Academic Jobs Wiki

Arizona State University (Dec 1st)[]

  • Anything?
  • On-campus interview scheduled (1/6)
  • I believe an offer has been made - not sure if accepted (3/28)

Cal Poly SLO (either Dec 15th or 22nd)[]

  • Any update?
  • Still no word 3/9
  • Skype/Phone interviews held 3/16

Cal. State University Northridge (Oct. 31st)[]

  • (Any update?)
  • (bump?)

Florida Atlantic University (April 1st)[]

  • Applications due April 1st

Georgia Tech - Transportation Planner (Nov 15th)[]

  • Any news on the where the process stands?
  • Invitations for job talks have been issued (12/18)
  • Received email that hire has been made and the job search process is over (3/12)


  • (Any update?)
  • Rejection received stating that shortlist had been made (posted 4/17)

Kansas State University (Jan 1)[]

  • Any news? (1/22)
  • Still nothing here? (2/14)
  • They contacted me to schedule a phone interview. They also contacted my references. (2/12)
  • Campus interviews are scheduled (2/21)
  • Heard that an offer was made, not sure if accepted (posted 3/24)

McGill (Dec 15)[]

  • Long list chosen for Skype interviews (1/6)
  • Interviews scheduled (1/16)
  • More interviews expected (1/16)
    • Just curious what you heard; I know someone who was contacted for an interview today, but no details about how many others were on the shortlist. (1/16)
  • Any news on a hire here? (3/11)
  • An offer has been made (4/13)
  • Offer accepted (4/19)

MIT open rank (October 1)[]

  • Request for additional materials and letters of recommendation (10/6) (same - 10/15)
  • Just got another request for letters of recommendation (but not teaching evals), after getting the initial one on 10/6 and uploading all the documents shortly after (11/5 - x3) - same here. 
  • FYI I emailed about the second request for letters, and some people did not attach their recommendations that were received through Interfolio, so they sent another request with instructions.  I would suggest double checking your applications.  Good luck! (11/7)
  • Did anyone get a letter/evals request in early October but not get the new letter request today?
  • Anyone heard anything (asked 11/14)?
  • On-campus interview scheduled.
  • Rejection received - 300 applicants! (12/4)
  • An offer was made and accepted (posted 4/23)

Portland State Univ - Transportation Planner  (Dec 1st)[]

  • HR platform sent automated emails that reference letters received (12/5)  x2
  • Rejection letter (12/31)
  • Request for telephone interview (1/10/2015)
  • Campus interview for next week (1/25/2015)
  • Rejection received (2/5) X3
  • Hire made at the Associate level (3/12/15)

Portland State Univ - Land Use/Regional Planning[]

  • Any updates?
  • Campus interviews starting this week (Jan 26)

Rutgers-Transportation Specialization (Nov 15th)[]

  • Request for telephone interview (12/5) 
  • Invitation for on-campus interview (12/16)
  • Has hire been made?  I have not received any communication indicating the process is closed (3/26)
  • Offer has been accepted. (4/25)

Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) - Nov. 24th[]

  • Any updates?
  • Currently interviewing (1/20)
  • An offer was declined a month(?) ago (posted 3/27). Unknown if another offer made.
  • Rejection letter received indicating an offer has been made to another candidate.

SUNY Albany (November 17)[]

  • Assistant Professor of Planning
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Has an offer been made? (3/9)
  • To 3/9: I believe campus visits are not completed yet (I only have 2nd/3rd hand info though)
  • Offer made, not sure if accepted (posted 4/11)

Tufts (October 1) -[]

  • Review begins October 15
  • Conference interviews at ACSP scheduled - x1
  • Anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Request for letters of recommendation (11/13)
  • Request for phone interview (11/13) 
  • Any updates? (1/8)
  • They are conducting on-campus interviews; I didn't make the cut but haven't been contacted one way or the other. (1/31)
    • I am wondering what is your source of information. I contacted them last week and they said on-campus interviews will be started mid to late Februrary !
    • I have an inside contact. The official word I received when I contacted the official contact was that they were in process and would be in touch. I believe the blizzards have caused them to reschedule some of the scheduled job talks.
  • Received rejection email yesterday. (4/18)
  • Received rejection email today. (5/6)

UC Berkeley (November 10)[]

  • Request for additional materials sent 11/24
  • Any updates?
  • Job talks have been scheduled (2/10)
  • Job talks completed for both positions (3/13)

University of Illinois, Chicago (October 15)[]

  • Informal interviews at ACSP conference
  • Transportation position: Request for letters of recommendation (11/14)
  • Letters requested (Urban Studies position) 
  • Any more information on the Urban Studies position? When did they begin requesting letters? 
  • Faculty references contacted to request letter, though no notification directly to me that I am a finalist. Has anyone received phone/skype/in-person interviews in the period of time post-reference letter request? (11/24/2014)
  • I just got an automated email from UIC saying my references have been contacted for the Urban Studies position, although I hadn't heard anything from my references in the late November timeframe that others seem to have been contacted in. (12/16/2014) x5
  • Any updates? 
  • Still nothing here? (1/16) x 6
  • Still nothing even now? (2/13) x 7
    • I feel like by now they must have scheduled interviews (or even made an offer), and it just happens that no one who got an invite updated the wiki.
    • Any possibility (or rumor) that the positions were delayed? Were any rejection letters sent out? Must have been a delay of some sort. See below.
  •  Campus interview invite for the transportation position (2/21)
    • But still nothing about the urban studies position? x2 (3/12)
  • I heard second-hand that the two positions have been combined into one interview process with six candidates, all of whom have been contacted, with interviews already begun or beginning shortly. The person who told me was in a position to know, but was a little vague, so take it with a grain of salt. (3/17)
  • Transportation position was filled with the hire of an asst. prof. from another university.(4/24)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (December 15)[]

  • Assistant Professor - Physical Planning and Design
  • Campus visits scheduled - start 3/9

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (December 15)[]

  • Assistant Professor of Community and Civic Engagement position (due 12/15)
  • informal conversations at ACSP conference
  • Phone interviews scheduled on 1/26 and 1/27
  • On campus interviews scheduled, early to mid-February (1/29)

University of Northern British Columbia (January 15)[]

  • 2 positions
  • Any news?

UPenn (November 1)[]

UT Arlington - Land Use Planner (Nov 15th - First Review)[]

  • Email confirming application material (from new search chair) on 2/9 x2
  • Email asking if I was still interested.  Apparently the process has been delayed. 3/20 x2
  • Phone interviews held from 4/7 to 4/15.  They said they will be informing on campus interview candidates within 2 weeks. 4/17
  • Second hand info saying campus invites have been sent out. Don't know how many. (posted 4/20)
  • Interviews are now complete.  I think there were three interviews.  Have not heard if an offer has been made. 5/29.

University of Utah (Nov 15th)[]

  • Skype interview scheduled
  • Invitation for on-campus interview (1/9)
  • Any update? (3/26)

University of Washington, Tacoma (Dec 15th)[]

  • Anything?
  • Faculty references contacted for letters, though no notification directly to me that I am on a shortlist. (1/18)
  • phone interview (1/30)
  • Rejection received (2/2) x 4
  • campus interviews scheduled (2/7)

Virginia Tech (Dec 1) - Community involvement position[]

  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted (posted 4/2)

Virginia Tech (Dec 1) - Planning law position[]

  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Offer made 3/9
  • Offer accepted (posted 3/12)