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Sociology of Gender: 1

Currently open searches in WMST hiring 2009-2010 for fall 2010 (Alphabetical Order Please!)

Amherst College

Notice via email of rejection ("application is not being further pursued") 11/30 (X6) Request for further materials 11/23 (X3)

  • MLA interview, phone call 12/10 x3
  • Has anyone heard anything about a campus visit? (1/6)

    • Not a word (1/8)...
    • Email reject (1/14) X2

Arizona State University

  • Note there are two jobs here. Assistant Professor in Women's and Gender Studies AND Assistant/Associate in the School of Social Transformation. The WGS line will be part of SST, but the broader SST job could be in any 2 of the school's areas, which are WGS, Justice & Social Inquiry, Asian Am, and African/AfAm.

  • was recently asked to complete an equal opp survey online (School of Social Transformation)(x3)

was sent equal opp form online (WGST position) x4 (1/27/10)

  • people have been invited for Social Transformation job talks 2/12
  • darn it! they forgot to call me! :)
  • Has anyone heard from WS (as in the above is social transformation and they haven't called WS applicants yet)? (2/15)
  • heard 2nd hand that they have invited people for the WS position (2/15)

    • Can you confirm that? Are talks underway? (2/23)
    • I can confirm that someone was offered the SST job. Don't know about the WGS line

Phone conversation followed by no further contact

Bowdoin College (Visiting Instructor or Assistant Prof. in Gender and Women's Studies)

Butler University

  • Invitation to interview at NWSA conference (11/4) x5

  • At NWSA interview they said they would be contacting finalists in late November or early December about scheduling an on campus visit.
  • Is there an internal candidate? Last year there was a search for a one year hire and the current call specifies ability to teach queer studies and US social movements, which a recently added faculty member is doing, but I don't know her status.
  • I hope not. I imagine they wouldn't waste their time doing in-person interviews at NWSA if they were going with their internal candidate.
  • Yeah, I agree. And they did *a lot* of interviews at NWSA.
  • phone invitation for campus visit, (12/9) <-- any confirmation? (12/11) - logistics being worked out (12/13)
  • I have heard from someone at Indiana U (who knows Butler people) this is an internal hire. Pretty sure that this is real and not gossip.

    • internal for assistant prof.? but they have no postdocs or adjuncts...?
    • they have a visiting prof right now who does research/teaching in the area they interviewed for.
    • what is one supposed to do with that information? --> if you had/will have one of the campus visits, you can probably ignore that information--any department that takes the time to bring you to campus is seriously considering you as a candidate.
  • any news? (1/30)
  • Rejection email confirming position has been filled. (3/9)

Carleton College (LGBT Studies 1 yr Postdoc)

  • Deadline: January 15
  • On the NWSA website it has both dates - Oct 15 for start of review of applications and end date Jan 15.
  • Anyone hear anything? Even a confirmation of receipt?
  • deadline was Oct. 15. Request for interview end of October. They've probably made an offer by now.
  • did you get the interview or are you making assumptions? An interview 2 weeks after receiving apps is unrealistic.
  • search done candidate selected Dec 2/09
  • Rejection letter received, dated 12/15, confirming position was offered to someone. (x2)

Castleton State College (Joint position: WGS and Sociology/ Political Science/ Social Work)

  • Castleton has reached out to a pool of candidates & scheduled "informal" phone chats aimed at answering applicants' questions about the position. From there, candidates will have "formal" phone interviews with the WGS Chair & Soci/Poli Sci/Soci Work Chair. Then candidates will be selected to be invited out for a campus interview. (12/14)
  • Has anyone been invited for an on-campus interview yet? Any news at all? (1/13)
  • Campus interview scheduled

College of William and Mary (Visiting Assistant Professor in Women's Studies)

DePaul University (Assistant Professor in Women's and Gender Studies)

Deadline 2/5

    • Not sure where the above deadline comes from. The Chronicle advertisement says they started reviewing applications 01/29.
    • sorry, my mistake. headline on NWSA site says 2/5. text of that posting says 1/29 until filled.
  • phone interview 3/11 --> Congratulations! Have you already completed the interview, or was this an invitation to interview? Are you a PhD in gender/women's studies? Thanks!
  • Has anyone been invited for campus vists?
  • See Universities to Fear page. This position is a replacement for a controversial tenure denial.
  • Any news on campus visits? Has anyone been invited?
  • Round of people have been invited for visits 3/22

Duke University (Assistant Professor in Visual Culture)

  • Confirmation of receipt (10/20/09)

  • There were two postdocs last year in visual culture in the department. Is this going to be an internal hire?

  • Request for more info (letters) week of 11/2 (I don't remember which day, sorry, I deleted the email.) (x6) Did everyone receive request for letters? My email seemed to indicate that there was an error in the job description and they were contacting all applicants to remedy this.
  • I got an email (11/3) stating that they did not ask for letters in the original request, but that at this time I should contact folks for LOR.
  • Doesn't matter b/c there is an internal candidate. Yippee. Kill me. This is so depressing. (11/11)
  • It is silly when people complain about internal candidates. Who cares? Lots of internal candidates are passed over every year by search committees. (x7)
  • Has there been any new word on this job? (12/12)

    • Not a peep since the lor email. Any idea when/where they might interview?
    • The committee will be reviewing all applications after the holiday break -- word from committee member. (12/21)
  • Request for further information (1/15) (x4)

    • Are any of the folks who have been asked for further information willing to share what info was requested? I'm curious because...well, because like many on these pages I am neurotic and the suspense is killing me. Thanks in advance.
    • Two writing samples of no more than 50 pages total.
  • Any further word?

    • There are 4 finalists for the on-campus interview; talks in progress. (2/28)
    • Offer extended to candidate.

East Carolina University (Visiting Assoc/Full)

  • Review starts Jan 11. See Chronicle of Higher Ed for details.

Eastern Michigan University

    • Asked via email to notify referees to send in letters. In other words, made it to short list. (01/28) x3
    • three candidates on campus week of Feb 22 (2/25)

Eastern Michigan University (History/Women's Studies Instructor)

  • Deadline: November 20, 2009

Grand Valley State University

  • Invitation to interview at NWSA conference (11/3)
  • Have any of the people interviewed at NWSA heard anything since?(12/5)
  • Haven't heard anything either! (12/14)
  • I wasn't interviewed at NWSA but I got a call after NWSA for an interview; did that interview on 12/15. Haven't heard back since (but it's only 12/20 now).
  • Three on-campus interviews have been scheduled for late January - dept sent an email to GVSU faculty inviting them to candidate talks. (1/11)
  • received rejection letter by USPS dated 2/23, mentions there were 150 applications (2/26)x3

John Jay College of Criminal Justice (masculinities, joint appointment with relevant department)

  • I can't seem to find this posting. The chronicle sends me to a page that has other department's listed but not gender/ women's studies. Where did you see this? Thanks!

  • Affirmative action form, with letter saying that review of apps would begin in December (11/14) (x3)

  • They've reposted this position on the college site as of one day after the deadline, 11/16. The new deadline is 12/5. Does that mean they don't like any of the apps they got?? (11/23).

  • The original deadline - in every post I've seen - has always been 11/30/09. Not sure where 11/16 is coming from.
  • People may wish to see the "Discussion" section, below: "Multiple people were told that there is a favored candidate in one department at John Jay (this is a interdisciplinary position). It may well be a serious external recruitment, but at least three people were told not to bother."

The posting I saw, from another school's gender list serve, said the deadline was 11/15. Doesn't matter if they've got an inside candidate!

  • Email received 12/15:  "We have decided not to pursue your candidacy further at this time." +1
  • E-mail received 12/15 requesting Feb. campus interview

Anyone else waiting to hear either way? (+2)

12/16: Have not rec'd rejection or request for campus interview (12/19 -- still nothing) X2

  • Email received 12/18: "We have decided not to pursue your candidacy further at this time"
  • No longer waiting. Rejection email. (12/21)
  • Eagerly waiting to see who got the job, so that the "internal hire" rumours can be confirmed or squashed.  I'm hoping for the former - it will make me feel better about having been immediately rejected (i.e., at least I didn't have to waste time on a spurious interview)

Luther College (Anthro & Women & Gender Studies)

Memorial University (St. John's, Canada)

Mills College

  • Does anybody know if this is an inside hire? They have a Visiting Prof. who covers Queer Studies, which they're advertising for.

I don't know. Assuming they are doing interviews at NWSA perhaps some people have heard back from them. Anyone?

