtful responses that the committee provided to my work. After reading my dissertation, they did not offer me a campus visit, and they gave a very fair explanation for their decision. (Frankly, I would have made the same choice based on the manuscript. I had to finish a year sooner than I anticipated, so it's pretty messy.) I had applied to UC for graduate school, in a related department, and was anticipating the kind of cold, somewhat cruel tone of correspondence that I encountered in their acceptance letters and financial aid missives. On the contrary, I am happy to say that the Spanish department was wonderfully professional and cordial.

U of Delaware

Women's Studies


Quite possibly the most organized campus visit I've ever been on. The faculty member who picked me up at the airport the day before my talk was my guide for my whole visit. She escorted me to every appointment, gave me a tour of campus, and even carved out 30 mins so I could go back to my hotel and have a brief nap between my talk and dinner. The talk was well-publicized and both faculty and students attended. I left with the sense that they are a warm, kind, intellectually engaged, highly organized, politically and intellectually committed department.

University of Central Arkansas English 2011-2012.

The campus visit was extremely well-run. There was a good balance between structured and unstructured time. I was never left alone to wander/wonder but I was given some down time, such as private use of an office before the teaching demo and optional tours of town and campus. The events were well-attended by members of the department, and questioning during the interview portion was rigorous but friendly. Students were polite and participated actively during my teaching demo. In the end I finished second for the job, but I was left with a very good impression of the place and people.

University of Georgia -Athens History 2011-2012 Wonderful experience -- super transparent about timeline and interview expectations. During a skype interview, the committee asked thoughtful questions that really engaged my materials. I wasn't invited for an on-campus interview, but received a timely, thoughtful and well crafted personalized email informing me. When I chair a search, this is the model I'll aspire to emulate.
University of Helsinki Economic and Social History 2017-2018 A wonderful experience and a great employer - I was one of 18 total applicants for a tenured University Lecturer position. 10 days after applying, I got an email inviting me to interview in person on campus - TRAVEL EXPENSES PAID. Everyone I met was wonderfully welcoming, too. I got the job (I'm writing this from my office in central Helsinki) and I can say that with a few small hiccups, everything has continued to be great. We have a group coffee break every day at 2, the teaching load is very reasonable (1 or maybe 2 courses at a time - no more), and just about the only complaint I can offer is that they still seem unused to having foreign hires, inasmuch as there isn't as much formal infrastructure in place to orient hires from abroad in the idiosyncracies of Finnish academia as there should be. But it's a very small complaint, really, and everyone has been quite happy to help and explain things when asked. Oh, and the Finnish language is...different. But free, high-quality language courses are provided by the university.

U Houston-Clear Lake


2007/8 search

MLA interview went well. Didn't get a campus visit, but chair sent a personal email explaining why. Said she could have hired me (and 4 others) on the spot but I was the only ABD. Went into detail about my strengths during the interview. Pretty cool of her to give me that level of feedback.

U Houston- Clear Lake English/Professonal Writing 2013/2014 Though I didn't get much feedback during the skype interview, the campus visit was fabulous. The lead professor there is very nice and spent a lot of time driving me around Clear Lake. At the time, there was only one other professional writing professor, but all the other English professors and lecturers were very nice and interested in my work. All expenses were paid up front. Though I did not accept the job, I'm sure they will have hired some great people. It is a growing university and a growing department in a great location. Don't let an uninformed idea of Houston hold you back on this one.

U IL Springfield


young faculty, nice people, highly recommend, very professional interview process.

U IL, Urbana-Champaign

2006/07 search

campus interview run with military precision, making up for the long pre-pre-interview process. Every accommodation was made for me.

UMass Boston History 2013 There's a comment on 'Universities to Fear' about the department going through an awkward 'period of growth' a few years back.  It appears they got a great chair to guide that growth and this is now a happy and functional department.  My visit was very smoothly organized and they paid for my trip so there were no hassles with reimbursement.  The search committee chair was great, super organized and forthcoming.  Dinner out with them was actually loads of fun.  They really know how to run a professional search.

