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Urban Studies and City and Regional Planning job searches updates

School/ Department Review begins/ Deadline Status updates
MIT/ Urban Studies and Planning Nov. 1 (multiple positions)

What's going on with this one?

Request for reference letters and writing samples (jan 2012)

Which specializations?

Cornell University/ City and Regional Planning Nov. 15 (multiple positions)

Request for reference letters

Interviews Scheduled

UC Berkeley/ City and Regional Planning Nov. 15

Request for more materials sent; rejections sent

Interviews Scheduled

Offer Made

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor/ Architecture & Planning Dec. 1 (multiple positions)

Request for more materials sent; rejections sent.

(At least one) Offer Made

UC Irvine/ Planning, Policy, and Design Oct. 30 Interviews Scheduled
University of Colorado, Denver Nov. 15 Hire made. Email said they received 150+ applications.
Portland State University Nov. 15 (multiple positions)

Interviews scheduled for Transportation Modeling position (Feb 5th) Offer made (March/April)

Interviews scheduled for econ. position (they received over 300 applications for this one) Offer made (April)

Virginia Tech/ Urban Affairs and Planning Oct. 28 (multiple positions)

Request for reference letters

Search suspended for now due to budget cuts No candidates shortlisted for interviews

UPenn/ Urban Design Dec. 15 (open rank) Interviews Scheduled
LSE Cities Nov. 17

Interviews Scheduled

Offer Made

San Francisco State University/Urban Governance (Public Administration) Oct. 28 Interviews Scheduled
San Jose State University Nov. 4

Interviews Scheduled; Rejections sent

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Nov. 14
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Urban Planning) Dec. 23 Phone interviews conducted
University of Virginia Sept. 15 Rejections sent; hired internal candidate -- fake search!
Ryerson University Nov. 15 Interviews Scheduled; Hire made
University of Pittsburgh Jan. 4
The Catholic University of America Jan. 15
Morgan State University Feb. 1
Auburn University Jan. 10
Central Connecticut State University (Geography) Jan. 18
Northeastern University/Sustainability Initiative Nov. 1

Short list/some interviews conducted

Multiple offers made and accepted at different levels.

Florida State University (Transportation) Nov. 7 Request for Reference Letters
University of New Orleans (Transportation) Jan. 27