They originally said they were interviewing at NWSA, but they have changed the listing to not mention interviewing at NWSA. What might that mean?

  • The visiting prof has been on faculty for awhile and has no terminal degree, and so they are likely trying to hire someone on as permanent faculty in this area.
  • They did not interview at NWSA, or at least they were not part of the employment service there.

  • Ack. of receipt (11/7) (x3)
  • Oh wow, I assumed since I didn't hear from them by NWSA I was out. Has anyone heard anything else (interviews etc.)?
  • I haven't heard a word as of 11.30 (except the ack. of receipt - and I'm not one of the three above). I just checked the sociology wiki and fwiw no one has updated anything about Mills on that page either. (x3)

  • Invitation for a phone interview, 12/4

Had a phone interview last week. Has anyone heard back re: status of search post phone interviews? (12/14)

Has anyone heard since the phone interviews? I haven't as of 12/18.

Had a phone interview on 12/9; haven't heard back as of 12/20. I called on 12/15 to ask when decisions would be made, and was told "very soon" and they want to do campus visits in late January.

has anyone been invited for an interview? I haven't heard as of 12/30 (x3)

Anyone heard anything as of 1/12?

heard they are bringing 4 people out for campus talks- in the midst of them now. 1/27

Rejection letter received via USPS 1/29

Portland State University (Visiting Assistant Prof. in Women's Studies & American Studies)

  • This is a really dysfunctional department to work in. They've lost two faculty of color quite recently with a lot of controversy. They can't seem to keep anyone who will teach their courses on women of color . . . I wouldn't apply unless you desperately need something for next year and even then beware!

I agree-- this is a really messed up program. The only tenured person in the program is brand new (replacing one of the women of color who left). Also, both of the faculty of color who left brought up grievances about racism (the first one even filed an affirmative action case against the program). There's a long history of racism in this program, initiated several years ago by students of color who protested the program and the all-white faculty at that time. Until they can get rid of some of the current faculty, I'd stay FAR, FAR away from this place.

Rice University (Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Postdoctoral Fellow)

Deadline: January 15

Anyone get a confirmation of receipt? (2/1) It is 2/9 and I still haven't heard anything! How rude!

Rude? Really? It hasn't even been a month since the deadline and postdocs in specific areas can be more competetive than a TT position, so realistically we shouldn't expect to hear anything so soon. A: Rude that we don't even get a confirmation.

Most institutions don't send out confirmation or even rejection emails!!

Nope and I submitted my application over a month ago. (02/04)

How many do they choose, two?

Any news yet? I got an offer from another institution and emailed them but they said no decision until April.

They're not going to decide until early-mid April.

Any news??

Saint Louis University (Review of Applications begins 10/30)

confirmation of receipt of completed application (10/29) x2x321)

invitation to interview at NWSA (11/9) x2

have any of the people interviewed at NWSA heard anything since? (12/4)

heard 2nd hand that they have called for campus visits (12/9)

They currently have 3 candidates scheduled for campus visits.(12/18)

offer made and accepted (2/28)

Saint Mary's College (History and Women's Studies)

Deadline Feb. 01

The posting mentioned that preference would be given to early submissions in order to interview at AHA. Did AHA interviews take place? (1/20)

No idea. Has anyone heard anything back on this one yet? (2/3)

Search cancelled. Notice rec'd by ground mail. (2/26)

Saint Mary's College (Political Science and Women's Studies)

Deadline Feb. 01

Santa Clara University

confirmation of receipt (Oct 20) others? Invitation for preliminary interview received Oct 14 Anyone else?

Position was offered to someone already (Nov 21)

Is it public? Was it accepted?

email rejection received 12/4 claims they have "selected for further consideration a small group of candidates" X2

Heard through grapevine position offered/accepted (2/19)

inside candidate (3/15)

Scripps College

Request for additional materials (11/4)X3

Indicated they'd be meeting early next week to decide about phone interviews

Acknowledged receipt of initial materials (11/5)

Acknowledged receipt of initial materials (11/10). Acknowledgment did not include request for more materials. (11/10)x2

Anyone heard regarding phone interviews? (11/11)

Request for additional materials (11/12)

Anyone heard anything regarding requests for new materials or interviews lately? (11/27)

I was asked for more materials on 11/8 but have not heard anything else yet. It looks like they were going through a few different rounds of asking for syllabi etc. I wonder if there is a ranking, if they got through the first batch and wanted a second, or something else, entirely... Anyone hear anything back after sending additional materials? (11/29)

I was asked for more material on 11/4 but have not heard anything as of today. (11/30)

Haven't even received a confirmation of receipt yet and I sent my application out well over a month ago. (11/30)

Did those of you who sent in additional materials receive a notice of receipt? (11/30)

Haven't heard anything since 11/10

anyone know what is going on with them? (12/8)

Invitation to schedule phone interview 12/2 x2

Rejection email. (12/17)x10

Had phone interview this week, was told by search committee that it wasn't reconvening until after the break, and further decisions and campus visits would be arranged then. (12/18)

Any news about campus visits? (1/28)

yes they are underway

any news?

heard from reliable source that offer was made (3/10)

Swarthmore College (Gender and Sexuality Program; 2-year Mellon-funded postdoc/assistant professor level)

Applications due 11/30/09

acknowledgment of receipt of materials, indication that they plan to interview at MLA (12/10)

grumpy side note: why do interdiscplinary positions interview at disciplinary conferences???

second this - though I can't entirely blame them for holding interviews at a conference that's a short drive away

Email on 12/10 ('cause I was missing letters of rec) stated that committee was meeting on 12/11 and had recieved over 200 applications! I would think they would notify people pretty soon since interviews will be on 12/28

200 plus.  Well, time to put in the application at Walmart.

Invitation to interview at MLA (12/11)

Emailed to ask when candidates would be notified (not planning on going to MLA otherwise). Received a very nice email informing me that they have selected their top 10 for interviews (I'm not one of them). They received over 240 applications. The email was really a model of decency and compassion; makes me even sadder that I'm not going to work there! (12/15)

Phone invitation for campus visit (1/4)

Rejection email, 01/04/10; 01/11/10 (x2)

Final decision by 2/20

Offer extended to candidate and accepted

SUNY Stonybrook

I saw this advertisement on the bulletin board at NWSA. Has it been posted anywhere online yet?

It's just gone up on the NWSA job page.

Is this position for a sociologist? Seems slanted that way.

Possibly, but they also explicitly state preferring a candidate with a Ph.D. or a graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies.

1/6 Affirmative action survey by e-mail. (x2)

Anyone heard anything???

Crickets (02/04)

Anyone know anything about this, even second-hand? Seems really strange.

Called to schedule a phone interview - I had to decline. (2/24)

Syracuse University

Deadline December 04

Has anyone heard anything? Are they interviewing at the MLA? Thanks

Campus visits are happening now (2/2)

Does anyone know how many candidates they invited to give talks? A: Yes, 3.

Offer has been made.

Rejection email confirming position has been offered and accepted. (3/2)

Syracuse University Post-Doctoral Fellowship Future of Minority Studies

1 Position Women's Studies, 1 Position LGBT Studies, 1 position Women's Studies and LGBT Studies

Deadline March 1, 2010

Where are these postdocs listed? I can't find them on this website. Thanks!

Came through Ford Foundation list-serv - advert pasted below:

Application Deadline is March 1, 2010. FMS @ Syracuse Postdoctoral Fellowships: 2010-2011 FMS at Syracuse announces two semester long postdoctoral mentoring fellowships for the academic year 2010-2011. FMS at Syracuse is part of the Future of Minority Studies (FMS) national research project (, a mobile think tank designed to facilitate focused and productive discussion across disciplines on a defined set of questions about the role of identity in the production of knowledges and in the formation of social justice movements. FMS @ Syracuse is housed in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Syracuse University, and focuses specifically on questions related to minoritized feminist identities and epistemologies in the context of national and transnational justice and politics. We invite applications from scholars working on intellectual projects in these areas. A mentoring fellowship entails working for one semester with an FMS faculty mentor towards a scholarly publication (journal essay, book chapter, book manuscript, etc.). Other expectations include involvement in the activities of the WGS department, and presenting one public lecture on the candidate's area of expertise. Candidates may apply to work with one of the following Syracuse faculty: Linda Carty (African American Studies, Sociology, Caribbean Studies) Margaret Himley (Writing and Rhetoric, LGBT Studies)Minnie Bruce Pratt (Writing and Rhetoric, Women's and Gender Studies, LGBT Studies) Silvio Torres-Sailliant (English, Latino/Latin American Studies) Chandra Talpade Mohanty (Women's and Gender Studies) Stipend: $20,000 Please send in electronic format as attachments the following: a letter of applicationa description of the publication project identifying the faculty mentor you wish to work witha CVtwo letters of reference Please e-mail your application material, with Subject Heading "FMS @ Syracuse Postdoctoral Fellowships," to

Please specify the semester (Fall 2010 or Spring 2011) you prefer to be in residence at SU. Application deadline: March 1, 2010 FMS @ SU is funded through a generous grant from the Office of the Chancellor at Syracuse University.