University of Memphis

Art History


The best campus interview I have ever had - congenial faculty, well-organized, with 30-45 minutes of down time between interviews, no need to ask for reimbursements, wonderful dinners and the greatest hotel I have ever stayed in. A real class act. (Now if they will just hire me!) 4/2008

University of Michigan




The most amazingly detailed and clear acknowledgment of an application I have ever seen. It was clearly just a form email, but it outlined the steps they'd go through, an approximate timeline, and included other useful information. Further, it was a completely professional and polite tone--if I'm ever a search committee chair, I'm patterning my acknowledgments after theirs. No idea if I'll even make the shortlist, but if I do, they've already impressed me. 11/2008 (Update 1/2009: I didn't get to the conference interview round, but it remains among the clearest and most humane contacts I've ever had with a hiring committee.)

  • Update: As of 2010, they are still awesome on the front end of the application process. Their letter of receipt is detailed, with a full timeline, very professional, and even comforting. Their ad also explicitly states they support dual career couples. Remarkably humane in all ways!

University of Michigan-Flint



The chair of this search committee (Gary Pace) was easily the most professional and nicest person I have met on an interview in years. The overall experience was so positive I cannot describe it. The start up appeared low and the student graduate stipends were very low, but I would still have taken the job because everyone I met was so nice. Even at the motel!

University of Minnesota Geography 2014 I was only an interview "alternate," but props to the administrative assistant for a very transparent search process.  I always knew exactly where I was in the search and a timeline for decisions.  It is unfortunate that this is such a rare thing in academic hiring!

University of Mississippi (OleMiss)



Didn't get the offer but was taken away by the professionalism and friendliness of the whole department. The chair, Joe Ward, went out of his way to offer pointers on the job talk and make me feel welcome after arriving. Another professor took me on a tour of the town in her car to give me an idea of what it'd be like to live in Oxford. (Great town, if you ask me!) The department actually has a tradition of holding a reception for each finalist at the home of one of the faculty. A number of the professors were enthusiastic about my work, and even the ones who clearly didn't regard me as their first choice were cordial throughout my campus visit. The visit was organized like clockwork. My job talk was well attended and the graduate and undergraduate students I met with were all first rate. The chair was gracious and palpably disappointed when he called me to share the bad news, and offered all kinds of unexpected praise. This is a place that protects and nurtures its junior faculty - great department!

  • Different respondent, 2011: Couldn't agree more.  They ask for a lot of materials up front, but this just helps to clarify for them who you are as a scholar.  If you get a call from them, they are serious and do not play games.  The visit to campus was well-organized, from the pickup at the airport to the drop off.  All the faculty were cordial and gracious and you can tell that -- whatever differences may be there -- they seem to genuinely like working together.  Job talk was straightforward with straightforward questions; no gimmicks or "gotchas." At on-campus, they might ask more about teaching than you might think given that it's an R1, but everyone had a sense of my research and wanted to know more, asking questions based in sincere curiosity.  The dean also seems to have his head in the right place, and it's a growing campus.  Expect a lot of hires out of here and, if you're one of them, it seems like a good spot to land.
University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Biological Sciences 2012 Outstanding departments, supportive admin, great faculty and staff co-workers.  Faculty governance is real and super.  A really nice place. 

University of Nebraska at Omaha



Search committee chair went out of their way to be cordial and provide additional information. Well-organized, even on short notice (mid-November interview for a spring position). Phone interview was tough but fair and friendly, even collegial: though it was clear after the first few questions that they wanted someone with experience in an area I don't have, they were still genuinely interested in discussing my teaching and research. Gave the impression that they really do get along and have a good department atmosphere. Notification via email was prompt, courteous and encouraging - definitely one of the nicest rejection letters I've ever gotten! Not your standard boilerplate.

University of New Mexico


Very organized search, great department head and friendly faculty. Efficient with the search (apps due Jan. 9, campus interview in mid Feb.). Ultimately I did not get the job but there was an air of openness and honesty through the whole process. Would be a great department to work in, I'm sure.

U of North Carolina, Greensboro

Romance Languages

The SC was great during my MLA interview. Kept me posted during the process very professional and warm. Of all my campus visits the best one, the most organized and professional. I really felt they understood what it feels to be a candidate.

