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US in the World[]

South Florida - Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in US in the World

  • Deadline: November 16
  • received snail mail ack -- will phone interview 12 candidates and 3-4 selected for on-campus in January.
  • rejection letter (12/7)

Texas A&M University , Tenure-Track Assistant in US in the World, 18th & 19th centuries

Colgate University Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor, United States in the World, 20th Century

  • I received one of the most offensive rejection letters thus far. "We were, therefore, able to be quite selective in choosing finalists, with the result that possession of the doctorate, teaching experience, and scholarly accomplishment (not just promise) could be criteria for deciding whom to bring to campus for interviews." I'm assuming that others with doctorates, teaching experience, and scholarly publications received the same.
  • Does this mean they have made a hire?
  • They have made a hire, tho' I don't know who. (Was just checking the course listings to see if s/he had been added yet.) I was told that all but one finalist had PhD in hand and a number of them had book contracts as well. It's a buyers' market, folks. 6/1

Yale University Assistant Professor in US and the World

Global History[]

  • UT-Austin, LBJ Center - 3 TT positions in global affairs

-Has anyone heard anything here or does anyone have any insight into these searches?  (10/28)

 - heard from a friend they are doing phone interviews (12/14)

 - they have scheduled campus interviews for next month (12/23)

- does anyone have any news? (2/18)

  • Campus visits were supposed to be this week or next. Anyone heard?

World History[]

CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. World History, 500-1500

I got a letter saying that they make the short-list in February, then December 20th received an email of rejection. A friend got the same thing.

sounds to me like they made a rough-sort "medium list," then notified people who didn't make that list. This is actually a good thing; it notifies non-candidates during the process rather than hoarding the information until after someone signs a contract sometime in March, or even May. Sorry that you sound surprised.

Nassau Community College 2 jobs: Geography and History (ability to teach South Asia).  January 11 deadline. 5/13: Hiring Freeze:

Colby-Sawyer Assistant Professor in World History. They ran a similar search last year, doesn't look like they made a hire. (look at last year's page for discussion)

When applying this year, 2009-10 job posting is listed as "position withdrawn" -- but had anyone received that information from the school, or did they just not notify anyone?

Any chance you're looking at the job from last year? If you applied last year, you might see when you log in to their employment system that the position from last year was withdrawn. This year's listing has a different job number. I just checked, and this year's job is still posted. -phone interviews were this week; 3 candidates will be chosen and contacted after Thankksgiving holiday.

Anybody heard from them? No, I'm also still waiting...

I think this job is also listed on the European History jobs page. From there: "Email invitation for on-campus interview (12/14); interview to be scheduled for late Jan/early Feb"

London School of Economics

Lecturer in World History, particularly South Asia since 1750. Deadline 11 January 2010.

Looks like the replacement for Sujit Sivasundaram, who is taking up a position at Cambridge (the lectureship also listed on this page)

Has anyone heard anything about this? (1/29)

Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone received any news about interviews? Also, Sujit Sivasundaram seems to be squarely at LSE. The person who posted above, do you know for sure he is moving from a permanent post to a 5 year post? (2/28)

Interviews and job talks have begun. From what I have heard a range of people were shortlisted including very senior scholars and those with no book contracts. There is talk of an internal candidate being the favourite.

To query above, the Cambridge lectureship is not a 5-year position, it is a permanent job. It is listed on this page, 3 below this one. I have no idea why you had the impression it was a temporary gig. Yes, it is confirmed that Sujit Sivasundaram is taking it.

Peterhouse College, University of Cambridge College Lectureship for 5 years, deadline 31 December 2009.

Field: either Ancient, Extra-European, Modern Britain, or Modern Europe.

Stonehill College Assistant or Associate Professor in World History/East Asia

Anyone know anything about this position? -Check this {wiki} site's Asian History section; there's an update.