Has anyone heard anything??

Rejection e-mail received (a really nice one): April 5.

Temple University

American Studies and Women’s Studies Program

One year VAP - emphasis on LGBT Studies and

Deadline 02/20/2010

Where is this posted?

Contacted for phone interview

Congrats! Do you mind sharing when and how you were contacted? Thanks!

Temple University (Women's Studies only)

Women's Studies [note this is separate from the Women's/American Studies job posted above]

One year Lecturer/VAP, prefer specialization at the intersections of race/gender/sexuality

Deadline 3/25/10

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

acknowledgment of receipt by letter (late Nov.)

Request for writing sample (transnational feminisms) 1/11. Was this request by email? A: Yes, it was. x2 

Anyone heard anything about the progress of this search? (2/15)

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (Women and Ethnic Studies)

Deadline Nov. 30

Rejection email received, 12/03

Inside candidate? 2 days to review all applications is an awfully short turnaround time.

phone interview arranged by phone 12/10

University of Connecticut (VAP)

Deadline Feb. 15

See for details:

Confirmation of receipt via email (1/12)

Phone interview scheduled (4/8)

Curious if this could be an inside hire. There is already someone in the position scheduled to teach classes in Fall 2010.

Offer accepted (5/20)

University of Houston (post-doctoral fellowship in women's studies)

Deadline: April 23

Has anyone heard anything about this postdoc? I realize it hasn't been very long, but I was curious if anyone knew more about it...Thanks! I only heard from them to let me know my application was complete. Anyone else?

They are currently conducting interviews.

University of Illinois, Chicago

confirmation of receipt (10/14) x4

Does anyone know what's going on with this search?

Haven't heard a thing, and assuming I'm no longer in the running

Haven't heard anything since 10/14

Not a word. Also assuming the search has moved passed me.

Has there been any new word on this job? (12/12)

It's hard to imagine that this far past the deadline, there's been no word from the SC; but I suppose it's not impossible that they still haven't contacted anyone.  Unlikely, but not impossible.

They received 400 applications and have invited 4 candidates to campus for job talks.

Email received indicating that "[d]ue to extreme financial crisis in the state the University has been forced it to take measures that, among other things, mean that all searches are suspended and are almost certain to be canceled" and that "the search cannot go forward at this time." No indication of number of applications or previously scheduled campus visits. (1/13/10)

There were four campus visits scheduled (I was one of them) but, as stated above, the search was "suspended and almost certain to be cancelled."

University of Michigan (HIV Studies)

Where is this job posted?

offer has been made (2/24)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Sociology and Women's Studies)

The Sociology wiki notes that they have sent out rejection letters and made a short list. Any confirmation of this? I sent out my application by 10/01 and have heard nothing as of 12/01. Anyone else?

I received a rejection letter last week via USPS.

I haven't heard a thing from them yet, but I read on the Soci. wiki that several people have received rejection letters. I'm assuming that I'm just not going to be receiving anything from them at this point, which is a bummer. (12/14) (x2)

Received a rejection letter via USPS 01/08

University of Notre Dame (Dir. of UG Gender Studies)

Deadline: 03/01

Anyone heard anything? 03/16

Received request for "additional materials" from search committee chair several weeks ago, but no word since then (3/17) x4

Rejection email (4/2). Previously submitted additional materials.

University of Pittsburgh (Visiting Lecturer in Women's Studies)

University of Toronto, 'Mississauga (Women and gender studies and religion)

received request for additional material and invitation to informal conversation at AHA conference, if in attendance. (12/14) (X2)

in what field are you, if you don't mind my asking?  A: Religion & American history 

invitation for campus interview (1/15)

Offer made and accepted

University of Vermont (Women and Gender Studies)

Deadline Feb. 26

Ph.D. in a social science discipline, or in Women's, Gender, or Sexuality Studies

Full-time lecturer appointment to begin in August, 2010.

The position is for an initial term of one year and is renewable at the discretion of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Expertise in Geography or Sociology desirable.

Teaching expectations include Women and Gender Studies and Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory

"Queer Theory" is not mentioned anywhere in the job ad. From what it looks like they're looking for someone to teach an entry-level course of Intro to WGS and/or Intro to Queer Studies.

Emailed call to several lists mentions this even if it did not get into announcement

Candidates offering courses in sexuality and gender identity studies, intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality, feminist methodologies desired.

Heard from reputable sources there's an inside candidate for this position.

They're advertising it pretty widely on listservs and such, which seems odd for an inside hire. Also, inside candidates get passed over all the time--does this kind of info keep anyone from applying? (not trying to be snarky--it's a real question)

from someone who has three times now been told that there was an inside candidate and three times been offered the position: don't let that kind of "insider" information shake you one bit. also know that you can ask during a campus visit whether this is, in fact, true information. at least then it's above board.

Good advice about asking during a campus visit. To offer a different perspective, I've seen plenty of positions go to inside hires and so if I was on the fence about applying for a position and heard they had someone in mind I might not waste my time.

Job was reposted on the 5th of March. Not sure why.

Contacted to ensure all letters of recommendation were in

Was there confusion with your letters? Or have you made it to a short list? Thanks!

Received phone call today confirming interest in position and inviting me to campus for a visit. (04/28)

Offer made.

Ok, I'm curious. Who got this job? Was it the 'inside' candidate?

University of Wisconsin, Green Bay (Women, Gender, and the Law)

confirmation of receipt (11/30)

2/7 email inquiring if I was still on the market (I am not).

Rejection letter received (4/29)

University of Wisconsin, Madison

can anyone figure out this posting on the chronicle? it links to the website, but there is no info. thanks

University of Wyoming

Request for additional materials (10/15)

acknowledgement that not selected as a finalist (10/27) x2

Vanderbilt University  (in Women's and Gender Studies program, but emphasis on transnational feminisms or masculinities)

E-mail rejection from search chair (2/3/2010). BTW, rejection letter closed with the following paragraph that was very nice, even though I'm sure it was copied and pasted to everyone who applied:

"Members of the search committee appreciate the opportunity to learn of your research and teaching interests, but we have decided not to consider your application further. We hope that you will find--or already have--a position elsewhere that both takes advantage of your strengths and fosters your continued development as a scholar and a teacher."

Q: Are others waiting to receive news? (2/11/10)

Yes, still waiting. (2/16)

Email rejection received (2/7)

Wellesley College (Visiting Lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies Program)

Offer made and accepted. (5/11)

Western Illinois University

acknowledgement of complete file (10/23)

Anyone heard anything about this?

just found out by email that I am on the short list and they will make the next round of decisions in Jan. (12/18 and 12/21, 12/22) x5

Rejection letter received. (12/21) x3

phone interviews scheduled for 12/27 and 12/29 (I'm confused about these dates. Does poster mean January 27/29? Otherwise, this does not make sense due to the timeline presented so far.) Yes--my bad

very thoughtful and professional rejection letter recieved 2/5

I was one of the long-shortlist people above and received a letter this week notifying me I did not make the short list. (2/15) x2

rejected after phone interview; offer made and accepted by 3/15

Wesleyan (Religious Studies and Women's Studies)

acknowledgment of receipt (10/25)

Has anyone heard anything about this? Or has this search moved past me too? (12/9)

Yale University (LGBT Studies)

There are currently three visiting lecturers/fellows there (; inside hire?

Well, even if internal hire, many internal candidates are passed over year after year in searches, so probably still worth applying for. at the same time, i do think this post is geared towards one of their postdocs who fits the job description (non-US/social science field).

I agree with the above - especially the second half. Clearly geared toward one of the current postdocs.

Apply, of course - but it's 99% done deal internal hire

I think it might very well not be an internal hire. I got a forwarded e-mail a while back that was a re-forward of an e-mail from the Yale dept. to several people asking recipients to please forward this to any potentially interested candidates. (x2) Any news?