U of North Carolina, Wilmington English 2010, 2014

Nearly the entire English Department was involved in my search process. They are very warm and welcoming (and fun!). There are a lot of young faculty with a lot of energy, and they are a true community. They know how to run a search! My job talk was attended by well over 30 people, and at least 6-8 attended my teaching demo. Even though I was not offered a position, all of my expenses were paid, and I stayed in a beautiful hotel right on the beach. Based on my interview experience, I would highly recommend any opportunity to work at UNCW in this department!

[2013-2014] I want to further support the above description. The campus visit was one of the most organized and enjoyable that I had. The level of collegiality in this department is off the charts. If you get a campus visit, it will be rigorous (job talk + teaching demo), but you'll end up enjoying every minute of it.

University of North Florida History 2018 Warm, friendly, and welcoming department. Very clear about expectations, and made my interviews and campus visit a breeze. They made it a point to block out space and time throughout the day for me to rest and recuperate. Communications were fast and genuine throughout. Couldn't ask for more.

University of Northern British Columbia



A class act from the get-go, and the most straightforward, engaging, and interesting search committee I have ever met in four years on the job market. First thing the chair asked me when I got off the plane was, "would you like a nice cup of coffee?" Thank you! Every faculty member I met was well-informed about my research and career thusfar, and made me feel both welcome and respected. The department made a fabulous poster to advertise my job talk, and though the audience was small, they all asked excellent questions. The Dean with whom I spoke was extremely candid about both the benefits and drawbacks of working there. Their interest in me as a candidate was obvious, but so was their determination to hire someone who went into the job with their eyes open. Interview itself consisted of a series of tough but fair open-ended questions that really got to the heart of who I would be as a scholar, teacher, and colleague if I was hired. If every search committee was this honest, engaged, and professional, the job market would be a lot less of an ordeal.

University of Northern Colorado


I couldn't have asked for a better interview experience; it really was the most positive and well-organized out of all my interviews, most of which were also smoothly organized. The folks in the department were exceedingly supportive and inviting; my schedule was delivered to me well in advance and plenty of down-time was included to keep me from being run ragged, the expectations for the teaching demo were spelled out well in advance, I was given comprehensive travel information well in advance, and I was reimbursed very quickly. In short, when I visited in 2007, I couldn't have asked for a more profession or inviting interview experience.

  • I'm recanting my previous post as my opinion has changed drastically with additional experience and I don't want it to mislead any current searchers.

University of the Pacific



Nice, considerate, collegial faculty, sharp undergrads, engaged Masters students, plus their new building is slated to open later this year. Everything about the interview was well orchestrated and professional, and reimbursement was quick. What a great department!

  • While everything above is true, I must note that it took them 7 weeks (~3 weeks post-offer) to notify their second-choice that they would NOT be receiving an offer. Not a good situation for #2, that close to the end of hiring-season.
  • How long do contract negotiations typically take?
  • That delay was the result of a rather "prickly" and extended contract negotiation with the #1 choice. The norm is 1-2 weeks.

University of Richmond


Faculty are exemplary teachers and researchers. I have never met a more engaging and interesting group of students. UR has a very strong diversity initiative, good spousal support, and a huge endowment to back it up.

  • Seconding this. Other fields are also very well supported, and UR has the largest endowment (more than 2 billion) of any college in the ACS.  That means healthy raises every year (even during the recession), great facilities, new computers every three years for everyone, etc, etc.  Absolutely great place to work.

University of San Francisco

Environmental Science


Absolutely the nicest people ever during my phone interview. They asked good questions and asked for clarification when necessary, plus seemed happy to be working at USF. I received a job offer at another institution before USF invited candidates for on campus interviews, and when I told the SC that I was taking the other job, he sent me a very nice email in return.

University of the South (Sewanee)



one-year job, great interview (they wined and dined me, paid for my travel, no need to hassle w/reimbursement), good communication (actually made the offer the day after my on-campus visit), great place to work (amazing salary, lots o' resources, great students, and interested and interesting colleagues who treat me like a member of the dept, not just an adjunct); another bonus - one-year faculty have full access to conference and research funding

  • I was surprised to see this dept. on this list. I had an AHA interview with them for a TT job a couple of years ago. Rarely have I encountered more morose people. I was asked about my teaching style, and said something about how I have to learn to slow down in class -- I exhaust myself. One comm. member replied, "Oh, our students will slow you down prtty quick." I wondered afterwards if it wasn't just a culture clash (I'm from NYC and, let's say, ethnic) but a friend who is Episcopalian had the same experience.
  • In a different department here, but my interviews were professional, the department very friendly, and the resources and support for faculty research and teaching are quite good. Students are of a high quality. 
University of Southern Indiana Modern and Classical Languages 2012

I never post anything online, but I feel like our very positive comments should not only encourage those who have campus visits with these institutions, but also the hiring committees who are truly outstanding sometimes - if they ever read these comments.

