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This site is an experiment in compiling a list of 2012-2013 WPA salaries that WPAs can use for various purposes.

Please list the title of the position, type of institution, salary, and, if you'd like, whether you have access to other forms of support (e.g., staff & rankings, salary for summer/other projects like assessment, research and conference funding, etc.)

See also: Rhetoric/Composition 2013

NOTE: category for WPA added to Rhetoric/Composition Salaries for AY 2013-14

Title Rank Inst Type Salary Staffing? Summer Stipend Research/Conf Support
Comp Dir Assoc/Tenured Private, Some MA/MS $84K None $7500 Yes ($2000)
FYW Director Asst./Untenured Public, PhD-granting $46,640 2 assistants NA $250 this year
FYW Director Asst. Professor/Untenured Public, PhD-granting $56560 2 assistants summer teaching Textbook funds
WID Director Non-Tenured Staff Private, PhD-granting $62,000 2 support staff 12-mo contract $1500/yr