In response to request for news: applications were due at the end of Dec, so I don't expect to hear anything about this job for awhile yet. I did receive an email from the Program Assistant on 1-12-10 that my file was incomplete and to have my 3rd letter of rec sent immediately, as the committee was currently reviewing applications. (1-19-10)

Request for additional materials (1/27/10)

Poster on 1/27/10: care to identify your discipline? (1/29/10)

Acknowledgement of receipt of application received 1-25-10 via USPS; this letter was dated 1-22-10 and indicated "applications would be reviewed over the next few weeks." Also included Affirmative Action survey to return in the mail. (2-1-10)

Uh-oh: no acknowledgment or Affirmative Action survey here. Anyone else in the same boat? (2-5-10)

heard secondhand that this search is suspended until next year. this comes from 2 people who had been contacted in the search (both ethnographers btw).

Can anyone confirm the latter? Does that mean that applications will simply get tossed?

Yes, the search was suspended. I received a letter today (dated March 5) that the search is suspended temporarily and will reopen in the fall, with the aim of hiring for the 2011-2012 academic year. My letter said I will be contacted in late summer about the search and that if I am still interested in being considered, I can reactivate my application, update it with supplemental information, or submit a completely new application. Did anyone else get this letter? (3-11-10) -- Yes, but via email. -- Yes, by mail.

Yes, via mail. They also said that they thought my application was "very interesting" (who would have thought? but I'm sure that's the formula they used for every single letter they sent out; had my application been that "very interesting", they would have contacted me along with the two anthropologists who were mentioned above).


Question: does anyone know what's going on with the positions at the University of South Carolina or the University of Wisconsin? The CHE indicates that they're hiring, but I can't seem to find descriptions of the positions.

A: I had the same problem with the USC job and did a google search, which turned up a PDF file that indicated that the position is for Director of the Program - Full Professor level. I don't know anything about the Wisconsin job.'s/Gender_Studies]

[A: I don't know what is dead and what isn't, but I think basically there are no WGS jobs this year. At least so far.]

There's a joint position at Castleton State College (Vermont) - Women's and Gender Studies with Sociology/ Political Science/ Social Work - listed on their website ( - Assistant professor

Does anyone understand how exactly the job fair at NWSA is working? Is it only universities with posted positions on the NWSA website that are interviewing? Does one need to be invited for an interview to attend? I signed up but don't understand exactly what that means, since it does not appear that there is open recruitment... Any insights?

Has anyone heard from the schools interviewing at NWSA?

A: No, I haven't yet heard from any... (11/3)

Q: Why was the following removed from the John Jay section? "Beware; there appears to be an internal candidate this is targeted towards. (11/18)"

Q. What was the basis of speculation about an internal candidate? John Jay is actively recruiting for this job externally.

A. Multiple people were told that there is a favored candidate in one department at John Jay (this is a interdisciplinary position).  It may well be a serious external recruitment, but at least three people were told not to bother.

Q: How annoying is it to search committees to be called/emailed by applicants who ask about the timeline?


Last updated April 15, 2009

Currently open searches in WMST hiring 2008-9 for fall 2009 (Alphabetical Order Please!)

Amherst College

  • req writing sample (11/7)
  • Search cancelled
  • THIS SEARCH HAS BEEN CANCELLED--phone call from search committee 12/9

Bowling Green State University (Instructor & Undergrad Coordinator)

  • Application acknowledged (12/9)
  • Phone interviews happened mid jan (1/20)
  • Rejection letter (1/31)

Brown University (1 year visiting)

  • rec'd ack via mail (11/22)
  • I emailed b/c of all the cancelled searches - Brown is still on and will be notifying people soon (12/1)
  • On the Anthro wiki, it says that interviews have been scheduled. Is this the same position? I am assuming it is.
  • Actually, Brown has two gender studies searches ongoing for visiting positions & postdocs - One is a one-year postdoc on bodies & markets, affiliated with the Pembroke Center and one is a two year visiting professor position with joint appointment in anthropology and the Pembroke Center
  • The 2-year visiting position has been filled (April 3)

Butler University (one-year replacement)

Cal State Fullerton CANCELLED

  • rec'd ack via mail (10/25) (x2)
  • I emailed b/c I hadn't received acknowledgement, and was told this job search cancelled (11/18)
  • I received a official letter that the job search was cancelled (11/24)(x2)

Cal State Long Beach

  • application acknowledged
  • anyone hear from CSULB?

interviewed at CSULB (2/6), no offer made yet

Cal State Los Angeles

  • Request for interviews made 12/12 according to MLA WGS page

Cal State Sacramento

  • I haven't heard anything (12/1)
  • I interviewed for this job. They have now completed their interviews and should be deciding soon. Anyone get an offer yet? (12/7)
  • Btw, this was clearly an inside hire, so don't feel bad if you didn't get an interview.... Thanks for the information! I applied but was disappointed that i had not heard from them. This helps.
  • Rejection letter (12/22)

Colby College (2 year Post-Doc)

  • Ack note (x2)
  • I emailed b/c of all the cancelled searches - Colby will be notifying those who will be interviewed within the next 10 days (12/1). They had over 250 applicants!
    • 250? Really? For a postdoc?!!?
      • Yeah - that is what the head of the department said - crazy!
  • Well, it's nearing the 10-day deadline they were supposedly notifying people by - anyone hear any news?
  • Nothing (12/10)x2
  • Rec'd email asking whether I would be at MLA or AHA (12/10) (me too)(x2)
  • rec'd request for interview at AHA (12/11)
  • I rec'd request via email for a "preliminary interview" at AHA (12/11). If anyone knows how many ppl they are planning to interview, pls post.
    • I asked (not v. dignified, but I was curious), and was told 25-30 interviews, half at MLA and half at AHA
      • Thanks for posting that info on the estimated number of interviews!
  • Request for interview at MLA (12/11) (x2).
  • Anyone know how much the salary is for the 2 years?
    • I think it's 40K + a research budget - it seems to me I found that info on the Colby website.
  • anyone who was interviewed at the MLA or AHA have feedback? what was the interview like?
    • I interviewed at AHA. The interview team (2, both from History) were lovely. Respectful, easy to talk to and genuinely interesting. Be prepared to answer the following: "If you were to teach the upper-level feminist theory seminar, how would you do it?"
  • Does anyone know what the process from here will be now that they have conducted preliminary interviews? Will they be inviting short-listed candidates out for interviews?
  • My understanding is that they were interviewing at MLA and AHA (and a few phone interviews for folks who weren't at either meeting). Next stage will be inviting three candidates to campus for interviews. Not exactly sure when that will happen though.
  • I was told that requests for campus visits would come around the end of January.
    • have any of the interviewees heard word yet?
  • i haven't (1/22)x2
  • I haven't (1/23)
  • They have invited 4 people to campus for interviews (1/26)
  • congrats to the four candidates.
  • does anyone know if there is an alternates list? has anyone from the preliminary interview round received a rejection?
  • no, i didn't get a rejection (1/29)x3
    • no word here since the conference interview (2/3)
  • did colby make a hire (2/25)?

College of New Jersey

  • (Ack Ltr 10/22)
  • Ack note (x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything from CONJ? Just curious as the weeks are passing (11/22)
  • Has anyone heard anything from here? It has a pretty early deadline and am surprised that there has been no movement. I hope the search is still on.
  • I haven't heard anything at all... (12/11). Ditto (12/11)
  • Chair said not to expect any news until after first of the year (12/12)
  • wow- that's kinda late, especially since their deadline was 11/1
  • Has anybody heard anything from CNJ?
  • Still nothing (1/7); ditto (1/7); Still nothing (1/12)
  • Sounds like the search is complete, but they aren't sending out letters until they've officially signed someone on (1/13)
  • do you mean they already contacted finalists, had interviews etc? wow. i knew nothing and i thought they were not even contacting anyone until the first of the year.
  • that's what the chair indicated. i was a little surprised too. (1/16)
  • Do you think this was an inside hire? I echo that it is strange. They never even aknowledged my materials.
  • I don't really know- I just heard that they have nearly completed the search, but that they aren't sending out final info until the contract is signed... (1/16)
  • Did you speak with the Chair of WGS directly, as I have not been able to get a hold of him. If so, did he say that they have offered it to someone and are awaiting the return of the contract or that they are still in the offer making stage? (1/17)
  • Hard to say. It sounded like they had made an offer and were awaiting a response, but I can't say definitively. That's all the info I have from my sources... (1/21)
  • position has been offered and accepted (looks like the person was holding out until they heard from U Mich)
  • congrats to the lucky person!!