It was my first campus visit (I am new on the job market) and I can tell that this department has the NICEST faculty ever! Everything went very well: the committee chair picked me up - on time - at the airport, she already had a huge smile on her face, and was very enthusiastic to have me in Evansville - I immediately felt welcome.

All the professors from the department were so encouraging with me, always eager to get to know me, and really, they all were very personable and likeable. We had very interesting conversations about eveything - academia, different cultures.. (most of the professors come from different countries).

I think I did not get the job (no rejection letter yet, but it's been more than two weeks now), but I am glad I had my first campus visit with them as I got to practice/learn with really nice and intelligent individuals.

University of South Florida



A wonderful department. They are engaged scholars doing great work. They communicated everything very clearly, were collegial and interested, and offer a great work environment -- you teach just in your own field, whatever inspires you. (This is rare and surprising for my field -- I'm an Asianist). They are also good people. A real gem.

University of Tampa Communication 2012 Wow. I had four campus interviews and UT blew everyone out of the water. Detailed itinerary, personal pick-up at the airport complete with goodie bag "in case I was hungry," prep time before my class AND job talk, meals with enthusiastic faculty who had clearly read my work, smart and supportive Q&A's, jovial conversations, frank advice, AND a tour of the city to show me possible places I could live. My hosts at the other schools did one, maybe two of these things. Tampa actually recruited me and it felt GREAT. I had other offers, but the decision was easy.

University of Texas at Dallas

Arts and Humanities


Perhaps the most collegial faculty I have ever dealt with. The search committee was straight forward and really went out of their way to make the experience as painless as possible.

  • I absolutely second the previous comment. I loved meeting with this faculty!
  • I agree - didn't even get a CAA interview, but I just received an e-mail stating that they are looking to make another hire in the future, and could they retain my dossier? Very, very nice and considerate.(4/2008)

University of Texas Pan American



The experience was great, the faculty were all wonderful. I have no doubt that if another vacancy occurred here I would jump to apply. I really liked everything.

University of Texas, Pan American



I had a great MLA interview and campus visit. The department paid for all of my traveling and lodging expenses up front, which was a huge help for me as a graduate student. The faculty were extremely nice and professional. Everything was well planned and went off without a hitch. This seems like a great place to work.

University of Texas Pan American History 2013 The department paid all expenses in advance and provided excellent accommodations. The faculty were gracious, professional, and very attentive.

University of Toronto



Interviewed in wheelchair. Perfect interview for disabled candidate. I never experienced this before. Driver who picked me up knew what to do. Hotel was on main street downtown so I could go out. (As opposed to hotels where you are captive in your room as you can only access parking lot) Room was easy to navigate with enough space to get in bathroom, move around bed, desk. Department made my "accessibility" a non-issue by planning. Lectern for job talk was already at perfect height. Lunch and dinner were easy to get to and wheelchair friendly. Department already knew where accessible toilets were. (The worst is when you ask and they say: Oh, gee, I guess we´ll have to find "one of those" for you!) All around class act. And no, I didn't get the job.

  • Another good experience here (2005/06 search).

University of Utah


The on-campus visit was entirely paid for and booked by the department. Outside of extra baggage fees, they paid for everything. They put me up in a University-owned hospital in the Olympic village. The faculty were very engaged in the process. I met with over a dozen faculty outside of the SC during finals week. Although the department is a broad one, with media studies, journalism, and speech, org, and interpersonal comm all in one place, the faculty struck me as very collegial. The dean and department chair took great pains to make sure I understood everything about the position and life in SLC. They provided a realtor who gave me a tour of the city's neighborhoods. The staff is incredibly friendly. Finally, they made a decision precisely when they said they would.

  • Same experience here. Great department (2013 search).