12/8 Rejection received by email

University of Cambridge, Lecturer in World/Imperial History

Q. Anyone heard anything yet? The ad said interviews would be "in October". (9/9)

A. Shortlisting will take place at the end of September

Q. How many people here applied for this? Any word? (26/9)

Submitted by email 1 Sept and was told that 9 hard copies were actually needed, including a writing sample.  Sent all that on 8 Sept and no word since then. (27/9)

The search committee met 24/9.  Short-listed candidates are being notified today, I believe. (27/9)

You mean people were being contacted on Sunday?? I've heard nothing, 2.45pm UK time, Monday 28/9.

Nothing here (3:21pm GMT, 28/9)

Q. How is the Committee contacting candidates? (28/9)

Best guess: emails to those shortlisted for interview, thin envelope to the rest. Nothing received & it's 10AM in Cambridge now. (29/9)

Anyone got anything at all? (29/9)

Maybe there's been a delay. Even snail mail rejections would have started showing up by now if they were sent on Monday. (30/9)

Still nothing? (2/10)

Emails have gone out to people on the shortlist. The interviews will be held in early November.  British jobs frequently don't notify unsuccessful applicants. (2/10)

Par avion rejection letter mailed from Cambridge on 13.10.09.

University College London, Lecturer in International History from 1900 to the present

Application deadline: 6th April 2010 at 5.00 pm GMT

Interviews on 23 April.

University of Pittsburgh tenured or tenured-stream faculty position in world history at Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor level

  • So, how many here applied for this? 3
  • 4.
  • 4 1/2
  • I bet the fraction gets it, too.
  • Email request for more material (Oct 9).  Fraction got it, too.
  • What additional materials are they asking for? Is this normal? I'm a newbie to the academic job market...
  • It's normal when you make the first cut to be asked for writing samples or syllabi. Not all schools do it, but it's common.
  • So, anyone know how many of us made the cut? (Oct 24)
  • Anyone heard anything further? (Nov 4)
  • I have heard nothing since sending extra material. Anyone know what's happening? (11/12)
  • Looking at last year's wiki, it appears they ran a similar search last year.
  • Any interview invitations yet? Fraction? (Nov 16)
  • They ran the same search last year ... I never got a sense that they even interviewed. Very mysterious. (11/25)
  • Odd. Last year they also had a Latin American search, and (according to the wiki) candidates for that search were told it was suspended. If they were trying to make a hire before the AHA, they would be interviewing by now. But the department is not very communicative. (11/26)
  • Rejection letter by postal mail 11/27.
  • To previous poster: Had you been asked for further material?
  • No, I hadn't. I sent everything upfront.
  • ? I sent everything the ad asked for, but was then asked for extra stuff: book, syllabi, etc. I haven't heard anything since then. (11/30)
  • To the "I sent everything upfront" poster, could you clarify? Were some candidates contacted ahead of time and asked to send a book and syllabi and statements with their original app? I've still heard nothing. Anyone else contacted for more material and heard nothing further? (12/4)
  • There were phone interviews a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything since (12/7).
  • Rejection received (12/9) (x2)
  • Whoa, was that email about registering with the 'world history research registry' sent to all the job applicants? (1/29)
  • I reckon so. Not very discreet: the email addresses were all visible. Given that they were hiring up to the rank of professor, many of the candidates are probably currently employed, and might not want their colleagues to know they're looking for work elsewhere.
  • 2/1: just went back to check my email. To my horror, one assistant prof from my sch is on the mailing list. I actually used his ref letter for this job. Damn
  • Offer reportedly made (3/7)
  • Anyone know who got this?

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Assistant Professor of World History/South Asian History

Short list of applicants made, have been contacted for AHA interviews.

AHA interviews complete, I was told there would be an immediate post-AHA meeting to choose three for on-campus (1/12)

Short list made, candidates contacted soon. (1/15)

All three on-campus interviews organized for Jan/Feb (1/20)

All on-campus interviews completed, bureacracy in progress, offers soon. (2/20)

offer made and accepted (3/1)

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Assistant Professor of World History/sub-Saharan African History / (I will happily answer questions posted here about these positions and department.)