Connecticut College

  • 10/24: I got a call for Connecticut for a phone interview. Does anyone know how many candidates they are interviewing?
  • Interview Call from Connecticut College
  • That's great-congratulations!
  • I think they are doing phone interviews through next week and then will invite three candidates for campus visits. Does anyone else have a sense of the timeline?
    • I got a rejection letter dated Nov 14 - that probably means they've at least got a short list for campus visits by now
    • Offer has been made and accepted.

Cornell--English/Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Postdoc

  • Can someone please post more information on this one?
  • It's a 2-year Mellon postdoc with some teaching requirements in first-year writing and FGSS courses. The deadline was March 6. The postdoc page shows that some people have received requests for their dossier.

Duke University (Two 1-year Post-Docs)

  • Does anyone know if there will be interviews for the Duke postdocs? (12/11)
  • They are currently going through applications and will have an idea in late January. Around 130 people applied. (12/12)
  • Has anyone heard anything from Duke? Will they be interviewing folks for this (1/21)?
  • I haven't (1/23) x2 (1/27)
    • I called this morning and they said they are still going through applications to shorten the list and to please be patient. :)
    • thanks for doing that. this year must suck for all postdoc administrators and committees nation-wide!
    • i second the thanks. it's nice to have the update.
  • I suppose still no word to anyone either way?
    • Still nothing - I have not called recently but it is starting to make me wonder if it is still on??
  • Ummm.... how about now? Anything (2/20)? Nothing yet. (x2)
  • Has anyone called again? @the person who called before, did they specify how long it would take them to make a short list? any inside info from duke people?
  • I called before and still have heard nothing. I left a message today - hopefully someone will get back to me. Will let you all know when I hear more.
    • Called WS department today (2/25) - Are finishing the short list (still) and will start contacting people (hopefully) in the next two weeks. Both jobs are still a go.
    • Someone on the postdoc wiki says received rejection letter on 3/7.
    • Someone else on postdoc wiki says received rejection - hard copy - on 3/9. Has anyone here heard anything?
    • yes: rejection via campus mail received last week....
    • still haven't heard anything - are others in the same boat? (3/17)
    • Received a very nice rejection letter today (3/20) - offers have been made and accepted, and they are notifying those who were on their short list now.

Eastern Washington University (One-year Visiting)

  • when is the deadline for this one? where is it posted?
  • It's posted on the NWSA job site. The deadline is listed as Dec. 31, but when I called in early November, the administrative assistant told me the deadline was Nov. 15. Maybe call again and see if they're still accepting applications?
  • I submitted on December 31st and got an ack letter yesterday (1/16).
  • Has anyone heard back from EWU about this position? (1/27)
  • Got a call from an administrative assistant asking if I was still available and interested. I got the impression they were checking with all applicants, but can't be sure. Sounded like they'd been on some kind of administrative hold for a bit. (I would guess that it was budget based.) I forgot to ask about the time-line for the search at this point Anyone else ask when they got the call? (2/5)
  • Campus visits scheduled (4/27)

Emory University

  • search put on hold, 11/20.
  • Any word on this? Is the search happening?
  • Have people been contacted directly about the search being on hold (or cancelled)? (1/31)
  • I spoke with a faculty member in January who confirmed that search was cancelled (2/
  • Email received stating the search is being reopened (3/6)
  • AND if you're interested in having your application considered, you need to email chair and let her know (3/6)
  • Does anyone know if they contacted everyone who applied to ask or just a shorter list that they might interview? and any word on when interviews might happen? (3/12)
  • called to ask and said that they will make select interviewees in early april and on-campus interviews later in april. (3/24)
  • anyone hear from them about interviews? (4/6)
  • Interviews are being scheduled I hear (4/15)
  • I heard that interviews were going to be scheduled at the end of the month. Has anyone been contacted for an interview? (4/18)
  • has this job been filled? (4/27)
  • heard that they are interested in hiring a senior. Series of talks are happening but not officially announced as job talks.(4/28)

Florida International University

  • I got some second-hand information that this joint appointment has been canceled. Can anyone confirm this?
  • Telephone interview scheduled (2/2)

George Washington U

  • Ack letter (11/18)
  • Scheduled phone interviews for this week (12/7)
  • Also, there's more info on this search on the American Studies wiki (12/7)
  • GWU has started phone interviews for this position, will extend invitations for campus visits before break (12/10)
  • campus visit scheduled (12/19)
  • Any news on this? (1/11/09)
  • Campus visits scheduled for late Jan/early Feb
  • heard an offer was made and accepted (2/11)

Lafayette College

  • This is a senior-level director position in WMST and had an early (10/1, I think) deadline. Has anyone heard anything about this one?
  • Rejection letter 4/23

Louisiana State University

  • Ack note via email 11/3
  • Writing Sample request 11/24
  • MLA interview 12/9
  • email rejection 1/08

Macalaster college

  • rec'd ack via email (10/15)
  • has anyone heard anything else about this one?
  • They didn't tenure the last person who held this position in a very nasty way (implications of homophobia and entrenched institutional opposition to the position), so, forewarned is forearmed. Keep a file, maybe you'll get a juicy settlement.
  • phone interviews 12/1
  • did they contact you by phone or email? also how do i find out more info on the politics of this?
  • campus visits scheduled (12/10)
  • position has been filled (letter dated 2/17)
  • the announcement with the person is on their website (3/23)

Mercer University

  • Rec'd ackn letter via post (11/25)
  • Called me to schedule a phone interview for next week (12/1)
  • Called to schedule a campus visit (12/16)

Minnesota State University, Mankato

  • Has anyone heard anything about this one year visiting position? Deadline was 10/23.
  • I received a rejection letter today. (12/8) x2
  • Am sorry about the rejection - has anyone got a positive response from MSU, Mankato? Am very interested in this position and have not heard anything. Can I still be hopeful?
  • They did 2 on campus interviews in Dec. I'm not sure if position has been decided but they are going w/one of the two.
  • Disappointing but thanks! (1/1)

Mount Royal College

  • Campus visits mid-March

New Mexico State U (just advertised Jan 15/09)

  • I've never seen a position like this: it's part time, but at the Ass't Prof level. What does that even mean?
  • Where did you see this listed? I went to the university's HR page, and it's described as a non-tenure track ass't professor position. It seems like a part-time position with a better title and benefits. The salary is listed as $18,000/yr for two courses a semester.
    • I didn't see it advertised anywhere - I was just checking the ads in universities in that region. Doesn't the mind-bogglingly small salary with the "assistant professor" job title smack of weirdness? It makes me wonder if there isn't an inside candidate who wants to work pt.

Northern Arizona University

  • Has anybody heard anything from NAU? (11/27)
  • Anything? Bueller? Bueller? (12/3)
  • I got an affirmative action form to fill out. They said to mail it back in the self addressed envelope, but none was included. I put it on my desk, with the intention of following up, and just realized that I have not...
  • The app deadline was Oct 15. Almost two months later, and haven't heard a peep (12/11)
  • I don't know if this means anything, but NAU's search in the African-American studies dept was canceled in the middle of Nov.
  • I just spoke with another faculty member. This is yet another frozen search. All of our jobs are closing up! ugh. This is terrible news but thanks for posting.
  • Oh, I'm very disappointed in this. And not even an email to applicants! I realize it must be frustrating for them, especially given how difficult it is to get a line in WS, but at least fire off a mass email!
  • I got an email saying that this post has been 'reconfigured' - it is now a 1-year visiting faculty appointment. They will be making decisions by early-mid Feb. I'll take a one year position over no job at all.
  • I got this too. It is a lecturer position. Does anyone know if this is an adjunct gig, or if it is a position with benefits etc.
  • Am pretty sure that this is a position with benefits (1/18).
    • REQUEST FOR phone interview 2/1. Others? - Sigh. I wish. (2/4)

Northern Illinois University

  • I spoke with a faculty member. They are having a meeting today, Nov. 7, to find out if the search is still authorized by the dean, given budget cuts.
  • Any word on this search?
  • Phone interview scheduled (11/25) (same)
  • Has anyone been invited for a campus visit yet? Yes--campus visits complete.

Oberlin--Comparative American Studies (Queer Studies and Comparative Race/Ethnicity)

Has anyone heard anything on this one? (4/7)

Yeah, has anyone heard anything? (5/14)

Occidental College

  • received letter of acknowledgement Nov 11
  • request for syllabus 11/20
  • they have started inviting candidates for campus visits (12/10)
  • What disciplines are the candidates invited to campus from? Thanks!
  • interdisciplinary phd (12/13)
  • Rejection via email (12/26)
  • has an offer been made for this one??
  • Offer made.
  • Accepted? Is it public now? (I was a finalist and am curious.... I have a job, so it is really just out of curiosity).
  • As far as I know, it has been accepted. I was also a finalist but sadly no job
  • good luck to you. do you know who the person is?
  • i just checked the oxy site and they have posted the announcement.