University of Virginia

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese


An extremely collegial and generous department. All of the faculty, and many graduate students, showed up for my job talk even though my content area only touches on one of the languages taught in the department, and they asked thoughtful, rigorous questions about research that is quite literally several hundred years and a few thousand kilometers away from their own. I also had the chance to speak and exchange papers with faculty in related departments. I cannot say enough good things about this department and the broader intellectual community of the university.

University of Washington


2011-12 search

Incredibly nice, friendly department where faculty at all levels seems happy. Entire search very transparent and simple. (Uploaded documents to website, gave LoR writers a code; SComm tweeted timeline/stages, rejection letters notably polite, chair prompt in replying to emails/phone calls, chair made salary/benefits/what is negotiable very clear during campus visit.) On campus visit, treated like a peer, not someone to be grilled by entire faculty. Chair/admin ensured ample time for breaks/bathroom/eating and prep for job talk. No airport pickup -- in part BECAUSE department didn't want guest to feel pressured to walk off the plane in top form. Every meal out was great and friendly. Hotel was lovely. I booked flights myself, but I preferred it as to control my departure/arrival times. They offered to book if problem. Had many pleasant campus visits, but UW was noticeably special.

University of West Florida Anthropology 2014-15 Really courteous and collegial department, with close connections to other institutes on campus and in the local and regional community.  I had a short, whirlwind of a visit but was able to meet nearly everyone, and I was impressed by the quality of their research and the positive energy of the graduate students.  The trip details were arranged for me, and the hotel and dinner were very nice. The search chair took time to introduce me to faculty in other departments and even showed me the campus's wilderness trail.

University of West Georgia


2006-07 search; 2010-2011

Really nice, friendly department. Faculty deported themselves very professionally during MLA interview and campus visit. Underfunded university, but otherwise seemed like a great place to work. Great support staff, quick reimbursement. (No, I didn't get the job.) Don't believe everything you see over on the black list

  • 2011: I agree completely with the above poster.
University of Western Ontario English 2010-2011 Fantastic department. The faculty members are friendly, down to earth, passionate about their work, and invested in the success of the department. The students are enthusiastic and very bright. A vibrant community, full of lively intellectual activity. There's also a real sense of collegiality here, and genuine engagement with other people's ideas. I didn't get the job, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience: they treated me impeccably well, and were open, communicative, and humane throughout the process. This is how a job search should be run.

University of Winnipeg



No upfront expenses as the university buys your plane ticket. Generous breaks between interviews. It was the only school (among several campus visits) where the interview included a session with the faculty association (= union) that provided tips and resources on how to negotiate the contract.

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire



A very welcoming and friendly English department and an extremely organized search committee. Nothing but good things to say about the university and all those involved with the search.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Modern Languages








From start to finish this was one of the best interviewing experiences I have had. The SCC set the tone with a professional and friendly approach and was extremely welcoming on campus. The campus visit schedule was sent well in advance, expectations were clear, and there was time to rest scheduled between teaching/presentations. The department members all seem to really care about students AND research, plus the students are very alert, engaged, and socially active.

  • Ditto.
  • Ditto and will add that I was floored by how in-tune the administrators were with the needs of the program. They knew things about training students and really specific industry-related ideas that said so much about how well they communicate with the department.

A delightful visit - warm people, enjoyable conversation. Really came across how much they like each other and their students. Whomever they select will have great collegues.

Ursinus College Modern Languages 2013 Great, friendly people, motivated students, committed and smart faculty. They treated me so well (down to the goody bag filled with candy and snacks when I arrived at the hotel) and I had a wonderful time.

Utah State University


Outstanding department and very friendly. Excellent mix of research and teaching. Surprisingly liberal for Utah, inclusive department, non-mormons are the majority.

Villanova University Theatre 2013 Generous, serious, smart, committed, principled and straightforward. This was my experience of every person in this department - from the interim Adminsitrative Assistant to the faculty and staff of the department, from the students to the Deans. I cannot speak too highly of this department and of Villanova.
Virginia Tech History 2013 Super organized, thoughtful, engaged, and incredibly invested in their program, the faculty of the history department were a credit to the university. The entire department was up to date on my research, background and various materials, and asked really interesting questions at both my presentations. They were extremely friendly and really committed to building the strongest department they could. One of the best experiences I have ever had. 
Washington College Biology/Environmental Studies 2013

Warm, bright, dedicated, considerate faculty. The search (and Department) chair was clear throughout the process and it was clear that they structured the interview to be the least painful to the candidate(s). Faculty thanked me for considering their small institution; some made me feel like a guest of honor rather han a candidate. I had a wonderful experience.