Will interviews be held at AHA for this position?


Short list of applicants made, have been contacted for AHA interviews.

AHA interviews complete, I was told there would be an immediate post-AHA meeting to choose three for on-campus (1/12)

Does anyone know whether the short list has been made and candidates contacted?

Short list has been made; candidates will be contacted as soon as bureaucracy allows. (1/15)

All three on-campus interviews organized for Jan/Feb (1/20)

All on-campus interviews completed, bureacracy in progress, offers soon. (2/20)

offer made and accepted (3/1)

University of Wisconsin - Superior [World/ Asian History]

(1/23) they met applicants during AHA b4 their "official" phone interview.

anyone had the phone interview yet?

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Assistant Professor of World History

"Teach World and other non-U.S. history offerings including survey courses and upper-level courses reflecting the university's commitment to general education, diversity/ethnic studies, and globalization; contribute to the implementation of a new major in Applied Social Science."

December 18

Emailed asking for name of search chair (12/22). No reply, yet.

Received confirmation of receipt of application and EOE form 12/22 by postal mail. No information on plans for interviews at AHA or otherwise.

Search chair is Prof. Kathleen Thomas.

Any movement on this one yet?

No. (1/6)

Phone interview scheduled. x3 (1/21/2010)

How many are following this? Please do post if you are invited for a campus interview.

No word here (2/14): and I was pretty optimistic after the phone int. State schools can be slow.

Yeah, me too. Wish they would notify all candidates after making campus invites (2/15).

Does anyone know about the teaching load or salary on this one? (2/15)

4-4 load. Not sure about the exact salary, but have been told by a faculty member from Stout that the pay is not great but that there are good benefits. I was told it's not an ideal place to be if one wants to pursue a publication agenda that will get one the "next" job. It's great if that's where one wants to stay.

Campus invite. (2/16)

Request by phone?

Mine was by email. (2/16)

Email request for phone interview followed an hour later by email saying search canceled. (3/9)

Received letter dated 3/9 "We have decided to cancel the search at this time." Sadly, this was the most positive response I received from my applications this year. I hope things are better in 2011!

Why is UW Stout not an ideal place if one wants to pursue a publication agenda that will get one the next job? Is this true of all UWs or just Stout? 3/9

Campus invite on 2/16 and then search canceled on 3/9? What gives? Has it really been canceled?

I also want to know the answer to the above comment: why is UW Stout not an ideal place if one wants to pursue a publication agenda that will get one the next job? Is this true of all UWs or just Stout? 3/19

I'm sure it's true of all satellite state schools with a heavy teaching load and little funding for research (It does cost money to get to that archive in Capetown). It's hard to publish at a rate that will land you that plum job at Harvard.

Waseda University / Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in World History & US or European History

California State University, Long Beach

Nice email ack - (11/20)

From the ad, it's obvious they have someone in mind.

Care to elaborate? Are you thinking of a particular person, or just suggesting that the ad itself sounds tailored? (to my reading, it seemed pretty broad)

i think they're just confused... bizarre posting.

To the person who thought they had someone in mind: did you mean something like a spousal hire? do you know something or is it just a hunch?

Any word on AHA interviews? (12/11)

AHA interview scheduled (12/11)

By phone or email? -email

Strang that they keep sending out those confirmation e-mails that they received all of my materials if they've already made their selections...

I know, but I cannot tell you how, that it is a spousal hire job. However, might still turn around...

Does anyone know if there's any hope here? > At the AHA they seemed sincerely interested. (x2)

How many people interviewed at the AHA? x3

I asked in my AHA interview and they told me they were interviewing 8 candidates. They promised a quick response, but I haven't heard anything yet (1/29).

Has anyone else heard about this one?

This procastination may be related to the spousal hire rumor: they decided the hire long ago and they are sparing other candidates a pointless campus interview.