Ohio State

  • received request for additional information (10/10); same (10/10)
  • phone interview scheduled (requested 11/8, scheduled 3rd week of Nov)
  • whatever happened with ohio state? did they schedule campus visits?
  • campus visit scheduled for early in January (11/24)
  • campus visit scheduled for mid-December (11/24)
  • has an offer been made yet?
  • job withdrawn, funding cancelled (1/23)
  • funding was frozen in january; post reinstated and senior hire made for 2010 (10/10/09)

Penn State

  • anyone heard anything yet?
  • I haven't (1/7) Has anyone else heard anything? Not me (1/13)
  • i dont mean to sound like a broken record, but has anyone heard anything at all from penn state (1/16)??
  • i haven't heard anything (1/22) me either (1/31)
  • I received my rejection letter today--they have a short list and I am not on it (2/24)

Purdue University

  • Ack note 11/4 (x4)
  • The WGS page on the English search wiki has an entry dated 11/19 that indicates a scheduled phone interview
  • Campus interviews have been schedules as of 1/13

Queens U, Ontario

I was told via email that they have come up with a short list of 3 for campus visits during the end of March and early April but that an accouncement would be made in May

Offer made and accepted (6/10)

Rutgers - Tenure-Track Latin American/ Latina Feminisms position

  • Scheduling campus visits (2/6)

Rutgers - Race & Gender postdoc


  • Their website now says "Postponed Search for 2009-10 — Tenure-Track Position"
  • I think it does not hurt to put an application in. It might be best to email the chair and find out.
  • Oct. 31 - Received email from the chair confirming that job search has been postponed. (x2)

St. Mary's University College of Maryland? - CANCELLED

  • Is this supposed to be St. Mary's College in Maryland? If so, I read on the English Lit wiki that this search was cancelled (11/26).
  • I can confirm the cancellation - received an email notifying that the search was canceled but may be reopened next fall (12/3).
  • A cancellation at which institution? St Mary's University or St Mary's College?
  • St Mary's College of Maryland. I'm pretty sure there's no WS position at St. Mary's U.
  • I hadn't seen one, either. But I didn't want to change the title of the university heading above, just in case. So we're not actually talking about SMU. Gotcha.
  • I made a change in the title that should clarify the situation. How's that?
  • It's not as good as an offer, but it'll do.
  • received email stating that the search is canceled for this year but that they want to hang on to my materials in case the search is reopened in 2010 (01/16).


  • rec'd ack via email [I was missing a letter, so perhaps this is why they contacted me?] (12/9, 12/11)
  • haven't rec'd ack email myself. have others? (12/10)
  • No, I haven't received anything either (12/11) (x3)
  • They also contacted me to let me know I was missing a letter. I think they are intending to move along quickly, as they said the materials had to be in by the end of the week (12/12) to be considered.
    • Invitation for campus interview 12/15. Others?
  • Nice email rejection 12/16 (x2)
  • I haven't received an offer for an interview or a rejection. What does that mean? (x2)
  • I don't know, but since not everyone got ack emails, perhaps they are just slow at getting back to anyone. It does, however, look like they skipped the long-short list and went straight to campus interviews. Is this normal? Does it mean there is a long-short list as a back up?
  • they have made campus invites already, but i think one or two invitees already have accepted offers elsewhere so they invited a few people from short list (1/22)
  • Have all people on the short list been notified?
  • I don't know (1/27), just know that they were going back to short list. Also seem eager to move quickly (1/27)
  • does anyone know which schools have made offers yet? can we start a list of those?
  • How many candidates are they interviewing, out of curiosity?
  • i heard 3.
  • offer made (2/15)
  • has an offer been accepted? (2/25)
  • Anyone know about this one????
  • offer was accepted, but i don't know who it is.
  • It must have been the first candidate to give a job talk (advertised on the calendar) because the two others were offered/ accepted other positions (one was announced publicly and I know the other one.... (3/27).
  • Has this one been posted?
  • It wasn't who I had thought it was based upon announcements! the person is up on the website now.

Texas A&M

  • Contacted by email to schedule interview (11/30) ---Is this the joint appointment position with comm? Yes, it's a joint appointment in Women's Studies and Communications (Rhetoric) at the College Station campus.
  • Has anyone heard about campus interviews?

University of Alabama

  • Ack note 10/24
  • request for more info (11/20)
  • request for MLA and phone interview (12/8)
  • heard a reliable rumor that an offer has been made (12/16)
  • This seems strange because they didn't cancel the interview appointment they made with me.
    • makes sense--they need options if the offer isn't accepted.
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/21).

University of California, Los Angeles, Mellon Sawyer Postdoc (theme: Homosexualities)

Has anyone heard anything? I haven't received a confirmation or anything. (4/7)

University of Delaware

  • contacted for phone interview (10/29)
  • Email for phone interview (10/29)
  • Contacted for phone interview (10/29)
  • anyone get a follow-up call or email about on-campus visit?
  • not yet. but i think that the phone interviews were last week (11/3) and this week (11/10) and that they were planning to schedule on campus visits after that (i think campus visits are going to be first two weeks of december)
  • campus visits are being scheduled.
  • rejection letter received (12/1)(x3)
  • have they made an offer yet? (12/17)
  • I heard that they have.
  • Do you know if the offer was accepted? Delaware is being strangely cryptic... (12/19)
  • that i don't know-- i'm sorry! i just heard an offer was made.
  • Does anybody know if they had an inside candidate?
  • I have no idea, but it didn't seem that way. Why? (1/7)
  • Does anybody know if Delaware's offer was accepted and from where the selected candidate has a Ph.D?
  • I heard (admittedly through about fourth-hand information) that UD made two offers simultaneously. I know that one of those offers was accepted by a political scientist. (This was about two months ago now). That's all the scoop I've been able to get-- hope that helps (3/13).

University of Illinois - Chicago CANCELLED

  • THIS JOB HAS BEEN CANCELLED. (heard from faculty member at UIC)
  • Emails sent out today confirming cancellation

University of Illinois at Springfield

  • Anyone know if this one is going to get canceled?
  • No indication so far that it will be.
  • ack letter affirms review began 19 Jan.
  • contacted for phone interview 2/11 (x3)
  • does anyone know what the teaching load is? (3/3 of 3 or 4 credit courses)
  • 3 Mar: Campus interview invitations sent (x 2)
  • I've heard that an offer has been made and accepted
  • Offer made and accepted (6 April)

University of Iowa

  • deadline was November 1. Any updates?

University of Michigan

  • Full post: The University of Michigan Department of Women’s Studies invites applications for up to three open-rank tenure-line appointments in any of the following areas: transnational feminism; feminist theories of race and gender; race, ethnicity and gender in the US context. Joint appointments with another department or program are possible. University-year appointment to begin September 1, 2009. We seek candidates who demonstrate outstanding research and scholarly contributions and who can contribute to our interdisciplinary community. The Department of Women’s Studies curriculum includes an undergraduate major and three minors, two graduate certificates and joint Ph.D. programs with English, History, Psychology, and Sociology. Applications should be sent to Chair, Women’s Studies Search Committee, Department of Women’s Studies, 1122 Lane Hall, 204 S. State St., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1290. Please send a letter of application, C.V., statement of teaching philosophy and experience, evidence of teaching excellence, and statement of current and future research plans. Junior candidates are also asked to supply a writing sample and three letters of recommendation; senior candidates should send names of suggested reviewers. Deadline for applications is November 15, 2008. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. The University of Michigan is supportive of the needs of dual career couples and is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Position pending approval.
  • Update (First Week of November) approval was given from the University to continue with search.
  • has anyone heard from michigan and/or does anyone know anything about michigan's timeline? (12/16)
  • I just called to find out the timeline, and was told the committee just finished their work in the last couple days and should be contacting people shortly.
  • FYI, these openings are a result of some tenure denials etc.
  • told by reliable source that 2 people (advanced junior faculty) have already been contacted for interviews.
  • received electronic rejection today (1/20) X2
    • I'd forgotten that I'd even applied. But at least the rejection was kind. I'll take an ego stroke at this point, even if it is a boilerplate.
  • campus interviews scheduled. Emails went out inviting UM faculty and grad students to the job talks.
  • Just out of curiosity -- are the folks who are interviewing at the associate level? (1/21) A: One candidate is a postdoctoral fellow (based on a job talk event announcement--don't have info on the other candidates) )1/27)
    • A: another finalist is the person referred to in the Macalester listing above (his position at Macalester is being filled by that search). Not assoc level, but advanced asst. (2/4)
  • Why did someone erase the question about to whom these positions were offered? I'd like to know myself (3/5)
  • I think it's fine to post when someone accepts - then the info is public. Before then, it feels kinda strange.
  • So have the offers been accepted? If so, who was it?
  • I don't think knowing who got the positions will make anybody feel better.
  • It's not to feel better. I got a job and am happy. I was just curious about who they finally selected. Congrats to the lucky people!
  • Congrats on your job! I'm curious, too...Anyone have any word?