"Seconding" this but from a humanities department. They picked me up from the train station and offered me a canvas swag bag complete with sunglasses, a water bottle, and a handmade baggie of candy and granola bars, "because interviewing is exhausting." That's the kindest thing that's happened to me on a campus visit, for sure!

Washington University St. Louis


I got a call from the search chair letting me know that my letters of recommendation had not arrived. I am impressed that this call was made at all -- given the number of schools that utterly fail to contact candidates at any point. The entire tone of the call was both warm and professional.

Wayne St. University Communication A finalist for a position in their Comm Dept. Everything about the interview experience was very positive. Very welcoming, engaging faculty. Accodmodations were nice; people took time to get to know me as a scholar and a person. Research talk and teaching demonstrations were well attended and they made an intiative to show me Detroit and surrounding areas. Excellent people all around.

Wayne State University



A wonderful interview experience. The interview was so well run and I was treated so well, that I felt like an invited speaker, rather than a job candidate.  I was picked up at the airport by a limousine, and was put up at the wonderful Inn on Ferry Street. They had the entire schedule planned ahead, and even had pointers for my job talk and the next day's chalk-talk! Had the first evening to myself, so I had time to relax after my flight and go over my talk.  Extremely efficient but relaxed schedule - small breaks for bathroom, etc... The faculty were friendly and outgoing, and the grad students were great. During my talk they were polite but asked interesting questions (not all were easy ones, but all were relevant and fair). Unfortunately, I did not get an offer (in any case, I was not a good fit, professionally), but they are a great group of people and it would be a great place to work.

Western Kentucky University

Art History

Really, really nice bunch of people. Everyone was very friendly and professional-- had an absolutely packed crowd for my job talk, a couple of very collegial dinners, and a wine reception at a SC member's house. They put a lot of time and effort into their visiting candidates. (so nice and positive, in fact, that I was shocked to not be offered the job, but they were very nice about that, too)

Western Kentucky University Anthropology 2010-11 Exactly the same as the Art History and Biology descriptions. Really friendly faculty, interviews were all very warm (including dean and head of dept.), were very receptive to research presentation - throw in a couple of very collegial dinners, tours of campus/town - would have loved the position, but again they were good about that too.

Western Kentucky University


Follows the Art History description above to a tee. The department was not in "pristine brand new" condition, but the faculty were very nice and impressive. I was drooling over taking a spot there.

Western Kentucky University History 2012-13

My experience with this school concurs with those from other departments, above. This was an exceptionally friendly and considerate department in every respect.

  • Me too! I'm lucky to have an unusually great home department, but even I was really amazed at how universally friendly, fun, interesting, academically productive, pedagogically creative and enthused and -- it must be said! -- socially ept this whole department was! The search was run perfectly, with unusual openness from the search chair -- so refreshing, and I think it really improved the process for everyone. I was disappointed not to get an offer, of course, but I had such a wonderful time I remember it with only fondness. What is perhaps more relevant still for future candidates is that Bowling Green is very liveable and affordable, and Nashville is in easy reach as well. The teaching load is high-ish but there's excellent morale and an amazing amount of research support. I gather no one's terribly fond of the University President (hardly unusual), but the Dean of the College (a historian) was just as great as all the department faculty, including the chair. It would be a nurturing, warm, and downright normal and healthy place to spend your career.
  • I did not get a campus interview, only AHA, but a year on I still remember how considerately the search was run.  Even as someone who never got to campus, I am not surprised by the superlative things said about this department and school.

Wheaton College


2007 Fall

I didn't even get an interview, but have corresponded several times with the search committee chair over email. He was very nice, helpful, forthcoming about what they were looking for, willing to listen to concerns, and provided some helpful feedback.