As opposed to the pointless AHA interview? ...

Yeah, pointless, but I guess they figured we would have been there anyway; it was a harmless and inexpensive charade. To the contrary a fake campus interview would have been rather mean-spirited. I had a chance to see some of those in my own department in past years, very sad spectacle. Spousal hires, inside hires, political hires... there were few jobs these years and the few available were not really available to all... ...what happened to merit and publications!?!

You're assuming the spouse didn't publish...

Was invited for campus interview but already had different offer. Didn't get any sense of it being an inside deal. Where does all this speculation even come from? Do we all believe this is authoritative information because the poster used bold font?! Honestly.... (2/13)

Offer made and accepted. 2/22

Can't wait to see if all the hype was true!

  • The hype was partly true. The bold-font post was right, it could have turned around. The hire was a highly qualified and very well-published scholar who had a position somewhere else but wanted to be close to the spouse. But nothing was pre-determined from the beginning and so the interviews were conducted in good faith and full consideration of each candidate, as nothing was decided. At the end, the person who got the offer was the most qualified...

Rochester Institute of Technology

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor position in Modern Global History

deadline: January 4th, 2010

Request for more material (1/18)

Phone interview requested (1/19) x3 (plus, request for syllabi and teaching evals; I assume this is the same request above?)

anybody care to share their specialties in this search, which was opened to Europe, Middle East, and Latin American specialists? I've got no sense of what they mean by "global history"

on-campus interview scheduled (1/27)

letter (dated 2/1) saying committee still dilberating (but not a rejection) (2/8) (x2)

  • Rejection letter (3/22)

University of Alabama-Birmingham

TT World History Pre-1500

On-Campus Interview Scheduled (1/21)

Did the preliminary Skype interviews ever take place? I was under the impression that I would have one, but I guess I was wrong!

No Skype, they held regular phone interviews. (2/13)

University of Maine-Farmington

The Department of History invites applications for an Assistant Professor position. The successful candidate will teach a two-semester Global History survey, courses on Europe, and courses on either Africa or the Middle East. Ability to contribute to UMF's International and Global Studies program a plus. Ph.D. required by August 1, 2010. 3/3 course load.

AHA interview scheduled (12/15) (x2)

On the European history wikia a candidate has reported that campus invites have been made. (2/4/2010)

University of the Ozarks-Specialization in any other area than US History

this one seems to have an internal candidate

most bizarre interview ever…the committee was a musicologist, the librarian, and 2 students. The interviewer at the AHA wasn't even on the search committee, and the questions! WOW. "how do you get a baseball player interested in the Napoleonic War?" was so wrong on so many levels -- I got the idea behind it, but DAMN. Still, got a phone interview (didn't find out about the internal candidate at my interview, but a friend had an interview too, and told me). We'll see. I'm using it as practice, mostly.

To the poster above: could you clarify? Did you have the phone interview as a follow up to the AHA interview (i.e. you'd made a shorter short list) or did you have the phone interview instead of interviewing at the AHA (in which case there is still hope for the rest of us)?

As the poster below notes, the phone interview is a follow-up to an AHA interview. Don't know how many phone interviews they'll be doing, actually. I'm guessing at least two (myself and the poster below)

Phone interview as a follow up to the AHA interview. According to the timeline they told me at the AHA interview, they'll be doing phone interviews, then bring 1 or 2 people to on-campus interviews in early Feb

I got the impression at the AHA that they'd be doing at least 6 or 7 phone interviews.

Heard anything more from them since your phone interview?

Campus visits were supposed to be this week or next. Anyone heard?

University of Massachusetts - Assistant Professor of History, Part of Cluster on International Heritage Studies

-Snail mail acknowledgment and diversity form

-Job talks scheduled on Center's calendar

Wilfrid Laurier University - Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Early Modern Europe/World History

Anyone know the timeline on this?

Campus interviews are being set up for late April.