University of Missouri CANCELLED

  • Received email today that search is cancelled (11/19)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Phone interview and request for more information (12/12)
  • any word on campus visits? (1/14) Have not heard anything (1/16)
  • Campus visits have been scheduled. I'm currently at UNL and the e-mail announcing visits came out yesterday. (1/17)
  • Thanks for the info (1/18)

University of New Hampshire

  • Does anyone have the full job posting for this search? I can't find it anywhere! (11/24)
  • It's a Women's Studies and English position, so it's posted on the MLA's Job Information List. I'm wondering if it's going ahead because the ad said "approval pending," and the position isn't listed on the university's HR site. Does anyone have more information?
  • Here's the text of the ad--the deadline just passed on 11/20: Assistant or Associate Professor Joint Position in English Literature and Women's Studies. [5082] The Department of English and the Women's Studies Program at the University of New Hampshire anticipate a tenure track faculty position (approval pending), with a starting date of fall 2009. We seek an Assistant or Associate Professor to serve in a joint position. Applicants must have strong records of teaching and scholarly publishing in Literature in English (any field), and Women's Studies. We are particularly interested in applicants whose areas of expertise include one or more of the following: Africana/African American Studies, Critical Race Studies, and/or Queer Studies. Ph.D. strongly preferred. Teaching load is 3/2 annually. Please send a letter of interest, a CV, names of three references, and a writing sample to: Professor Marla Brettschneider, Coordinator, 203 Huddleston Hall, UNH Women’s Studies Program, Durham, NH 03824. Deadline: Nov. 20
  • Does anyone know if this search is still on? Has anyone heard anything or received any type of acknowledgement?
  • Come to think of it, not even an EOE form, and for a state school, that's pretty weird.
  • I emailed to find out if the search is still on, and they said at this point it still is.
  • Dossier request appeared 12/9 on MLA Queer/Gender/Sexuality page
  • I would seriously caution anyone entertaining the possibility of going to UNH. I went through the interview process and was in talks with one of the committee members who was not only insulting and officious, but the offer was nearly 20k than what I am getting now as an ABD instructor who will defend in April. They did offer the caveat that I could adjunct to "make up" the difference to bring it to a still less than livable wage. We all understand that in this current economic environment hard choices are being made, but what you "live with" should be "livable." The head of the search committee, after asking me if the "salary" was a problem, felt it necessary to add "Well, some of the other candidates don't have a problem with the money." When I asked about supplementing the income, I was informed that other teaching could be offered. So... full load teaching, and still not making enough to pay rent, loans, etc? What concerns me most is the unabashed rudeness and complete disrespect for me and my work. After apparently interviewing successfully with them at MLA, I found that I was being reassessed by the "smaller committee" before being presented to the larger search committee of eight members. If you are going to apply for a "joint appointment" that means dealing with twice the personalities and dysfunction. Buyer beware. If my experience is an any indication of their "practices," think twice
  • 1/28 thanks for the honest info!
  • 3/12 offer extended and accepted. Best of luck to everyone!

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

  • received request for more information (11/3)
  • contacted for phone interview (11/8)
  • invited for campus visit (11/19)
  • offer made in late December

University of Utah

  • Ack note via email 11/5
  • received email request for writing sample (11/18) (11/25)
  • CANCELLED (email from chair, 12/19)

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

  • Ack. letter (11/18) (x2)
  • any news on this one? Nope, I haven't heard anything 2/18. Still nothing as of 3/4. Any word?
  • Was this search cancelled? Or perhaps filled? I never heard back. 3/27
  • I got a rejection letter today (3/27). Since nobody seemed to know anything any time along the way I suspect this was an inside or regional candidate?
  • I have not received a rejection or any other communication. (4/7)
  • No news or rejection here either (4/17)

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

  • Joint WST/US History position
  • Any news here?
  • Did anyone ever hear from Oshkosh? (1/14)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/19)


  • any one heard from wellesley?
  • As of 12/3 I still haven't heard anything - has anyone else heard?
  • Called this morning (12/4) they are finishing up creating thier short list and will be notifying people within the next 10 days. Good luck to all!
  • Has anyone heard anything as of 12/17? Please!
  • Still
  • Yeah, no news here either...
  • I think this one is simultaneously on the US/North American History WIKI and they have

scheduled interviews

  • are we talking about the same position? this one is global health & gender, no?
    • I rechecked the Job Advert and there is nothing in there about was a Global Health and Gender position with knowledge of US and International Health - I don't think US/NA Hsitory is the same one.
  • still no news (12/22)
  • Did anyone ever hear from Wellesley? (1/7); nothing here (1/7); no word here (1/11)
  • has anyone checked in on this? i'm just curious if campus visits happened (1/16)
  • The department says that they have selected 4 candidates and that they are in the process of interviewing them (1/23)
  • good luck to interviewees. i'm glad to hear this one didn't get cancelled (1/27)
  • was an offer made?
  • I just saw this position advertised again on what's going on with this position? (3/13)
  • The deadline has been changed on their website as well (to April 10th). I have no inside information on this position, but at my institution, once one or more names have been submitted to the administration by the department from a given applicant pool, we aren't allowed to go back into the existing pool (if for example the offer is refused, or if an offer isn't made). So, my guess is that they either decided not to make an offer or their offer was refused by the first set of interviewees. Bottom line is reapply to this position -- they clearly have the $$ and the will to hire someone this spring.
  • if you have already applied to this position, the website does not allow you to reapply. Does anyone know how to reapply?
  • campus visit invitation extended and declined (3/18): submitted application in November, no word from them until this past week and I've already accepted an offer at another school. Good luck to everyone!
  • I doubt you can submit again--I'm sure they have everyone's applications. i was one of the four candidates for a campus interview, but got rejected; they probably are looking for something really specific.
  • It does sound like they're looking for something really specific. Do you mind sharing what field you're in? Are you a historian?
  • 4/14/09 vague email rejection letter.
  • has this job been filled? anybody not receive a rejection letter or a call for an interview? (4/27)
  • I haven't heard anything yet (4/27)
  • heard 3 interviews are scheduled (4/28)

Questions and Discussion

Q: (10/17) Has anyone heard anything from the schools w/ early deadlines (i.e. Delaware)? I received acknowledgment of application, but nothing else.

A: 10/17- I also applied to Delaware and haven't heard anything. A2: 10/18-Me too on Delaware, also applied to & waiting to hear from Connecticut College. A3: I also haven't heard anything from Conn or Delaware. Wondering when we'll get some news. I'm surprised that we haven't heard from early deadline schools like U Del. A4: No news is good news as long as NOBODY's heard anything yet! Fingers XXX'd. A5: Yes. That is true. Though I hope that the U Del search is on. I think Uconn is supposed to let candidates know about interviews by Nov.1. Early days yet, I guess...... A6: I know that Del is hiring in other areas and I haven't heard anything about hiring freezes in those fields. Hopefully it's on. A7: Connecticut has set up interviews at the AHA 10/24: I got a call for Connecticut for a phone interview. Does anyone know how many candidates they are interviewing? Interview Call from Connecticut College -That's great-congratulations!

11/25 - I just got my rejection letter from Connecticut college. Congratulations to those who made it to the interview stage. It looks like a great opportunity!

Q: (11/13) Anyone know anything about the San Francisco State job in Human Sexuality? I can't find it on any of the wiki's and would love to know where they are in their process. A: (11/14) According to the Sociology Rumor Mill blog SF State has conducted phone interviews.

Q: (11/18) How about CSU Sacramento or St. Mary's. Those closed ages ago. Any word? A: (11/19) I haven't heard anything from either. One poster notes that Cal State-Fullerton is cancelled though. Not sure if the same is true of Sacramento.