  • Ditto! I interviewed in Spring, 2008 with another department. They contacted me when they said they would, promptly refunded my travel expenses, and conducted the campus interview with great professionalism and courtesy. An excellent place to interview!
  • 2011-12 season: I only had a skype interview, but during that and all our interactions I was impressed by what attentive listeners they seemed to be and how determined to really understand where I was coming from in a constructive way; it seemed a very thoughtful department and they were also extremely kind.

Whitworth University

Human Resources


Very helpful and friendly. I was stunned (in a good way).

  • I agree! My experience with them thus far has been very good. They're professional, organized and on-the-ball in ways that so many universities aren't. (Dec. 11, 2007)

Whitman College

English (Visiting)

From the first phone call, my experience was great. When I arrived, the administration (including a newly hired Dean) knew my name, my file, and my research. Both faculty and students were candid (and accurate)in their descriptions of the job and campus life. They payed hotel and air up-front, and then double-checked to make sure I had not incurred any additional expenses. I can't think of a better "first job" experience.

  • This is another person essentially dittoing the above paragraph: As someone coming right out of grad school and into this institution, it's a bit a dream, and yes: an ideal first job experience. Collegial faculty, amazing and engaged students, tremendously functional all-around. From first contact to what is now the last bit of the visiting professorship, it's been an overwhelmingly positive experience. (3/7/12)

Williams College



everyone was very friendly and very professional. accommodations were very nice. it seemed like a nice place to teach. inside candidate unsurprisingly got the job but even the rejection - by telephone - was heartfelt and personal.

Winona State University College of Liberal Arts 2012/13 The school is not perfect (low pay, isolated location, rough winters), but I enjoy working here. WSU values academic freedom, high academic standards, and work/life balance.


While I didn't get the job, the SC was pleasant, prepared, and obviously interested in finding the best candidate for the job. What really impressed me, however, was the fact that they notified the non-campus visit MLA interviews once the campus visits had been confirmed. I find this to be rare (and prefer it to the indefinite, "maybe our first 4 choices won't work out" approach.

  • I had a great experience visiting campus for an art history position. I was surprised by how many faculty members from other departments showed up for my job talk. Students seemed sharp, too.
Yale University English 2011 Excellent folk and campus visit for the non-ladder lecturer position held according to schedule - lots of great planning and good food. No regrets. Highly recommended

Xavier University of New Orleans


The students, faculty and administration here are endearing folks who have obviously triumphed after Hurricane Katrina. The history department was great--very open and honest after what has been a difficult time. Paid for everything up-front (always appreciated) and were very gracious.

Yonsei University Underwood International College

Yonsei University is truly dedicated to globalization, and it has assembled an amazing group of international faculty committed to both research and teaching. The teaching load for tenure-track faculty (2 courses a semester) is very reasonable, and, given the small class sizes --- rarely more than 25 students --- it is possible to be a dedicated teacher and still have ample time for research, even during the semester. The students are a delight to teach, and come from all over the world. For Korean students, moreover, it is very competitive, and the Korean students at UIC are among the best in the country.

While the creation of the Yonsei International Campus in Songdo has given rise to transitional issues, things are getting much better, and, in the future, Songdo-based faculty will be able to teach upper-level courses, since there will be students there for all four years. These days hiring has been done in house, with search committees consisting of international faculty in the CC, and, from my experience, those in charge of the job searches have always been completely upfront about the conditions of employment. Yonsei University, moreover, is a top university in Korea with a long history, and with the exception of granting certain special benefits to "international" professors, Yonsei University, institutionally speaking, makes no distinction between foreign and Korean faculty.

Youngstown State University Communication 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed my campus visit to YSU. The faculty were all very friendly and seemingly happy. The students in the teaching demo weren't haughty but were hungry, asking excellent questions. The upper administrators I met with were all fantastic. The dean of the College of Communication and Creative Arts was engaging and personable. She was in her first year at the university, meaning that she wasn't just comfortable with the status quo (in a good way). Also, the department easily reimbursed me for my travel expenses.

The Youngstown area gets a negative rap as a "Rust Belt" city, but improvements are being made on and around the campus and the surrounding suburbs are delightful with extremely low cost of living. Plus, the area is about an hour away from Cleveland and Pittsburgh and is relatively equidistant to NYC and Chicago (~ 6 hours drive), if you ever need the "bright lights" and hustle and bustle.