A: (11/19) The Cal State, Fullerton position is definitely cancelled. The news is confirmed on the university's HR site. Are you referring to St. Mary's College in Maryland? The deadline for applications isn't until Dec. 15.

Q: (11/26) Does anyone have more information about the Emory or St. Mary's College jobs? Are they definitely both cancelled? Very sad news if this is the case...

A: (11/27) The Emory job is "on hold" according to an email I received from the chair. The email said they might reopen the search, depending on their financial situation. It didn't sound optimistic. I also read that the St. Mary's College search has been cancelled on the English wiki, but I haven't heard anything official yet. I agree; it's very disappointing. It seems like Women's/Gender Studies positions are really being affected by the financial crisis.

  • AL received email stating that the search is canceled for this year but that they want to hang on to my materials in case the search is reopened in 2010 (01/16)


Q: Is anyone interested in starting a list of schools that have already made offers?

Currently open searches in WMST hiring 2007-2008 for fall 2008 (Alphabetical order, please)

  • California State University, Long Beach (Fst Health Studies)
  • Emory University Feminist Legal theory (postdoc)
  • Indiana University (Asst/Assoc/ Full Prof)
  • Ohio State University (2 positions: race and/or sexuality; film)
  • Ohio Wesleyan University (Director)
  • Saint Louis University (Director)
  • San Diego State University Department of Women's Studies (Asst Prof, TT)
  • Simon Fraser University (Ruth Wynn Woodward Endowed Chair, 1 year) deadline Jan 2, 2008
  • Tulane University (Education Coordinator)
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Director)
  • University of Lethbridge (Asst. prof)
  • University of Manitoba (Asst. prof, cross appointment in Women's Studies and Native Studies)
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston (Assis. prof, global feminisms, african studies, deadline Jan. 7, 08)
  • University of Ottawa (Asst. prof, cross appointed)
  • University of South Carolina (Assoc/ Full Prof)
  • University of Toronto (2 Asst. profs: race and cultural theory)
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (world/women's history)
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • University of Vermont (Director)
  • Virginia Tech (Asst Prof)
  • Wake Forest University (Director)
  • Washington U. in St. Louis (queer studies postdoc)**Where is this advertised?** I think this was in the Chronicle, but the ad has expired. RE: This was listed on the MLA joblist and expired 09 Nov 2007. Applied, but never heard anything.

Positions that have REQUESTED MORE MATERIALS (please include date)

Texas Woman's University, Denton Campus - Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, tenure-track (10/28)

Roosevelt University, Women's and Gender Studies Program/Assistant Professor (11/1)

University of Minnesota, Assistant Professor (11/20) - [I'm curious, if the deadline is 11/30 how did they contact applicants on 11/20 for more materials? Could whoever posted this clarify? Thanks! - This position also seems to have disappeared from their online application website, so I'm unable to upload my materials. Did anyone else have this experience? Have they already closed the search?] - Also got request for more materials (11/27) **did they contact you via e-mail?** (yes, I was contacted via email.) - Was this request for letters or for other materials? (Submitted refs with original application. This request was for writing sample/publications and evidence of teaching experience/excellence)

Georgetown University VAP 11/26

Hamline University (women's/ social justice/ conflict/ global studies) - 11/29 //was this via e-mail? -yes, it was an email request

Wayne State University, writing sample request 11/20

Memorial University of Newfoundland, writing sample and reference letters (12/5)

Penn State Behrend (2/14)

University of Northern Colorado (2/27)

Emory University postdoc (3/6)

Positions that have scheduled PHONE/CONFERENCE INTERVIEWS (please include date)

California State University, Fullerton - Assistant Professor of Women's Studies (request recieved 10/29, interview scheduled 11/2)

The College of New Jersey (11/28)

Roosevelt (email request 11/30, interviews 12/6 and 12/7)

UNCG (11/29)

Texas Women's (request 12/1, interview 12/10)

Mercer (interview 12/6)

Texas A&M (joint with Anthropology) - held interview at Anthropology conference 12/1

University of California Irvine (Asst Prof)- requested additional materials and scheduled phone interview (12/13)

Dickinson College (Asst Prof) (email request 12/10, interview 12/13)

Wayne State (email 12/18)

Hamline University (jan 7th/8th)

Wheaton College in process of compiling list for phone interviews in mid Jan

Indiana University will schedule phone interviews next week by mid Jan

Lawrence University post-doc fellowship (2/25-27)

Evergreen visiting position (week of 2/25)

Penn State Behrend (phone interview week of 3/3)

Positions that have scheduled CAMPUS VISITS (please include date)

Grinnell (taking place mid Dec)

Sonoma State University (2 positions: Asst Profs) (scheduled for early Dec)

University of Connecticut (took place in mid-November)- 12/4/07: search concluded without a hire what happened with this search?

  • Joint Appointment WMST/HIST no hire
  • Joint Appointment WMST/OPEN Dept interviews late Nov-early Dec, 2 Offers Made

Texas A&M (for late January)--Which of the 4 positions is this one? Anthropology/WS

Roosevelt (for early Feb)

Mercer (mid Jan)

University of California, Irvine (mid-January)

University of Colorado (January)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro (lat Jan/early Feb)

Dickinson (late Jan/early Feb) Rumor is that there is an inside candidate.

Wayne State (January)

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (early February)

Minnesota in process of inviting candidates to campus presumably in late Jan

  • UVA is planning to invite candidates to campus by the end of January

The College of New Jersey (for late Jan/early Feb)

University of CA, Irvine

Hamline University (for feb)

U Mass, Amherst (Feb)

Penn State Behrend (scheduled 3/20)

Old Dominion (concluded late March, no offer yet)

Positions that have MADE OFFERS (please include date)

San Diego State University (Late Dec/Early Jan)

University of Connecticut, Storrs 2 Offers Made in Joint Appointment with Open Departments (Early January)

Sonoma State (late Jan)

Grinnell (Offer extended and accepted, late Jan.)

Texas A&M

  • joint with PSYCH
  • joint with ANTHRO
  • joint with FILM STUDIES

Rice U. Postdoc (from postdoc wiki, 2/26)

College of NJ

Dickinson (offer made and accepted according to email message, 3/6)

Roosevelt (offer made and accepted according to letter dated 2/25)

U of Wisconsin Oshkosh (offer made and accepted, 3/14)

Yale University LGBT Studies 2 year Postdoc (offer made and accepted 4/16)

Positions that have sent out rejection letters (please include date / info)

San Diego State University (letter dated 12-4; received 12-8)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (according to the sociology wiki - 11/14) (and according to rejection letters dated 11/5) (rejection letter received 12/6)

Wayne State 11.15

Sonoma State University (rejection letter received 12/17)

Cal State Fullerton (dated 12/19, received 1/2 after being out of town for some time)

Grinell (rejection via email 1/15)

University of Colorado, Boulder (rejection via mail received early January)

University of Kansas (recd. 12/20)

Virginia Commonwealth (received letter 1/11 that the position was not being funded this year)

UMass, Amherst (received 1/29)

Minnesota (email 2/6)

Sacramento State (position not funded, email 2/12)

University of Toronto (letter dated 2/8/08)Q: May I ask which position this was (race or cultural theory) and if this was the first contact you had? Thanks. (2/29) A: The rejection letter was about the position of "Anti-racist and Feminist Studies in Globalization and Education" in Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education. And yes, this was the first contact. (3/1)

U of California, Irvine (email 2/27/08, saying the search is concluded)

Mercer (position not funded this year, letter 2/26)

UC Davis (received 02/28)

Dickinson (email 3/7 tt position is filled)

U of Hawaii, --Letter saying search is canceled (3/11) Will be reannounced in August.

Memorial (letter received 3/6)

Rice post-doc (letter dates 3/12)

Question and Discussion Section

Has anyone heard from University of Virginia's Women and Gender Studies Dept?

Has anyone heard from University of Kansas???? It seems strange that there's nothing. **Can I just say I really expect more from Women's Studies Depts.? They really should send out rejection letters instead of no word at all. It's obvious that they're far along in their search, it's mid-Feb!

Has anyone heard from U.C. Davis? Did they go with an associate prof.?

Anything more on the Dickinson TT? (2/23) I heard that an offer was made--but that was 3rd hand, so...??
Dickinson is hiring a visiting Am Studies that can also teach Women's Studies and media.

Any news from Roosevelt?

Any news from Penn State Behrend? - A: Campus visit request 3/20.

Anything from the U Georgia 1 year?